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Lady Jane's Ordeal (Victor Bruno)

Lady Jane

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Lady Jane Rayne is having an affair with a handsome Norwegian and thinks all is just wonderful, but her stepdaughter Vickie has other plans!

The stepdaughter is in league with the guy and has videoed all the passionate afternoon sessions which she then uses to reduce her stepmother to the status of a mere servant around the house, one to be disciplined horribly, tormented endlessly and made to suffer 24 hours of the day and night!

With the help of the manservant, Angus, who is permitted to use her sexually as he likes, Lady Jane finds out what life on the other side is really like! But not all victors remain on top and eventually a fall must come ...

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2018

No. words: 34000

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Fem Dom - F/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



The traffic in Knightsbridge was heavy but, for once, Lady Jane Rayne didn't mind. Normally the delay would have got on her nerves for every moment lost meant less with her lover, Erik Haabstrom. And those moments were very precious. Under previous circumstances they had to be rationed because absolute discretion was the very essence of any affair.
Today, however, it was different. What was more, thought Lady Jane joyously, it will be different for months to come. No longer will it be the case of the odd stolen hour in an afternoon. I can stay a whole night with him if I like! Yes ... with Sir George Rayne out of the way, on a business assignment of at least three months in the Far East, life was going to be quite different. And quite wonderful! At long last she was truly going to be mistress of Pacton Hall and come and go as she pleased.
Her young step-daughter Victoria was a minor irritant who would have to be watched, and possibly fobbed off with excuses for absence, but nothing more. My God, thought Lady Jane, that girl has been the bane of my life. So cheeky and rude, knowing she could get away with anything because Sir George doted on her. The little bitch, with her snide remarks, had many times made her yearn to put her across her knee and smack her bottom hard. Even if she was eighteen. That was the kind of treatment which would do her no harm at all.
Still, this was no time to concern herself with her. The taxi was turning into Belgravia. Soon she would be in the flat, in Erik's arms. His body would be hers to enjoy. Lady Jane Rayne pressed her thighs more closely together! Oh, how she wanted him! Wanted that big, muscular body; wanted the powerful root of his manhood. He sent her wild, like few men had ever done.
Certainly not her husband.
He, Sir George, though only fifty-five, was virtually a sexual wreck as far as she was concerned. Either through former excesses or present drinking, or both. Needless to say, she had not married him three years before for love or sex, but for money and a title. Those were things which were rarely come by with her kind of background. So they were all the more prized and closely guarded. She hadn't minded admitting to herself, right from the outset, that she had no intention of being faithful to Sir George. She would take affairs as and when they came along. Provided she could do so in perfect safety.
Unfortunately, things had not turned out quite so simple as she had expected. Sir George was more possessive than she would have wished and there was the constant prying of his young daughter, Victoria, to watch out for. Still, somehow, she had managed over the years. Often satisfactorily, sometimes shamingly. Until Erik Haabstrom, who had arrived on the scene some three months previously. He had turned out to be the lover who could give her exactly the kind of sexual satisfaction she needed. And, at twenty-eight, a woman's needs could be very great.
Lady Jane realised, of course, she had what was sometimes called a 'kept man'. That is to say, she had found the flat, paid all the bills, and even gave him quite expensive presents from time to time. Still, what did that matter if she got what she wanted ... and had sufficient money to pay for it? Sometimes it gave her quite a sense of power to think of Erik as her sex slave ... even though there was no doubt of his domination when they were in bed.
The taxi pulled up in a pleasant crescent at the rear of an Edwardian-style block of flats. Lady Jane Rayne paid the driver and then, keeping her head down, hurried into the apartment block. Another hour of unrestrained bliss lay ahead. Then she laughed. No, not just an hour ... several hours if you like. Possibly all night.
It was so difficult to get used to thinking differently now that Sir George had at last gone off to the other side of the world.


Erik Haabstrom lay naked on top of the bed, sipping a brandy from a crystal-cut glass and reading a sex magazine. Some of the naked dollies displayed turned him on quite a bit. Especially the young ones - more especially if they were blonde. Like Vickie. Just his type. She had everything he desired body-wise and she had spirit. A girl with a cutting edge to her. Not like that jelly of a step-mother of hers. Selfish, gutless, over-demanding. Erik grinned. Not only did she think she had 'bought' him, she imagined she had won his undying devotion. He glanced at his watch. It wouldn't be long now. Not long before she arrived to get what she ached for. Erik yawned. Still, it also wouldn't be all that long before all that was over.
Mark you, he reflected, not that Jane hadn't got an excellent shape on her. She was a woman many men would have delighted in having. It was just that she was so overweening, so arrogant with it. Probably it had a lot to do with the circumstances of their relationship. He liked to be the one in charge ... not some sort of hired lackey.
Not that he could really complain, of course. Plenty of ease and comfort, adequate funds ... and some ripe female flesh to sport with ever and anon. No, it hadn't been at all bad. But with Vickie it was going to be a deal better, he felt sure.
Erik looked at his watch again, then got lazily off the bed. He unlocked a cupboard in one corner and flipped on two switches. One operated a tape recorder, the other a series of cameras which were inconspicuously focussed into the bedroom.
All was set for another afternoon of recorded entertainment.


Lady Jane opened the door of the flat with her own key.
"It's me, Erik ..." she called out.
Who else? thought the Norwegian, lolling on the bed.
"Hallo, darling," he said as Lady Jane came gaily into the room. Thank God I won't have to pander to her much longer, he reflected.
"Oh ... you marvellous man ... you're all ready for me!"
"Couldn't be readier," said Erik.
"That's not exactly true," smiled Lady Jane. She bent down and brushed her lips on his flaccid organ. It looked big and solid even when relaxed. Oh how marvellous it was to have such a man!
She began to undress immediately, and Erik watched her idly. Yes ... despite the fact that he disliked her manner, and her personality, he had to admit she was quite some woman. Her big breasts were still firm, her waist was slim. He appreciated the swell of her hindquarters and the long, straight thighs. The flimsy briefs and then the tights came off and Lady Jane turned and smiled at him possessively.
That was what Erik particularly disliked. The look that said: 'I own you'. Still, there were compensations, as he was feeling like enjoying a woman.
"Would you like me to suck you first, darling?"
"Sure thing ... if you'd like to ..."
"Oh I would ... I would." No doubt at all she meant it.
Erik lightly caressed the rich brown hair as Lady Jane went down to him. It was long hair that swirled down to creamy-white shoulders. He ran his other hand down the straight back. Many men would indeed envy him at that moment. Erik relaxed as Lady Jane's lips and tongue began to stimulate him.
"I want to kiss your balls, darling."
"Do it then ..."
Erik restrained a sigh. Why did she say such things? Both of them knew, deep down, that he was there for her enjoyment and she could do as she wished. They never mentioned it though. The mouth and tongue changed direction slightly and Erik looked up at the mirror set in the ceiling above the bed. Lady Jane was kneeling, her hindquarters thrusting up. Quite some bottom that. If she didn't watch her diet soon it wouldn't be called shapely but plump. Erik smiled faintly. Little did dear Lady Jane know what was soon coming to her! Vickie hadn't told him all of her plans, but enough. His imagination could fill in the rest. He liked the idea considerably. That Vickie certainly was some kiddo. Guts and drive. When she made up her mind about something, there was no stopping her. A sadist, of course. Momentarily, he felt sorry for Lady Jane. All the same, it was about time she had her comeuppance.
She was going to be a very different woman by the time Sir George returned!
That was what it was all about of course. She despised the old boy, just wanted his money and the title. 'Her Ladyship', indeed! She was as common as dirt, as Vickie had made plain. A model from Birmingham who'd learnt fast, changed her accent and her manners, and then moved quickly into the smart set. Clever, but it didn't alter what she was. All those airs and graces she tried. It was a laugh really.
Lady Jane had brought him to full erection. Erik lay there, hands behind his head, enjoying it. She was quite good at sucking. But he knew she wouldn't go on much longer. She wanted to feel his prick inside her.
The wet, warm mouth slipped away, and Erik suddenly found her fulsome breasts on his face.
"I want to come on top of you, darling ..."
No question of what he wanted, of course. He felt her hand grip the root of his organ, guiding it. Then suddenly, he was in her as she lowered her haunches.
"Oh ... oh ... darling ..." came the whimpering gasp.
Nails dug into his shoulders as the haunches began to rise and fall. Erik was sure the incessantly turning cameras were getting excellent pictures.
"Mmmmm ... that's lovely ... don't ... don't come too soon, darling ..."
Erik had to admit to himself that it wasn't half bad, even though in a sense, he was being used.
"Don't worry," he whispered in the ear alongside him. He was quite capable of controlling himself for some time, even if Lady Jane wasn't. He placed both hands on her curvaceous buttocks, feeling them quivering and quaking under the mounting lust.
"Oh ... ohh ... OHHHH!" gasped Lady Jane suddenly, her bottom jerking uncontrollably as she reached a climax.
Then she slumped down, panting harshly. She felt very succulent, very good. The first, thought Erik. He'd let her have two more before he let go. That should be in about twenty minutes time. That should slake her for a bit. He would have earned his keep.
"Come into me from behind next time," whispered Lady Jane.
"Whatever you say," replied Erik, trying to keep the resignation from his voice. What the hell's the matter with you, he suddenly asked himself? This beauty's quite some fuck. You should thank your lucky stars. Try and pretend it's young Vickie you're having. Ah yes, that was an idea.
And, after that thought, it was a lot better. For both of them.
"I could stay the night ..."
It was about an hour later and both of them were still lying naked on top of the bed.
Oh no you don't, thought Erik. Anyway, Vickie had made plans. Things couldn't be altered.
"That would be fun, wouldn't it?"
"It would, darling, but unfortunately it's just not on," said Erik with as much regret as he could muster.
"Why not?"
Lady Jane's voice was a little sharp as she pushed herself up on one elbow. There was that possessiveness again.
"Because I have prior engagement. That's why ..."
"Not with another woman!" The voice was sharper.
"Of course not, darling," Erik smiled sweetly. "It's with my doctor."
"Oh ... what's wrong?"
"Nothing actually. But I make a point of having a check-up every six months."
Lady Jane fell silent. "What a pity," she said after a while. "Still I suppose it makes sense. And there'll be other times." She snuggled her face into Erik's chest. "You see how much I want you, you big brute!"
Don't I just, thought Erik. Still, that had been the last time he'd have to play games with her.
Unless he wanted to. On his own terms, which would be very different.
"I want you too," he said lazily. "Next time, eh?"
"Mmm ... yes, please ..."
"But you had better be running along now," Erik patted the soft bottom. Yes, it was a most excellent bottom. Then he slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. He had to get ahead of Lady Jane. Vickie naturally wanted all the films and cassettes by late afternoon, before her step-mother returned. Then, for the time being, his job would be over. He could take that trip to the South of France which he had been promising himself.
He was glad to see the naked lady Jane still half-dozing on the bed as he began to dress. It would probably be an hour before she was ready to leave. Most likely she'd get stuck into the sherry before she went.
"I've got to go now, darling," he said, bending over the prostrate figure.
Lady Jane clung to him almost absurd passion. "Oh I can't bear it!" she moaned.
Erik eased her off. He couldn't bear that kind of sloppy behaviour.
"Ring me soon," he said.
Lady Jane nodded. "Oh I will ... I will ..."
Oh how little did she know!
Erik went through into two of the adjoining rooms and removed the films and tapes which had been used that afternoon. Then he put them in a case alongside a pile of others which had already been packed.
There was all the evidence young Vickie would need to put her step-mother completely in her power!
As silently and as quickly as he could Erik Haabstrom left the flat.
Half an hour later he was bombing it up the M.1 towards Warwickshire. The plan that Vickie had so cunningly conceived was completed. He had played his part most adequately, he considered ... and had been amply rewarded. He wondered if there would be time for a quick fuck when he got to Pacton Hall.
But then, perhaps Vickie would not be in the mood.
That young lady would have a lot on her mind!

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THE acknowledged master of BDSM writing.


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