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Kiama (Kelly Addams)

Kiama by Kelly Addams


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Kenyan Kiama ran away from home when she was very young, & her life had been a constant battle until she met Helmut. He gave her a home, a job, money, but her German benefactor was a pervert. It was a fact that Kiama learned to accept, & then came the day that he invited friends to share her sensual delights, & Kiama was introduced to a true sadist, someone who opened her eyes, & opened her mind in the most painful ways.
Please Note: Kiama is an elaboration of, and based on, the taboo short story The Maid which was originally published in 2016.
Caution: This story contains extreme sadism content and is therefore suitable for 18+ Open Minded Adults Only!

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 03 / 2018

No. words: 10580

Style: Sado-Masochism (SM), Interracial Bondage/BDSM

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“I love your nipples, to big, so responsive, so much promise. Tell me dear has Helmut ever clamped them?”
Kiama nodded slowly, she remembered that day well. His games had progressively grown ever more kinky. At first he had demanded that she stand over him as he lay on his back on the floor, then she had closed her eyes and allowed a hot stream of urine to splash down onto his cock, then his chest and finally his face. Soon the roles had been reversed and she would crouch on her knees with her mouth wide open as he directed a jet that she knew he expected her to drink.
“You are a good girl Kiama,” he had said one evening, “I always knew you were special.”
Compliments weren't the norm with Helmut, she was a fuck toy, she was a maid, she was simply there to satisfy his rampant sexual urges so to hear him speaking with a tone close to affection signalled that he was about to push her limits just a little further.
“You black girls have got such great nipples,” he added as he reached down and pinched gently, “So big, so pronounced. Tell me Kiama, are they sensitive?”
Kiama had gasped as he pinched harder, he had no idea that he was pressing exactly the right button to unlock the demon lurking inside her. It was a demon that she feared, a demon that she knew could push her over the edge. But Helmut wasn't the person she wanted to push that button, she wanted to have feelings... on both sides.
“I'm going to enjoy this.” he had chuckled as from his pocket he had produced a spring loaded plastic clothes peg, and opening the smooth jaws he had slowly released the pressure until Kiama groaned, her nipple trapped between and throbbing.
But if he had enjoyed the game, to her dismay he had never repeated... but Sophia had just brought that memory vividly back to her mind.
“I'm going to clamp your nipples Kiama,” the Italian whispered as she drew closer. “In America they call them alligator clips,” she chuckled softly, “Here I believe you say crocodile, either way I know that they hurt, and I am going to enjoy making you cry!”
Kiama had seen the clamps being described, the same metal toothed clips that were attached to the jumper cables that Helmut kept in the trunk of his car. They looked vicious, sharp teeth, strong springs... powerful, no wonder they had been named for the crocodile.
“I have tried these myself,” Sophia added, her voice low and husky as she flexed the metal jaws before Kiama's wide eyes. “They hurt Kiama... they hurt like hell.”

Author Information

30 something married nymph with a very dirty mind!
WARNING: You will find nothing vanilla in any of the books that I write, I don't even like vanilla ice-cream!
Taboo, taboo and more taboo, so be warned before sampling the products of my filthy mind.


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