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The Dark Continent (Tim Bowie)

The Dark Continent by Tim Bowie

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Mary is working as a teacher in England. She has a heavy spanking and CP fetish and is gay. She loves to give and receive hard CP but laments that all her play, however good it is, still lacks the really exciting element of a CP scenario - reality, I.E the person receiving CP can end the punishment at any time by saying a safe word. She craves being in a situation where she is at the mercy of her tormentor and by the same token can give a really sound thrashing too. She gets a job teaching in a finishing school for young women aged 18 and over in an un-named African country where CP is very much the norm, for teachers as well as students. Flogging is also a punishment handed out by the Courts for criminal acts.

Mary quickly earns a reputation as a hard caning teacher but out of school hours, she is all but a sub to a prostitute, Babs, who is an expert lesbian lover. Mary forgets herself and punishes her cleaning maid for breaking a vase and is arrested for assault. She endures a judicial flogging and immediately rushes home to Babs, seeking relief from the build up of sexual tension the flogging has given her. But the relationship with Babs has been soured and Mary is looking for revenge…

This is a story of heavy caning as well as an intriguing look into the mind of a dom who is also a sub. The quandary that this sets up in Mary’s mind is well explored within the story of a school where CP is rigidly enforced and a country where they will stand no nonsense from women.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 12 / 2017

No. words: 40400

Style: Fem Dom - F/F, Spanking and Bondage

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1

"Ouch!" Mary Whittington sharply clenched the naked cheeks of her backside together. The first stroke of the cane, no matter how many times she experienced it, and she'd experienced it a lot in her twenty eight years, always took her breath away with its fiery sting. She pulled ineffectually against the leather straps that bound her voluptuous body tight to the whipping frame.
"Shut your noise and keep still or I'll really give you something to cry about!" To emphasise her point Claire lashed the cane down for a second wicked stroke.
"Argh! Sorry, Madam." Claire, a couple of years younger, always played the part so well. Too well sometimes. A third searing stroke struck Mary on her reddening cheeks. Today Claire was the strict Headmistress, complete with black gown and mortar board, as well as cane. On another day she might be the disgruntled boss and Mary her incompetent secretary. Or she may be the lady of the manor and Mary her hapless maid. There were endless possibilities. This was Mary's favourite but they always ended the same way; a very severe session of corporal punishment. The fourth stroke struck Mary's bottom. God, it hurt but she needed it so. To forget the pain she tried to concentrate on what would happen later. Claire would put away the cane, untie her from the bench and apply soothing oil to her inflamed cheeks. She would then order her to go down on her and lick her to an intense orgasm. This was always an exciting point. Mary didn't know if she'd then be rewarded herself by Claire's fingers, or if she were really lucky, her tongue, or told she was a useless bitch and ordered back over the bench for a further whipping. Claire knew just how to push her limits and she'd taken some very severe canings on that bench. There was always one aspect that slightly spoiled it for Mary, though; the fact that, just by saying a 'safe word' she could end it straight away. Claire would respect that absolutely and the whipping would cease or be toned down, whatever Mary wanted. The supreme irony in all this was that, despite obeying Claire's every order in her Headmistress role and taking some searing punishment from her prolific cane she, Mary, was in charge. She only had to say the word and Claire would stop.
Mary found that slightly depressing. Although she loved her sessions with Claire and they got as real as was possible, she longed to be in an environment where she had no choice. Where she really was subject to a sound thrashing if she messed up, whether he liked it or not. But there was another side to this complex lady. She loved to give as well as receive. She enjoyed laying the cane on a screaming girl’s naked backside as much as she did being in that position herself. She loved to see the writhing bottom and hear the pleas for mercy and the 'thwack' of cane on bare flesh.
Claire, true to her dominant nature, wasn't into being on the receiving end. She knew a few girls who were, though, and occasionally they would have a threesome, where the visiting girl would get it from both Claire and Mary. Other times, Mary and another submissive girl would have a session together. This always resulted in a very sore backside for the other girl and Mary had a reputation as being a very mean Dominant in their little circle of kinky friends.
All in all Mary was very happy with her sex life. It just lacked that edge that a real situation would provide. But how to provide it? It had seemed an impossible fantasy until one memorable day, in the staff room at work, Mary had idly opened a copy of 'Teacher's Monthly'.
Mary had become a teacher straight from leaving university and specialised in mathematics, with a special interest in the six times table, she often smiled to herself. She'd never wanted to do anything else. She was never entirely sure quite what her motivations were. Corporal punishment had long since vanished from British schools so there was no chance of enacting her fantasies there. She'd thought that just being in the environment would be stimulating, though. Telling one of her girls off or occasionally being torn off a strip herself had proved quite exciting but without the order to 'bend over and touch your toes young lady, you're going to feel my cane across your backside' it was quite frustrating.
The day she'd opened the magazine she'd suddenly had a stomach-lurching glimmer of what the future could hold. An advert in the 'Jobs Abroad' section caught her eye. It was for teachers in a finishing school 'for young women 18 and over' in a small country in central Africa. What made Mary's heart beat faster was the fact that she'd remembered reading somewhere that this particular country still retained corporal punishment in schools, including for misbehaving teachers. Indeed the whip was still used as a penalty by the courts for adults too. What was also interesting was that women were quite the equal of men. There was no religious repressiveness here. The women of this country had benefited from an educational system that had propelled them into the highest positions in the land. Indeed, the school employed only Mistresses and the advert directed interested parties to write to the Headmistress, Miss Abayomi.
The scorching pain from the final couple of strokes wrenched Mary back to the present moment. As the pain and intense soreness radiated through her backside, she wondered if she could ever enter into a situation where this was real and she had no control over her fate. 
Claire slowly moved around to the front of the bench, tapping the cane into her palm. Although the flogging was officially over, Mary knew Claire may have detected some new wrongdoing to justify further punishment. Mary had made rather a lot of noise and Claire hated that. Oh, God, not more strokes? Mary's heart beat faster and her mouth went dry. The six she had taken had been scorchers; could she really take any more? Another thought came to mind; If she enacted her fantasy and were being caned by the Headmistress of a very strict school in Africa she would have no choice. The Head would flog her until the sentence was finished. No safe word here. And no slippery fingers running over her sore bottom and taking little trips into more sensitive areas afterwards. Could she endure it? She didn't know but in the hushed silence before Claire came into Mary's view, she knew she wanted to experience the total, overwhelming feeling of being in the complete control of another woman. Whatever the price.
Claire stopped in front of her, cane still tapping. Mary gulped. That wasn't a good sign. She was angry about something. Mary struggled to raise her eyes up to see her face and read her expression. God, if ever a woman was built to whip another, Claire personified her. A genuine six feet tall with a gorgeous set of feminine curves, padded by taut muscle, not fat, she cut an imposing and scary figure in her white blouse, black leather mini skirt, black cape, mortar board and high heels. Her long, bare and slightly tanned legs made Mary ache to lick her all over. Her stern expression made her desperate to please her and earn those strong fingers working on her and releasing her innermost feelings in a scream which would make the caning ones pale into nothing. She'd have to get through this first, though.
"You made a lot of noise, you disobedient little bitch." It was stated softly but Mary knew that was a bad sign. She was in for more strokes of the cane. "You know I hate excessive noise."
"But the strokes were so hard, Madam." Claire looked at her pityingly.
"You don't know the meaning of 'hard', young lady. I'm going to give you a further six to encourage you to obey me in future. During this six you will learn the true meaning of 'hard'." Mary was worried now. A stroke of the cane, however 'hard', from this lady was excruciating. She wasn't sure she could face another six. 
Her mouth opened and closed indecisively as Claire slowly returned to her caning position. Should she say the safe word? As she was deliberating she suddenly felt Claire's hands on her head, one above each ear. She was slipping something over Mary's head. A blindfold? No! Her hands were going lower. Oh God! It was a gag! Mary started to panic. Without a voice she had no control over what happened to her. She struggled on the whipping bench as Clair tightened the gag. She was shocked that Claire had broken the cardinal rule for safe play; the person being flogged could end the beating at any time. Mary struggled harder and made what noise she could behind the gag. Claire tapped her already sore bottom with the cane.
"If you don't be quiet, girl, I'll give you twelve licks instead of six." Mary froze.  Had Claire gone over the edge? Her next words showed she hadn't but were hardly reassuring. "I think this is what you've always wanted, young lady." She leaned towards Mary's ear. "Nowhere to hide now, eh? No control for you. This is as real as it gets." She pulled back and Mary could sense her raising the rod. In the brief moments before the thrashing began, Mary had time to savour the situation. Being driven beyond her limits, against her will. Just like it would if she were in some foreign finishing school, getting the cane from a strict Headmistress she had displeased.  She was scared rigid but deeply excited at the same time.

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