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The Prisoner (Argus)

The Prisoner by Argus

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Laurel was looking for excitement when she and her boyfriend flew to South America for the spring break. She got more than she bargained for! Toby tries to buy drugs along a quiet beach with her at his side, and the next thing she knows she's in handcuffs! Worse, she's wearing only a thong! This is no place for a law student! She's saved when a sleek black limousine stops, and Eduardo Vasquez, a wealthy and very handsome man steps out to berate the police. The next thing she knows she's staying at his beautiful estancia instead of a jail to await the police investigation. Eduardo is charming and sophisticated, and his palatial home is beautiful, but... somehow he and his servants can't find much for her to wear. And when she gets 'impertinent' she founds herself losing the thong and gaining handcuffs! Excitement is indeed in store for Laurel, as well as an education in the respect and obedience South American men expect from their women – and the overpowering rewards they give them in return.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2018

No. words: 35400

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Lauren had fallen for Toby the moment she'd seen him sitting next to her in class at Columbia University. It was a boring old Finance class, which she had little interest in but was a core course in pre-law. And he was extremely cute!
He was suave, cocky, charming, intelligent, and scrumptiously handsome! He had a little dimple in his chin, an unruly mop of blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and smooth, unblemished skin. He had a firm, fit swimmer's body with a nice butt, and she felt instantly attracted to him.
That attraction had been mutual, but then, she'd never met a guy who wasn't attracted to her. Lauren was one of those girls who everyone liked. She was innocent, sweet-natured, tolerant, gentle, kindly and yet also intelligent. She had no real temper, and endless patience. And she strove to never judge others, always telling herself that everyone had their own inner demons and struggles which she couldn't usually know of.
Other girls found her a very good listener, and an excellent source of advice. Boys found her... beautiful. She had an oval face with lovely, delicate features, deep blue eyes and soft, rich mahogany hair which danced across her shoulders.
She had a very fit and shapely body which seemed to inspire Toby to take endless pictures, especially in her bikini or lingerie. She tried to put her foot down at naked, but he often took pictures surreptitiously and she was simply not a girl to stay mad for long.
Besides, she trusted him not to show them to anyone, and after years of flattery – and honest self-assessment, she had little doubt about how shapely her body was, including full, firm breasts and a narrow waist.
Their sex life had been passionate, at least on his part. It wasn't that Lauren didn't enjoy sex with him. She certainly did! But for Lauren the enjoyment was more emotional than physical. She loved feeling his body against her, loved wrapping her arms and legs around him and kissing him deeply as he thrust into her!
After six months, though, she was beginning to have her doubts. He disappointed her in a hundred little ways, and seemed to take her, and unlimited access to her body, for granted. He was spending more time with his friends, and it seemed to her he was using her more for sex than anything else.
So when he proposed a visit down south during the March break she seized on it as a chance to renew their romance. His friends wouldn't be coming along, so she would have his undivided attention. Besides, he was interested in adventure, and she was at that point in her life when that piqued her interest too.
Going to Cuba or the Dominican Republic was old hat, but Toby wanted to go to Uruguay, a place she'd barely even heard about. He'd shown her pictures, though, and it looked gorgeous, with great beaches.
They flew down on the last day of tests, without even waiting for results. They had to change planes in Miami, and then it was a long flight across the Caribbean and then down most of the length of South American before the plane landed in Montevideo.
She was astonished when she saw how large and modern and prosperous it was, and berated herself for being chauvinistic and assuming everyone south of Miami was backward. They hadn't stayed there long, unfortunately, before getting on a bus and traveling further along the coast.
Toby had heard of a place that was extremely beautiful, a great place to relax and kick back, and with a high tolerance for whatever it was people wanted to do. At the end of an exhausting day of travel they wound up at a tiny beach-side hotel in a town of Punta Lamara, and by then she couldn't care less about anything but bed.
She woke to sunlight streaming through the French paneled doors leading out to a terrace and got up sleepily, rubbing her eyes and brushing the hair back from her face. She remembered where she was and instantly felt a rush of excitement. She was practically on the other side of the world!
She slipped out of bed naked (Toby insisted she sleep naked) and padded across the tiled floor to the door, then looked out on the ocean and beach below! They were on the fourth floor of the hotel, which itself was on a hill overlooking the beach. And the sight of the ocean waves washing ashore was breathtaking!
She turned and looked at Toby, but he was still sleeping. She looked back around, then inspected the hotel room. It was small but seemed cozy. She padded across the floor to the bathroom. It was small but clean, and she decided to take a quick shower.
She was a very clean girl by nature, and so despite how exhausted she'd been yesterday she'd had a quick shower before bed. Still, Toby had then insisted on sex. She'd been practically unconscious through it, but he didn't require much from her during sex except her presence, and she fell asleep quickly right after.
He, however, hadn't bothered to shower, which had annoyed her at the time.
She closed the door gently, and then brushed her teeth and used mouthwash before turning on the shower. The water heated up fairly quickly, and she stepped into the tub and let it wash over her before picking up the soap.
She turned the water off and soaped herself up – or was in the process of doing so when the curtain was drawn back and she gasped for a moment, startled, before recognizing Toby's frowning face.
“I thought you were asleep,” she said.
“You woke me up.”
“Oh. I'm sorry,” she said.
“Jesus, you had a shower last night,” he said. “How many showers do you need?”
“Well, uhm...”
He didn't wait for the answer. He climbed into the shower too, and she smiled as he slid his arms around her and kissed her. Unlike her, he hadn't bothered to brush his teeth, though, and his mouth tasted fairly – horrible. But she was used to it, and loved the feel of his body pressed against hers.
It felt even more delightful with the soap all over her, so their bodies slid deliciously against each other, and his hands were quickly on her back and buttocks, sliding up and down as he kissed her. But then he turned her around to face the wall and pressed himself in against her buttocks.
She gulped, of two minds about it. First, she was glad his mouth was off hers, but second, she was wary of him grinding his now-soapy erection up and down between her buttocks. He liked doing her from behind, which robbed her of much of that intimacy she liked about sex.
He had also been introducing her to anal sex, lately. She had resisted that very strongly, but eventually given in. She had found it a lot less gross, dirty and painful than she had expected. In fact, there was something rather... darkly... wickedly... exciting about it!
That disturbed her. She thought that it was really quite degrading, in a way, and as a firm believer in equality she ought to oppose such a thing. But it was strangely exciting, in a forbidden way. She was not a girl who did much which was daring, and to her, this was testing boundaries.
There was more to it, though. When he was laying atop her, driving himself into her, she felt a breathless sense of being... possessed, of being mastered! That also should not, by her lights, have excited her, but it did.
His arms were around her, his hands kneading her full breasts as he chewed and sucked and bit down on the nape of her neck, and that felt quite exciting! And when one of his hands slid down between her legs she felt the start of actual arousal as his soapy fingers rubbed her clitoris.
He jerked back on her hips and she moaned as his cock pressed against her sex, then thrust up inside her.
This wasn't very intimate. It was, in fact, more... animalistic, which affected her in an entirely different way. It was exciting, degrading, but exciting, and she felt her body starting to respond as he thrust into her hard and fast almost from the start.
But then he stopped, panting, his cock slipping out of her, and she realized he had climaxed.
“Just a morning quickie,” he said contentedly, slapping her bottom as he pulled away and turned on the water.
Lauren pushed herself back from the wall, turning and forcing a smile on her face, the moving in closer to him so the water would rinse her off as well.
Twenty minutes later they were in the little cafe on the ground floor having a light breakfast, then they went out onto the beach and along it to explore.
She wore a tiny black bikini with a thong bottom. It made her feel self-conscious, but Toby had bought it for her and had argued her into it by pointing out that only old women wore full bottoms down here.
That turned out to be wrong, but not totally. Most of the other younger women on the beach were wearing sexy bikinis, but a few had full bottoms. Most seemed to be wearing various Brazilian cut or 'cheeky' bottoms which revealed a lot of buttock. Thongs were not unusual, though.
Still, combined with the small, triangular tops, and her full breasts she knew she was drawing admiring glances from the men – something Toby relished. He always liked showing her off.
They relaxed on the beach and had tequilas and other drinks, and went into the water a few times before deciding to wander along the beach. It wasn't very crowded, and the coastline went on forever!
A short ways along, in fact, they found themselves completely alone, and Lauren found herself loving the feeling of being one with nature! The land and the beaches and the sky were all gorgeous, and there was just the two of them in it!
Then Toby decided to playfully yank her top up! That caused her to squeal and put her hands over her breasts.
“What? There's no one around,” he said with a grin.
Which seemed true enough, but even so...
“Lots of girls around her go topless, you know. It's not like a crime or anything.”
“Well I'm not going to!”
Which was when he started to argue and get sulky, which was ruining everything, so Lauren, who really hated confrontations, gave in and nervously removed her top. If it made him happy and no one was around, well... it was just easier.
Still, it made her more nervous as they walked along the beach. They were bound to run into someone eventually!
“Why would you care? Like I said, it's not illegal, and you have great fucking tits,” he said.
They walked along further and found a cove, which was the perfect place to get romantic! And with the slick sunscreen oil on her his hand moving over her bare breasts and then down into her thong was starting to really arouse her!
She was still nervous, though. What if someone came by! But Toby was determined and excited, and she was soon naked, laying on her back with him atop her, thrusting, thrusting, almost to the point of her having an orgasm!

Author Information

Argus is a man with long experience and credits in the publishing world. He has had almost two hundred novels published in the United Kingdom and The United States, by such publishers as Beeline, Star, Nexus, Chimera, Silver Moon, and Olympia. He has also been published in dozens of magazines.


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