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Kiki's Kinks and Punishing The Brat (Ginny Watson)



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Kiki's Kinks

Kiki doesn't mind the long train journey home after college, and it gets even more interesting when she realises that a stranger is intentionally touching her. She arrives home hot and horny, only to find that her writer step-father needs some help with an erotic story idea... but can she really put herself in the mind of a teen determined to seduce the most important man in her life... her step-father!

Punishing The Brat

Celine is in for a shock! Her landlord doesn't like the way she dresses when she goes out with her friends. He says that he's responsible for her while her parents are out of the country, he says that she looks like a hooker, and obviously if she flaunts and teases too much... he's going to treat like a hooker. But maybe the twenty year old will enjoy it as she dares him to carry though on his threats to spank her?

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 03 / 2018

No. words: 7723

Style: OM Erotica - Step-Parents, Spanking Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“Now, is this more acceptable, Mr Thomas?” she said sarcastically, then chuckled as his eyes locked on her pert breasts and erect nipples. He continued to stare in stunned silence as Celine swiftly wriggled out of her skirt and proved his no panties theory correct.
“Is that better?” Celine flushed again to see his eyes instantly drift down to her smooth shaven mound. “Now Albert, I'm going out, just as we agreed.”
“Don't be stupid,” he stuttered and shifted his gaze back to her breasts for a second before forcing himself to focus on her eyes, “Put some clothes on right now... or...!”
“Or what?” Celine snapped, “Come on, tell me... or what?”
Her landlord spluttered and Celine smiled. An act of rebellion had finally silenced his sarcasm. Shock and awe she told herself, I shocked and he's certainly in awe!
And why shouldn't he be awed, I've got the kind of body that makes middle aged men cum in their pants just looking at me.
“Or what, tell me Albert?” she repeated as his mouth opened and closed like a confused goldfish as he fought to find an answer.
Damn, seeing me naked has really screwed with his head she realised as he looked away and stammered.
“Just get dressed Cellie, I warn you, you're testing my patience.”
“Oh, so that's it. You're thinking you can drop me across your knee like I'm a little girl? Is that it Albert, are you threatening to spank me? Do you think you can smack my bottom for being naughty?””
“Yes, damn right,” he replied swiftly, the shock leaving his voice, “Take one step toward that door and I'll give your ass a spanking it'll never forget.”
“I'm twenty, and you wouldn't dare,” she gasped, “And you can't threaten me like that, you can't spank me, you can't even touch me... and I'm going out, just like this, and when people comment I'll tell them that my ass-hole landlord insisted I go out wearing nothing... then everyone will think you're a pervert.” Celine grinned and grabbed her purse from a table beside the front door, then reached for the handle.
“Celine!” He gasped as the lock clicked open.
“I'm warning you!” he cried as the door began to swing open letting in bright light.
“Stop! Now!” he shouted as she stepped forward into the light and full view of the neighbours.
“Try to stop me!” she hissed defiantly and shook her breasts at him as she stepped over the threshold.
In a rush of adrenalin he hooked an arm around her waist and scooped her from her feet, the door slammed closed and kicking and scratching Celine was carried into the lounge to land heavily across her landlord's knee as he slumped down into his chair.
“Slut! Dirty teasing little slut.” he spat, then brought his open hand down hard onto her full round buttocks.
“I have to teach you a lesson, oh yes, I'll teach you not to defy me!”
His hand came down again making stunned Celine yelp.

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