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The Learning Commune (Hector McIntyre)

The Learning Commune by Hector McIntyre

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It was known as `The Learning Commune`, or TLC for short, and it was perhaps the most feared place in Victorian England apart from the gallows. It was the name frequently used in the poor houses, the female prisons and borstals to instil the kind of fear into the occupants of those institutions that would keep them in line with the rules of the authorities.

The Learning Commune was also a highly secret place, run by a combination of various unaccountable authorities, and it was the place from which no one ever seemed to return.

That fact helped increase the fear factor in those threatened with the dreaded place, for no one was quite sure just what happened there until now.

Now the story of the sexual abuse and sex slave training that went on in The Learning Commune is brought into the open for the first time.

TLC was it`s nickname but it had nothing to do with tender loving care - more to do with enforced sexual slavery of young women offenders - slavery from which there was little hope of escape.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2018

No. words: 30000

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


St Mary’s Borstal For Young Females

“What do you think you are doing?” The voice that carried across the courtyard was female. It came from an upper window that was only open ajar on this particular cold November day and it was directed at the two teenagers who were huddled together at the far end of the courtyard. “My office – NOW!” The voice of authority carried clearly over the crisp, still air.
The two young girls, seniors at the young offenders institute, were barely eighteen and now eligible for adult prison life. They looked up at the office and scowled, the thin trail of smoke spiralling visibly in the cold air from the end of the cigarette they had been sharing.
“I said NOW!” The voice repeated. The figure at the window was that of Martha Higgins, the Head of the institution.
“Shit!” Said Rose Keppler. “We’ve been rumbled.”
“Yeah, and we’ll be for it if old Higgins is in a bad mood.”
“Yeah, second fag cop this term for her. Never did hear what happened to Helen, poor girl, but when she left here she was in a right state, according to the kids that saw her.”
“Yeah, come on we’d better get up there.”
The girls stood up, their sullen faces clearly visible to the figure of Martha Higgins who was still watching them. It took them three minutes to reach the solid oak door of her office.
“Come in,” Higgins said sternly.
The girls entered and started to close the door.
“Leave it and come into the middle of my office,” Higgins stopped them short and both girls took the five paces into the room so they stood before Higgins` big oak desk. “Well, what have you got to say for yourself?” She asked, looking at one of the girls, her voice almost a viper’s hiss with anger.
“Sorry?” Rose said slowly, but she framed it as a question not a statement of contrition.
“Sorry! My girl, you will be sorry in a minute, you can be sure of that. First, who are you?”
“Rose Keppler, Miss?”
“Grace Cole,” said the second girl who was trembling as much from the cold outside as the fear of what was about to happen.
“Well, Miss Cole and Miss Keppler, you both know that smoking is not allowed in this institution and you know the punishment for breaking the rules.”
“Yes Miss,” they replied almost in unison.
“Then you will be punished according to our procedures.” Higgins sat at her desk and flicked through some pages of a register. “I see from the punishment log that you have both been caught smoking before. Did the message not get through last time?”
“Yes Miss,” said Rose very quickly.
“Evidently, Miss Keppler, it did not, so you are also a liar. I note you are both eighteen and could now be sent to a proper prison to complete your sentences. I think, after punishment, I will make the necessary arrangements.”
“No, please Miss, don’t do that,” blurted Grace Cole.
“Why not? You are a horrendous influence on the younger offenders in our care and I would prefer you are removed from here as soon as possible.”
“Please don’t do it, Miss.” Rose added her own plea.
“I will think about it. Now, young ladies you will prepare for punishment. You both know the routine.”
With a look of horror and real fear the two girls looked at each other.
“You first,” said Grace.
Rose turned away from Grace and lifted her skirt at the back. Grace helped her lift the bottom of the skirt above her waist and then pinned it high up on her jumper, ensuring the skirt no longer covered the girl’s bottom. When it was pinned in place they reversed roles so in a minute both girls had their skirts pinned out of protection’s reach.
“Knickers down,” said Higgins and watched with interest as both girls lowered their underwear. “Right down and off,” she added and waited for the knickers to be kicked off their feet. “Raise the fronts of your skirts,” she said and watched as the blue uniforms were raised, exposing the teenagers’ pussies. Ostensibly for hygiene reasons, the institution ruled that all inmates were to be shaven between their legs once a week at minimum. It was an offence to have any hair other than a week of stubble there; an offence punishable by caning. In fact, as the inmates were well aware, any infringement of the rules was almost always punishable by a sound and severe caning.
“Miss Cole, I see you have let your pubic hair grow beyond what is acceptable to this institution and thus your punishment will be increased.”
“Yes, Miss,” said Grace in a faltering voice.
“I will start with Miss Keppler. Miss Cole, put your hands on your head and go and stand in front of my fire facing into the room. Right in front of it.”
Grace went and stood in front of the fire, looking out so she could see the punishment of her friend as it was delivered. She felt the heat of the fire on her ass cheeks and knew it was nothing compared to the burning sensations she would soon be feeling. She shuffled away from the heat of the fire by a small step but it did not go unnoticed by Higgins and she was ordered to step back again. She could feel the heat and silently hoped she would not have to stand there for too long, or she was sure her back side would start to roast.
Already, Higgins had the saw horse out in the middle of the room. This evil device was designed to hold the victim in place while the buttocks could be severely punished.
“Over the horse,” she said with a strict voice.
Rose walked to the horse and bent over it so her stomach rested on the thin cushion at the top. When she was bent over it she opened her legs wide so they lined up with the legs of the horse. In a moment, Higgins had cuffed her legs in position and then did the same with her arms down the legs of the horse on the other side. Finally, Higgins secured a length of rope round Rose’s waist, securing her to the horse so she could not move.
Rose was bent over the device, her legs wide apart, her buttocks in the perfect position for punishment and her sex on display, her nubile labia pouting out between her upper thighs.
“Your punishment today for smoking is thirty strokes of the paddle,” Higgins pronounced. Grace had a perfect view of Rose’s full, pale coloured bottom and could even see her labia pouting out from the gap between her legs.
The paddle was a piece of hard leather about fourteen inches long with a handle at one end. Higgins laid the leather against Rose’s backside and pulled it back for the first stroke.
“I’m sorry, Miss,” said Rose. “I really am.” Rose was already sobbing with the anticipation of the pain to come.
“You will be, my girl, but not half as sorry as what I have planned for you and your miscreant friend after this session.”
With that, Higgins delivered the first buttock-numbing stroke. The sound of the SPLAT! could be heard in the nearby rooms and a female warden who happened to be walking across the courtyard looked up with initial surprise.
“YEEEOOWW!” Rose howled as the full force of the paddle instantly turned her pale buttocks to a very bright shade of pink, the shape of the paddle clearly imprinted across the middle of both cheeks.
“Oh, come girl, it’s not that bad,” said Higgins, relishing the punishment she was delivering. Higgins had a reputation in the institute amongst the inmates. She was hard as nails with the offenders and rumour had it she got off by paddling and caning those who (sometimes) deserved it.
SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! The paddle landed again and again across Rose’s buttocks, adding new burning heat to the delivery zone with each stroke. Rose continued to howl. SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! Rose felt as if her bottom was on fire.
How many strokes had it been? How many to go? Rose had lost track of how her punishment was progressing. She tried to struggle free from the horse but to no avail. Her wrists were tied securely in position, her ankles would not budge and the rope around her waist meant she could not move though her whole body was screaming out for her to do something to lessen the intense pain in her bottom.
SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! The paddle rained down in rapid fire, not even allowing the intense sensations from one stroke to start to ebb before the pain from the next was added to it.
By the twentieth stroke Rose was no longer yelling. She could no longer summon up the breath and energy to shout, though she gasped not quite silently as each fresh stroke was delivered.
SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! Rose wished this awful battering was over. She felt like her buttocks were about to be ripped open, such was the pain in them from this severe beating. Then, the paddle stopped.
“That is thirty strokes.” Higgins said in a firm voice. “It is nothing compared to what your future holds for you.” Higgins waited until Rose had regained some composure and was breathing a little better before she reached down and touched Rose’s fiery buttocks, making Rose howl once again with the agony. “Quite a mess,” said Higgins, “and very hot to the touch. Has the message got through to you?”
“Y...y...yes, M...m...miss,” Rose stuttered between her sobbing.
Higgins had her hand between Rose’s legs, rubbing her inner thighs, and feeling the coolness of the un-battered flesh compared to the raw heat in the area that had received the strokes.
“You have a good, firm body,” said Higgins, slightly breathlessly. “What I have planned for you two will do you good,” she said as she started to release Rose from her bonds.
Rose tried to straighten up but the pain in her bottom was too much and she fell to the floor.
“Up girl and take Miss Cole’s place by the fire.” Higgins put her arms under Rose’s armpits and hauled the screaming girl to her feet. After a few seconds, Rose managed to hobble over to the fireplace and stood there, her burning buttocks not even feeling the heat from the fire as she stood there with her hands on her head, tears streaming down her face.
“Miss Cole, your turn over the horse. Come over here, quickly girl, and assume the position.”
Grace took the same stance that Rose had taken and in a minute was cuffed and roped in place so she could not evade the inevitable paddling. Her bottom was already burning hot from the roaring fire, but Grace knew the heat that was already uncomfortable would be as nothing compared to what her bottom would feel like in just a few minutes time.
“As with Miss Keppler you will receive thirty strokes for smoking. You will then have your labia and inner thighs flogged for not keeping your pubic hair in check.”
“Please No! Please NO!” Grace pleaded in vain. Higgins was angry but though the girls didn’t know it yet, she was not just angry with the girls before her. She had not been fulfilling her quota of respondents to `The Learning Commune` as it was called, and now her ass was on the line. It was a condition of appointment at the various “supply depots” as the owners of `The Learning Commune` called them, that a regular supply of people would be provided to `The Learning Commune`, to benefit those people from what it had to offer.
SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! She started delivering the same punishment to Grace’s bottom that she had given to Rose a few minutes earlier. Grace howled and tears fell down her face from the first stroke. By the tenth stroke she stopped struggling with the bonds that secured her to the horse. Her bottom was so on fire from the vicious beating it was being given, that the struggle seemed futile. From the tenth stroke, and with her whole bottom on fire, she just lay where she was and started to silently pray for the end of this ghastly punishment.
Ten strokes later Grace felt as though her bottom was going to explode with the fiery pain that now filled her entire world. She sobbed and howled aloud as each fresh swat of the paddle landed, never far from the landing site of the last swat, adding more bruising and a deeper colour red to the flesh that had already been so severely punished.
Before the final stroke had been delivered, Grace had stopped howling, no longer able to suck enough fresh air into her heaving lungs to make much sound come out.
“That is thirty strokes of the paddle. You can rest for one minute and then we will deal with the pubic hair infringement.” Higgins was wasting no sympathy on these miscreants. She had a plan and she was determined to see it through, and whether these two girls liked her plan, or not, she didn’t really care.
After the minute was up, she knelt behind Grace and touched her labia. They were soft and firm. She parted the lips with one hand while fitting in place the opener with the other. The opener was a device designed to clip onto both labia, forcing them apart, exposing the raw, pink sex flesh beneath. Satisfied the labia were wide open and the opener would not hinder the action of the flogger, Higgins stood up.
“Now, this WILL hurt,” she said, picking up the flogger which had a dozen or more thin strips of leather protruding from the leather-wrapped handle.
Grace never felt the cool rush of air that flew past her vagina a moment before the leather straps cut into her exposed sex flesh. If she had howled loudly during her paddling, the sound that now came from her lungs was a hundred times louder and a sound that seemed to come from deep within her.
SWISH! The second stroke landed almost before Grace had reacted to the first and certainly before the full stinging sensation of the first impact had travelled up her sex to her brain.
“You will both learn not to misbehave,” said Higgins as Grace almost drowned out her voice when the third stroke bit into her labia and inner thighs.
Stroke number four cut into the hapless young girl’s clitoris and the pain from that stroke was multiplied when the fifth stroke landed on the same very tender spot. The next three strokes landed mainly on either side of her sex, leaving her inner thighs red and marked with the results of the ferocious onslaught.
The eighth stroke landed back almost dead centre of her parted labia, adding intense burning to that part of her virginal and very sensitive body.
Stroke nine cut back into the front of her sex, almost whipping her pubic bone and then Higgins aimed one final shot straight down the middle, so the straps cut one last time into her inner flesh.
“You’re bleeding down there,” said Higgins as she inspected the punishment. “Not a lot but enough for you to need to do something about it before you get infected.”
Grace hardly noticed what Higgins was saying, so great was the pain in her bottom and between her legs. When she had been untied from the horse, Grace tried to stand up but the strength in her legs had gone and she slumped onto the floor, hitting the bare floorboards with her naked, welted bottom. This caused the exhausted young woman to cry out again.
“Right, that is the beginning of your punishment.” Higgins` face was flushed with the punishment she had just delivered and with the pleasure her announcement was about to bring her. “I have decided that you two need a lesson you will never forget.”
“But, Miss Higgins, I will always remember this punishment and I promise not to misbehave again. I’ve only got three months to go. Please?” Rose tried with her best pleading voice, but Higgins was not interested.
“I have decided you will both go to The Learning Commune where you will be properly disciplined and turned into useful human beings.” The statement was spoken with an air of finality and Rose looked with utter horror at her friend who managed to look up from the floor and with her tearful face she looked back with a similar expression. Right now she desired some TLC, but not the kind the dreaded Commune was reputed to impart.
“But we were only caught smoking!” Rose objected.
“If you object again then I will happily put you back over the horse and cane you until you bleed all over the floor. To the Commune you will go and that is my final decision. Now, both of you, get ready for your journey. The clothes you are to wear will be brought to your dormitory at tea time and you will make sure you are wearing them, and only them, by eight o’clock this evening when you will report back here for your journey. Until then you will not wear any underclothes and your skirts will remain pinned up so all our wonderful bunch of inmates can stare in awe at your battered backsides. If I catch either of you administering any lotion or water or anything to the punished area you will be back in this office for a repeat dose of discipline. Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes Miss Higgins,” Rose replied.
“Y... y... yes, Miss H...h... iggins,” Grace sobbed from her position on the floor.
“Good, then get out of here and get on with your normal daily routine. There is no need to alter that until lights out at eight o’clock this evening, when you will report back here in the clothes you will be given for your journey.”
Rose helped Grace off the floor and together they left the office, hobbling with the pain in their bottoms and Grace, walking with her legs apart because of the indescribable pain in her sex. She noticed that Miss Higgins had left the labia spreader in place and Grace dared not remove it.
The day passed interminably slowly for Rose and Grace. Their exposed and badly beaten bottoms caused a number of comments from their fellow inmates, and not a few smirks from those they had never got on with. They both ate lunch and their evening meal standing up and on return to their dormitory, they found the clothes they were to change into before returning to Miss Higgins’ office.
At eight o’clock both girls reported back to Miss Higgins` office wearing their new attire. This consisted of a simple, rough weave loose fitting smock with a very short skirt section that barely covered half their bottoms. They had simple shoes for their feet and nothing else.
“Good, I see you are dressed and ready to go. The carriage will be here shortly. Grace, you may take out the labia spreader now – I may need that for the next miscreant. Now listen and listen closely. You will have a driver and two armed escorts. It is a long journey to The Learning Commune and you will stop overnight at an Inn, so the horses can rest. You will obey your escort at all times and do everything they tell you or you will be shot.”
This news stunned both girls. They had never in their darkest nightmares imagined they would be shot for being disobedient. The gravity in Higgins’ voice indicated what she wanted it to indicate – and the sincerity in her voice was designed to make the girls too scared not to do as they were told.
The horse-driven carriage pulled up outside the borstal and the big front doors that closed off the forecourt were opened, allowing both Rose and Grace their first glimpse of the countryside for several months. In the darkness of the cold night there was something even more chilling about the carriage that awaited them. From within the carriage the door was opened and a tall, well-built man stepped out onto the driveway leading to the gates. His companion alighted a moment later.
“These the girls?” The first man asked needlessly. Both Grace and Rose were shivering from the cold night air and with fear for their futures.
“They are,” said Higgins. “All I need is your signature that you collected them and then they are your responsibility.”
The man reached forward and signed the proffered document.
“Right, you two, get on board. We have a two-hour ride tonight and then we’ll complete the journey tomorrow morning. We have an Inn where we will rest the horses and catch a few hours sleep. Hurry up now.”
Rose and Grace walked to the door of the carriage. Rose looked behind her but Higgins had already gone and the big solid doors were closing behind her.
With a gulp as she swallowed hard to fight back her fear she stepped up into the carriage. The carriage was a large one, probably accounting for the two horses that were needed to pull it. Inside there were a couple of lanterns, gas-lit affairs that gave off a little warmth and a dull light.
Grace followed Rose into the carriage and they sat together facing backwards. The two men climbed on board and in a moment the carriage had started its journey.
“Right, here are your instructions. You’ve already been told that if you don’t obey us you will be shot. You are now the property of The Learning Commune and your training starts right now. I want both of you totally naked in under a minute. Last one to strip gets the first task.”
“You what?” Asked Grace, wishing a moment later that she had not spoken when the smaller man sitting opposite her simply reached forward and cuffed her across her right cheek.
“Insolence gets a hit, any attempt to escape gets a bullet and disobedience gets a whipping. Now get undressed.”
Rose was already obeying. After all, their scanty attire would provide little warmth for them and she, at any rate, did not want to wind up dead before she’d at least found out a bit about the dreaded Commune.
“One thing you girls are going to learn damn quickly is that at the Commune the Masters give the instructions and the inmates, or should I say females, do what they are told. So, if I want to butt fuck you, you will soon learn to bend over and take what is coming. The quicker you girls learn this, the better.” The taller man spoke evenly and with a deep voice.
Rose had her top off and was struggling with the skirt, while Grace was quickly catching her up. It took the two girls less than two minutes to undress and they sat back on their seats wondering what would happen first.
“Okay,” said the tall man. “Who’s Grace?”
“I am,” she replied.
“Well, you were last to finish so you get the first task. Kneel on the floor and unzip my trouser buttons. I take it that a slut like you knows how to give head.”


Another great story from this author. I'd just read Sex Auction and this one is even better, and a totally different setting. Again, fantastic scenes, graphic descriptions and keeps you wanting to read another page. Great. 5 out of 5 (Nineboner)

This is a good read. 3 out of 5 (Rama Sama)

This was on the all time top sellers list and so I bought it. Not sure it belongs there. 2 out of 5

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