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Stepdaddy's Hidden Camera (Timothy Spears)

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David's stepdaughter is coming home from college for spring break. She called to inform her stepdad that her roommate would be coming along. They have to share a king size bed in Sarah's room because David changed the third bedroom into his home office. He has a new clock radio on the dresser pointed right at the bed. His new clock is no ordinary clock radio, it has a tiny wireless color video camera built in and David has the receiver and a forty-two-inch monitor setup in his office.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 3 / 2018

No. words: 28683

Style: OM Erotica - Step-Parents, OM Erotica

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David's stepdaughter is coming home from college for spring break. She called to inform her stepdad that her roommate would be coming along. They have to share a king size bed in Sarah's room because David changed the third bedroom into his home office. He has a new clock radio on the dresser pointed right at the bed. His new clock is no ordinary clock radio, it has a tiny wireless color video camera built in and David has the receiver and a forty-two-inch monitor setup in his office.
He hopes to see the beautiful roommate undressing and dressing the entire time she stays. What David sees on the screen is even more than he could imagine. He's all prepared to sit in his office and watch the stepdaughter and her roommate getting dressed every day but when the daughter's roommate accidently finds the camera, then the fun really begins.
David's cell phone rang as he sat by the pool. He looked at the caller id and saw it was his eighteen-year-old daughter calling from college. She was just getting ready for spring break and would be home the next day. She was going to College in Jacksonville and they lived in Tampa.
"Hello" David said into the phone.
"Hi daddy it's me, I'll be home tomorrow afternoon, will it be alright if my roommate comes with me and stays till we go back to class?" she asked him.
"Sure honey, she will have to bunk with you since I turned the third bedroom into my office if that will work." He told her.
"That's fine with us, thanks, see you tomorrow." She said.
"Drive carefully, goodbye," he said.
He had heard a lot from Sarah about her roommate but never had met her. It would be nice to have them around since the house was so empty while she was at school. His wife had died a few years earlier and even though he was only forty, with black hair and some grey on the sides he was a good-looking man. Still he didn't feel like getting back in the dating scene all over again. He buried himself in his work most of the time.
Sarah was his stepdaughter and his wife's daughter from a previous marriage. Sarah didn't know where her real dad was, and she didn't much care. He always beat her mother in a drunken rage when they were married and that's why she finally left him. All she knew was that he lived somewhere in Michigan.
After the death of his wife, it was just him and Sarah until he could get her off to college, so he decided to work from home all the time. He was an architect by trade and could do everything from home including meeting with clients. Sarah worshipped the ground David walked on because he took such good care of her and her mother before she died.
David had plenty of offers for dates because he was so good looking. He was in excellent shape having been in the specials forces in his younger years. He still went to the gym on a regular basis to stay fit. As almost everyone in Florida, David had a nice big screened in built-in pool in his back yard.
The yard had a six-foot tall white vinyl privacy fence all around it. He could swim naked as he often did and not have to worry about neighbors.
Sarah told her roommate that her stepdad said yes, to her coming home with her for break. She said, "You will really like my dad, he's a lot of fun."
Her roommate Cindy was drop dead gorgeous with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes, and all legs. She was five feet eight with a tiny waist and size thirty-eight "C" breasts. Sarah was sometimes envious of here looks. Sarah had no reason to be jealous; she was a real looker too with her medium length auburn hair and green eyes. She also had a body that most women would kill to have. She was just a little shorter than Cindy at five-four, but she was petite and had size thirty-six breasts.
Whenever they were at the beach, they had plenty of guys around always trying to pick them up. Both she and Sarah found most of them to be immature and a waste of time. Both, were golden bronze from spending so much time at the beach studying and sunning.
She told Cindy "It will be fun just hanging out around the pool with David." As she sometimes called her stepdad. Cindy said she looked forward to meeting him.
Sarah said, "He hasn't dated since my mom died and I wish he would find a girlfriend."
Cindy said, "What does he do for fun."
"He just works all the time or spends time out by the pool."
"That's too bad, maybe we can get him to go to some clubs with us, does he dance?" She asked.
"He's a good dancer, he and my mom used to go dancing all the time before she got sick."
"Well we'll find things to do." Cindy said.
"I'm going to finish packing, so we can get the hell out of here as soon as class is over." Cindy said.
"Yea, me too." Sarah said.
The girls got busy packing all the stuff they were taking home with them. When they finished they set their bags by the door, so they were ready to go down to Sarah's Mustang convertible. They got busy studying for the final exams they had to take before they went home in the morning.
David got up and went inside. He figured he should do some cleaning and straitening up before the girls got home. He got busy cleaning the house to burn off some energy and kill some time. Once things were in order he went in and put clean sheets on the king size bed in Sarah's room, so they would have a nice clean bed to share.
He set the new clock radio on the dresser and plugged it in. It was no ordinary clock radio; this one had a tiny wireless color video camera built in. It would send the signal to the receiver that David had in his office. The video receiver was hooked up to a forty-two-inch flat screen plasma television that was in a closed cabinet. All David had to do to watch the girls changing clothes was open the cabinet doors and turn on the TV. If the clock radio was plugged in, it was transmitting.
He had seen some pictures of Sarah's roommate and was looking forward to watching her in the bedroom. He turned on the TV to check the signal and it was perfect. He had a perfect view of the bed and the room all around it. The dresser was at the foot of the bed, so it was the perfect angle.
He grabbed a cold beer from the fridge, went back out by the pool, and sat down. He took a nice long drink from the beer and then got up and dove into the deep end of the pool. He swam a dozen laps up and down the length of the pool. The swim felt good in the hot afternoon sun. The temperature was pushing ninety.
He went in, took a shower, and then got dressed to go to the supermarket in anticipation of the girl's arrival. He got some good wine and more beer. He bought plenty of things to cook on the grill along with some snacks. After he was sure he had what he needed he headed for home.
He pushed the remote button and the garage door went up. He pulled his Mercedes in and closed the door behind him.
David took all the groceries in, put them away, and then put his swim trunks back on and grabbed a laptop computer to take out by the pool. He came back in and got a fresh beer then went back out and sat down to do some work. He had a job he was working on for a client. At ten pm, he decided to turn in.
David was up early and grabbed a cup of coffee and the paper then went out and sat down by the pool. He loved his morning swim; it always felt so good. He finished his first cup of coffee and dove into the pool. He did some laps and got out to dry off. The girls would be home about two this afternoon. They were supposed to leave at ten this morning and had about a four-hour drive.
He was looking forward to seeing Sarah. She was a beautiful young lady and had a body that would drive any man crazy. He could never take his eyes off her when she was swimming in her little bikini that barely covered anything. She was a younger version of her deceased mother. When he looked at her, he could see why he fell in love with her mother.
Sarah was only fourteen when he married her mother and the three of them always had a good time together. David didn't have any kids of his own and thought of Sarah as his daughter. When she finally turned eighteen and went off to college, he missed her.
Just about ten after two they pulled in the driveway. David went out to greet them and get their bags. When they got out of the car, Sarah ran around the car and gave him a big hug and kiss. He was caught by surprise when he saw her and her roommate. They were both wearing cutoff shorts and small halter-tops that showed their bodies off.
Sarah looked older than when she went away to school. She was in fantastic shape with a real dark tan. It was clear she worked out and sunbathed a great deal. She left a young girl and came back a knockout woman. She introduced him to her roommate Cindy, "David, this is my roommate Cindy," she said.

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Retired and spend my time writing erotica and playing poker.


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