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Lured Into Submission (Nick Downes)

Lured Into Submission by Nick Downes

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Margaret is married to an aristocrat who treats her like a slave, which, in some strange way, she rather enjoys. But her husband has darker plans than she ever dreamed of. Her orders are to find a beautiful innocent victim for slavery, which she does, in the lovely Susanna.

Margaret’s task, painfully enforced, is to persuade the new slave to cooperate, by revealing on her own suffering flesh the consequences of refusing to obey. Slowly but surely both women are brought down to the lowest depths of slavery, with the help of the sadistic butler and lesbian housekeeper, subjected to their Lord’s will, displayed before others and used by all!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2018

No. words: 39800

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter One

Susanna was confused: she had no idea what this was all about, she had no idea why she was here and she had no idea what was going to happen to her. She tried to learn something from her surroundings but the room was in total darkness, not just a night-time darkness but a complete and all encompassing, impenetrably pitch-black hole. There were no sounds other than her heavy breathing. She twisted her head from side to side; peering into the gloom she could discern no shapes or shades just deep blackness. The first sound she heard was the rattling of the light chains holding her to what felt like a hard wooden bed. She couldn’t reach far with her hands so it was impossible for her to confirm that her wrists and indeed her ankles were secured by the chains she could hear but, from her inability to move more than a few inches, she assumed it was the chains which held her in position.
Her head felt a bit fuzzy and, as she gradually recovered full consciousness, the fog clearing slowly like cobwebs blown by the wind, she tested her bonds. She couldn’t sit up; her arms were secured by the wrists at what appeared be the top corners of her bed. She wasn’t stretched uncomfortably but she wasn’t going to go very far. Likewise her ankles were held at the bottom corners and she could not bring her feet together. She tried rolling from side to side, useless of course but quite natural under the circumstances and, in doing so, she was grateful to discover she could just about pull her thighs to meet each other.
It was while she was examining the extent of her predicament the thought dawned on her that she could not feel any of the more normal, milder constrictions on her body. Positioned on her back and with her arms drawn upward she would expect to feel the straps of her bra cutting into her shoulders: she didn’t. Her eyes opened wide, the effects of the drugs were wearing off quickly now and she twisted her hips, seeking the reassuring rustle of material or the uncomfortable tightening of her dress as it ruffled around her waist. She was alarmed to feel and hear nothing. Her mind was in a whirl, the known facts were coming in thick and fast now she was more alert. She couldn’t see anything but she was fairly sure she was naked, secured at four points to a wooden platform or board and was certain she had been drugged but could remember very little of how that could have happened. Panic was not far away.
She was a strong independent woman and not easily frightened. She had faced down many supposedly intimidating senior executives and had taken great pride in her successes. The business world was a tough one, especially in the rarefied atmosphere of international boardrooms, but at twenty-eight years of age, she had mastered many of her most difficult competitors in the chemicals business. Ten years of rapid promotions had brought her to a very senior level and no one did that without a great deal of courage and resilience. That background and those qualities would see her through whatever this was all about, she was sure of that but whoever had organised this could well be playing for keeps. Would he, she, them, force her to give them information and then dispose of her permanently?
Now panic was even closer. Her head whirled with thoughts of her immediate future; they must be after company information, she thought, but surely the real world doesn’t work like that, does it? Fear had produced a thin layer of sweat on her firm young body and she shivered despite the warmth of the room.
“Oh fuck … fuck, fuck, fuck,” she said, softly but with all of the deep feeling you would expect from a girl finding she was naked, effectively staked out and in total darkness.

Just two rooms away, in the drawing room of the impressive Victorian country house, Lord Bernard Partington was enjoying the concentrated efforts of his wife of three years, Lady Margaret.
He was sitting in a high, wing backed chair facing a roaring fire. She was kneeling between his legs, her head bobbing up and down as she applied a very skilled and thoroughly enjoyable blowjob for her husband. He was still in his dinner suit and had only lowered his zip to allow her access to his rigid penis. She wore much less. Her full-length evening dress lay in a heap on the floor, her blue lace bra and panties were scrunched into a ball and thrown into a corner. She had only retained her thigh high black stockings and blue and black suspender belt that held them aloft. She knew he liked the look of her pale skin in contrast to the dark hose stretched to partial transparency as they covered her long, well-formed legs.
Her thirty-five years were well concealed, he often thought she looked no more than thirty and on a good day she could maybe get away with late twenties, but they both knew he would soon need younger blood to keep him interested.
Sir Bernard groaned aloud as his passion rose, he reached to the nearby drinks trolley and picked up his favourite weapon. She quivered in recognition when she saw the short crop out of the corner of her eye. She winced and blew hard when the first stroke stung her between the shoulder blades. He squirmed in his seat, the murmured complaint Lady Margaret had blown over his twitching manhood had, as always, moved his excitement up another notch. He was not far from release and he gave the kneeling woman two more wristy cuts. She sucked harder and moved her fingers faster, up and down, sharp, hard sucking, and more rapid up and down movement.
“Aaaaagggghhh … Oooo … Aaaahhhh,” his voice wavering as Lady Margaret swallowed his emission greedily.
She gulped three, four, five times before she could at last take her hot mouth away from his stiff member without risk of spilling his seed.
She lovingly licked gently at his penis and moved her tongue down to his balls. She laved all around the hairy, slack sac of the older man and smiled with satisfaction when he patted her on the head.
He looked down at her and raised her chin to look into her eyes. “Wonderful, my dear, you really are the most precious wife any man could have.”
She smiled back at him and caressed his shrinking tool with both hands, then leaned forward to wipe her tongue over the slit at the top of his cock, lifting away the drops of semen and swallowing.
“Why thank you, kind Sir,” she said, in a mock Victorian response.
He tweaked her right nipple, causing her to catch her breath.
“Cuffs on, my Lady,” his tone was firm.
“Yes, my Lord,” she replied.
She crawled to the other large armchair and collected the metal handcuffs. She looked back at Lord Partington and, having clicked the silver loop around her left wrist, she sought guidance from her master.
“Behind,” he said.
She obeyed and linked her wrists behind her back. The clicking of the ratchet signalled the closure of the second bondage bracelet.
He patted his thigh and she obediently crawled back to him, curled up at his feet and rested her cheek against his flaccid cock. He stroked her hair, occasionally letting his hand stray to her neck and shoulders. Her response was an almost feline purring, she loved him and she knew he loved her but their relationship was, by all normal standards, extraordinary.
They had met when she had managed to persuade her friend to smuggle her into the very fashionable high society party at a country estate and, much to her surprise, she had actually taken a shine to the much older Lord Partington.
She pursued him at every opportunity and he, suitably flattered by the attention of a vivacious, beautiful young woman; had arranged to court her. It was on her second visit to his sprawling suburban residence that she saw the first hint of his sexual predilection. It was quite intentional on his part; despite the obvious attractions Margaret offered he would have to be sure she was able to accept his unusual tastes.
He introduced her to his sado-masochistic world gradually. He had allowed her to view his art collection. All privately commissioned, he had scenes from ‘the Story of O,’ hanging all around his library. In his study were even more graphic pictures of young woman being dominated by men. He had continued the breaking in process right through to meetings of a very high-class bondage club where she had seen all sorts of S&M activity. She had found the scene, much to her surprise, a real turn on.
When they returned to his house after spending an evening of spectating at the bondage club, her panties were soaking wet. She had snuggled up to him on the back seat of the Rolls on the way home and massaged his penis into full erection through his trousers. As soon as they walked through the door and he had dismissed the butler, she guided him into this very drawing room. She had fallen to her knees in front of him and, with an imploring look in her eyes she had begged him for the honour of serving him.
During the three years since that first time she had grown into a well-trained and obedient submissive for him. By day she was the perfect society wife but by night, or any other time he decided, she slipped effortlessly and gratefully into slave mode, progressing from mild restraints into severe bondage and discipline. As with any human being the most painful punishments gave her no physical pleasure but she delighted in knowing her Lord and Master was enjoying her suffering.
She no longer needed to be tied down for him to whip or cane her, or any other torture he chose to apply. She gladly gave herself to him to use in any way he wished, always safe in the knowledge that tomorrow she would once again be Lady Margaret.
When he had first told her of his plan she had reacted very negatively, in fact he had whipped her severely for her petulance. She had heard the details and her alternatives while hanging naked upside down in the basement dungeon. Her legs were wide spread and hauled high into the air, her arms were spread and secured to the ground via wrist cuffs and short chains to ring bolts set in the floor. Her pussy was at his head height and his crotch was perfectly positioned at her face level. He had stripped and proceeded to lash her mercilessly on her thighs and, towards the end of her punishment he had concentrated some twenty or so strokes of his buggy whip directly onto her gaping pussy.
He dropped the whip and standing close up to her he ordered her to lick his balls while he spoke.
“You will find me a new slave girl,” he said and she tensed as he swept his tongue swiftly around her exposed clitoris.
He quickly slapped her thigh to remind her to keep on licking his balls.
He told her that she would have to entrap a suitable girl and bring her to him. He told her exactly what he required. The new girl will be twenty to thirty years old; she will be strong willed, intelligent, attractive, etcetera, etcetera. When he had finished telling Margaret what she must do for him he gave her a simple choice.
“If you agree, you may now suck your Lord’s penis. If you disagree, you will be released immediately and escorted from the house never to return …”
He was relieved when, after a brief delay, he felt her mouth open wide and suck him into its warm depths. She had sucked slowly at first with what he felt was a reluctance to accept that she would now have competition but she had warmed to the idea and eventually sucked him dry.
Now, as she sat at his feet, he explained that she would have to act the perfect slave while they were with the new girl. He did not want her to know the true relationship between Margaret and himself especially that Margaret was a masochist who actually enjoyed her servitude. He also surprised Margaret when he told her that she would be responsible for some of the disciplining of his latest acquisition.
Margaret stared up at her Master. “We won’t be able to do it on our own, will we?”
She was about to have confirmed what she had long suspected, the staff already knew all about her part time slavery!
“No, you’re right, but Robertson and Clara are going to help.”
Margaret thought the butler Robertson was probably a good idea; he was only about forty and was splendidly fit, but Clara? Clara, the housekeeper, was in her sixties and Margaret couldn’t see how she would be of much help, but she did not dare question her Master’s decision.
Lord Bernard undid her handcuffs and she hugged him, his hands moved to her bottom to massage the firm flesh as they kissed.
“You know what to do in the morning?”
“Yes, my lord,” she answered, as they left for their bedroom.

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an author who seems to get inside the mindset of the master/slave


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