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From Roommate to Mistress (Scarlett Steele)

From Roommate to Mistress by Scarlett Steele


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Jason and Kimberly are housemates, and they get along pretty well, for the most part.

Kimberley is hot, and Jason is a geek, so theirs is a comfortable roommate relationship.

Jason senses though, that there is more to Kimberley than meets the eye, and one day, by sheer dumb luck, he finds out just what it is.

Jason stumbles on a secret lair, in the basement of the house he shares with Kimberley, kitted out with all manner of adult style dungeon toys, and he realizes that there is much more to the first-year English Literature student than he, or anyone else for that matter, first thought!

Intrigued by what he sees, his own curiosity is stirred.

He didn’t know that he was living with a dominatrix right under the same roof, and with the luck the young geek has had with women, he feels like this might just be the best thing that could have happened to him…


What’s that they say about curiosity?

Well Jason was certainly very curious, and when he stumbled on my other life, purely by accident, or maybe a little by design,

I know that he will keep my little secret, especially if he wants me to fulfill all the fantasies he never even knew he had…….

……...not until he stumbled on my dominatrix lair…


I knew there was something different about Kimberley.

She was sexy as all hell, and studying English Lit.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the two usually don’t go together.

I am though, a rocket scientist, and maybe it’s because I am a geek that I haven’t had much luck with women.

But when I stumble across Kimberley’s secret, tucked away neatly in the basement of the house we share, the house that belongs to her…….

I know that my luck is about to change……

For Mature Readers Only.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 01 / 2018

No. words: 22000

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Bondage/BDSM Thrillers

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


I bring the plug up to his hole again, really concentrating now. I feel like I should say something to him but nothing comes to mind. I am just so focused on getting this plug in his ass. I start to nudge it down, and he clenches, shutting his exit completely. I wonder what it was about the smaller plug that made it just slip in. then I realize again that this time he expects it, he knows what is coming, and he knows that it is bigger than the amateur sized plug I used the first time. I hold it with both hands.

Feeling the urge to apologize as his asshole finally gives way, I bite my tongue. The plug start to slip all the way into him, and despite his clenching now, it just slides in, thanks to the lube. I don’t stop until it is all the way inside him, and again his response is delayed. He seems to first inhale hard, or is he exhaling, I’m not sure. Then he lets out a loud moan of pleasure that I am not sure even the soundproofing in my dungeon can contain. I just hold the plug in place, until I am sure it is secure.

Then I resume our routine, with Jim’s butt stuffed. He really seems to like it, and so I think I may be onto something. When he leaves, he tips me $500, and I know that for sure, once I have perfected this new skill, I will rake in a whole lot more money. I go upstairs and shower, and then jump straight into bed. I’m not hungry, but I could use a drink. I get up and throw a robe on, taking my tablet with me downstairs to find a bottle of wine.

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