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Learning to Worship Black Men (Vittoria Lima)

Learning to Worship Black Men by Vittoria Lima

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Claudine’s life changes forever when she’s taken away in an ambulance after a night of partying with friends. Ja-ron and his black friends introduce the once innocent Claudine into a world of big black ecstasy that she finds difficult to leave, even as her belly swells and not for the first time.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 2 / 2018

No. words: 23430

Style: Dark Secrets BDSM/Bondage

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Claudia lay on her side in the hospital bed as a soft mouth begin to suckle at her left nipple. Her head swum and she was unable to tell from the sensation whether it was her baby or a man.

Keeping her eyes closed, waiting for other clues. No hands mauled her body and there was silence apart from the quiet gurgling noise. She surrendered to the sensation of the gentle sucking that pulled her nipple erect, feeling the milk start to flow.

She felt a relaxed sensuality as the liquid left her body, flowing through her sensitive, swollen nipple and into the baby at her breast. Claudia pressed her legs together, opened her eyes, before closing them again.

Except for the baby, she was alone in the room. She swung her right knee upwards, pulling the covers off her, feeling the cool fabric slide down her shin.

The little mouth was still sucking, not bothered by her movements. She put her left hand between her legs and touched herself. Her clit was swollen, and she pinched it gently, then, massaged just above it. Small circles, enjoying the sensations that flowed from her breast to her belly to her crotch and back. She fell asleep before she could make herself cum.

There was movement in the room. Claudia opened her eyes and saw three figures silhouetted in the light from the hallway. One of them reached for the baby. As he lifted the sleeping baby from the bed, Claudia rolled to her back and spread her legs wide, pulling her heels up toward her ass.

“No, not that position. I think your belly is too swollen for that,” Ja-ron said.

Obediently, she rolled over onto her side. Raising her knee, she spread her legs and opened her pussy slightly. She felt the weight of her six-month pregnant belly press against the mattress.

Ja-ron reached out his hand and rubbed her swollen belly gently. Then, he leaned over and kissed it.

“My fertile young blonde has produced another healthy baby for her black Master. Good girl.”

The smell of his sweat was strong. It had taken Claudia some time to get used to the smell of a black man’s flesh. She remembered that night where everything changed - that night she was abducted.

* * *

The Beginning

Claudia had been out at a local bar with friends, drinking themselves silly to celebrate a birthday. She’d just turned eighteen. The bar had closed at two in the morning, and she had staggered out, laughing, into the street.

She had been crossing an empty parking lot when an ambulance pulled up, and two men dressed in black orderly uniforms jumped out and threw her into the back, binding and gagging her with duct tape.

Being as drunk as she was, she had been completely incapable of defending herself. Alcohol won out over terror, and she passed out before she had even arrived at her destination.

When she awoke the next day, she winced and groaned at her splitting headache, and slowly opened her eyes. Alcohol was fogging her mind and for a brief moment, she forgot what had happened to her.

There was a moment of puzzlement as she found herself lying in a pitch-black room, unsure of where she was. She tried to put her hand to her forehead, but found it firmly attached to the other one, behind her back. And then it all came flooding back.

She tried to scream, but found that the strip of duct tape was still firmly covering her lips. For lack of any better ideas, she started testing her bonds, and her range of mobility. It was limited; her wrists were crossed behind her back and tightly wrapped in duct tape.

Her legs were also bound, wrapped from ankle to knee in another half roll of tape. It didn’t take long time for her to realize that struggling was useless. With that avenue of action exhausted, she had little else to do but lay and wait. As she waited all sorts of horrible scenarios running through her mind, and she began to sob.

Hours passed. Eventually, she was too worn out to cry any more, and could do nothing but lay in the silence and blackness, waiting to find what was to become of her. She was thinking and hoping that maybe, she was just to be held for ransom, and would be released, unharmed, when her parents handed over the money.

Abruptly, the lights went on. Either they were incredibly bright, or they just seemed that way to someone with a hangover who’d just spent the last several hours in absolute darkness. She moaned and squeezed her eyes shut against the brightness. She heard a door open and close.

“Open your eyes and look at me,” said a man’s voice.

Claudia opened her eyes and squinted. It took her a full minute to adjust to the light enough to see anything. She was lying in small, bare room, with white walls, ceiling, and floor. Standing in front of her were three dark-skinned men.

Two of them were almost identical - black, tall, muscular, with shaved heads, and dressed in hospital orderly uniforms. Both wore a knuckle-duster fitted with a taser. The man in the middle was different.

As the man in the middle stepped toward her, she could see how handsome he was. He was wearing what looked like a doctor’s lab coat but it was made of latex. The lab coat was so tight that she could see he wore no underwear and his nipples were as hard as rocks.

He looked Claudia right in the eye and then reached forward and smeared his finger across her lips and face. In a chilling voice, he spoke to the two orderlies, “this white slut has been brought here to be taught humility.”

“You’re probably wondering why you’re here. Rest assured, you’ll find out soon enough. There are a few matters we need to attend to first though. Get that duct tape off her and replace it with some more professional restraints.”

There was a box by the door, and one of the men went over to it. The other one walked over to Claudia. He grabbed her shoulders while the other moved around behind her.

The two holding her dragged her up to her feet. The other guard had what he needed and was walking over with it. In his hands he held a contraption made of something that looked like leather, and a knife.

When Claudia saw the knife, she immediately assumed she was going to be killed. She panicked and attempted to break free of the man’s grip. Suddenly, everything exploded. Blazing agony shot forth from the small of her back, and she lost control of her muscles.

The man behind her had used his taser. Her body sagged, but the man holding her was strong enough to support her limp weight.

“Stupid bitch,” snapped the man in the lab coat, “would I go to all this trouble to abduct you, only to kill you? Relax. The knife is just to cut the tape.”

And indeed it was. The man handed the knife to the one behind her, and soon she found her hands cut free, not that she could use them, stunned as she was. The man in front of her lifted her limp arms, one at a time, and fastened the leather straps around her wrists.

After tightening the straps around her wrists, the guard slid one such bar into each buckle. The bars were too fat to fit through the buckle’s holes at one end and had a small hole at the other. Into each of those holes, the guard slipped a small padlock, and he clicked them closed. The padlock thus prevented the bar from being slid out the other way, effectively keeping it in place.

The orderly then proceeded to do the same for her legs. The tape was cut and removed, and straps were fastened around her ankles. Although she was recovering from the effects of the taser, and could stand, shakily, one of the orderlies supported her.

“Raise your hands above your head,” Her captor barked.

Not wanting to get stunned again, Claudia complied. The man pulled a small remote control from his pocket and pressed. She heard a faint whir above her head and looked up to see a couple of chains descending from the ceiling.

Each had a ring at the end, similar to the rings on her wristbands, but hinged, so that it could be opened and closed. The orderlies each took a chain, while a third supported her, and the fourth stood by with stun stick at the ready, in case she was stupid enough to fight again.

Two guards with the chains snapped open the rings, slipped them through the rings on her wrists, and snapped them shut again. She noted that the mechanism that had to be operated to open the rings was complex enough to require two hands.

It would therefore be impossible for her to open them herself while restrained by them. This was unsurprising as they wouldn’t make terribly good restraints if she could.

The man pressed another button on the remote control, and the chains began to retract back into the ceiling. She worried that he meant to pull her completely off the ground, but he stopped as soon as she had to lift her heels off the floor.

He pressed the button a few more times to bring her up to standing on the balls of her feet, then, put the remote control back in his front pocket. There were similar rings set into floor by her feet that she hadn’t noticed until now. The orderlies opened them and locked them onto the rings on her ankle bands.

The man in the lab coat stepped forward, walked around Claudia, and tugged on the chains a little. He walked back around in front of her, and nodded, satisfied.

“Let me begin by telling you a little about myself. As far as you’re concerned, my name is Ja-ron. If you need to refer to me when I’m not around, you can use ‘Master.’ I get bored easily and have many hobbies. And one of my hobbies is abducting beautiful white women and turning them into black cock worshipping sluts.”

Claudia would have gasped, if she hadn’t been gagged. She shook her head violently and let out a choked sob, but she was all cried out, and no tears came. Of course, the possibility of being fucked had occurred to her, but she’d tried to force the thought out of her mind as much as possible. Now, her fear was confirmed.

“So yes, you are going to be fucked. Eventually, it’ll just be part of your daily routine. I’ve got more good news for you. I’m a sadist, so you’ll also be subjected to a variety of forms of torture, both physical and psychological.

Author Information

A writer of Dark Erotic fiction, including themes of BDSM, female submission and sexual servitude.


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