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The Replacement Pet - Puppy-girl Erotica (Amelia Stark)

The Replacement Pet - Puppy-girl Erotica by Amelia Stark

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    • Average 4.0 from 1 ratings

Emma lives in one of five houses in a gated community. The 18-year-old arrives home early, having just finished college for the summer. Rather than walk up to town, she gets chatting to the next-door neighbour, Jack. The young mechanic is eager to give her something to do, so he asks her to walk his pet Great Dane, Lady.
What Emma doesn’t know is that Jack has hidden a camera in Lady’s collar. What Jack finds out is that Emma likes to ape the pet while naked in his house and in the forest. Her kink gives the young mechanic an idea and with Emma’s step-family’s help, they begin the process of transforming her into a Puppy-girl. This book contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts and deviant behaviour. It is therefore only suitable for mature readers above the age of 18

Product type: EBook    Published by: Amelia Stark's Erotica     Published: 3 / 2018

No. words: 34034

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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1. Locked out.

It was a typical mid-July day in Croydon, south-east England. Being the last day of my education and the first day of the rest of my life, I was hoping that the sunny weather would continue throughout the summer holiday. The heat was tempered by a gentle breeze that tugged at my skirts as I strolled home without a care in the world. Well, that wasn’t quite true!
The cul-de-sac where I lived contained five detached houses that ringed the short road. My step-mother’s house was at the end; and not only was it the biggest, it sat on the largest piece of land. It was a gated community and fenced all around. Apparently, the houses were built for government politicians, but were put on the market after an expenses scandal.
I slipped my bag off my shoulder and felt for my entry card and door key. I found the card in the pocket, but not the key. I tried to remember when I last used it but couldn’t recall leaving it out of my bag. My step-mum was usually home by the time I arrived from the academy at 4 PM, But I was a couple of hours early, because it was the last day of term.
I swiped my card on the electronic gadget by the gate and waited for the mechanism to open it wide enough for me to walk through. After waiting for the gate to close, I passed the empty sentry box, and walked on toward the houses. The first part of the road ran through dense fir trees, which was part of a forest that encircled the five large houses.
I strolled past the first house on my right, the Nakamura residence, then the second house, which belonged to Jack Carrick. He was a handsome guy, who lived with Claire, a particularly unpleasant and insular woman. She was constantly complaining about one thing, or another, whereas Jack was always civil to me and my step-sister. They didn’t have any children but owned a black Great Dane who was the soppiest dog on the planet.
I spotted Jack’s legs poking out from under the front of a van that was parked halfway up his driveway. I heard the wheels of the board he was lying on, scraping on the concrete – a familiar sound in the close.
I carried on to my house and knocked on the door, hoping Audrey (I refused to call her mum) had come home early. The house was silent, so I tried the side gate and found it locked. Annoyed at my carelessness, I turned and looked down the short cul-de-sac. I could walk back to town and take a stroll around for an hour, or two…”
Then I had a thought. Mum was friendly with Jack. Maybe she left him with a key with him, in case of emergencies. I had the hots for the guy and thought that he fancied me. I liked the way he glanced over my body when popping around to cut the grass, or hedge. He was the type of man I could imagine taking my virginity – someone mature and masterful.
I made up my mind. It wouldn’t do any harm to ask, and if he didn’t have a key, I’d stroll down to the town centre and do some window shopping. After checking the time on my phone, I retraced my steps to the end of his drive and walked up until I reached the van.
“Is that you, Emma?” came a muffled question from beneath the car.
I stopped beside the car, which was jacked up on my side. I was expecting him to slide out from the front, but instead he came out head first beside me, where the wheel was missing. He had an unrestricted view up my skirt and didn’t bat an eyelid.
Standing with my feet apart, I hesitated for a few seconds to give him enough time to focus on my panties, then stepped back a tad. “Oh, sorry Mr Carrick, I, er… I thought…”
The internet was awash with up-skirt sites and from his reaction, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Jack was a fan of them.
“Nice to see you, Emma…” He used the side of the car to propel himself free of the car and then sat up on the board. “You’re home early.”
“Last day at St Audrey’s and like a prat I forgot to take a key with me. I was wondering…”
He was on his feet, wiping his greasy hands on a rag. “…if Audrey left me with a key?” I nodded hopefully. “I’m sorry, she didn’t, Emma. Let me get you a lemonade or get you an ice cream from the fridge.”
“I was thinking of walking back to town and doing some window shopping.”
“Look, come in for a second. I want to ask you a favour.”
Having been warned to beware of strangers, I was a cautious person, but I knew Jack Carrick and felt totally at ease in his company. Clean shaven and suntanned, he had boyish good looks for a guy in his late thirties – well I guessed he was under forty. His hair was sandy-brown and unruly, while his blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight.
I followed him down the side of the house. We passed the side door to the house and I waited while he opened the side gate. He had just closed it behind me when Lady came bounding over. I braced myself for the onslaught. But Jack put his hand out.
“Lady! Stop!” The dog skidded to a halt on the dry grass and stopped dead in his tracks.
She sat down and looked from her master to me and back again at Jack.
“Good girl.” Jack turned to me. “Emma, I was wondering if you would take her for a walk over the spinney…”
Lady’s ears pricked up on hearing the word ‘walk’. I was wearing my academy uniform and didn’t fancy running through the woods wearing it. I wasn’t worried about her behaviour, just my ability to keep an eye on an energetic dog.
“I’m still in my uniform, Mr Carrick.”
“I’ve told you before, Emma, it’s Jack. I would take her, but I have to finish this motor for a friend of mine. You could leave your jacket here and change your skirt. Claire is your size and she has plenty of shorts.”
Lady was pulling a pathetic expression and made me feel sorry for her. I would rather stay and talk to the sexy mechanic, but his offer of shorts got me thinking.
I turned to the dog. “Are you going to be a good girl, Lady?”
“Ruff! Ruff!”
Jack spread his hands. “What did I say?”
I shrugged. “Okay, the exercise won’t do me any harm either.”
“Good, come in and I’ll get you a can of lemonade.” After shutting Lady in the back yard, I followed him through the back door into the kitchen. “Take a seat Emma. You can leave your things on the table if you like.”
He went to the fridge and fetched a can, which he placed in front of me. “I’ll fetch some shorts and you can take your pick. I won’t be a second.” He disappeared into the hall and hurried up the stairs.
It was my chance to test his interest, after all he was handing me the opportunity on a plate. I removed my jacket and placed it with my bag on the table, then unfastened my skirt. I folded it and placed it on top, then strolled around the kitchen drinking my lemonade.
Jack walked in carrying several pairs of shorts and stopped dead in his tracks. “Emma! What on earth are you doing?”
I was leaning back against the kitchen sink. My white blouse was short and the standard white cotton panties didn’t quite reach the hem, even though I had pulled the panties up to accentuate my mons and pudendal dimple. I was standing with my feet a foot apart sipping the drink. I was handing the man an image he wouldn’t forget in a hurry.
“Oh, sorry. I was just saving time…” I stepped forward.
“Emma, you should have waited.” He was embarrassed and turned his back on me, then placed the shorts on the table. “I’ll go back to the drive and carry on with my work…”
“No, wait a minute…” I cut him off on his way to the back door. “…wait until we see if they fit.”
He backed away and frowned at me. “Emma, I think you’re being wilfully naughty.”
“Please sit down and wait until I’ve tried them on.”
He hesitated for a few moments. “All right, but hurry up…”
He backed away and sat down, so I took the top pair - boring black cotton – and tried them on. I stood about four feet back, so the handsome mechanic could get an eyeful of my body and pussy, especially when I lifted my leg into the shorts. He never took his eyes off my nether region as I tried on each of the four pairs. Was he thinking of having sex with me? I was certain he was.
I took the fourth pair off and placed it on the table and then turned to show him my ass. “Do you think my bottom is a nice shape, Jack?”
“Emma, pick a pair. I have to get back to work.”
He wasn’t playing, so I selected the light blue denim pair and pulled them on. “These are great but a bit skimpy in the crotch.” I lifted my knee and showed him that my panties showed. “Are you sure that Claire won’t mind me wearing them?”
“I’m absolutely certain, Emma. Put your knee down and finish your drink; and go for that walk.”
I was disappointed, but I liked the way he ordered me around. “Will you be here when I return?”
“Probably not, but I’ll leave the Patio doors open for you.”
He used the back door, while after grabbing my bag, I left the house by the patio doors. Lady was excited to see me and raced off toward the bottom of the garden. I had a chance to dream about Jack Carrick and all the wonderful things we could do together if he didn’t have a partner.
Then, when I thought about Claire, I couldn’t remember seeing her for several days. I dismissed the thought and jogged after the energetic Great Dane.

Author Information

~~ Amelia’s new Paperback site ~ https://www.amazon.com/author/astark
~~ Follow Amelia on facebook ~ https://www.facebook.com/amelia.stark.98
~~ Keep up to date on her website ~ https://www.ameliastarkserotica.co.uk
~~ Follow Amelia on Twitter ~ AmeliaStark_18
~~ Email Amelia at ~ Amelia.stark@mail.com
Amelia was born in Hertfordshire, England, and now lives in a beautiful country setting in the midlands. Working from a small cosy office and with only the occasional company of her pet cat, Amelia weaves her stories, morning, noon and night. She entered the literary world on a notion that she could write more interesting stories than she was reading; and thinks she has succeeded in her goal. An avid reader of BDSM, erotica, horror, science fiction and detective novels, Amelia is determined to bring some or all of these subjects into her own work and hopefully thrill her readers.
All of her work belongs in the BDSM category, but she has written in a wide variety of niches such as Urban, Interracial, Pony-girl, Puppy-girl, thriller and adventure. Her most popular books to date are the Hijack series (3 books), the Frisky series (3 books), the Husni series (9 books) and the Caged & Transported series (8 books/4 compendiums); but there are many more in the library to choose from. 45+
There’s a new paperback site that will grow quickly during the back end of 2016 and on into 2017 - https://www.amazon.com/author/astark


Publisher Information

Amelia Stark's Erotica is a Publisher of BDSM and Erotica stories. All the work is written by Amelia stark, although her work is split between 4 pseudonyms. Her own, Tor Melati, Laura Sinn and Tabatha Wild.

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