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Best Stepsister Ever (Timothy Spears)

Best Stepsister Ever by Timothy Spears

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The first time Carl saw his stepsister masturbating, it was the most erotic sight he’d ever laid eyes on.

She laid on her bed, oblivious to his presence, her hand sliding inside her jeans. Her other hand roamed underneath her tank top. Her cheeks were flushed and rubbed against her bare shoulders as she squirmed over the covers.

He’d come home not ten minutes ago from his dentist appointment. Apparently, she’d been so consumed by her task, she hadn’t heard him come in the house.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 3 / 2018

No. words: 36492

Style: OM - Step-Siblings, OM - Step-Siblings

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


The first time Carl saw his stepsister masturbating, it was the most erotic sight he’d ever laid eyes on.
She laid on her bed, oblivious to his presence, her hand sliding inside her jeans. Her other hand roamed underneath her tank top. Her cheeks were flushed and rubbed against her bare shoulders as she squirmed over the covers.
He’d come home not ten minutes ago from his dentist appointment. Apparently, she’d been so consumed by her task, she hadn’t heard him come in the house. When he’d reached the top of the stairs, he saw that her door was ajar. Before he could knock and say hello, he’d caught sight of her through the crack.
He was instantly mesmerized.
At 22 years old, the only time Carl had seen a girl masturbate was in porn. Now he was watching his stepsister, Lauren, feverishly finger herself, working her body into a frenzy.
And he was instantly hard.
He wasn’t really surprised at his reaction. Most people think the default setting for the human body is non-arousal; most people are incorrect. In actuality, the norm is arousal. The brain actually secretes an enzyme that tells the rest of the body, “Do not be aroused! Do not be aroused!” When we get turned on, that’s because our brains have halted that enzyme, allowing the normal state of arousal to return. And with a 22-year-old male, that enzyme was produced even less than normal.
Besides, Lauren was beautiful. Long, auburn hair that flowed just below her shoulders, big brown eyes, and a smooth olive complexion. At 21, she had a natural beauty and a body that rivaled any girl Carl had seen in real life. Supermodels and actresses didn’t count, by his standards. But she was normally so prudish. It wasn’t just seeing her like this that excited him so much. It was the fact that masturbation was the last thing he had ever expected to find her doing. She always wrinkled her nose at any talk of sex. So, despite her good looks and physique, Carl never really thought of her as a sexual being.
As he watched, her pace quickened, and a soft panting escaped her lips. Carl’s cock bulged against his jeans, and he flirted with playing with himself right there outside her door. Instead, he adjusted his package.
Her panting became more fevered and immediate. Her hips began to rock against her buried hand, and the one under her shirt descended to her waistline, tugging distractedly at her pants. It was like she wanted and yet didn’t want to take them off. Her tugging had lowered them slightly, revealing the edges of her hips and exposing her smooth tummy. Her free hand quickly popped the button and unzipped the fly, then joined the first. She now had both hands working herself.
Her eyes were closed, lids fluttering passionately, and she was biting her lip, her tiny little moans tickling Carl to a raging hard-on. She was the picture of sexy, so sultry and evocative, that Carl wanted nothing more than to join her. But he didn’t want to embarrass her or himself. And he was enjoying his peep show far too much.
Her rocking hips began to thrust harder, and her brow furrowed, her face scrunching up in ecstasy. Her head fell back on the bed, her mouth hanging open, frozen in a silent cry of delight. Her back arched up into the air, and she looked almost in pain for instant, before the breath that was caught in her chest escaped in a heaving, trembling moan that sent shivers through Carl’s entire body.
Lauren’s orgasm quivered through her body, her bottom lip trembling, her eyes held shut as she settled back down on the bed, her hands still working inside her jeans, but slower and more gently. She cooed against her shoulders, shivering briefly. And then she spoke for the first time since Carl had stumbled upon her.
“Oh, Carl…”
His eyes popped wide and now his breath caught in his chest. Had he heard that correctly? Had she just said his name? Did she know he was there? Of course not, her eyes hadn’t even opened yet. There was no way she could have seen him. But she had to. She just said his name.
“Oh Carl, Carl, Carl…”
She moaned it repeatedly, as if putting herself to sleep with it. And then Carl realized, she wasn’t saying it to him. She was imagining him. She was fantasizing. She was getting off thinking about him.
Deciding he’d seen enough, Carl had to do something about his own arousal. He decided to take a shower, but in his parent’s bathroom. If he used the one he and Lauren shared, she would hear him and possibly suspect something. Or maybe he was just being paranoid. Still, he decided to play it safe, so he silently padded over to the master bathroom on the other end of the house, closed and locked the door, then started the shower.
Five seconds later he was naked and under the soothing water, jerking off furiously. Carl had never thought about Lauren while masturbating before, and now that he was, it was the most intense J.O. of his life. Burned in the backs of his eyelids was the image of Lauren’s face, biting her lip, eyes fluttering in rapture. He mentally undressed her, imagining what she might look like sprawled out naked, fingering herself, one hand rubbing her clit while the other worked a finger or two inside her pussy. Then, just as he neared climax, she opened her eyes and met his, a deep, wanton gaze that begged him to join her. And he heard those words again escape her soft lips.
“Oh, Carl…”
And that was all she wrote. With a quiet groan that still echoed against the bathroom tile, Carl came in his parents’ shower, the warm spray tickling the head of his cock, the image of Lauren just as strong as ever.
Despite her beauty and physique, he’d never thought of Lauren in that way. He wasn’t sure why. Even though they weren’t related by blood, some part of Carl’s mind had decided she was off-limits. Now, after seeing her in her room and then jerking off in the shower, Carl honestly couldn’t imagine anything or anyone more erotic.
After he dried off, he got dressed, put on some deodorant, then grabbed some cologne and splashed a bit on for good measure. When he came through the doorway into his parents’ bedroom, he was suddenly jumped on from behind.
“Hey!” Lauren said. “You’re home early. Thought you were at the dentist.”
Ever since their parents had married, the two had always gotten along. And Lauren was known for pouncing surprise piggyback rides on him. Now, the smell of her so close and the feel of her pressed against him were intoxicating. He held her legs for support.
“I was. Got back about ten minutes ago.” He whisked her around their parents’ bedroom. She held her arms out and flew through the air on his back.
“How come you used their shower?”
He shrugged. “Something different.” Hoping to change the conversation, he dipped and rolled, dangerously close to losing his balance and sending them both to the floor.
“Watch out! Carl!” He teetered to the side, unable to right himself, and they both toppled onto their parents’ bed, laughing.
“Mayday, mayday!” he said. “We’re going down! We’re going down!”
“Honey, we’re already down.” She was smiling, her arms hanging across his chest from holding on.
He slid off to the side and sat up. “No classes today?”
“Friday’s off,” she said with a shake of her head. Lauren went to a nearby art school. She was studying photography. Carl had gone to a top-rated medical school across the state. Both of them had full scholarships.
“Nice schedule. Wish I had three-day weekends.”
She shrugged. “Wish I had a whole month off for Christmas.”
“It’s not that great.” True, Carl was thankful for the end of the semester – finals had been devastatingly hard – but all his friends were at school. He barely knew anyone at home.
At least he’d brought home his video games.
“So…” Lauren was propping herself up on her elbows, giving him a sideways look.
“What?” Looking at her, laid out on their parents’ bed, it was easy to picture her on hers, a hand down her pants, eyes closed, lip trembling. Instantly feeling his cock’s reaction to the image, Carl pushed it out of his mind.
“Our parents’ shower.” Carl groaned mentally. He thought he’d avoided this. “Afraid I might have seen you in our bathroom?” He laughed dismissively, hoping that would end it. “Afraid I might catch a peek?”
She was grinning playfully. Carl noted he’d never seen her like this before. He wondered if it was her post-orgasmic state or if there was something else going on. He thought it couldn’t hurt to play along.
“And why would I be afraid of that? I assume it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.”
She cocked her head knowingly. “Books aren’t the same as real life.”
He laughed. “You’re right. Sometimes they’re much better.”
“Aww, that’s so cute,” she cooed, smiling even wider now. “But I bet no book can live up to the real thing.”
Carl decided to see just how playful she really was. “What real thing? Sex or cock?”
Instantly, a coat of blush spread through Lauren’s cheeks and she looked away briefly, her smile turning slightly embarrassed. “Either one.” When her eyes came back to his, there was a slight glimmer of excitement to them. She pulled herself to her knees and scooted closer to him. “Carl…”
“Yeah?” He leaned back and reclined on his elbows now, stretching across the bed.
“Have you ever…well…” She trailed off, biting her lip. The image of her on her bed returned to Carl’s mind. She looked in his eyes again, then away.
“Have I ever what?” he asked quietly.
She giggled nervously, playing with her fingers. “Have you ever p-…p-played with…”
“Played with what?”
She looked like she was mulling something over in her head, then she looked straight at him, a slight smile still on her lips, but it was different now. “Yourself.”
He laughed. “I think you can assume that of every guy on the planet.” She laughed with him, the ice breaking and he could see her visibly relax. “How about you?”
Her tension returned immediately. “What do you mean?”
Carl smiled. He was really enjoying this conversation. “Have you ever played with yourself?”
She looked back down at her hands, and he knew she was debating her answer. “Only recently. One of my girlfriends at school told me…how to…how I could…do it. So, I’ve been…” She got lost in her mind for a moment, then blinked back to the present with a flashy smile and a sparkle in her eyes. “Yes. I have.” She was loosening up.
The thought of another girl explaining female masturbation to Lauren ran through Carl’s mind. Combined with the still-present image of her on her bed with her hands in her pants, he was starting to get hard again. And smelling her perfume wasn’t helping. If they kept this up, he was going to have to reposition himself soon to hide his bulge.
“And what do you think?” he asked. “Do you like it?”
She bit her lip again and this time her eyes never left his, but if felt she was looking through him. Or maybe she was looking deep inside him. He suddenly felt very exposed. He couldn’t break her gaze.
“Yes,” she answered softly.

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Retired and spend my time writing erotica and playing poker.


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