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The SIMEON Circus (Simon Grail)

The SIMEON Circus by Simon Grail

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This is the last part of the trilogy that began with “The S.I.M.E.O.N. Compulsion” and continued with “The S.I.M.E.O.N. Institute”.

Friends and lovers Faye and Nicole are both sufferers of the mysterious S.I.M.E.O.N. condition (Spontaneous Involuntary Masochistic Extreme Obeisant Nymphomania), which makes them crave rough sex and bondage. After treatment in a specialist Institute, they have been sent to serve in an unauthorized project it runs known as The SIMEON Circus. Here they will be trained to perform the most degrading sexual acts for the pleasure of a paying audience, and so earn money to keep the SIMEON research Institute running and so hopefully find a cure for their complaint. But is everything as it seems? Have they been deceived about the origins of the condition? Rebecca, the ex Institute nurse, might know the truth. But until they get a chance to talk to her, they have no choice but to endure their harsh training in sexual submission and total obedience and wait nervously for their first performance under the big top as naked circus slave girls.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2018

No. words: 20747

Style: Sex Slavery / Training, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Chapter One

The atmosphere inside the Big Top was heavy with the anticipation of the eager, impatient audience. At last, the giant TV screens that hung over the mouth of the performers’ entrance tunnel, which would relay every intimate detail of the evening’s performance, flicked into life. Then the rousing opening bars of The Entry of the Gladiators rang out through the sound system.
A dozen naked women pranced into the arena, lifting their knees high with each step so that their glossy breasts bounced and their buttock cheeks shivered and rippled. Cameras positioned about the ring zoomed in on them and the big screens revealed every facet of their bodies.
All wore high glittering collars and bridles of white leather, with their teeth clenched about rubber bits, while white feather plumes bobbed over their heads. Bells clipped to the rings piercing their nipples and labia jingled and tinkled. More bells hung on the ends of plug tails that curled up from between their bare buttock cheeks added their chimes.
The girls pranced around the circus ring with the lights glittering off their naked, glossy, silver dusted bodies. There were of all colours of hair and skin with their ages ranging from eighteen to their early thirties, but all were trim and pretty. Their arms were raised before them with their hands curled over like rearing ponies, framing their breasts. They were held in place by wrist cuffs clipped to the ends of inverted V-bars hanging from the front rings of their collars. Every girl had a glittering number stamped on her forehead, the outside curves of her shoulders, her lower belly just above her pubic mound and the upper slopes of her buttocks.
The audience clapped and shouted and whistled as they circled round, forming a continuous ring of bare flesh.
Then, at certain moment in the music, they stopped their prancing and knelt down facing into the ring with their bottoms outwards, displaying their wet pussy slots to the crowd.
A tiny chariot pulled by a single white leather harnessed and plumed pony girl emerged from the shadowy entrance tunnel into the ring. Her arms were bound inside a white leather sleeve behind her back. A single shaft ran from the chariot cab forward between her sturdy legs. It ended in a large rubber hook with its tip curved up and plugged into the naked cleft of her vagina. The cameras picked up the strain on her face as the weight of the chariot and its passenger tugged on her most intimate orifice.
Riding in the chariot, holding the reins in one hand whilst cracking his whip across the ponygirl’s straining buttocks with the other, was the Ringmaster. He was clad in glossy black boots, a red tailcoat and a glossy black top hat with a red band. A full black moustache curled over his upper lip. He circled the middle of the arena, waving to the audience, and then drew his pretty pony to a halt by tugging on the reins clipped to the cheek rings of her bridle.
The Ringmaster clambered off the chariot and raised his hat, bowing to the audience.
‘Welcome one and all to Simeon’s All Girl Sex Circus!’ he announced proudly, his voice amplified through the sound system. ‘Tonight you will see wonders and delights and mysteries. There will be whips and chains and dildos. You will see naked slave girls shamed and degraded and reduced to tears by novel and ingenious means. You will marvel at female orifices being pushed to the limits of their capacity and endurance. And all this will be done for your pleasure and gratification…’
The crowd clapped and cheered again.
The Ringmaster strode around the ring of the now prostrate prancing girls, stroking his whip across their upturned buttocks. ‘Note the slave numbers of any girl that catches your eye so you can bid for them after the show. Then you can have your own private sex circus later. But now, let us get evening off with a bang…’
He returned to his ponygirl, un-clipped the reins from her cheek rings and pulled the chariot shaft hook out of her pussy. Meanwhile a spreader bar on the end of a wire rope descended from the shadows in the roof of the tent.
He pushed the girl down onto her back and lifted her legs, clipping the hooks on the ends of the spreader bar to the tethering rings of her ankle cuffs. Then the bar rose again lifting her off the sawdust of the arena floor. She dangled with her groin at head height and her legs spread wide, showing off every detail of her soft naked furrow the cleft of her buttocks. Her pale gold-dusted breasts flopped down inverted; her ringed nipples standing up hard.
For a minute, the Ringmaster stroked and patted her dangling body, twisting it around so the audience could appreciate her from every angle.
‘A pretty thing isn’t she? And like all our other girls, she is ready to suffer for your pleasure…’
He took a step back, uncoiled his whip and swiped it across her bobbing breasts. She screamed about her gag as her soft globes jumped and flattened under the impact of the blow. A scarlet stripe blazed across them, cutting through her nipples. A second whip stroke smacked into the newly upturned undersides of her breasts and the third their now under hanging upper slopes. As they blazed a shocking pink, the Ringmaster shifted his stance slightly and lashed the whip across her tight stomach.
By now the girl was sobbing, her tears dripping up into her hair. Her frantic struggles and the power of the blows had set her suspended body bobbing and swaying.
As she twisted about, she presented her buttocks to him, which he rewarded with another three crisp cuts that bridged across their dividing cleft, each blow making them clench tight. When her pretty backside was glowing apple red, it was the turn of the wide-spread soft inner faces of her thighs to receive a couple of quick glancing slashes that skimmed across their flesh, making her convulse frantically.
Then there was just the inviting upturned cleft of her pretty pouting pussy left unmarked.
The whip cracked downward between the “V” of her spread legs and cut cruelly through the soft furrow.
The girl bucked and writhed and screamed in agony. Loosing command of her bladder, a fountain of pee spurted out of her, arcing high up into the air before it splattered across the sawdust of the ring.
The crowd whistled and clapped wildly.
The ringmaster stilled the wild gyrations of the tear streaked, beaten and trembling girl. He pulled out her gag bit, opened his flies to free his stiff erection, and, holding her by the back of her neck, he rammed her mouth down over it.
As she choked and sobbed and sucked upon him, he grinned out at the audience between her spread thighs
‘After the tears the pleasure,’ he announced as he thrust down her throat.
The crowd cheered him on.
It only took him half a minute to spout into her gullet which she swallowed down obediently. He pulled out of her and wiped the tip of his soiled shaft across her face and then dried it in her hair.
‘And finally the bang…’
He pulled out a couple of objects resembling fat black candles out of his pockets. They had flanges around one end. He pushed them into the ponygirl’s vagina and anus until only their flanged ends were showing. As the cameras zoomed in closer, the audience saw they had twisted paper fuses in them. He took out a lighter and snapped it on and lit the fuses. He set her spinning and then stepped backwards. The bar with the girl turning beneath it was winched further up into the air above the stage.
Bang, pop, whoosh!
The twin fireworks went off in multiple sparkly bangs like huge party poppers, showering coloured confetti out of them which fell over the arena like rain, spraying out from between the spinning girl’s thighs. She screamed and jerked and writhed from the recoils coursing so intimately through her body. Then she bucked again and the casing of the firework that had been lodged in her pussy was suddenly squeezed out of her. It dropped the ring together with a dribble of intimate juices.
She had just cum suspended upside down in the middle of a circus tent with a smoking firework still lodged in her behind.
There was more wild applause while the dangling girl shivered and dripped with helpless delight.
The prancing girls got to their feet and trotted out of the ring.
The Ringmaster announced. ‘And now for our first act of the evening…’

Author Information

Simon Grail is an artist and author of many strong BDSM content A1 books, including the best sellers "Sex Slave Holiday","Hell School for Teachers" and "The Young Women of St Evals" and "The Bagatelle Club". Past works include:"The Purgatory Club" trilogy, the "Bondmaid" Saga sextet, the "Lesbian MILF Blackmail Gang", "Sisterhood of Submission", the "Dragon School" and "Castle of Slaves" novels, and several short stories including the ongoing "Breaking in..." and "Nightmare in..." series.


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