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Blondie & The Bears (Kelly Addams)

Blondie & The Bears by Kelly Addams


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Blondie just can't seem to get laid in the small village she now calls home, the local men are scared and intimidated by her beauty, and so it is 8 months since she felt a man inside her when she finds herself outside a strange cottage deep in the woods, a cottage owned by 3 huge brothers, maybe they can ease her frustration, & maybe she is in for a massive shock!

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 01 / 2018

No. words: 5653

Style: OM - ShapeShifters

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“She's in the house!” Wudruff whispered.
“And look, all of her clothes are hanging on the line.” Burrlip added.
“So we were correct,” said Rufus, “Where the path had collapsed into the pool is where she fell, she landed in the mud then came up to the house to get cleaned up.”
“Which means she's inside now,” Burrlip grunted and shuffled forward across the lawn drawing steadily closer to the open door. “She's inside and naked!”
“Hey, I go first.” Rufus growled, “I always get to have them last... well not this time.”
“Let's see what she wants first,” Wudruff chuckled as he peered inside his kitchen, “We can argue about the fucking order after.”
“Well, she's definitely been sitting on my chair,” Burrlip grunted as he crouched down and sniffed the wooden seat of his favourite chair. “I smell her juicy cunt clearly, almost like she was rubbing herself against the grain.”
“My towel is gone!” Rufus exclaimed.
“And she helped herself to the bread and cheese.” Wudruff added, an edge of irritation in his voice. “So where is she now, I smell her everywhere!”
All three brothers stared at each other, then raised their eyes to the ceiling and grinned.”
“She thinks she's fucking Goldilocks!” Burrlip chuckled.
“And who's been sleeping in my bed?” Burrlip added, “The bitch is about to get a shock.”
And as Rufus began to cautiously climb the stairs Wudruff retrieved a length of soft rope from a large wooden chest, then grinned at his brother, both relishing the action that lay ahead.

Author Information

30 something married nymph with a very dirty mind!
WARNING: You will find nothing vanilla in any of the books that I write, I don't even like vanilla ice-cream!
Taboo, taboo and more taboo, so be warned before sampling the products of my filthy mind.


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