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The Chronicles Of Rita - Volume 10 (Shadow)

The Chronicles Of Rita - Volume 10 by Shadow

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Natasha uses her time to try to learn more about the lives of slaves in general and particularly the slaves in this household. Jodi most of all.

The Center has recruited the rescue angel; the technical and operational pieces are coming together. They’re a day or two away from launching the rescue to get their agent back from Fedor.

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Mandy says no and means it. Cleveland fucks her anyway. She places him under arrest.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 1 / 2018

No. words: 65500

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Chapter 46 – And Sometimes It Isn’t

Natasha left the stable and moved away quickly, but not quickly enough to avoid hearing additional shrieks from Michelle. She realized there was obviously some history between Michelle and Jason, which she assumed stemmed from a time when Michelle had been free. Jason had not spoken of Michelle, nor of his history with her, in bed last night and it was doubtful he ever would because he just didn’t seem like a master who would really talk to his slave. But then, even if he did really talk to her, aside from anything relating to Michelle, he didn’t have the answers she wanted. She mentally shrugged, pushing the thought aside, knowing that she would have more than a week’s worth of questions to ask the other slaves here if she ever settled down to begin asking them. Those were the answers she really wanted. At that, questions to Michelle about her history with Jason would be merely a small segment of that time.
With no particular destination in mind, and for the moment simply enjoying the bright sunshine and clean air, she wandered back toward the carriage house. When she got closer to it she heard a muffled thunk, a few seconds of silence, then two more of the same thunk sounds. The latter two were closely spaced, one right after the other. Now drawn by curiosity she increased her pace slightly. Driven by having as goal she headed in the direction the sound was coming from. She next heard soft grunting coming from a woman. It wasn’t a sound of pain. Then it came again, and ‘Tasha recognized it for what it was. A woman was working at hard labor. Obviously one of the slaves was grunting at the effort required by her chore. She didn’t know anyone here well enough to be able to identify who it was by the sound of her voice, so she hurried forward to see. The thunking was a bit puzzling, and all ‘Tasha could think of was an axe hitting wood. But it didn’t sound exactly like that either.
When she rounded the corner of the building she was greeted by a sight and she didn’t know quite what to make of it. There were six or seven slaves in a group close to the side of the house. She scanned their faces, wracking her brain to come up with the appropriate names, and succeeded in matching names to three of the faces. The others she just wasn’t sure about. She chided herself for not having paid better attention to the introductions at breakfast. The slaves in the group were doing stretching and limbering-up exercises, but none were doing anything strenuous enough to warrant grunting. Then, set off by herself, she saw a lone slave. As soon as she saw the lone slave, her vision was transfixed, and she stood in mild awe watching the slave she knew to be Jodi.
Jodi was doing some moves that were both weird and elegant at the same time. She was in a strange pose that ‘Tasha recognized as being vaguely oriental, associating it with some martial arts movies she had seen. Jodi began a motion making ‘Tasha realize that she was wearing high heeled thigh-high boots. The fact that she was doing what she was doing in heels made ‘Tasha catch her breath and unconsciously hold it in concern for Jodi’s safety. Jodi moved in ultra-slow motion with one leg raised and her arms cocked at funny angles, as though she was going to strike something. Her hands were rigidly flat in the classic karate chop fashion. She pivoted on her leg, somehow moving her body without having seemed to flex a muscle anywhere. Then, in a flash of motion that ‘Tasha was unable to follow with her eyes, Jodi’s hands wove through the air in a complicated pattern that seemingly destroyed an invisible opponent standing in front of her. Then, in another blur of speed, her raised leg shot forward, then swept sideways at a blinding speed. Her leg seemingly pulled Jodi’s body with it, then her foot smashed onto the ground, her hands went to the tops of the thigh boots she was wearing, then she heard the grunting, saw a flash of silver leave her hand, followed by a second from her other hand, then heard the mysterious thunk twice, as the silver flashes buried themselves in a wood post set into the ground about twenty feet away.
For the first time, ‘Tasha focused on the wood post and realized that it was filled with silver throwing stars. Throwing stars? She has throwing stars? Craig allows her to have them? Those things are lethal! Not only lethal, but she sure as hell knows how to use them. This house of slaves is too fucking weird to believe. Slaves are given lethal stuff to play with? She could easily kill him and run away. The incongruity of that thought stopped ‘Tasha’s flood of questions as she realized one crucial point. He’s not worried that she will kill him. Why isn’t he? Her thoughts hung on that question for a few seconds, then her mind veered off in a totally different direction. With crystal clear clarity and unyielding certainty she came to a realization. I want to stay here. I want to know what in hell is going on here. This place is nothing like any of the television shows I’ve seen. The slaves actually seem to be happy here. I have to influence Jason to decide to stay here. I don’t know how I can do that but I have to try. I want to know what makes this place tick. And if I’m right and the slaves are happy here; I want that too. I want to be happy despite being a slave.
With that settled in her mind, she let the breath she was holding out, then realized something else. The entire routine had happened while she had been holding her breath. She couldn’t believe that all that she had seen had occurred in such a short period of time.
By this time Jodi was on both feet, facing the post. She put her hands together in a praying pose, then bowed to the post. She turned to survey the group, then noticed ‘Tasha behind them. Upon seeing ‘Tasha she smiled brightly and called to her. “’Tasha, how nice of you to join us. I’ll be right with you.” She walked toward the group of slaves, looked them over then addressed Monica, telling her to take over for a few minutes and to lead the group in some basic exercises while she spoke with ‘Tasha. Monica nodded, and all the others arrayed themselves in front of Monica, forming up as a class before the teacher. Monica took her position in front, then without pausing she commanded, “Pushups. Twenty five.” She dropped to the ground, as did all the others and as a single group, they began doing pushups as Monica called out the cadence.
Jodi continued walking toward ‘Tasha. For the first time ‘Tasha really looked at Jodi. She marveled, feeling a spike of envy, at the other woman’s feline gracefulness. She turned simply walking into a sensuous act. And those boots didn’t hurt either. ‘Tasha lusted for the boots Jodi was wearing. They were spike-heeled, white with silver tooling up the sides. They were gorgeous, and they, along with her ass-covering length hair wafting gently behind her, made Jodi look like a goddess who had come to earth. When she got close to ‘Tasha, Jodi opened the conversation with an apology. She repeated her statement that she was delighted that ‘Tasha had joined them, then added the apology that she had erred by not making a point of telling ‘Tasha about the exercise class and inviting her to join them. ‘Tasha waved the apology aside with the thought that none of them could have known that she or her master would have still been here. But she thanked Jodi for her concern, adding that if by some chance she and her master remained in Eastlake as Craig’s guests, she would love to join the exercise class.
Jodi could not help noticing that ‘Tasha’s eyes flicked downward a few times while they were speaking, then she realized that the other slave was looking at the top of her boots. Or more specifically, probably at the few throwing stars that remained stored there. She casually extracted one then offered it to ‘Tasha while warning her to be careful because they were very sharp. She took it gingerly, assessing its weight and looking it over closely. After a minute ‘Tasha asked if she could throw it. Jodi hesitated answering, then parried the question by asking her own.
“Have you ever thrown them before? Have you been trained in their use?”
‘Tasha continued to scrutinize the weapon in her hand, then without looking up she shook her head ‘no’, and quietly, almost wistfully, said the word.
Jodi heard the response and the longing in it, then somewhat apologetically added, “You would need training to be able to safely handle these…” as Jodi spoke, ‘Tasha quickly looked at her with a hopeful expression. When Jodi saw the look on her face, she concluded by saying, “… but I’d need your master’s permission before I could begin teaching you any karate, especially something like this.”
‘Tasha’s face fell, then she smiled, forgiving Jodi. “I understand. If it looks like we’re going to stay here for any length of time, I’ll ask if he’ll allow it. I doubt he’ll say yes, but I’ll ask.” She stopped speaking, then a thought occurred to her. “Maybe I can use whatever argument you used to convince your master to let you have them. How did you convince him to agree to you having them?”
Monica called out, “Sit-ups. Fifty.” Another cadence began, this time punctuated by a few grunts and groans.
“He didn’t exactly let me have them. He gave them to me.”
‘Tasha’s face filled with puzzlement, but before she could ask anything, Jodi added fuel to the fire by saying, “In fact, he had them made for me.”
The consternation in ‘Tasha was too much. After bottling up dozens of questions that she wanted to ask, then to be hit with that statement, she couldn’t contain herself any longer. She blurted out, “What’s going here? Are you really all slaves? You all seem like you’re actually happy… giving piano concerts… sitting around drinking coffee in the morning… this place isn’t like anything I’ve every heard about.” She sputtered to a halt to catch her breath, then before Jodi could attempt an answer, she continued. “My god, one of you… I’m sorry; I don’t remember all the names… is drawing plans and researching trees and shrubs to landscape this place such that you would think it was Windsor Castle. Another of you is attending classes at the local college in fashion design; Sasha has been to a local cooking school, and both are looking into going to out of town schools that specialize in those fields. Out of town for months! And they’re confident that they will be allowed to go! KD has the knowledge, skills, and enough tools to build a prison, let alone break out of one. You teach karate to slaves, you play with killing devices, and then you tell me that he actually had them made for you, then gave them to you? Why would he do that?” She half threw her hands up in the air in exasperation, unable to offer any kind of rational explanation for any of that. She drew a breath to continue, but stopped when she looked at Jodi, who had an amused look on her face and was not attempting to do anything to calm ‘Tasha’s outburst.
Her animation faded quickly as Jodi continued to look at her calmly with that hint of amusement on her face while remaining silent. ‘Tasha dropped her arms and gave Jodi an almost forlorn look of defeat. That made Jodi chuckle softly. “You’re gonna love this.” She took a star from the top of her boot and fastened it in place on a nipple. It stayed where she put it when she removed her hands, then she flicked it with her fingernail to show that it would stay in place even then. She grinned almost evilly. “He had them made disguised as nipple shields so I could wear them this way if I didn’t have these boots on. He likes me in heels and stockings too, so I don’t always wear the boots, but he wanted me to be armed.” The look of surprise on ‘Tasha’s face was priceless. Jodi smiled more softly, placed hr hand on ‘Tasha’s arm and continued. “Yeah, I suppose we are something of an odd bunch. But you’re right about something. We’re really pretty happy here. I am anyway, and most of the others are too, putting aside the question of whether they want to be slaves at all. But considering they are slaves and there’s nothing to be done about that… yeah, pretty happy. And you should probably know that I voluntarily enslaved myself to him. This time, anyway. I love him.”
Startled down to her toes, ‘Tasha’s mouth dropped open to fire off more questions, while her mind raced to decide which one to ask first. You voluntarily enslaved to him? Why would you do that? THIS TIME? What the fuck…? You love him? Is that why you enslaved yourself to him?
Before ‘Tasha could begin to ask her questions, Jodi continued speaking, unaware that ‘Tasha had been about to interrupt. “As for the rest of your questions…especially about these things, I suppose.” As she was speaking, she fingered the star that she was removing from her nipple, then replaced it in the boot, making it plainly obvious that the boot had been designed to house the things. She concluded the conversation for the moment. “Answering the rest of your questions will take a while because I guarantee the answers will lead to many more questions. It won’t be a short conversation. It will take far longer than I can afford to give you right now. I have an exercise class to run, and some karate to teach. Again, you’re welcome to join the exercise portion and observe the karate if you wish to. Since it looks like you’ll probably be here for dinner, lets plan on continuing this conversation later. My lord won’t be back until close to dinner time, but your master may want you for something, so lets play the timing by ear until we see what develops.” She gently flicked ‘Tasha’s nipple with her forefinger and winked as she did so. Jodi was clearly hinting that her master might want to use her. ‘Tasha understood the hint, but considering what were obviously his plans for Michelle, she doubted that he was going to use anybody else today. If he did anything other than fuck Michelle repeatedly, probably with whippings in between, she would be greatly surprised.
Jodi went back to the group, stood by Monica and watched the slaves finish their sit-up segment of the warm-ups. She noted who was moving smoothly and easily, and who was struggling. The ones that were struggling would get different exercises to help improve their core strength. When the set was finished, she called out individual names and began assigning individual exercises for the more strenuous portion of the class. She glanced over to see ‘Tasha watching, then paid no further attention to the guest.
When everyone was exercising and she had the next few minutes of exercise routines planned for them, Jodi bent her mind to her own karate routine. She quickly decided what she wanted to do, then began the first of the series of katas she intended to perform. The first kata was a slow, almost elegant dance, intended to focus the performer’s mind as she worked through very precise, careful movements. Speed was not required here. Not yet. A quarter of an inch difference in the hand’s ending position was more meaningful than if it arrived a half-second sooner. After she regained her former level of achievement, then she would worry about adding speed to this kata. Besides, the next four katas she had in mind for the next few minutes would each demand successively higher speeds from her.
Despite her fierce concentration on performing the kata correctly, an errant thought slipped through her mind. She knew there was only so much she could do on her own. And at that, her progress would be slow, if at all, without a master guiding her. She knew that she needed someone better than herself to observe and correct her errors. She needed to get back to the dojo and the training regimen she had been in before she got shot. She also hoped they had gotten a better instructor… a higher-ranked master… but she was doubtful they had. Fighting two or more of the lesser instructors simultaneously was challenging, but it wasn’t what she truly wanted. She wondered if her lord would spring for a better arrangement for her. Something like private lessons from an eighth or higher level master. But with Manny dead and gone, would he see a need for her to continue training? And more than just training, but to advance still further? She already held a national ranking and he knew about it. Would he be sympathetic to her desire to continue to advance? Annoyed with herself for her lack of concentration, she banished all thought of what he might or might not agree to from her mind and focused on her kata.
‘Tasha watched Jodi, mesmerized by the elegance of her movements. As she watched she recalled her ballet lessons, quickly seeing similarities in the two art forms. While they were obviously very different, with different objectives, she felt certain that if her master allowed he to receive the karate training… assuming, of course, that they stayed here… that she would find those earlier lessons helpful. She had never thought that training in karate was something she would ever want to consider doing, but now, seeing Jodi, she felt a strong desire to begin studying it. And that desire brought the matter of staying here back to the forefront of her mind. While previously, despite the hundreds of questions that she wanted answered, she had had no real preference to staying or not, and hence, she felt no need to approach her master on the question, and no reason to attempt to influence the decision. Events this morning had changed all that. She wanted to stay. Then a conundrum arose in her mind. She wondered whether if she was successful in shaping the decision and they stayed, then he refused her permission to study with Jodi, would she feel regret for not having gone to California, and away from the disappointment caused by the refusal? After puzzling over that for a second, she dismissed the thought from further consideration, because she realized she could then feel equal disappointment for not pursuing this desire, because he might grant permission.
With her mind again settled on knowing she wanted to stay and that she would seek to bring that about, she only needed to come up with some way of doing that. The only idea that popped into her mind was to put him in a good frame of mind by spending a lot of time on her knees drinking a lot of his cum, then suggesting that this was a good town to open his business. She almost laughed out loud at the lunacy of that idea. She decided instead to speak to the other slaves here and ask if they had ever faced a similar problem, and how they went about trying to sway their master. Happy for the moment with that plan she went back to watching Jodi, idly visualizing herself doing the same movements.
Jason agitatedly twirled the riding crop in his fingers while he stared at Michelle. He could see the nervous sweat on her, but he could also see the defiant glint in her eye as she held his eyes with hers. Her look didn’t waver despite her obvious nervousness. He didn’t feel like he’d been outmaneuvered, exactly, it was more like she had seen an escape he had overlooked. He had wanted to humiliate her by making her beg to be fucked. He wasn’t so much interested in actually fucking her, although he knew he would enjoy that immensely if she asked for it. But no, what he really wanted was to hear her grovel. Having complied with his order to speak sincerely he didn’t feel right about whipping her for the fun of it…

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Currently living in this universe but searching in the Northwest corner of the planet, looking for the doorway to the alternate universe in which this story takes place


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