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Traffic Violations (Earl Dassad)

Traffic Violations by Earl Dassad

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Set about 50 years in the future, misdemeanor female violators are judged and sentenced on the spot. Patrolman Jack "Ripper" Jones is nearly run off the road by a rich bitch intent on satisfying her own need for punishment and humiliation. Ripper's revenge is swift, harsh, and very public.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2018

No. words: 35945

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


A quick glance at my HUD told me the temp of the outside of her car was enough to be very hot to the touch, but not enough to cause burns, just about perfect. I stripped off my gloves, turned and dropped them into a saddle bag and turned back to her car. Showtime!
“You could have gotten everything you wanted without almost killing me! You will pay for that, bitch!”
Her reply was very soft and even, but quite clearly said “I know you will not show mercy.” Very interesting, indeed. She managed to convey that she knew me, at least by reputation, which I had already suspected, and implying without formally stating that this was all intentional—all while basically begging me to be even more brutal than usual.
“Give me your hands.” She meekly complied, her face a mask of innocence, only the slight trembling in her shoulders, hands and upper lip, and a brightness in her eyes betrayed her nervousness. A very cool one you are, Melissa! As I reached the car door, I grabbed both hands in one large paw, and had the cuffs around both wrists and snapped shut with the ease that comes from doing something over and over. She didn’t even struggle. Very interesting. Most of these cunts, especially the rich, privileged, snotty ones like I could smell Melissa was, believed they could keep their cool much longer than they actually had in them. The cuffs were usually the point where the blubbering and whining for a way out, began.
I quickly pulled the other set of cuffs from my belt, and locked one cuff through the chain connecting her cuffed wrists, and then drew it up smartly, raising her arms over her head and outside the car door, forcing her head to come out and raise her whole body up a bit. I hooked the free cuff around the top of the driver-side tie-down bar, making sure she would stay that way. Melissa’s eyes were wide now, almost startled at how quickly her physical situation had changed. Then there was a sharp hiss, and she jerked helplessly as she had relaxed just a little, only to have the delayed reaction of feeling her bare forearms in contact with the quite painfully hot metal of the top of her own car.
While she was still absorbing that pain, tears spilling down her cheeks, twisting and squirming helplessly to move her forearms away from the burning pain, my hands slid down her chest, sliding easily inside her top, over the smooth flesh of her breasts. Her tits filled my over-size hands quite nicely. I dug my fingers in, with unnecessary, but very satisfying force. extracting a nice little yelp from the bitch. Watching her face closely, I released her jugs, but still savoring how very firm they felt, moved my hands to find her nipples with the thumb and forefinger of each hand. As I pinched them lightly I could see her face first untensing, then a different kind of tension coming over her. My HUD showed the physical evidence of arousal. But even as her nipples swelled in my firm, but not excessive grip, another emotion flitted briefly across her face—boredom. Makes sense. After all, this was all about her being punished, not having mere tame entertainment. So I pinched hard, flattening the buds between my fingers, and then unceremoniously yanked up and out with both hands, pulling her tits sharply up, out of her top by the nipples, then forward, spilling her massive jugs out over the top of the car door. Melissa screamed loudly at the pain as I crushed and jerked her nipples, and then her tits were brutally yanked around. When the tender undersides of her tits hit the hot metal of the door, she screamed again, then quickly closed her mouth but whimpered constantly as I kneaded her tits a bit more, purposefully moving them around over the hot metal as tears streamed down her face. No more boredom now, hunh, bitch?!
The flesh was incredibly firm, especially for boobs that big. I bet she had had them grown. That had only come out of the med labs in the last few years, and was still so expensive only the very rich could afford it.
These were a truly fine pair of breasts—so large, and yet so firm, the flesh very smooth and soft on top. I certainly enjoy a good tittie-fuck, but mostly prefer to bury my dick in one of a woman’s holes—the warm wet membranes clasping, sucking on me, feels so delicious. So during these sessions I usually prefer using their holes to wrapping tits around my cock. But tits like these were worth making an exception for. And Jeff and Victor would want a turn at these, when they got here.
I dropped her tits, leaving them hanging bare outside the top of the car door. They were making a very arousing little dance as she kept squirming, trying desperately, but unsuccessfully, to move her tender tits away from the hot metal. The tears were really flowing now. Her nice big brown nipples were rock hard, wiggling around in circles as her chest heaved. I squeezed them again, hard, then twisted very hard. That got some more howls. Then I just played with them idly for a few seconds, watching her cry. She had had her tits grown, had she also gone in for the latest in medical cosmetic augmentation? I had just decided that she hadn’t or that her distress was too great, when I saw her shudder, once twice, and then a third time, very hard, while a very different look passed briefly over her face. I glanced at the HUD telemetrics, just to confirm… Well, damn! She’d had her jugs sensitized too! Poor girl! I’d heard that one drawback was that not only was pleasure greatly increased in the parts enhanced, so was the pain. That brought a huge grin to my face and made my cock twitch. Sucks to be you, bitch!
I left Melissa twisting and whimpering, louder now, and retrieved the breathalyzer from my bags. Another old procedure that still had not been updated by newer, better tech. Still, this model had been updated to add an important new function. When Melissa saw me approach her with it, her eyes got very wide and her whimpers quieted as her jaw locked tight.
“I’m only going to say this once: Open your mouth, NOW BITCH!”
She opened her mouth to accept the end of the device into her mouth. I quickly slid it in between her teeth, then triggered the device. Of course it took a sample of her breath and tested it for alcohol. But it also started expanding, forcing her teeth and jaws apart into the preset for me. While that was happening, I took the two dangling straps, passed them behind her head and triggered the auto-lock that would hold it securely in place. Then I detached the rest of the mechanism, noting the clean (green), no alcohol verdict flash in my HUD as I stashed it back into my saddle bag.
I turned back to savor the moment. Melissa was now secured with her head and tits hanging out of her car window, her jaws spread painfully wide by the automated metal jaw-spreader (‘crackers’ we call them, as in ‘jaw-cracker’). She had already begun drooling onto her heaving tits.
I strode back to her, unzipping my fly as I walked forwards. Her eyes held an intoxicating mixture of anxiety, fear and hunger. As my cock came free, quite erect, and right in her face, those blue eyes bulged ever so slightly—yep, she’d definitely seen at least one of my videos, but still having the real thing waved in her face was quite a bit more than just seeing it on a screen. And then there was the odor too. You don’t get that from a video!
I prefer the direct, brutal approach. So I moved ahead, aiming my hard cock with my left hand, grabbing the back of her head with my right, then walked forward, sliding my cock into her mouth, past the entrance to her throat, and then on down the exquisitely tight passage, only stopping when my balls slapped her chin.
I love pussy more, but still I love the nice tight feel of my cock inside a woman’s throat, I’m also fond of the sounds--he loud sucking, slurping noises as liquids squelch out past my cock, down her chin and over her tits--the constant gagging and retching. Then there’s the pointless, but nonetheless necessary struggles, as she strives to pull herself free from my cock, even for just a few seconds, to breathe. It’s all very heady stuff!
It was a fabulous time! Fucking her throat, no mercy! Feeling my cock sliding through that wonderfully tight passage, and knowing that while using the little bitch’s throat as my personal fuck hole, she was totally dependent on me to let her even breathe. God, I love my job!
I am well-hung. If you don’t believe me just watch my vids. You can even listen to my fans or the voice overs from the women documenting their experiences while being punished and fucked on-screen by me. I could’ve been a porn star. I’ve even had some offers and done a few scenes, but seriously, this job is way better! I’m not nearly one of the longest, coming in at almost eight inches most of the time, and occasionally actually hitting eight, and bit. But I am extremely thick. So thick that many of the women I punish have sore jaws for weeks after. A few even need medical attention after for dislocation or other jaw injuries. My thickness makes for really cool throat fucking action as my cock really stretches the throat tissues tight around my dick, creating a wonderful sensation even as it fires my lust knowing how hard my cock is on the bitch I am throat-fucking. The length lets me get over half my cock fully inside the woman’s throat, which gives me lots of room for nice long strokes without pulling the head of my cock into her mouth.
Still, I did pop my cock out of her throat (not her mouth) every fourth stroke or so, just enough to let her gulp some air and remain conscious. If she passed out from lack of air, my HUD would show it. I could keep on throat fucking an unconscious slut, but I got little joy in that. I want her awake, aware of how much I was using her as just another fuck hole. Further, once she passed out, if I did not pull out and render aid, it would at a minimum mean a mountain of paperwork. I wouldn’t get canned of course, but depending on the case, I might be suspended for a while. Ok, I already said I loved my job! Getting suspended from said job NOT a good thing. Get the picture?
I switched holding her head in place to my left hand. Then I dropped my right to grab a big handful of tit. I reminded her, “You are required to work to add to the pleasure every single time you are used. Failures to do so are punished! Now start using your tongue on my cock, you cheap slut!”
With that I squeezed hard with my right hand, digging my fingers deep into her tit-meat, then twisting viciously. Her tongue danced nicely over my shaft in response. Intentional or not? Didn’t matter to me. But even better was the way her throat contracted and vibrated around my cock as she tried to scream past my meat. This would not be her last ‘screaming suck’!
All told, I was only in the little slut about three minutes before I felt my cum rise. I could have controlled it—held off for a while, but why? Seriously. I enjoyed what I was doing just now. She was not going anywhere. I could empty my balls into whatever hole I wanted to, anytime I wanted to, until I brought her in to the precinct. But I was totally in control of when and how that would happen. So I shot a load while buried to the hilt, shooting straight down into her gullet. Then I pulled out into the slut’s mouth, where I dumped a really big squirt, and then even as she gagged on that, I slid right back down her throat and slowly pumped my cock back and forth, never leaving her throat, as I unhurriedly emptied my balls straight down the bitch’s throat and down into her belly. When I was finally spent, I did not pull out. No, that would be too easy for this bitch-slut-cunt, bag-of-fuck! She didn’t pass out, but it was close! My cock shrank slowly out of her throat and she gasped and wheezed air back into her lungs desperately, sucking down some of my come and her own slime, then coughing it back out, until my cock finally shrunk to the point that I pulled out of her gaping mouth, just before it would have fallen out.
I was sated, for now. And I definitely felt that this little bitch had paid a small part of her debt to me, and society, for her willful crimes. But of course, that was far from enough…
After idly wiping my cock off on a relatively dry spot on her left breast, I put it away for now (leaving it dangling out made for a better show, but generally not worth it as it tended to rub and catch on the zipper), zipped up and looked around to see if the news crew had arrived yet, or Jeff. Shit! I hadn’t alerted Jeff yet. I generally only called him in for ‘backup’ for the truly juicy ones. This bitch definitely qualified—in fact she was shaping up to be the juiciest yet!
I turned back to face her as I called Jeff. “This better be good!” his usual response to being woken while off-shift. Smiling to myself I just sent my location, then started streaming my helmet cam to him. Melissa was hanging there, hair and make-up demolished, tears streaming down past the ruined mascara, my cum and other fluids still dribbling from her mouth, over her chin and flowing over her jiggling boobs and onto the ground below—all glistening in the hot sun. “Holy shit!” he was barely audible. Then much more strongly, “On my way, bro!” “K.” The connection went dead
What to do while I waited? Silly question! I got the “polishing” strap out of my saddle bag. I let it unroll, then swished it around a few times—partly to limber it up and warm up my arm, mainly it was for Melissa’s benefit. The leather strap was very thin and light, but almost two inches broad and two and a half feet past the handle. It was designed to be impressive in sight and sound, but not damaging. Not to say it didn’t hurt. From what I heard it stung like hell. Melissa was certainly looking at it with alarm.
“As you probably know, I can’t really proceed until the media boys get here. Still, we don’t want those pretty tits to be too slimy when they get here to put you online. So I’m going to “polish” off as much of it as I can. Besides”, and I grinned broadly, “I want to see those jugs dance!”
The strap made a very satisfying ‘splat’ as I slapped it across both tits, the meat flattening, then springing back into shape, actually bouncing up off the car door before flopping back down onto the hot metal, sending liquid spraying out and a new start of tears from the little bitch’s eyes. I aimed the next one a little lower, hitting pretty much centered on both nipples. This slap and the visuals were similar to the first, and just as satisfying, but the pain lancing through her nipples tore a scream from Melissa. Screams through a ring-gag sound just a bit different from normal, but I find them to be just as satisfying! The third stroke came from underneath a little. That one really sent her tits flying! And of course there was another squeal at the pain. I kept slapping her tits with the strap. Not hurrying, just enjoying watching the leather bite into the soft flesh, the big heavy boobs bouncing with each smack and drops of liquid scattering through the air. Some strokes would hit just the left tit, or just the right. I made sure that the inner slopes of each breast got a good ‘polishing’ too.
This went on for almost ten minutes. You might think that in that time I would have polished off all the drool, cum and other fluids. Mostly true. But the ring gag ensured a steady stream of fresh drool, while her blubbering and crying kept up a dusting of tears and snot that was added with each stroke. Definitely fun times! In fact, my cock was just starting to twitch alive when the news van finally pulled up. By that point her tit-flesh had gone from a uniform light tan with hints of blue veins, to a nice shiny pink with occasional splotches of a deeper red.
As the news crew got out of their van, and began to unload and set up, Ed, the manager, came towards me, “Hey, Ripper! I see you got a real cunt there. Man, you are the luckiest SOB!” And Victor, the video lead and a master of on-the-fly editing of almost-live streaming, exclaimed: “Holy shit, that really is Melissa Thornton! And look at those knockers!” Like I said before, Victor is a tit man.
Ed nodded, grunted his agreement, then gestured towards the half-naked woman bound dangling the referenced knockers out of her car and still drooling on them from her spread-jawed mouth. I grunted and nodded assent in return. We had worked together often enough to develop a few shorthands. Victor turned back to the van to oversee the unloading by the other two crew members as he hurriedly prepared to start streaming. Ed walked to Melissa, and after carefully looking her over, matter-of-factly reached out to grab both of her boobs. He was nowhere near as rough as I had been, but he was far from gentle, and the bitch’s whining went up a few notes and quite a bit in volume. Her tits hurt. Even a fairly gentle caress would have been painful. Ed was not gentle. No reason he should have been…
“Too bad we missed you touching her tits up. I saw your helmet video. She ran you right off the road! You invoking ‘personal angst’?”
“Can we get some vid of a redo on you tickling the slut’s tits?”
“Sure. I assume you want to do a reload?”
“I thought you’d never ask!” Ed said with relish as he unzipped, took his cock out and shoved home into the stretched mouth. It all happened so fast that it didn’t register on Melissa until his cock head was pushing into her throat. She gagged and retched immediately as the spittle started to fly, once again splattering onto the jiggling globes hanging below. Fortunately for her, Ed was a lot smaller and quicker than me. His dick was fairly thin and just long enough to get the head and just a bit more into the throat. Once in place, Ed began making very short rapid thrusts, bringing the head of his cock back into her mouth, just short of being at the opening to her throat, then quickly fucking it back into her throat.

Author Information

I am very into CP and male domination. I enjoy detailed descriptions so that is what I write.


Publisher Information

Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres, including specialist sites for Romance (www.a1romancestories.com, our non-adult and erotica site at www.fiction4all.com and a number of adult sites based around our main site at www.a1adultebooks.com

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