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Lady Fareton's Fate (Thomas Brynn)

Lady Fareton

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Lord Fareton has died and his family suspect his young wife to be responsible for his death. So they set out to capture her in an attempt to get the truth. This they do, but only after many adventures, both sexual and painful!

Eventually the truth is forthcoming, but not before Lady Fareton suffers degradation and suffering at the family's cruel hands.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2018

No. words: 48700

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1

I stood on the deck of the barque that was to bear me back to England. I expected fine sport on the short voyage. One ladies' maid would have sufficed, but Lady Emlynn appeared to have two. Both had saucy roving eyes, and as soon as we had cleared the port I went in search of them, the lady meanwhile being laid on her bed and for no good reason, as a martyr to seasickness.
I rounded the corner of the anchor house and approached.
"What are your names, my pretty maids?"
There was an explosion of giggles but at length one recovered enough to say they were Alice and Betsy.
"And would either of you care to speak with a poor lonely gentleman? I have fine wine in my cabin." There was agreement. We departed quietly and I soon found myself in sweet possession of two charmers. I poured wine and urged them to drink. This they did with a will so that presently both were quite merry.
"Is your lady likely to miss you?"
"Oh, no, Sir. She is laid down with sickness. Why I declare that if she even so much as looks at the sea she must retire to her bed." Both giggled heartily. "She'll be so for the rest of the day. She won't want either of us for hours."
You can imagine how my heart leapt at those words. Fine sport indeed and neither filly adverse to being ridden, by the looks they were giving me. I reached for Alice and tumbled her gently back upon my bunk. Then Betsy too took the fall. They lay there, their sweet faces flushed with wine and anticipation. In a trice I had their outer garments off and my own as well.
I was thus able to get my finger well into the seat of pleasure. Betsy was a trifle large for my delight, but Alice was so small and tight I must needs ask her if she were yet a virgin.
"No, Sir, but 'tis only a few times. My lady's son has enjoyed me when he was home from school and that is all, for my lady is strict about her maids."
To add to our pleasure I climbed upon Betsy then and asked Alice to tell us how she had come to it the first time. While I rode a fine St Leger the sweet girl began her tale.
It seemed that her lady's son went to my own school and pleased I was to hear it. He was a well-grown boy of some sixteen years and Alice had caught his eye over the long vacation. She had been making the bed in his room when he came upon her. Insinuating his hand under her clothes he had teased her seat of delight until she was all but swooning with the pleasure. Then demanding that she lie back upon the bed, he had tossed up her petticoats and loosened her pantaloons. At that she had started up with a cry of protest. Her entreaties had no effect on the boy who by now was determined to take his enjoyment of her. Holding her hands down to her sides he mounted her and drove his rammer fair at the entrance. The poor girl squirmed and begged but with his pego close to entering he ignored all to drive forward. Tight as she was it was with difficulty that he effected entry. But once in he threw all the strength of his hip and thigh muscles into forcing that most delightful of passages. Alice wept and entreated. The pain was dreadful, but inch by inch he entered until all of his sword lay well scabbarded.
There he paused to enjoy the sensations that throbbed within him and to allow Alice time to become used to his rude intrusion. The pain somewhat abated, he began to thrust slowly, uttering exclamations of delight as he did so. In a few minutes Alice also began to feel the sting of pleasure and heaved up her bottom to meet his. Soon both were working with good will so that eventually they made all foam and died with the sweet sensation. Since that time he had managed several occasions with the girl when his mama had been absent. On enquiry Alice said that he was small in his part but that it had always been sufficient to bring her to that delightful place where she died from pleasure for a little. The boy was respectful of her position and used ever the finest of safety envelopes so that she might not find herself with child.
Listening to this had excited both Betsy and I to where we too found that peak of pleasure. I dismounted to allow her to straighten her clothes. As I did so my small clock chimed the hour. Betsy stared at it.
"Ah, Sir, I must prepare my lady's bath. She has never wished for it on the first night from port but it must be done else she may choose this time and be angry with me."
I smiled and gave her leave to go. She assured me that it would take a bare hour but then she would return. She whisked from my cabin and I was alone with the object of my stronger desires. I advanced on her and slowly stripped her of her outer garments. She looked up at me trustfully and I was determined to prove myself better than any callow boy.
Owing to the petticoats Betsy had retained Alice had not been able to see the size of my affair. But now that I advanced on her she cried out as she caught sight of it.
"My Lord, oh, Sir. I could not. You would kill me. I am not so big I could endure it. Why, it is twice the size of Master Edward's."
I stroked her shoulders and put my mouth to her breasts. She gasped with pleasure as I sucked at her nipples and played with the firm globes. I murmured reassurances as I did so. She was made for love; it would do her no harm. I would be gentle. She protested but little by little her senses overcame her fear and she ceased to complain. I laid her back and removed the last of her under garments. What a feast was spread now before me. She was a small plump creature with large firm breasts and a tiny waist. Her skin was almost pearly in the lamplight and her large eyes glistened as she watched me. I smiled down at her and moved my mouth slowly down her belly so that she began to writhe. I imprinted burning kisses lower and lower until I reached that mossy cave of pleasure. There I lingered until the sweet girl could bear it no more. She moaned, shivering her delight and entreating me not to halt my movements. I did not and soon she fell to crying out in that pinnacle of pleasure that is so dear to all humanity. Lifting her rump onto a pillow I spread her legs further apart and prepared to show her what other joys were in store for her. She would have protested again but I glued my lips to hers and advanced my prick to the small entrance. With a gentle thrust I allowed it to enter the opening. Alice moaned.
"Aahhh, Sir, you stretch me so. I'm sure I cannot bear it all."
I bent my mouth to her nipples and sucked lustily without answer. In minutes she was sighing a different tune, her hips moving in a slow pulsation. I thrust a little deeper. She moaned and thrust back so that I knew all was well. Flinging caution to the winds I drove my prick full tilt into her and commenced to stoke her fires well. At first she writhed as the full size of my affair stretched her to her utmost. But then delight seized her so that she fell to gasping and heaving up her buttocks so as to be fully impaled. I was very willing to oblige and poked her in fine style until she cried out and died away in ecstasy. I did not withdraw then but remained soaking in her delightful tightness at my ease. When Alice had recovered a little she gazed up at me in bewilderment at this.
"Sir, is it possible, are you able to continue?"
I laughed gently and assured her I was indeed able to continue. The girl was still puzzled and I told her a little of my story. How I had travelled to Africa, that dark mysterious continent. There I had left to hunt far into the interior of the land and coming upon rumour of a strange white tribe. I had followed gossip's tongues. Deep within a range of mountains, beside a crater lake, I had discovered them and there dwelt for a year learning certain secrets. The ability to enjoy all the peak of pleasure without discharging was one of them. Indeed, should it be my desire, I was able to keep my weapon to attention an entire night without rest. At this the girl exclaimed in mingled apprehension and joy so that I was hard put to it to keep a straight face. It was clear that the idea attracted her. Equally clear that she doubted her own stamina in such a matter. I recalled to her that she must attend her mistress. Surely that lady would wish to be undressed for bed before too many hours more passed away. Alice blushed. She had forgotten her lady in the midst of her thoughts of my prowess. Recalled abruptly to her duties she informed me that she could stay no more than another hour. Since Betsy had not returned, it must be that her mistress had risen against her usual custom. Alice would thus be required soon.
Leaning over her I toyed with her firm globes, sucking and nipping at them until she began to move her hips again. Then I thrust into her savagely. She groaned and returned the favour. I penetrated to her very depths and by the exclamations, she was in a fervour of pleasure. I slowed my thrusts, sliding in and out of that tight passage until our pleasure grew unbearable and I thrust faster until we collapsed in a mutual rapture.
I aided her to don her clothing again and let her from my cabin. Dressing myself also I slipped away to the salon where I might have converse with those of my own standing. It was not that I despised Betsy and Alice, but they would know less of those of whom I wished to hear news. News there was in abundance. I was fortunate to meet an old schoolmate who knew all our circle and was very ready to chatter. I explained I had been absent for almost two years and was eager to hear all he could tell me and nothing loath he talked for some time. Once I was aware of all the latest crim cons.
I questioned him as to my family. He assured me my parents were in good health and became evasive. He would have left but I took him by the arm.
"My dear friend, I perceive that something is amiss with some part of my family. I honour your reluctance to give me pain but I must know. What evil has befallen us?"
He then related a terrible story. My younger brother was a dear boy. Bookish and shy but the best of good fellows for all that, and I was very fond of him as he was of me. He had never envied me the title and eventual possession of our father's estates. Instead he had bent all his energies on becoming proficient in knowledge of them. We had always agreed that he would act as my manager when it pleased God to place me in command of all my family's lands. Now he was dead. I would have accepted it as the will of God but that it had been brought about by a loose woman and her lies. My friend was ever reluctant to reveal the whole story but by dint of careful questioning, I was able to learn the whole. I thanked him and swore silently to be avenged on all who had brought my beloved brother to his grave.
I called for wine and drank heartily, eating as I did so, the food placed out for me on a nearby table. Then I retired to my cabin again to consider the story I had heard. I had been lying upon my bed above an hour when Betsy slid silently into the small room.
"My Lord, Alice must be with our Mistress for the rest of the night, But I am wholly at your service if it please you?"
"It pleases me well." I assured her. In a trice I had our clothes off and was fucking her with abandon. I guessed that Alice had spoken of my abilities and determined to show Betsy that the girl had not been mistaken. Three times I brought her to that peak where she might die away. Then I allowed her to rest. While we lay back and drank I listened to her innocent gossip until suddenly I was aroused by a name.
"Lady Fareton?"
"Yes, Sir. Oh, Sir, she is a bad mistress. My younger sister worked for her but was cast off for no cause."
I listened to the story and smiled to myself. I would find this cast-off servant and surely she would be able to tell me a path whereby I might come at the woman who had murdered my brother. Betsy was showing sign of reviving by now so that I mounted her again to be halted by a gasp of pain. I retreated at once and examined the afflicted part. Poor Betsy was sore from the wild ride we had shared and her delicious cunt was now too swollen to happily admit my prick. I placed her on all fours at that and moved to her rear. Her plump round bottom excited me and I slipped a hand around her thigh to tease the seat of her pleasures. She writhed and squirmed against my tantalising fingers, begging me to attempt her again. But when I advanced she proved to be too sore to endure my entrance. Prick in hand I shifted target and pressed the head against the puckered hole above.
"Ahhh, Sir, no. I could not. You are far too large to get into me by that path."
I ignored her protest and continued to tease her with my finger, at the same time pressing forward.
I could feel my prick sliding in as she twisted and turned, suspended between her fear and her delight at the sensation my fingers engendered. The head was in and I thrust hard in a straight line so that all else followed.
"Ahhhh, Sir, you are hurting, you are killing me. Take it out, Oh, Sir please take it out."
I slapped her smartly on her heaving buttocks.
"Be quiet. It is only a little ache, you are not used to being so stretched. Keep still and you will accustom yourself and it will be delightful."
Indeed it was, her tightness was exquisite and her writhings caused my prick to throb in a way that drove me on. I began to ride her so that soon her complaint died away and her voice was uplifted to broken mutterings that amused me greatly.
"Aahh, oh wonderful, delicious, Ah Sir, how good you are, how large it is. It drives me wild with pleasure."
Her moans died away into gasps then cries of ecstasy. I allowed my own delight to reach its peak and halted for a few minutes so she might recover. Then at her own request I began to move again until she cried out still more violently and collapsed limp upon the bed. I brought a glass of wine to her lips and allowed her to drink until she was restored. Then I tenderly bade her adieu as she dressed and slipped from my cabin. I had the address where her sister might be found. It was enough. In the morning we would dock and I would begin my search for justice. First I must see my parents and my dear cousin who shared our home. I looked forward to that last. Katherine and I have been playmates most of our lives.
Indeed it was she who first taught me the delights of a woman's body. How she would enjoy the new-found ability I could share with her on my return. She had been as fond of my brother, John, as I. Revenge could be shared, and if I knew Kate she would be most eager to assist me in that. It would be easier to come at lady Fareton through another woman. Kate would do very well.
We disembarked later that morning and I winked unobtrusively at Betsy and Alice as they followed their Mistress demurely from the vessel. Beth winked back saucily before vanishing into the crowd. They had been a pleasant interlude and they'd got no harm from me. On the contrary, I had seen to it that both girls had gold for their noble efforts. In addition I had promised Betsy I would find her sister a position with a good woman. It was for that she had given me the address. I had seen at a glance how far her sister had fallen. Such a street was well into the poor part of the city, an area inhabited only by whores and thieves. Well, I would have no trouble there. I knew it since several of my friends were in the custom of drinking there with me at times when we wished to be free of polite society. In that area one could hardly be more free of such, but there were those who knew me. I could stroll at ease down those streets and no thief would do more than mutter. The bully boy who ran them was an old friend. I had done him a service once, and brute though he might be, he was as loyal as any hound. I departed for the country at once and travelled swiftly. I was eager to see my home and family again. Kate and I would welcome each other in our preferred way and I would learn more about my brother's death. Together we would plan revenge.

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