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Donavan's Legacy (Shooter3704)


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    • Average 4.5 from 2 ratings

Was it fate, coincidence, or just incredibly good luck that led Jake to run into his old high school friend after twenty years? Who’s to say what caused it to happen, but it did and they were a good fit for each other.

As the story unfolds, Jake and Nikki get into a wonder array of sexual situations. Interracial sex, one on one, group sex, girl on girl sex, prostitution and you name it.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2018

No. words: 29000

Style: Interracial Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Nikki’s story:

So you want to know what I was up to, huh? Well I’m not sure I want to tell the story and I’m not sure you can handle it. Oh what the hell…here goes.
I suppose you could say I went through various periods so I’ll take them in order.
First there was the period of time I was convinced I was a lesbian. My friend, Missy Pratt, had me convinced I was gay. One night during a sleepover at her house, she went down on me and I won’t lie. I liked what she did a lot. It was my first ever orgasm with someone else there.
I did the girl on girl sex thing for a couple of months and it was good, but I knew something was missing. Missy’s tongue, fingers and her dildos just weren’t enough. Neither were the other objects she and I shoved in each other. The rule was simple, if it fit we used it. You wouldn’t believe some of the things we used to fuck each other.
To keep up appearances for our families, Missy and I dated boys. It was on a date that I discovered guy on gal sex. Jimmy Thomas was his name. Jimmy and I went to a movie and after the movie we went out to a parking-sparking spot by the lake.
I was prepared to let him play with my boobs and I was equally prepared to give him a hand job if necessary. When Jimmy kissed me, it felt different from when Missy kissed me. I felt a stirring deep down inside me that I didn’t feel with her.
It felt so good I let him take my bra completely off and when he tried to get my skirt and panties off, I helped him. Jimmy’s fingers felt different and much better than Missy’s fingers.
So with my legs wide open, one foot on his steering wheel and one leg hanging out the window of his car I had my very first orgasm with a boy.
“I’m going to fuck you,” Jimmy said. “I have a rubber so is it okay?”
“Uh huh,” I said. Poor Jimmy didn’t know any more about it than I did. He fumbled around and finally got the condom on and I had to help him find where to put his dick.
Since I was soaking wet he didn’t have any trouble getting it in me and when he did I had a huge orgasm. It was a good thing I could come easily because Jimmy shot-off after a couple of strokes. He tried to pull out but I wrapped my legs around him and held him in place. After a few minutes, he started getting hard again and that time he lasted a lot longer. I had a couple beautiful climaxes.
“Missy was excited that I had gone all the way with a boy. She demanded all the details.
“Did you suck his dick?” Missy asked me.
“No, should I have?”
“Yeah, they like that. My sister says you can get them back up again using your mouth.”
“Jimmy didn’t have a lot of trouble getting hard again,” I said. “Have you ever sucked a cock?”
“No, not yet, but I have to try it.”
“Me too,” I said. “Missy, I’m beginning to think we may not be lezzies.”
“Maybe not, but I sure like it a lot when you lick my puss,” she said. “I wonder what it feels like if a boy licks my pussy.”
I found out the answer to that a few nights later. I was back at the lake with Jimmy and he went down on me and man alive, it was good! By the time Jimmy got a condom on and fucked me, I was flying high.
The next weekend I went out with another boy and I let him have some. In fact, before the school year was over I was known as Easy Nikki, a sure thing.
It was Jimmy’s cousin who got me into the gothic thing. Ronald Pratt was one weird guy and he had a bigger dick than the other boys. I became addicted to that dick and when he steered me toward gothic stuff I went where he directed me to go.
I dressed the dress, I talked the talk, and I was a good little Goth. To me it was just another form of rebellion. My grandparents hated it so naturally I loved it. The Goth’s I hung with weren’t into anything overly weird. No death fixation or self mutilation or any of that shit.
Our little group was made up with six or seven girls and three or four boys. There were a couple closet Goths. They didn’t dress gothic until they were away from home and never dressed that way in public. The girls hid their black or deep purple lipstick and nail polish. Not me I was a right in your face Goth.
Subservient sex was a big part of our group’s behavior. Ronald Pratt was head Goth and we girls all fucked and sucked when Ronald said to. It was during my Goth period that I first had group sex.
We had a headquarters of sorts in an apartment over Ronald’s dad’s garage. The garage was not visible from their house so we could come and go without being seen. I found out later that Ronald’s dad knew all about us and a few times he joined us. I got to fuck my first grown man in that apartment.
Things were going great for a while. I got plenty of hard dicks to keep me occupied and there was enough diversified sex to make it interesting. I don’t know what would have happened if Ronald’s mother hadn’t found out what was going on in her garage. After she walked in on some of us fucking she put a sudden stop to that in a hurry.


“It’s funny because if she had been there half an hour earlier she would have found her hubby fucking me,” Nikki said. “That ended my Goth period. I’ll tell you more later because it looks like we have arrived.”
The Donavan Arms manufacturing place was a big sprawling complex consisting of three large buildings and several smaller ones. Carlo parked in front of one of the smaller buildings that was outside a high fence and patrolling guards.
“What the hell do they make here that requires all this security?” Nikki asked.
“The AR 12 and other weapons of destruction,” I answered. “You, my dear, are a death merchant.”
“No shit? I’ve always wanted to be one of those,” she replied.
It took several minutes for the receptionist to locate someone important enough to greet us.
“I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Miss Case,” the man said rushing to meet us. “Mister Fine told me that you weren’t coming for a few…oh well. No matter, you are here aren’t you? I’m Gordon Swift and I’m the general manager.”
“You’ve spoken to Mister Fine in the past hour?” Nikki said as we followed Mister Swift to his office.
“Yes, ma’am,” Swift answered after a long hesitation. “He called and mentioned you wouldn’t be coming for a visit for some time.”
“Mister Swift,” I said. “Miss Case is not visiting. She owns this plant and everything about it. You may want to get a clear understanding of that.”
He didn’t seem to take my counsel very well. In his office, he was asked a lot of questions, both from Nikki and from me. His answers were vague and incomplete.
“Who is the assistant general manager?” I asked him after it was clear we weren’t getting straight answers.
“That would be Tony Woodberry,” he said.
“Is Mister Woodberry up to speed on the day to day operations?” Nikki asked.
“Of course,” Swift answered looking confused. “Why do you ask?”
“Would you ask him to come in and sit in on this meeting?” Nikki asked. A perplexed Gordon Swift picked up the phone and summoned his number two.
Tony Woodberry was a nice looking black man. I guessed his age at about thirty but not more than thirty-five.
“Mister Woodberry,” Nikki said when the man entered the office. “I am Nikki Case. I am the owner of this company. Have you been informed of the new ownership?”
“Yes ma’am,” the man answered. “I was told a few days ago that the change was pending and this morning that it was indeed a fact.”
“Mister Swift tells us that you are in the loop around here, that you are up to speed in all matters concerning this business. Is that correct?”
“Yes ma’am, I am,” he answered.
“Good, because Mister Swift may not be with us much longer,” Nikki said looking directly at a perspiring general manager. “This gentleman is Mister Carver and he is my…what the hell are you, Jake?”
“So far I’m in charge of security, and household help. And lover,” I added causing Nikki to laugh and Woodberry to smile. “Maybe I have other positions that I’m not aware of yet.”
“We need to work on our patter,” Nikki said. “Anyway, Mister Carver asked Mister Swift some questions about the production of some kind of gun. Mister Swift either did not know the answer or wouldn’t give a straight answer. Are you prepared to give straight answers, Mister Woodberry?” He was and he did as far as I could determine. He answered truthfully until I asked him what countries were the AR12 being sold to.
“All the NATO countries,” he answered. “And most of the governments friendly to the United States. May I ask why you are inquiring about that?”
“Because when I asked Mister Swift he broke out in a cold sweat,” I said. “Are you selling to some government that you shouldn’t be selling to?”
“I can’t answer that,” Woodberry said. “Not with any degree of certainty. I am aware that there is a shipment in the warehouse that hasn’t been assigned a destination that I’m aware of.” Gordon Swift looked like he was having a stroke of some kind.
“How large a shipment?” I asked.
“A quarter of a million AR 12 assault rifles and a bit over one hundred thousand Night Strike pistols,” Woodberry said.
“Who is the consignee, Mister Swift?” I asked. He swallowed and wiped his face with a handkerchief. His mouth moved but no words came out.
“Nikki,” I said when it became obvious that he wasn’t going to answer, “You should consider letting Mister Swift go on home and allowing Mister Woodberry take over here.”
“Okay, but why?” she asked.
“I suspect that shipment was intended to be sent to some government that isn’t on the US approved list. Is my guess in the ball park, Swift?”
“I don’t know,” he finally managed to say. “I was waiting to find out who it would be shipped to. “
“And who was going to tell you that?” I asked. He shook his head and didn’t answer. I was pretty sure I knew the answer.
“Okay then,” Nikki said. “You, sir, are fired and you Mister Woodberry are the man in charge.”
“I’m not sure you can fire me,” Swift said with absolutely no conviction.
“Mister Woodberry, would you collect anything that belongs to the company from Mister Swift and have him escorted from the property?”
“And make sure security knows about the change in management,” I added.
“I will,” Woodberry said. “Your gate pass and ID, Gordon,” he said holding out his hand. Swift handed him the items and slowly got to his feet. Woodberry made a phone call and two uniformed guards arrived and took Swift away.
“I’m going out on a limb and guessing that’s not the first mysterious arms shipment that has gone out of here,” I said to Woodberry.
“I’ve been here as assistant GM for two years,” Woodberry said. “There have been two other large shipments that left under what I thought were unusual conditions. Mister Swift always handled the details so I assumed it was all above board.”
“Do you know who gave him the shipping information?” I asked him.
“No, but if I had to guess, I’d say it was that lawyer, Fine. He was here a lot.”
“To your knowledge was Al Donavan aware that there were arms leaving under unusual conditions?” Nikki asked.
“I saw Mister Donavan a total of two times since I came here. It was my impression that he was involved with other things and not the arms company. To answer your question, I don’t know, but I doubt it.”
Woodberry took us on a tour of the plant and we left there about five o’clock that afternoon.
“I wonder what Al was involved in that took his mind off of the main business?” Nikki asked on the drive back home.
“I don’t know,” I answered. “Maybe your houseguest can answer that question.”


“I have no idea what Al was doing,” Sara said when she was asked the question. “He stayed busy doing something in the city. He was gone most of the time and sometimes didn’t come home at night. I know he had some sleazy friends he hung with.”
“Sleazy how?” Nikki asked her.
“You know, regular sleazy dudes. Rough looking men and trashy sluts. They came here sometimes.”
“Any names?” I asked her.
“There was one big black man Al called Snooky something,” Sara said. “My lawyer called this afternoon and told me he’d see me in hell before I got a dime of my money back.”
“Don’t worry about it,” Nikki said.
“How can I not worry?”
“Because you get three meals a day and have a roof over your head,” Nikki said. “I’ll take care of it, Sara, so don’t worry.”
After dinner, Nikki and I went up to my room and piled up in bed. Sleep was the last thing on our minds.
“That was good fucking, Jake,” Nikki said later. “Thanks for the dick.”
“It was good,” I agreed. “Thanks for the pussy.”
“Anytime you want some, just help yourself,” she said giggling. “How come we didn’t connect while we were in high school?”
“You were busy being…well busy being you and I was fooling around with Wilma Rivers.”
“You ever get any from her?” Nikki asked with a grin. “I’m betting you never scored.”
“No bet,” I said. “That snooty bitch sent me home every time with a raging case of lover’s nuts. I didn’t know about Easy Nikki at the time. That reminds me. You were going to finish the story of Nikki Case.”

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