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Lady Fareton's Journey (Thomas Brynn)

Lady Fareton

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    • Average 2.8 from 4 ratings

Lady Fareton has embarked on a sea journey and safari with her devoted maid, Hetty. In Africa, the entire crew desert them and they are captured by the natives of the area who gleefully subject the two white women to horrendous ordeals! The agony of torturous pleasurings combined with the native oils used to promote helpless sexual activity on the part of the two captives produce orgies of tortured lust!

The Sequel To Lady Fareton's Fate.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2018

No. words: 40600

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1

I had travelled aimlessly about England now for several months. There had been places of interest but none had stayed me for more than days, or weeks at most. I had with me a new maid, but so sunk in depression and boredom was I that I had not as yet introduced her to the pastimes which usually amused me. With the advent of a visitor that was about to change. We were enjoying a late breakfast when hooves pounded upon the cobblestones outside the inn. Within moments I heard a harsh familiar voice.
“No, no, just show me to my sister, the Lady Diana.” A murmur followed and then ringing footsteps approached. I flung open the door.
“Charles, Good heavens, what is it you do here?”
My elder brother snorted, “Nothing, I wish to I assure you. But there is news of a kind, both from home and from elsewhere. If you must leap about the land like a performing flea, I wish you might leave better directions. I have had the devil of a time finding your place.”
“Then do not waste time but tell me all.”
Charles opened his mouth but was diverted by my maid as she entered. A significant look passed between us and I nodded slightly. He quirked up a lip in a half smile then began to explain his presence.
“It is thus, my dear sister. Our father is dying.” He held up a hand. “No exclamations. The old lecher has run out of time, that is all. I admit it did not help that upon hearing of our oldest brother’s death, he at once sent for six bottles of wine and a maid. That evening cost him, as it was from then he began to fail more swiftly. But recollect his age anyway, my dear girl. He was forty when he wed. None of us is less than - well, our oldest brother was almost forty himself.”
I said nothing. It was true, and Charles was not even mentioning our Sire’s addiction to women and the bottle. Small wonder the old man was about to depart. “But what had this to do with me?” I asked.
“Nothing!” was the uncompromising reply. “Save for one thing. With father dying I am heir now, and thus I cannot be out of the country.” I blinked, and must have looked still more bewildered as Charles drew from his purse a strange looking letter.
“Read this and you will understand.”
I read, exclaiming in wonder as my eyes flashed along the lines. It was more than I could believe at the one reading. I would have perused it again but that my brother snatched it from me. Turning to Hetty he spoke,
“Order my Lady’s horses to be put to. We will dine with friends in Shiringham. We leave in the hour, pack and make all ready.” The girl scurried out and I turned angrily on him. Before I could speak his face broke into a dangerous smile.
“Read it again now, you have time before she calls us. As for Shiringham, I have a friend there who is away at present. But I am bidden to treat the place as my own. Once there we can be alone my dear sister, alone with that delectable morsel of a maid of yours. Is she as innocent as she looks, by Jove?”
I flashed back a smile as I read the letter once more. “Yes, yes,” I replied absently. “Completely innocent but she is country-bred. She knows the games a male plays and will not be adverse if you pay her beforehand. Even if you do not, so long as she be paid well afterwards I daresay she will make little complaint.”
Charles grinned fiendishly, “I shall pay her nothing, neither before nor after. If she chooses to complain you shall turn her off. Say she stole from you.”
I looked up from my letter and sighed.
“You are so difficult. Am I never to retain a maid for more than a week, and Hetty suits me well. No, I shall pay her if you will not. Although - “I glanced back to the letter, “I may have little chance of retaining her for other reasons.”
“Then you will go?”
I nodded slowly, “There seems little else I can do. Of all our brood there is now only you and I and our brother. Father goes nowhere, you must stay to settle all. If our brother needs us for his life then I alone am left to aid him.”
I might have continued but for Hetty’s arrival to announce all ready for our departure. We bowled merrily along the road and I took the chance, while Charles rode ahead, to speak to the girl. She was right willing and we were left to laugh together before my coach pulled up at a fine country house. It was not large, but well-built with perhaps ten bedrooms and servants’ quarters. At once all was in a bustle and soon we were sitting down to a very good hot dinner. We whiled away the evening playing cards before telling the servants they might retire. Their quarters were separate so that with them gone and the massive door between wings closed, they would hear nothing. I summoned Hetty and retired to the largest bedroom made ready for me.
Once there I changed into an elegant corset decorated with French lace. Silk stockings adorned my legs, and my hair was brushed to fall loose about my white shoulders. I smiled at my image in the great mirror. I and my other brother were much younger than the rest of our father’s children. In fact we were the offspring of his second wife from a family with the happy facility to appear far younger than we in fact were. It was a girl who looked back at me. None would take her to be more than nineteen yet, although I was almost ten years past that.
Behind me the door opened and Hetty reappeared.
“Is all well, my Lady?”
“Yes, indeed. You have done as I said?”
“Oh, yes, my Lady. In everything.” I smiled. Dear Charles. I knew what others said of my line. But to me, his little sister, he had always been generous, and as kind as it was in him to be. It pleased me now to provide entertainment for him. I rose as the door opened again.
“Wine, dear brother?”
“Yes.” He drank avidly and turned to Hetty. “Here, you shall drink too, girl.” She curtseyed and accepted the out-thrust glass. In one quick move it was drained and returned. I saw his eyes widen a little and signalled her to be a little less bold. She refused the next but allowed herself to be overborne. I drank but little, watching in amusement as my companions consumed glass after glass. Then Charles reached for the girl’s dress. With a lazy smile he began to undo the buttons. She moved back, eyes suddenly fearful.
“Sir? What is it you would do?”
My brother snorted. “What any nobleman would do when confronted with a pretty maid late at night in a bedroom. Here, stand still.” With that he wrenched at the dress until he could cast it aside. His mouth fell open. “By heaven the girl is a beauty and one who wears no pantaloons besides. What’s the meaning of this, girl?”
“Oh, sir, it were so hot, and since we have travelled so much I had none clean to wear. I thought it no harm for once.” Charles paid little attention to her words, he was too busy admiring the figure before him. Indeed we made a sweet contrast. I, with my fair hair all a tumble, blue eyes and a china doll complexion: Hetty, a sturdy country girl, tall and well-built with black ringlets, and brown eyes. Her face was red-cheeked, healthy of appearance, and her figure, although generous, was well shaped.
I am small, a mere five feet in stature, but Hetty towered over me by many inches. I knew how that inflamed my brother. He had ever found delight in subduing women who were tall and strong. He himself was of medium stature but very strong despite his way of life. I think our father must have been of that sort although he had been old all of my grown years. I watched eagerly as Charles stood.
“Remove the rest of your clothing. I would see what you look like.” Hetty hesitated and he advanced. With a gasp of fear she tore off her clothing, flinging it down as she backed away.
“Sir, oh, please Sir, do not. I’m a good girl, I’ll be ruined, the mistress will cast me off.”
“More likely to cast you off if you do not obey me.” His mouth curved into a grim smirk. “Now, come here and shut your whimpering. You’ll not be harmed I swear. But I intend to have my will of you before the night is over and you’ll find it pleasurable. To be sure this is not new to you. Come tell me the truth, you have had others before me, have you not?”
The girl cowered nodding. “Ah, as I guessed, how many?”
“Only one, and he only the one night, Sir.”
My brother’s face changed into a deceptive gentleness. “Why, now you shall tell me all about that.” Hetty shook her head. “You shall, I will hear all, mark me now and speak.” He slammed his hand down on the dressing table so that it cracked and Hetty began in a frightened gabble.
“It were when I was yet at home, Sir. I were fourteen but already as large as I am now. Harvest had been bad and me Dad were mortal afraid as how he couldn’t pay Squire proper taxes on the farm. I were out blackberrying when I spied this man riding. He asked me the way to Upper Stapleton and I did have to say he’d not make it afore nightfall.”
My brother cut in. “I am not interested in all that. Get to the meat in the nut.”
“Yessir! To make long short, he bargained for me. My father made him swear I’d get no harm of him, and for the night I’d be given enough to make all safe with the Squire. Laid down good silver for me, he did, and in advance too. Said as how if I were virgin as father swore he’d pay extra before he left. Said as how he’d treat me kindly although that was a lie.”
Within my brother’s breeches I could see interest rising. His cheeks flushed as his eyes glittered.
“Why do you stop? Continue, I would hear all.”
“I was taken to a room in the nearby inn, sir. It were small and in an older part of the building behind thick walls. I were given a bath, Sir. All over, such as I had never had before. Then we ate.”
“Get ON!”
“Yessir. After the meal he gave me wine and stripped me, laying me back upon the bed. I knew what he would do, I had seen the cow with bull many times, but I were afraid so that I shook. It could not believe he would get that great rod into me without splitting me fair to the belly. I said so and he laughed, puffing up like our turkeycock. But he consented to find something which might ease him into me.
“The butter from our meal were what he found and with his rod well-greased he mounted me to try his sport.” She writhed in memory. “Oh, he hurt me, oiled as I were. I thought that he would split me for fair so that I cried out for mercy. He only laughed and said that it was no more than my maidenhead which hampered him and he would soon be rid of that. He laid me back again and placed a cushion under my arse so that I was lifted to his aim. Then he placed the head of his shaft against my little slit and rammed home. I cried out, begging him to cease, promising I would do anything if only he would not enter further. But he was in a lather and heard nothing, ramming into me until all of his great length was inside. Whence he began to fuck me as hard as he could saying how tight I was, how hot, and such things as made me blush for shame. At first it felt as if I were stretched to the utmost and each stroke hurt so that I cried out. But after a few minutes it began to feel better. I found my hips were shifting as I lay and I started to heave them up to meet him.
“He was delighted that I did so and encouraged me loudly. Then he withdrew, placing me upon my belly, entering my slit from behind. At the same time he slid his fingers beneath me and rubbed at a certain spot between my legs. It heated me at once so that I leaped and bounced under him imploring that he did not stop. The which he was most willing to obey. But my movements were too much and even as I found myself in a lather I knew not how to end, he cried out and thrust home a final time. I was greatly disappointed but he explained to me that a man must recharge even as a gun which has fired must be filled with powder and ball again.
“A few minutes seemed to suffice and he mounted me a second time. But not before he had tossed off more wine in which he had placed pinches of some powder. Then he was at me once more so that I fell back, legs spread to his rammer. It hurt yet but he consoled me saying that I should enjoy it as soon as he warmed me a little. This he did by rubbing again with his fingers until I squirmed and howled for very pleasure. His thick rammer filled me but he made no move, allowing my own bouncing to please him. The feeling grew until I found I was begging him to finish me, I knew not what it was I desired, only that it must happen before I fainted with the pleasure which drove me wild. At that he began to thrust home with great shoves so that I gasped with pain and pleasure mixed. Then for the first time I felt that wonderful feeling when all bursts open and dies. Ah, how often since then I have done just so for myself.” Here she cast a nervous look at Charles. “It does not hurt me to do so, but the man hurt me so that I was sore for days. I do not wish to be hurt so again.”
My brother’s voice was hoarse as he replied. “I will not hurt you. Was that all? Did he go on his way with no more?”’
“Uh, yes, Sir. He did give me the silver he had promised that I were virgin, and said I was a good girl. My father was greatly pleased that no harm came of it and he could pay Squire.”
“And that was all the man did, no more? He did nothing else?”
Hetty appeared puzzled. “Deed, Sir, he fucked me twice. What more would you have had him to do?”
I hid my amusement. Charles would find any bout which involved no more than two bouts with a girl in such simple mode crude. The fucking of a tradesman. The night of a peasant or farmer. It placed the man at once so far as he was concerned, while exciting him powerfully. If Hetty thought this one night to have been all that could be done, she was about to be strongly disabused of that notion. I had watched as he grew more delighted with her tale, Now I threw off my own clothing and prepared to enjoy my part in this play.
I am small and have never greatly relished being fucked in the normal manner. However there are other enjoyments, and in those I had trained Hetty previously. Also to see this would please my brother until he could bear it no longer; at which time dear Hetty would be positioned exactly right for Charles to commence as he would be hot to do. I stretched out upon the bed, commanding Hetty as I did so. At once she moved to crouch over me, eager tongue lapping at my sensitive clit so that I writhed and moaned. Her hands came up to tease my nipples, squeezing and fondling my breasts until I cried out. At this a pair of harder hands replaced hers, rough fingers rolling my nipples between thumb and forefinger until fire seemed to blaze from those twin points.
Below the tongue lit other fires which had me groaning as my body writhed slowly upon the silken sheets. I moved so that the girl’s plump buttocks were hanging over the bed end then turned my own body about. Now I could lap at her sweet cunny while her tongue heated my own hot slit still further. Fingers worked my nipples until I was close to dying from the pleasure. It was too much, a groan of ecstasy was forced from my lips as I died, I flew. In seconds I felt the pulsing throb of my pleasure suffuse my body.
I pushed the girl away and glanced quickly at my brother. The bulge in his breeches had grown to full size and he was hastily unbuttoning lest it be done an injury. I lay back and demanded she recommence while watching from the corner of my eye. Behind her Charles hurriedly stripped all his clothing from his person, standing naked at last, his body gleaming with a light sweat. Hetty was too busy pleasing me to notice and I reached out to lock my hands about her. Then over her shoulder I nodded. Charles stepped forward.


Dull and mild 1 out of 5 (Chicagossl)

Written in the style of 19th century erotic novel. eg. Fanny Hill. It is inventive in its twists but the sex and chastisement is a little monotonous after a while. But 4/5, pretty good. 3 out of 5 (Sooty)

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