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Submission - The Story Of Jane (Terry Wakelin)

Submission - The Story Of Jane by Terry Wakelin

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    • Average 2.5 from 2 ratings

Jane Barnes flees her home in New York to escape the horrific memories of a teenage gang attack. In the aftermath of trauma, unable to maintain any kind of normal relationship with the opposite sex, she meets Li Soong, the Vietnamese 'Dragon-Lady', with whom she soon becomes embroiled in a passionate, sado-masochistic 'affaire de l'amour'.

Before she knows it, Jane is drawn helplessly into the Mafia-controlled world of pornography and films, where the almighty dollar is God and human life very cheap.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2018

No. words: 53100

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual BDSM, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


The First Gulf War

The American soldier drifted in and out of consciousness. Shivering in the bitter cold of the desert night, he waited for the dawn and the hot, blistering sun which would hasten his death. A dried rivulet of blood ran from the three-inch gash on his forehead and the bullet wound in his chest.
Scattered around the little Kurdish village were bodies; mostly those of the villagers, though four were westerners, their weapons and desert camouflage clothing stripped from them and cast carelessly aside.
A little chattering laughing group of well-armed Iraqi soldiers were relaxing around the blazing campfire in the central square.
The soldier, staked out spread-eagled in the sand, drifted back to full consciousness, a small groan escaping his throat as he shook his head in an attempt to clear the blood from his eyes. The noise was a small sound in the semidarkness but one of the Iraqis, a Major in the Republican Guard by his collar tabs, heard it and turned, white teeth in the dark face shining in the flickering firelight as he grinned at the naked white man on the edge of the little circle of light. “Hey, Yankee,” he called out in passable English. “You cold? Soon you be dead, I think.”
The soldier was not alone on the sand. Staked out alongside him were two equally naked girls from the village. Both were still alive, though each was unconscious and bore the unmistakable marks of multiple rape and beatings.
The soldier blinked his eyes rapidly, once more trying to clear his vision. In between the deserted hovels behind the little group, just beyond the circle of light from the camp fire, he thought he saw movement. Several indistinct, ghostly shapes, low down on the ground, seemed to be floating slowly and silently across the sand towards the fire. The shapes became three; then four. What were they? Ghosts? The spirits of his dead comrades?
The sudden assault was as shocking as it was brutal; the relative blackness of the desert night illuminated by flashes of machine gun fire; the vague shapes transformed into men in dark desert robes; men with machine guns and long curved swords, mercilessly cutting down the panicking Iraqi soldiers.
As if through a haze, the soldier saw a robed figure approaching. “Do not fear!” said a man’s voice softly in perfect English. “You are safe now.”

Five Years Later

It was near the end of a hot and breathless Miami day when the girl got out of a cab to look uneasily across at the seedy, rundown buildings on the other side of the dirty street.
“Are you sure this is it?” she asked.
The cabby sighed, as if he’d been asked the same question many times before. “Yes ma’am,” he drawled.
Still she hesitated, as if unsure.
The cabby didn’t blame her. It was that kind of neighbourhood. “Don’t worry, ma’am!” he grinned. “I’ll stay until you get inside.”
She gave him a wry smile. “Thanks ... I’d appreciate that.”
“You want me to wait?”
“Oh, no ... no thanks. I’ll probably be a while.”
“Fine. You got my number?
The blonde nodded.
Okay then. Give me a call when you’re through and I’ll come get you.”
The cabby watched as she walked slowly towards the grimy office building. She was a show-stopper all right. Youngish, in her early to middle twenties, he figured, tall and leggy, with a figure straight out of ‘Playboy’ and that gorgeous shoulder-length blonde hair. She also had that indefinable something that just shouted ‘class’ at you. Certainly not the kind of girl you’d expect to see in a neighbourhood like this.
He continued to look with a distinct sense of longing. A little underdressed, he decided a little critically; unless she was a hooker; which he doubted. Still, you never knew these days. The filmy, not quite see-through, blouse clung to the shapely breasts like a second skin; breasts patently unfettered by such a mundane thing as a bra. He looked some more. The elegant, just short of knee-length skirt and matching high heels showed off the long golden tanned legs to perfection. Yeah, no doubt about it, the sort of girl a man might just leave home and hearth for.
The blonde chose that moment to bend over the row of lighted buttons outside the main door of the building and the swirling, hot, July breeze caught the light skirt, whisking it high up the perfect thighs to reveal a gorgeously naked bottom. The cabby groaned.
As if hearing the sound, the girl shot him an embarrassed glance from under long eyelashes and, just to let her know he’d missed nothing of her impromptu performance, he made circles of thumbs and forefingers and held them up to his eyes like binoculars.
Blushing, the girl smoothed down her skirt and managed a little smile, then jumped nervously as a mechanical voice spoke harshly from a grill above her head.
“Yeah, who is it?”
“Jane ... Jane Barnes,” she said breathlessly. “I have an appointment.”
There was a momentary pause, then a buzz and a click. “Come up!” commanded the deep male voice. “Take the elevator to the third floor. Someone will meet you there.”
With a little wave at the watching taxi driver, Jane Barnes pushed open the door and walked inside. Sadly, the cabby slipped the old Ford into gear. She was gorgeous all right, but there were bills to be paid and this was no time to sit around mooning.
Jane came out of the elevator on the third floor to meet the cool gaze of an exquisitely beautiful oriental woman in her middle to late forties. Not so tall as Jane and quite slender by comparison, the woman had long, shining, raven-black hair reaching almost to her waist; her natural beauty enhanced by a gorgeous blue silk cheongsam split to the thigh at each side.
“Hello, Jane,” said the woman brightly, her English spiced with a delightful French accent. “You are late. Alors, I thought perhaps you had developed ... ah ... how do you say ... cold feet.”
Jane was apologetic. “I am really sorry, Li Soong. I’m just so nervous. I nearly didn’t come at all.”
“Silly darling. What have you got to be nervous about? I told you, he will love you.” A hand reached out to caress one thrusting unfettered breast. “With these big boobies and that gorgeous derriere; how could he not?” The woman laughed; a clear, tinkling sound in the gloomy corridor. “Anyway, here you are. Come! We’ll not keep him waiting.” She leaned forward to kiss the girl full on the mouth. “Mmmmmmm; you taste of toothpaste.” Deliberately, she ran a hand under the short skirt. “Formidable. You remembered, no panties. No nasty marks for the camera to see. You are a good girl and learn fast.” She smiled. “Now I don’t have to whip you.”
Jane smiled weakly but remained silent. There was no point in making a reply. More and more, in the past weeks, the beautiful Li Soong had come to take charge of her life. Jane had already come to terms with the fact. Li Soong’s touch, whether gentle or cruel, was something she craved. Like a drug, the more she had, the more she needed. Until now, of course, she had not been properly whipped; but it was something that, more and more, seemed to creep into the conversation. In her mind, Jane had already accepted that it was something that would happen in the future and, to tell the truth, she actually found the idea of submitting to it more than a little exciting.
“Well, cherie?” whispered the beautiful woman. “Still love me?”
Jane shivered uncontrollably. The feather-light fingers brushing gently over the skin of her bottom were already bringing into being that familiar, almost uncontrollable, feeling of desire which, as always, quickly threatened to flood her loins. “Oh God, yes,” she gasped as a gentle finger searched out her most intimate place. “You know I do.”
Li Soong smiled and took her hand away, not missing the immediate, disappointed look on Jane’s face. “Sexy slave,” she chuckled. “C’est bon; Steve will like that.”
“Er ... you haven’t said anything, have you?” Jane whispered.
“What about, cherie?” Li Soong sounded curious.
“Well ... you know. About New York. Why I came here.”
The woman’s expression altered to one of compassion. “Silly girl, of course not,” she replied. “This is just between us, as I promised.”
“I’m sorry, Li Soong. It’s just that ... well ... I’d just rather no-one else knew.”
“Of course, ma pauvre. Put it to the back of your mind. Steve is a nice man and a good friend.” She looked closely at the trembling Jane. “I have told him you were all right to do this tonight, though. You will not embarrass me by backing out at last moment, will you?”
Jane shook her head weakly. “No, I said I will do it and I will. It’s just that ... well ... I’m nervous. I’ve never done anything like this before. But please, don’t worry! I won’t let you down, I promise.
Li Soong smiled at her. “All right, cherie.” she said gently. “Just remember; this is important to both of us, not just me.” Her expression became businesslike for a moment. “You made a note of the taxi number?”
“Mmm, yes,” replied Jane, fumbling in her pocket for the card and handing it over.
”C’est bon,” said Li Soong, then turned away. “Attendez! Suivez-moi!” she ordered, her voice suddenly sharp. “Follow me!”
Docilely, Jane allowed herself to be led along the corridor until they came to a door marked ‘STUDIO - NO ADMITTANCE.’ Li Soong entered confidently, Jane more slowly and apprehensively. She looked round in bewilderment at the large cluttered room. It wasn’t what she’d expected. The place was a mess; a confusion of photographic equipment, bits of furniture and props scattered all over. Not at all like the way she thought it would look. Somehow she’d expected something more impressive. Apart from themselves, there was just one other occupant.
Li Soong took her arm possessively. “Come, cherie!” she ordered, patting her charge encouragingly on the rear. She dropped her voice to a whisper. “Do what Steve tells you to do without argument and everything will be fine.” She led the way across the room to where a tall, well-built man was engrossed in the study of a number of glossy photographs pinned to the wall. Jane blushed. The photographic reproduction was excellent; the subject matter explicit. Girls; dozens of them. Mostly naked. Naked and bound.
The big man turned with a smile and Jane’s stomach lurched. This was the moment of truth. At well over six feet, the photographer was intimidatingly large. He looked to be in his early forties, not good looking in the accepted sense of the word, but still very, very attractive in that rough-hewn, almost rock-like way that many women find hard to resist.
Li Soong squeezed her hand gently. “Jane,” she said. “This is Steve Kuryaski.” She turned to the man. “Steve; I present Jane Barnes ... the girl I told you about.”
“Very pleased to meet you, Jane,” said the man in a deep, almost melodious voice. He extended a hand. His gaze, frankly admiring, scanned her scantily clad figure. “Li Soong has told me a lot about you. Now I can see she wasn’t exaggerating.”
In spite of her nervousness, Jane raised a tiny smile at the easy compliment.
“I told you, cherie,” Li Soong interjected, “Steve is the best cameraman in the porno business. If he can’t make you look good on film, no-one can.”
Jane’s nervousness increased. So there it was. The nature of the beast. ‘Porno’, ‘Skin-flicks’, whatever you wanted to call it. Desperately, she tried to quell her rising panic as she took the proffered hand. “I’m pleased to meet you,” she whispered.
The man’s grin broadened at her obvious timidity. He looked sharply at Li Soong. “Have you explained to Jane what we need ... what we want her to do?” he asked.
“Mais oui.” The lovely Vietnamese smiled mischievously. “Very clearly.” She ran a possessive hand over the blonde’s bottom and laughed. “We have practised quite a lot the last few days, have we not, cherie?”
Kuryaski looked the blushing blonde in the eye, taking in her embarrassment without comment. Then suddenly he was all business.
“Fair enough,” he said. “We’ll start straight away. First of all I want to see you naked. Then, if you measure up, we’ll take a few pics of you in bondage; just for the record. Okay?”
For a moment Jane was frozen to the spot. Now that the moment had arrived, she could hardly move.
Li Soong saw her momentary hesitation and took over immediately. “Go to the far side of the studio, cherie!” she ordered calmly. “Take off everything; then come back and stand as we practised!”
“Leave the high heels on, Jane!” Kuryaski interjected.
Very conscious of his interested gaze, Jane walked to the other side of the cluttered room. There, keeping her back to the other two and trying desperately to keep her mind a blank, she slipped off her blouse and skirt and hung them on the stand. Underneath, as Li Soong had ordered, she was nude. She took a deep breath then turned back to her audience, forcing herself to walk slowly towards them.
She stopped abruptly at the man’s gesture. For a moment she just stood there, acutely uncomfortable under his intense scrutiny, not knowing quite what to do. Then, remembering her instructions, she widened her legs to stand astride, resignedly clasping her hands behind her neck. Now her whole body was on offer and, knowing instinctively what was wanted, she thrust out her breasts.
The big photographer walked around her slowly and she flinched as a hand descended to her flesh of her bottom. She flinched as both cheeks were gently fondled, then both hands came round to cup her breasts, tweaking the nipples and manipulating the ultra-sensitive buds until they stood out, stiff and proud. She gasped, only managing to stand still with an immense effort.
The hands descended, feather-light, to her midriff; down over her swelling lower stomach, gently exploring the blonde furry triangle at the juncture of her thighs. A solitary finger deliberately traced the outline of her sex lips, dipping briefly inside to discover her automatic wetness. Jane gasped, unable to stop her hips bucking forward.
Expressionlessly, the man held up the finger. “Lick!” he ordered gently.
Unprotesting, Jane took the digit into her mouth, a little hesitantly licking it clean of her juices.
“Kneel down!” he ordered, once she had finished to his satisfaction.
Excited despite her nervousness by the symbolism of what was happening, Jane dropped to her knees, thighs parted, heart thumping madly as the man reached down to caress her breasts once more.
“Good,” he murmured. “Very good. Now just stay as you are for a moment.”
Jane made as if to settle herself more comfortably and he spoke more sharply. “No, don’t close your legs! Keep your shoulders back and your knees wide apart. In a minute Li Soong will show you some photographs. They’ll give you an idea of what we want from you tonight.” He tousled her hair in a friendly gesture, much as one might fondle a pet dog. “Don’t be frightened,” he said with a smile. “You are a very beautiful girl. This is only a bit of fantasy bondage. You might be a little uncomfortable for a while, but that’s all.”
Desperately, Jane looked round for her friend as he turned away. Li Soong looked down at her with a proud, almost proprietorial, look on her face.
“Oh, Li Soong,” whispered the blonde, “I feel so ... so ...” She stopped, quite unable to finish the sentence.
Li Soong smiled gently at the kneeling girl. “What? What is it you feel?”
Jane was silent for a moment, a hopeless, shaken expression on her face. “I don’t know,” she whispered. “Please; tell me I’m doing the right thing!”
Li Soong gave an impatient grunt and threw a little stack of photographs between Jane’s spread knees. “Don’t be silly!” she scolded gently. “This is exactly what you want. You know that already.”
Jane glanced down at the top picture. It was a full colour photograph of a blonde girl tied in a standing position, arms and legs spread wide and tied to ringbolts in ceiling and floor. Her wide, staring, tear-filled eyes stared out from over a huge ball gag which stretched the captive mouth wide. Saliva ran down onto the naked breasts, which showed clearly the marks of the whip, mingling freely with the sweat running on the stretched and flattened globes. Behind the hapless girl was the figure of her rapist, a man, large and menacing, knees slightly bent and obviously in the process of penetrating her from the rear.
Jane caught her breath. It was clearly no accident that Li Soong had placed this picture on top of the pile. Jane had been similarly tied only last night. Momentarily she wondered where the girl was now. Was she just another of the lovely Vietnamese’s many conquests? Was she, Jane, merely a replacement?
Of course, last night it hadn’t been a man who had penetrated her. That task had fallen to Li Soong and she’d performed the task gleefully, with a strap-on dildo so large that Jane had thought she might be split in two. With a sense of shame, she felt herself getting wetter and wetter. “Oh God,” she almost wept to herself, “I’m so randy and they’ve hardly touched me yet.”
Hurriedly, one might almost say avidly, Jane flicked through the pile of photographs, excitement mounting at the sight of each different pose. The last one took her breath away. It might have been a rear view of the girl in the first photograph; but now she was suspended clear of the floor by her chained wrists; her ankles spread wide to floor mounted ringbolts. From shoulders to hips she was a mass of thin weals and her chin hung down on her chest, almost as if she might be unconscious.
Jane’s heart thumped painfully. Was this what she wanted? To be strung up and whipped like that? She replaced the photo, breathing heavily.
Amused, Li Soong studied her kneeling charge. It really was amazing, she thought, just how far down the road to complete submission Jane had come in such a short time. “All right, cherie?” she enquired softly.
“Oh Li Soong,” whispered Jane. “I’m frightened.” She picked up the photo again. Her hands were shaking. “This girl; how could she let someone do something that to her?”
Li Soong laughed gaily. “Believe it or not, darling; she liked it very much.”
“She liked that?” Jane’s tone was disbelieving. She looked closely at the picture in her hand. “You mean ...?”
“Oui! No-one forced her. It is something she likes ... no, needs.”
“Now then.” Jane jumped, startled, as the photographer’s large figure loomed over her. “Up you get! Time to go to work.”
Jane herself was aghast at her reaction. Even as she looked into the man’s eyes, desire took hold of her so strongly that she knew immediately she was lost. Whatever this man and Li Soong wanted of her, even if they wanted to whip her like the girl in the picture, it didn’t matter. She would go along. Trembling, she scrambled to her feet and allowed him to lead her to a heavy leather covered table equipped with sinister-looking ringbolts at each corner. With a tremor, she saw the lights and video camera set up around the table.
Kuryaski’s attitude was firm. “Up on the table with you!” he ordered sharply. “Face down! Hands behind your back!”
Still frightened and not a little confused, Jane looked round for Li Soong. She was there, standing right behind her with a bundle of cords and straps in her hands. “Quickly, cherie!” she whispered.
Lying on the table, nose pressed into the aromatic leather, Jane moaned softly as her arms were pulled behind and tightly secured wrists to elbows. A wide collar was buckled around her throat and she arched, helplessly, as her arms were pulled upward and secured. She began to panic, breathing heavily as her apprehension built. Already she was helpless, unable to resist in the slightest. Handling her easily as if she were no weight at all, Steve turned her over on to her back so that Li Soong could manoeuvre her until her head hung down over the edge of the table. Then a leather bolster was wedged under her bottom. Then came the final humiliating yet exciting, finishing touch; her legs pulled as wide as they would go and ankles fastened to the corner ringbolts.
Never had Jane felt so vulnerable. She was unable to move an inch, every part of her body was utterly and completely accessible to her captors. Whatever they wanted of her, they could do now. Nothing could be denied. Not that she wanted to, of course. Panic was gradually changing to that delicious feeling that always came when she was tied and helpless. Obviously Steve was an expert when it came to tying and displaying the female body. The bolster pushed her stomach and hips into the air, making her acutely aware of her moistening sexual passage which was now completely open and defenceless. With her arms hoisted up her back by the strap attached to the collar, her breasts, too, were thrust upwards as if begging for attention. There was a flash and a camera clicked.
Jane blushed hotly, realising how she must look to the lens.
“Ohhhh ...,” she breathed, as hands stroked gently across the stretched skin of her inner thighs, a finger dipping briefly between her cheeks to scratch at the puckered hole of her anus before slipping gently inside the humid tunnel. Another finger investigated the plump and pouting sex lips. A tremor shook her as the digits probed deeper and deeper. Helplessly, sensuously, without any conscious volition, her hips began to move. Then Li Soong’s face swam into view.
“Je t’aime,” she mouthed silently.
The face vanished, the fingers were withdrawn and there came a new sensation as lips, tongue and sharp little teeth began to kiss, lick and nibble around Jane’s defenceless clitoral area. Again and again the camera flashed and, willy nilly, she was coaxed higher and higher up the sexual plane until she began to feel as if she were floating, bobbing and jerking like a balloon about to burst. The flashing of the camera was registering only distantly now as she teetered maddeningly on the edge of orgasm, almost but not quite out of control.
Ceasing her ministrations, Li Soong lifted her head and spoke quietly. “She’s ready now, Steve,” she whispered, looking with satisfaction at the stretched and pinioned girl now writhing on the table as much as her bonds would allow. Jane’s whole body was shaking; her juices, combined with saliva from Li Soong’s mouth, visibly escaping from her wide-open and gaping vagina.
Jane looked up with wild eyes as Kuryaski came to the head of the table, unzipping his fly to reveal an absolutely monstrous hard-on which he offered to her mouth. The salty taste of the male sex organ assaulted Jane’s taste buds as, trying not to gag on the solid length, she automatically opened her mouth to allow access.
The camera was flashing now with an almost hypnotic regularity, but Jane was too far gone to notice. “Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm.” she murmured, in time with the thrusting cock sliding wetly in and out of her mouth and throat. “Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm,” she continued, giving herself over entirely to her oral ministrations with enthusiasm.
“Now, Li Soong!” said the photographer, softly and Jane’s body went rigid as she felt her sex lips being forced apart by something huge. She gagged on the penis in her mouth, at the same time desperately clenching her vaginal muscles together in a vain attempt to resist the implacable advance of the monster. It was no use. Try as she might, more and more of it slid into her, stretching her almost to the limit. Then, suddenly, it was fully inside and, as Li Soong flicked a switch, a powerful throbbing began to excite her to yet further heights of passion. The artificial phallus was huge; far, far larger than anything she’d ever taken inside her before - and ribbed into the bargain. Yet, even as she struggled with the pain and discomfort, amazingly she found herself wanting to take as much of the brute she could.
Slowly, very slowly, she became adjusted to the size of the thing and began to transfer her attention back to the fleshy counterpart still threatening to choke her. Sucking and licking, licking and sucking; she felt the man’s cock swelling and swelling in her mouth. Once more she began to approach orgasm, her splayed body tensing as her moment came upon her.
Distantly then, as the first feathery fluttery spasms of imminent release began to ripple inside her sex channel, she felt nimble fingers take hold of her nipples, squeezing, twisting and rolling them, stretching them out from her breasts until it seemed they could stretch no more. The sensation was intense and, unheeding of the discomfort, she gave herself over to the torture, devoting herself once again to the oral adoration of the thick penis in her mouth. Slowly, inexorably, the pressure of the fingers increased, pinching and pulling until the little buds were stretched to nearly twice their normal size.
“Nnnnnnng.” Jane gave a gasping, groaning gurgle of protest as, without warning, there was a sudden sharp pain in first one and then the other of her tender buds. “Mmmmmmmmfff,” she moaned, dimly feeling something cold and metallic being drawn through her swollen nipple flesh.
“Oh, c’est bon; c’est tres jolie,” cried Li Soong, rolling each tortured bud gently between a thumb and finger and reverting to French in her excitement. “Alors, Steve. C’est formidable, n’est pas?”
“Ah ... ah ... sure is ... ah ... ah ... sweetheart,” gasped the man, his own climax upon him.
The helpless Jane, by now so very close to her second ‘come’, welcomed the new pleasure/pain sensation in her breasts, pushing them upwards for more and concentrating on Kuryaski’s jerking cock which, by now, was spurting thick gobs of jism deep into the back of her throat.
“Mmmmmmmmm. Mmmmmmmm. Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, directing her mind to the task of swallowing the salty tasting fluid as she went over the top herself, bursting into yet another mind-blowing orgasm. Her violent ‘come’ seemed to go on and on forever. Sucking and swallowing, swallowing and sucking; she continued to milk the jerking cock while her own body writhed and twitched as much as it was able in its humiliating spread-eagled position. All too soon, though, the diminishing member was withdrawn from her mouth and then, very gently, she felt Li Soong first easing the still vibrating monster from between her legs.
Slowly ... very, very slowly, Jane came down from her high and allowed herself to drift back to reality. The pain in her breasts was increasing now and, raising her head, she saw what had been done to them. Heavy looking stainless-steel rings passed through the holes punched in her nipples now crowned the creamy globes. From one a small trickle of blood dribbled down the slope of her breast towards her armpit. Strangely, she felt no resentment towards Li Soong or the photographer. Instead, despite the growing pain and discomfort of what had been done to her, the sight was already filling her with a kind of perverse excitement.
Li Soong undid the straps at her captive’s ankles and, pulling away the spreader bar, quickly turned her over onto her stomach to release her arms. Jane groaned as her tortured teats were pressed into the hard leather. Once the collar was removed, the shattered blonde was allowed to turn onto her back again. She felt as if she’d been pushed through a wringer. Body running with sweat, pussy lips still agape and the residue of Steve Kuryaski’s semen running down her chin; she lay with legs asprawl, all inhibitions abandoned.
“Relax now, petite fille!” whispered Li Soong. “All finish now. Get dressed while I telephone for the taxi; then you can rest while Steve and I put equipment away.”
Jane did as she was told, then went back and sat on the couch while Li Soong and the photographer cleared up. Li Soong and the photographer were deep in conversation and ignored her as if she were no longer of any import. Deeply ashamed and very close to tears, she looked towards her friend. “Do you want me to keep the rings in?” she quavered.
Li Soong looked up sharply from where she and Kuryaski were huddled together talking. Her reply was carefully casual. “Ah oui, cherie; keep them in! Bathe them in salt water tonight and I will bring you some ointment tomorrow. Don’t worry, they will heal in a few days.” She turned to the man with a satisfied smile. “So, Steve?” she asked in a voice loud enough for Jane to hear. “What did you think? Is she not perfect?”
The big man grinned. “Yeah, like you say, perfect,” he replied.
The Vietnamese smiled and, walking over to where Jane stood, reached out to gently trail her fingers down the other girl’s neck and in between the trembling breasts. “You see, darling,” she chuckled. “Did I not tell you?”
Jane flinched, unable to suppress a groan as a finger brushed painfully over one transfixed and grossly swollen teat. Yet she couldn’t deny that the touch was exciting. Even after everything that had been done to her on the torture table, just one touch of Li Soong’s finger was enough to set her juices going. Automatically, she thrust out her breasts for more. Li Soong grinned and turned back to the man. “Steve, any chance of an advance for Jane?” she asked. “She hasn’t got much money.”
Not missing anything of the little pantomime acting out between the two women, Kuryaski chuckled. “Sure, no problem. I’ll see to it tomorrow.” He grinned at Jane. “You were very, very good,” he said softly, “and that body of yours is just fantastic. We’ll have lots of work for you in future. Go home and rest. We’ll be in touch tomorrow.”
Li Soong looked at her watch and took Jane’s hand. “Come, cherie! I’ll walk down with you. The taxi should be outside by now.”
“Will I see you tonight?” Jane whispered as they went through the door.
Li Soong grimaced and threw a swift glance over her shoulder, waiting until they were outside before she answered. “No, darling. Not tonight. Steve has already asked me to stay a while.” She smiled conspiratorially. “That will probably mean all night.”
Jane stomach lurched with sudden jealousy. “Will you be all right?” she whispered.
“Ah oui, darling. Steve is ... ah ... how do you say it ... a pussy cat.” She laughed at the apprehensive look on her friend’s face. “Don’t worry! He won’t hurt me. After what he’s just put you through, he’ll just want some good sex.” She put out her tongue and licked her lips lasciviously. “He is very good in bed, darling, but try not to be jealous. Remember, it is you I love!”
At the front entrance to the building, Li Soong opened the glass door to the street and stood aside to allow Jane to go through. The same old Ford stood waiting across the road with its engine running. Jane could see the driver grinning over at them.
Unspeaking, the two women stood facing each other on the sidewalk for a moment. Slowly then, giving Jane every opportunity to object, Li Soong reached out to open the Jane’s blouse. Docile, unprotesting, the girl shivered a little as the cool evening air caressed her bare breasts. A thrill of excitement ran through her as she silently offered her wounded orbs to her lover, glad that she had her back to the cab across the road.
“Well?” asked Li Soong. “You like your new jewellery? It’s beautiful, n’est pas?” She glanced across the road at the watching cabby and smiled. Blatantly she reached under Jane’s skirt, running a hand gently up the inside of the other girl’s leg, chuckling as Jane automatically widened her thighs to allow easy access to her most secret place. “Ah, oui,” whispered the older woman, sliding two fingers easily into Jane’s wetness. “I can see you like that all right.”
Jane trembled and writhed as the fingers raped and plundered her sex channel, one finger teasing her clitoris unmercifully. She was completely unable to help herself; lost, totally defenceless against the co-ordinated sexual pillage. A series of little ‘nnnngs’ escaped from her gasping mouth as, once more, her strong sexual appetite betrayed her and, shuddering, she gave herself up to another shattering, tumultuous orgasm.
Li Soong took her hand away, smiling as she abandoned her victim to step back through the open door. “I’ll see you tomorrow, slave,” she warned. “Now cover up those boobies and get in the taxi! You don’t want to give the driver the wrong idea.” Nonchalantly, she locked the door and, with a careless wave of the hand, walked away back across the lobby.
Jane was shaken to the core, trembling uncontrollably. Frantically she tried to pull herself together. ‘Slave’, Li Soong had said. Powerful, erotic images conjured up by the word threatened to flood her imagination. Frantically she pulled her blouse closed over her throbbing, swollen teats and turned to walk a little unsteadily across to the waiting car.
‘Oh God, what’s happening to me?’ she asked herself silently as, purposely avoiding the grinning driver’s gaze, she climbed into the back of the cab. ‘What have I got myself into?” ...


Ending is a little unbelievable!! 2 out of 5 (mak)

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Terry Wakelin is the founder of the independent publishing company, Olympia Press as well as being an author in his own right. He lives and works on the beautiful Isle of Wight.


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