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THE DOMINATOR (S. L. Hendrickson)

THE DOMINATOR by S. L. Hendrickson

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John got into the booming real estate market to make some quick and easy money but after six months, he had not sold a house. Desperate for money he took a job working for Rachel, who is in the service industry; she uses her body to satisfy women who has special needs. Some of them want a man, so he becomes the Dominator. He starts to enjoy dominating women and fulfilling their fantasies. One of Rachel’s clients is Patricia, who was looking for one man to be her master. John loves being in complete control of her, controlling her body, even controlling when she has an orgasm. John stops working for Rachel because he finds the perfect woman to dominate.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 1 / 2018

No. words: 15060

Style: Erotic Domination - M/F, Erotic Short Stories

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


She was taking her time looking over the house, but John didn’t mind she was a real looker. In fact, she was the hottest woman he had seen lately built just the way he liked short and stacked. Her large breasts stuck out, and the skirt was tight and barely coming below the jacket. She had big thighs and a big, round ass. It seemed like she was taking every opportunity to bend over giving him a good show, but he needed to keep his mind on business. He wanted to throw her on the floor, rip off her clothes, and plow into her. She sat on one of the beds making the skirt ride up disappearing under the jacket making it look like she was naked from the waist down. Her legs were shapely and looked good in the dark nylons. He was thinking that she was wearing pantyhose and wanted to spread her legs, rip a hole in them, and slam his dick into her pussy when she asked, “Does the furniture stay in the house.”
John snapped back to reality. “Yes, it does.”
The strap came off her shoe and when she bent down to fix it, her tit rested on the knee causing it to budge out of the blouse. The tanned breasts looked good sticking out of the white blouse. John wanted to suck on them, to manhandle them. He looked away when she looked up. He really wanted this hot, little babe, but it was also important to sell a house. He got into real estate thinking it would be easy to make money. It was not the case. After showing a dozen houses, there was not even one sale.
“Where is the owner?”
“He took a job in Europe.”
“Do you come with the house?”
“Pardon me,” John said a little startled.
“The way you were staring at me, I thought you were interested.”
John was embarrassed, but she was putting on a show.
“Have you ever had a woman you were showing a house too?"
“Never, I would lose my license if we were caught.”
“I guess I’m not worth the risk.”
“You look good enough to eat,” John said and then smiled giving the look to let a woman know he was interested.
“I just got my license; in fact, I haven’t even sold a house yet. So maybe we should go if you’re not really interested in the house.”
“How much commission would you make?”
“I suppose about five thousand.”
“How would you like to make a quick five hundred?”
“I want you to take me right here, right now.”
“Can’t we do it somewhere else?”
“Where is the excitement in that?” she replied pulling a roll of bills out of her purse. The bill on the outside was a hundred. He wondered if this was for real and then thought that maybe she was one of those women who say they want it but later would claim rape. Then she stood up, hiked up her skirt, showing him that she was wearing thigh-high nylons, a garter belt, and no panties. John figured this had to be for real; women didn’t dress like that, unless they really wanted it. John took off his suit jacket and started loosening his tie.
“It’s not going to be that easy. You are going to have to earn it. I want you to count to twenty, and then you have to find me.”
“Are you kidding?” John said and then realized it was a dumb question; this woman was into playing games.
“You find me, and then you have to take me hard and ruff,” she said waving the bills at him.
“One, two, three,” he was counting fast. She ran out of the room. He got to twenty and then looked through the upstairs while taking off the tie and coat. He figured; she wouldn’t go far but couldn’t find her in any of the rooms upstairs. He walked down the stairs, stopped and listened. There was no sound of her. He went into the den and searched it thoroughly even looking under the desk. In the living room, he was thinking it was some kind of a joke, and that she was having a good laugh while driving home so he went to the window. Her car was still in the driveway.
He looked in the kitchen and then checked out the porch in the back of the house. The game was starting to make him mad. He didn’t think we would have to work this hard, had no idea where she could be, and was wondering if it was worth the trouble, when he heard the floor creaking upstairs. He slowly went back up the stairs trying to be very quiet. She was coming out of the upstairs bathroom when he got to the top of the stairs. He quickly ducked into the first room. She had been standing in the bathtub when he checked that room. She went to look down the stairs and when she passed the room, he reached out and grabbed her.
“I’ve got you,” he said, and then she put an elbow into his midsection that almost knocked the wind out of him and headed for the stairs. He got her by the back of the coat, just as she was starting down. Now, he was mad. He pulled her back down the hallway, and she was fighting him every step of the way. He pulled her into one of the bedrooms, and overpowering her, pushed her on the bed. She struggled and put the heel of her shoe into his chin.
“That hurts bitch,” he said. She didn’t say anything but continued to fight him. John had been a wrestler in high school and college and worked out regularly. He could bench-press over two hundred pounds, and this little woman was giving him all he could handle. He pinned her and thought the game was over now but as, he bent down to kiss her; she tried to bite him and bring a knee between his legs.
“Ok, bitch. If that is the way, you want it. You want it rough. You’re going to get it.” He flipped her over and put his knee in the middle of her back, and pinned her head with his forearm on her neck.
“That’s it; we're done,” she said.
“What do you mean that’s it?”
“That’s all I want. I just wanted to see if you would do it. You don’t want me to claim rape do you?”
John let her up and she straightened her clothes, handed him the money, and left. John lay there a few moments and when he heard the door shut down stairs he unzipped his pants, pulled out his raging hard-on and let his imagination run wild. He found a scarf, shoved in her mouth and then tied the ends together behind her head.
“You are going to get raped bitch.” He slid up her skirt and exposed her bare ass. It was round, firm, and nicely tanned. He reached between her legs and checked her pussy; it was sopping wet.
“What a fucking whore.”
He tried to get inside of her, but she wouldn’t lift up, so he flipped her over. She tried to bring her legs together, but he anticipated that move and got his knees up blocking her. She got her legs around his waist.
“You’re going to be fucked bitch.” He rammed it in, pushed up her blouse and bra, exposing her tits. He massaged one as he pumped in and out of her.
“What great tits,” he said. He really liked short women with big tits, and they were huge.
Her body bucked from his thrusts, and the pussy got really wet.
“You fucking bitch, whore." He picked up her legs, pushed them back, and then really drove it into her and kept slamming into her, pulling his dick all the way out. Finally, he felt it build, deep down, in his balls and his cum went all over his pants, but he didn’t care. He waited a few minutes and then wondered if he could do it again as his mind started to race. He massaged one tit and sucked on the other. After he had his fill of her nice tits, he pulled off the gag.
“So, did I earn my money?"
“I’ve had better from first timers,” she responded sarcastically.
“Yea, right, you whore,” he spread her legs wide and taped her ankles to the legs of the kitchen table. He started fisting his shaft it was getting hard again was going to use her pussy for his pleasure. He worked the tip up and down her pussy rubbed it for the longest time and then flipped her over, got on the table, straddled her, pushed the tits together, and then pumped his dick between them. Her whole body was now for his pleasure. He held his dick between her tits enjoying the soft, warm, flesh while massaging them roughly like he always did to a pair of big tits. She struggled against the bindings.
“Don’t like that? Too bad, bitch.” He got off the table looked through the kitchen cabinets and found an extension cord. He flipped her over, rubbed the tip of his dick up against the pussy, and then he rammed it in. He pumped in and out moving it around inside of her sopping wet pussy. It started building in his balls and couldn’t believe he was going to come again but didn’t want it too soon so he fisted his dick more slowly. He snapped the extension cord and then brought it down hard across her ass.
“Fuck me baby, move that pussy.” She moved it around but he barely felt it, so he brought the cord down across her ass and back.
“Start moving that pussy, fuck me and make me cum, or I’m really going to whip you.”
She started moving her pussy up and down lifting off the table while he alternated between fucking and whipping. He had always wanted to fuck a woman’s ass. So he did until he shot another load into his hand.

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A writer of erotic fiction.


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