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Pamela's Odyssey (Jack Scranton)


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Affluent, suburban housewife Pamela is lost in a loveless marriage, has no outlet for the dark fantasies that have defined her since puberty, and has long resigned herself to never having the courage to seek what she so desires. But she finds unexpected doors opening for her when new neighbors move in across the street. Their dark, taboo lifestyle draws Pamela like a magnet, even though she struggles to understand how she can despise the harsh treatment that is heaped upon her body, mind and soul, and crave it at the same time.

Then, when she is introduced to Graham, a sophisticated sadist, Pamela learns more about herself than she ever dreamed possible.

Narrated in Jack Scranton’s trademark “up close and personal” style that leaves nothing to the imagination, it’s the next best thing to being there.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2018

No. words: 79800

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


As each stroke was delivered with ever greater force, their tempo slowed dramatically. One stroke, and then he’d play with her pussy. Another, and more attention to her pussy.
“Come on…” he coaxed, “give me what I want.”
“You can do it…”
Pamela dimly heard him, but was scarcely coherent, certainly not aware of anything beyond the sensations emanating from her cunt and her ass.
Fingers inside her now. Stretching…
Fingers in her cunt, thumb on her clit, massaging her. Rough… harsh…
And then, she knew she was ready. An electric pulse slashed through her. Her entire body seemed to expand, opening up a vast, unknown pit, into which she now began to tumble, mindlessly falling, as Vic’s paddle once again increased its tempo, providing the impetus that drove her into the first orgasmic spasm. It seized her in every muscle and turned her motionless as her inner tempest began to rise in fury.
He beat her mercilessly, worked her clit with harsh pressure and stretched her pussy until it felt like he could fit his entire fist inside. And all of if mixed up in the throes of orgasmic spasms seizing her body, turning her muscles rigid, choking off her screams and leaving her aware of nothing except the blinding force of her body’s rapturous convulsions.
Eventually he set aside the paddle and turned both hands to her pussy, one with fingers plunged deep inside her, stretching and pulling, the other rubbing her clit.
Every time she felt like her orgasm was subsiding, he’d bring her back to a new peak until at last she simply stayed there, her body a mindless coming machine, her mind hovering almost outside it.
Later, she realized that he could have kept her there all night and she’d have never stopped coming, not, at least, until she simply passed out from exhaustion. But he allowed the spasms to run their course, and let her collapse onto the bench cushion, a quivering mass of aroused flesh, scarcely aware of anything other than the glorious trembling of each muscle, the sizzle of each nerve ending, the delicious lack of thought, the absence of time and the complete contraction of space to nothing more than her immediate surroundings.
She lay like that for a time, how long she couldn’t have said.
Finally, Vic chuckled.
“Hey, you come pretty good when you’re properly motivated.”
Pamela couldn’t speak. She couldn’t think. She’d never been so ravaged by an orgasm. Never imagined that she could come that hard.
“Don’t relax yet. We’re not done,” said Vic.
“Oh God…” Pamela moaned. “I can’t take any more.”
“Good. That’s good. Keep thinking that. That’s how you push yourself into new territory.”
“New territory!? Where the fuck do you think I’ve been all night long?”
“I’ll tell you where. You’ve gotten out of your comfort zone. Right?”
“That’s putting it mildly.”
“Okay… so don’t go thinking you want to go back to being comfortable. Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you really do want to go back with your limp-dick husband who doesn’t pay any attention to you, your big house and all those days with nothing to do. Am I? Am I wrong? That sounds pretty comfortable to me.”
He turned her around and helped her to sit up. Then, in an uncharacteristic move, he put his arm around her. The comforting embrace was as much of a shock as the brutal experiences he’d put her through so far. She didn’t think about it, simply folded herself into his arms and let the feeling console her.
“Tell me this isn’t what you’ve been looking for your whole life.”
Pamela mulled over that question, knowing the answer, knowing that telling the truth would set her irrevocably on a course, move her from the realm of experimenting, into a wholesale embrace of a new and utterly alien world. One that reached out its sinuous tendrils from the depths of her darkest desires, one that rested so far beneath logic, reason, comfort and safety, she doubted she’d ever return to those states, were she to take the inevitable steps forward. And yet, take those steps she would.
“I never thought I’d find something like this.”
“Well, surprise, surprise. Here we are!”
“I can’t explain why.”
“Why what?”
“Why I… want this so badly.”
“Explain? Why the fuck would you want to explain anything?”
He turned to Veronica.
“Hey, Vee, can you explain why you stay with me?”
“No. You’re an asshole, a bastard and impossible to live with.”
“So why do you stay?”
“Because you give me what I want. You give me what I need.”
“Care to explain that, to Pamela here?”
Veronica chuckled.
“I couldn’t possibly. I have no idea. But if I tried to walk away, I’d just come back.”
Vic turned to Pamela. “Sound familiar?”
“Kind of.”
Vic closed his arm around her more firmly. What had seemed like a protective embrace, now became a restraining bond. Pamela’s arms were both positioned behind her, kept there by Vic’s body on one side, and his encircling arm on the other. She instinctively started to struggle.
In a soothing voice, Vic said, “Easy, now. Take it easy. Don’t go backing out on me.”
Pamela knew she wasn’t acting rationally. But nothing she’d done since entering their house this evening had been rational. Yes, she wanted everything Vic had to throw at her. And yet, she struggled even more fiercely. How did that make sense?
“Hey now… relax. Relax.”
Vic’s hand dropped between Pamela’s thighs and gently rubbed her pussy.
“See… that feels good, doesn’t it? What are you struggling for? You don’t really want me to stop, do you?”
He knew exactly where her buttons were, and he knew how to push them. Though he kept his arm firmly around her, effectively keeping her locked in place, Pamela managed to push through her reflexive attempt to break free and slowly relaxed.
His palm was covering her crotch, pressing gently against her pussy lips, mashing against her clit. Pamela couldn’t believe how, even after the brain crunching orgasms she’d just experienced, her arousal level shot right back up to peak intensity. Already it seemed her cunt was becoming conditioned. And she liked it.
Vic pushed against her thighs. “Spread ‘em, dear. Like I told you. Don’t make me punish you any more than necessary.”
Punish!? More than necessary!!? What was he talking about?
He lazily rubbed over her pussy lips, still slick from her juices. Then he casually asked, “You ever had your cunt spanked?”

Author Information

Jack Scranton spent ten years as a special forces operative, followed by another ten working for an international security firm, a career which has taken him to some of the more dangerous areas in the world. He currently resides in an isolated area of the Adirondack Mountains with two Siamese cats, a Doberman Pinscher named Clyde and three lovely, willing slaves, who, nontheless, walk out on him when he becomes insufferable, an all too common occurrance. He has published mainstream fiction under a different name, but as Jack Scranton, he tends to this, his preferred genre.


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