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Cruel Black Masters (Abel)

Cruel Black Masters by Abel

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Robyn is white, blonde, and hot. A university student of twenty-two studying archaeology. She’s willing to use her beautiful body to get want she wants- a Doctorate.

Her tutor Franklin is black, big and brutal. Robyn thinks she can use her charms to manipulate him. She’s deluded.

When the tables are turned, Robyn is caught in a vortex of perverted sex and sadism.

Franklin sets her tasks that have nothing to do with her academic work and everything to do with his obsession with white girls and satisfying his strange sexual preferences.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 1 / 2018

No. words: 12600

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Interracial Bondage/BDSM

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



Robyn hadn’t seen Franklin’s cane before.
He was sitting waiting for her with the bamboo cane resting across his knees.
‘Where the fuck have you been?’
‘The police caught me in the park.’
‘Stupid slut. They caught you in the act?’
‘Your friend wanted to fuck me…take me from behind.’
‘And you brought the police back here. Now they know where I live, you idiot.’
‘I said it was my dad’s house.’
‘Why didn’t you take them back to your flat?’
‘I didn’t think.’
‘That’s your problem, isn’t it? You never do think.’
‘No, sir.’
‘Stand in the middle of the room and touch your toes.’
‘No, Frank.’
‘I said no. It’s not fair to punish me. I was doing what you told me to do.’
He got up and flexed the cane menacingly.
‘But you botched it, didn’t you? You got caught.’
‘I couldn’t help it. You didn’t tell me police patrolled the park. They thought I was a hooker.’
‘They know a slut when they see one.’
Franklin swished the cane through the air making it sing.
‘Bend over.’
‘Please don’t hurt me,’ she pleaded.
‘I’m going to teach you a lesson,’ he said.
Robyn went to the spot he indicated, shivering with fear. She was fit enough to touch her toes and she felt her cheeks tighten, offering a perfect target. She prayed he wouldn’t mark her too severely, knowing how easily her fair skin bruised.
Frank tapped her arse gently with the cane, making her wait. Then she heard him swing the cane in several air shots so it whooshed through the air close to her.
Her whole body quivered and her mouth went dry, sweat collected between her breasts and beaded her forehead. She hadn’t emptied her bladder for ages and feared she might wet herself.
Frank went back as far as the door and took a run at her.
The cane caressed the fleshiest part of her arse, bending to the rounded shape of her slim buttocks. The stroke took her breath away so that it was at least ten seconds before she screamed.
Robyn had never experienced pain like it. She danced up and down, rubbing her arse in a vain attempt to cool the heat that suffused her ravaged cheeks.
‘Oh my God! Oh, please! I’ll never defy you again! Please Franklin.’
She dropped to her knees and grabbed his ankles in supplication.
She realised he would have a perfect view of his handiwork. She could tell there would be a welt across both white cheeks only interrupted by her crack, a wheal already hardening, turning from fiery red to dark purple.
As Robyn begged and pleaded between her sobs she knew he was stripping.
‘Get up!’
As she slowly got to her feet she saw his cock was already rampant, twitching as it grew to its full height and girth.
If she had any remaining doubts he was a sadist, they were fully dispelled.
‘Please don’t cane me again, sir. I’ve learnt my lesson. I will always carry out your orders to the letter. Let me suck your cock…’
He looked at her with disdain, not pity. She would look a sight, her hair bedraggled, her face besmirched with tears and snot, her eyes red from crying, her breasts marked with cruel bites.
Franklin pushed his cock towards her and she dropped to her knees again to lick it like a slavering dog, hoping to distract him from the task of punishment. He liked her to suck his balls so she took the hard rocks as far into her mouth as she could.
As she sucked, he let the cane dangle over her hunched shoulders as a constant reminder of what was to come, casually tapping her shoulder blades and spine like someone drumming his fingers to pass the time.
‘Up, girl,’ he said.
‘No, please! I’ll do anything.’
‘Just do as you’re told. Touch your toes.’
This time when she bent over Frank came up behind her and rubbed his cock up and down in her crack. She wondered if he would enter her but she was dry and the angle was difficult. She had never imagined she would want him to fuck her this way but it was preferable to being caned.
He stepped back and swished the cane again in practice shots.
She braced herself, tears dripping on the carpet. Robyn didn’t think she could take another stroke. She straightened up again, rubbing her arse. The pain still throbbed.
‘Bend over. Right over,’ he snapped.
He put out his left hand and traced the raised welt with his fingers, relishing the result of the first stroke he’d dealt her.
Franklin took the cane back over his shoulder then brought it down in a wide arc to strike Robyn’s flesh a second time, following through with a flourish. A part of Robyn’s brain registered that he must be an experienced flogger of girls’ bottoms, before the reflex to protest took over in a delayed blood-curdling, full-throated roar.
Arghhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Again, Robyn hopped about the room without shame or inhibition. His lips curled into a cruel grin as he watched her antics, her dervish like dance and her vain attempts to rub the pain away.
‘My cock’s feeling neglected,’ he told her. ‘It can’t suck itself.’
Despite her pain, she forced herself to attend to him, kneeling humbly, taking the base of his dick in both hands and summoning up enough saliva to make it run down his shaft. By now she was drenched in sweat and getting hotter still as her head bobbed up and down, her long hair hanging in rat’s tails so that she had to free a hand to sweep it back out of the way. It was hard to concentrate on her cock sucking duty with such a pulse of pain beating in her poor abused arse. She had never sucked a dick with such energy and conviction in the hope of delaying the next stroke of Franklin’s bamboo instrument of punishment.
He dropped his cane on the carpet.
He ordered her to lean over the leather sofa and this time he entered her back passage and fucked her lustily for five minutes which added greatly to her pain. Yet she was hopeful that he might content himself with the two strokes he’d given her. She tried to grip his cock with her arse muscles in the hope that he might come, thus diminishing the lust that was driving the sadistic beating. But, unlike many men, he seemed to be able to regulate his own rhythm when he felt near to an orgasm, thus prolonging his pleasure.
‘Please don’t cane me again,’ she begged. ‘I can’t take any more.’
‘You should have thought of that when you led the cops to my door.’
‘They won’t come back.’
‘You better pray that they don’t,’ he said threateningly.
‘Please sir!’
‘Please what, slut?’
‘Please spare me any more strokes. I’ll be a good girl. I won’t vex you again.’
‘I think you find it hard to be good, don’t you?’
He unsheathed his cock and picked up his cane.
‘I’ve hardly started,’ he said. ‘Stay where you are.’
He too was sweating, his muscles gleaming, his massive cock jutting. It was no wonder he hurt her, he was such a big man with such extraordinary power in his bulging biceps. She felt dwarfed by him, her frail white body over-shadowed and dominated. Her arse was so soft and smooth the cane left her with bruises that spread out from the welts and merged one with another.
‘This time I’m going to lay it on,’ he said. ‘I’ve been lenient so far.’
‘No, please…’
‘Stop whining,’ he ordered. ‘Keep quiet or I’ll give you more.’
He thrashed her a third time with such force that the cane broke, a part of the bamboo flying across the room. He had been true to his word; the pain was so severe Robyn nearly passed out. She felt a few drops of urine run down her inner thigh and feared she was going to lose all control of her bladder but she squeezed her legs together as best she could.
‘Go if you have to. I don’t want you pissing over my carpet.’
Robyn hobbled towards the toilet, one hand rubbing her arse, the other over her vagina to stop her pee.
He followed her and watched her squat and release her stream.
She felt humiliated to be pissing in front of him, the sound seemed so loud and it seemed to take an age. Then drying off her naked labia with a piece of toilet paper right under his eyes. Washing her hands, she saw herself in the mirror, eyes red and swollen with crying, snot running from her nose, hair stuck to her face and forehead with sweat.
‘You look a mess, slag, he said. ‘No-one could fancy you.’
‘I’m sorry,’ she said. Why was she apologising when he was responsible for the way she looked? It was a measure of how broken she was, so crushed that she felt he was right to despise her; she despised herself. He was right, no-one could see anything remotely desirable about her. She looked sub-human. She was nothing.
Could she summon the strength to fight back and find herself again?
‘I should send you back out on the streets looking like that,’ he said. ‘See how much custom you get.’
Franklin took her to the bedroom.
He went to a chest of drawers and produced a fearsome looking paddle to replace his broken cane. It resembled a short oar with a handle. Robyn had heard of them being used to punish students in High Schools in America before corporal punishment was banned. She expected it would be used to visit yet more pain on her ravished bottom, still burning with pain, but she was wrong.
Franklin pulled out pink coloured ropes from the same drawer and tied her hands behind her back. He used ropes to tie both her breasts together before knotting them behind her back to create a makeshift bra. The ropes had the effect of making her tits bulge forward. Given that her boobs were naturally huge, they now made her look top heavy as though she might topple over at any moment.
He gathered up her straggly hair and used elastic bands to tie it in a pony tail.
He told her to kneel on the bed facing him. He picked up the paddle and stood over her. It was then that the awful truth of her situation dawned on her. He was going to use the paddle on her tits, so much more sensitive than her arse.
Thwack! Thwack!
He dealt her two brisk strokes, one on each breast and she yelped. If the caning on her buttocks was bad, this was of a different order, a dull pain that made her feel sick. She began to beg for mercy but knew it was wasted breath.

Author Information

Abel is an English writer who has built a reputation for hard hitting stories featuring physical and psychological bondage, often with an inter-racial flavour.


Publisher Information

Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres, including specialist sites for Romance (www.a1romancestories.com, our non-adult and erotica site at www.fiction4all.com and a number of adult sites based around our main site at www.a1adultebooks.com

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