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Selyna And The Grim (Kelly Addams)

Selyna And The Grim by Kelly Addams


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Selyna the Elvenymph returns as her journey to the Northern Kingdom leads her toward the river Masoorn, but before she arrives she is drawn by a strange music drifting through the trees, a music played by a being called the Grim, and very soon Selyna is going to regret her trusting and naive character. This is the second part of Selyna's adventure.
Caution: Features sex with mythological races.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 02 / 2018

No. words: 6157

Style: OM - Creatures and Monsters, OM Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“It is magic?” Selyna asked as the waterfall parted as Nicor waved a casual hand.
“Of a kind,” he nodded, “But I prefer to think of it as an ability, the water and I are one, and just as it controls my boundaries, so I can control some of its properties.”
A second later Selyna gasped as a liquid crystal swan arose from the water at her side, Nicor concentrated, his brow furrowing as the swan spread its wings before exploding into sparkling droplets.
“You can manipulate water!”
Nicor nodded and led his guest into a damp cave, the waterfall resuming the moment that she passed over the threshold. “I can create, just as you saw a moment ago, but such creation drains me, it stretches my ability. I am more skilled at forming barriers, for my security and protection I can manipulate the water around me from liquid to solid.”
“Ice?” Selyna asked, “You make ice?”
Nicor smiled and shook his head before touching the tip of his finger to the cascade filling the cave entrance. All around Selyna could hear the sound of the stream, the trickle and tinkle and gurgle, but even before she reached out to touch she understood that the waterfall had frozen solid.
“It isn't cold!” she exclaimed as her fingers pressed against an impossible barrier, the water was hard, immovable, and although still fresh and cool it certainly wasn't cold enough to be frozen.
“I can make the water do as I wish,” he said quietly, “I can make it like steel, I can create a swan, or a serpent, I can guide it.”
Selyna gasped and looked down swiftly, the water around her feet had pooled and suddenly gripped her.
“Have no fear.” Nicor whispered, then grinned as a serpent of cool, clear and very solid water began to slowly climb up her calf, the rounded head sliding into the leg of her leather breeches and meandering around her inner thigh. “I feel what the water feels, it is an extension of me. I feel the softness of your skin, your warmth, I feel a dampness, oh yes, let our fluids mingle!”
Selyna groaned, a sound that rose from deep inside. It was an experience beyond imagination, Nicor gasped just as deeply as the solid snake of water surged deep inside her body, flowing and invading every crevice before reforming into a hard cold shaft.
Her feet were trapped, but escape was the very last thing on her mind as the Grim began to pump her rhythmically, sometimes pushing deep as a solid, sometimes gushing as a cool liquid that filled her to the point that her flat belly bulged under the pressure.
“This is how you make love?” she groaned as the surging water hardened again and threatened orgasm.
“This is how the Grim prepare for love,” he chuckled, then forced the water shaft deep as it became as hard as iron, “Oh yes Elvenymph... our fun has only just begun!”

Author Information

30 something married nymph with a very dirty mind!
WARNING: You will find nothing vanilla in any of the books that I write, I don't even like vanilla ice-cream!
Taboo, taboo and more taboo, so be warned before sampling the products of my filthy mind.


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