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Big Beautiful Woman's DP (George Boxlicker)

Big Beautiful Woman


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Marilyn Malone loves sex of all kinds and she has a body that is built to receive and provide pleasure for anybody she invites to join her. On this occasion, the lucky men were Frank and me, and the sexual escapades of the three of us in her bedroom are described graphically and in great detail. Because of this, the book is limited to adults only

Product type: EBook    Published by: Boruma Publishing    Published: 03 / 2018

No. words: 7050

Style: Menage/Group Erotica, General Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


She was so aroused at the thought of what we were about to be doing with her that some drops of her juices were trickling down the insides of her thighs and some were dripping onto the head of Frank’s cock. Lowering herself slowly, she halted when she felt the head between her pussy lips, and he rubbed it against Marilyn’s wetness to spread her plentiful natural lubrication. When all was in readiness, my lovely lady friend lowered her body farther until she felt the tip of Frank’s cock wedge between the lips and into the channel beyond.

She sighed blithely at that first contact and swiveled her hips slightly so she could feel the hard cock rubbing against the entire hole it was starting to enter. After a few seconds of that, Marilyn lowered her body farther, and almost two inches of hard shaft eased inside. She paused again, before letting most of the rest of Frank’s cock plow into her, and leaned forward, straightening out her legs so they were outside his and she was sprawled on top of him. With one of her erogenous places filled, Marilyn reached both her hands back to spread her cheeks and turned her head to look expectantly over her shoulder.

“Okay, George. Get my ass ready and stick in your nice, big cock.”

I was already starting to do what she wanted, which was what I wanted just as much. While waiting, I had removed the cap from the bottle of Aqualube, so I reached between her sexy, plump cheeks to use the thumb and index finger of my left hand to pry open her pretty dark pink rosebud. With my right hand, I held the bottle, pressed the open top against the hole we were creating and squeezed in a big dollop, being sure to squirt in more than enough. Using the middle member of my left hand, I spread the lubricant evenly around the inside of her ass. From the delight of Frank’s cock cramming her pussy and my oiling her other place of lust, Marilyn’s body was already writhing in joy, and our actual fucking hadn’t even started.

“That already feels wonderful, George,” Marilyn murmured. We both knew it would soon get vastly better, so I said nothing.

Once I had covered my cock with Aqualube and capped the bottle, I leaned forward, still holding the edges of the adorable rosebud open with the same digits and using my right hand to steer my shaft. When I felt the tip pressing against her, I moved it around before centering the end and driving forward. I felt the head wedge its way into the tight place where it was wanted; Marilyn felt it too, sighed happily at the initial penetration, and urged me to continue.

“That’s a great start, but I want your whole cock in my ass.”

I shoved forward again, and felt almost an inch of my shaft burrow into where she wanted it. She was very tight because of the way Frank’s stiff cock was crammed inside her pussy, but I knew I would be able to do what she wanted. Before going any further, I ran a finger all around between my cock and the lining of her ass to look for loose skin or any other potential problems. Finding none, I drove forward again, and another inch of my shaft slid inside Marilyn’s ass, to be greeted by a moan of bliss from her and a matching noise from me.

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