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Nightmare In... Collection Two (Simon Grail)

Nightmare In... Collection Two by Simon Grail

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The second three books in this series, now combined in one scorching volume.

Nightnmare In… White

Bright and pretty Tess Whitcher is looking forward to marrying Dominic Mountguard and becoming part of his venerable and wealthy kindred. It will mean moving out of her flat and leaving some of her favourite possessions behind, but its worth it, isn’t it? But then Tess discovers that Dominic and his brothers have certain medieval and very strict ideas about how their wives should behave. What is even worse, they are planning to give her a short, sharp and quite literally shocking introduction to these traditions. Gagged, naked and in tears, she will obey their rules and learn how to be a good, submissive Mountguard wife, or else. Fortunately, Tess has an unexpected ally in her suffering…

Nightmare In… Rust

Young and rich Victoria Parkinson is snatched from her comfortable life and subjected to a frightening naked ordeal at the hands of three masked men who, resenting her family wealth, hold her for ransom. They seemed to have planned everything perfectly, but they are soon distracted by some mysterious influence and her lovely body into subjecting her to inventive and humiliating sexual torments of increasing cruelty. She is suspended, whipped, spread, caned, beaten and penetrated in every orifice by both natural and unnatural means, for their amusement. Can Victoria survive this ordeal, and discover what strange power is at work that is both secretly aiding her and also perversely encouraging her suffering?

Nightmare In…Diamond

Investigating strange stories about women, nightmares, weird sex and Korrector beds, Lucy Grisham visits the Korrector factory in Switzerland. Here she is plunged into her own living nightmare when she catches the eye of boss Marco Schelling and is turned into a naked bed tester. Relentlessly, through a series of bizarre encounters and ordeals in the sadistic dreamscapes generated by the beds, she is taught to love submission and obey masterful men. She is strapped, whipped, screwed, racked and beaten; helplessly enjoying her suffering more each time. Soon Lucy is not sure what is real and what is fantasy. Has she uncovered an astonishing plot against civilization, or is it all in her mind? What is the truth and who can she trust with it?

Please note these stories have previously been published individually.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 12 / 2017

No. words: 45400

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Bondage/BDSM and Horror

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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An Extract

Wearily, carrying a glass of water in her hand, Tess dragged herself into the bedroom of her flat and sat down heavily on the side of her bed. She yawned and looked at the display on her bedside clock radio. Was it that late already? She had been packing all day and there was still a pile of cartons, bubble wrap, parcel tape in a corner. Then she looked at the wedding dress in its protective wrapper hanging on the front of her wardrobe and smiled.
It would be a huge upheaval and rather daunting but it was worth it. She did not have much of a family of her own and in two days time she was going to marry into the Mountguards: a family with a real country estate whose ancestry could be traced back for generations. Then she would really belong…
She took a sip of the water and put the glass on the bedside table and then swung herself round and dragged the duvet up over her. She snuggled down and reached for the light switch… but instead she found herself stroking the white metal ivy pattern scrollwork that in-filled the head and foot panels of her “Korrector” brand bed. The Korrector was almost an old friend. It was the first new bed she had ever bought and she had had a lot of fun in it over last few years, both in company and alone. But she would be leaving it behind when she rented out her apartment and moved in with Dominic. He had some old four-poster bed that had been in his family for two hundred years.
Tess felt a sharp tingle of horny arousal in her loins, reminding her of her bed’s naughty secret. Suddenly she no longer felt tired. Should she? One last time? Yes… Why not? It wasn’t as though she was going to be unfaithful to Dominic…
She knelt facing the head of the bed and unscrewed the white knobs that capped its side posts. She reached inside and pulled out the objects in their long wire baskets that nestled within the tubular metal columns.
They were a pair of matching white vibrators, with differently shaped heads: one fatter and one slimmer. She stroked them happily. They had the same ivy pattern on their handles as the head of the bed. She had only discovered they were there a week after she had bought it. The vibrators had still been in their wrappings, obviously unused and clearly intended as part of the bed. However, she had certainly never ordered any such accessories from the respectable furniture store where she had bought it.
For several days after the discovery, Tess had debated what to do about them. She did not have the nerve to go back to the store with such things. Had they been part of some order for a “special” client that had been mixed up with hers? Or was it a standard accessory that came with all such beds that she knew nothing about? She did not want to look foolish. Finally, she decided, as nobody from the store had contacted her and if they were meant to be part of the bed then she had bought them in good faith and they were now hers. Only then did she actually use them on herself.
And they were good! In fact they were amazing. She never failed to orgasm and always slept deeply afterwards.
In the years since then she taken great care of the pair of white vibrators and they had seen her through many otherwise lonely intervals between boyfriends. They been her naughty secret and she had cheerfully used them with delightful lack of inhibition.
Until Dominic.
It wouldn’t be right to use the vibrators after she was married to a man who had an excellent and powerful cock of his own, Tess decided. It would be his job to pleasure her from now on. Still, she was not married yet. Her nipples pricked up and she felt her pussy tingle. One last session for old times sake, perhaps?
From bedside cabinet she pulled out a pack of tissues and a small rubber mat that she kept for times like this. She unrolled the mat and laid it in the middle of the bed. Then she turned to the foot posts of the bed and unscrewed the knobs from them. From the recesses within, she pulled out a fifteen centimetre length of garden hose with a short loop of thin bungee cord hooked into holes bored through its ends. There were also four heavier bungee cord ropes and four loops of bungee cord with sliding repair-tape sleeves on them. Lastly, there came string of half a dozen clothespegs, which had heavy elastic bands bound about their middles.
Tess hung an end of each of the long ropes on the top rail of the bed head, then the ends of the bungee loops about the four bedposts. Then Tess stripped off her nightdress and lay back naked with her bare bottom on the rubber mat.
Tess was a mature twenty-four, with a longish oval face and long brown hair. She had a firm nose with arched nostrils, bold eyebrows over bright, amused blue eyes and what she hoped was a natural cheerful smile. Her body was well toned with nicely proportioned breasts tipped by neat pink-brown nipples - which were already standing up like thimbles in anticipation. A thick, fluffy island of dark pubic curls was set at the apex of her pale pink cleft, with its little pink peeping inner labial tongue already glistening and swelling.
She spread her legs and slipped her feet through the loops of bungee cord fastened foot posts of the bed and then drew up the tape sleeves to pull the cords tight about her ankles. She selected four of the clothespegs and reached between her parted thighs and clipped them onto her labia. She whimpered as they pinched hard into her flesh, the tension of the elastic bands bound about them adding their force to the pressure of the peg springs.
Then she lay back and squeezed and massaged her breasts, watching her nipples popping up. She took up the remaining pair of the clothespegs and pinched them onto her nipples, whimpering happily again as they pinched hard into her throbbing nubs of flesh. Then she pulled down the ends of two of the longer bungee ropes from the headboard and bound them about the roots of her breasts so they were squeezed into fleshy balloons. Under their tension, her breasts bulged and stretched excitingly upward.
This urge to experiment in light masochistic self bondage had come upon her not long after she had begun using the bed’s vibrators. She had surprised herself, as she never had any desire to try it with her boyfriends. The initial embarrassment she had felt at this behaviour was soon dispelled by the simple fact that it added such a thrill to the experience. It was her own private vice: a secret shared only between her and her bed.
She picked up the short length of hose with its bungee loop and pushed it into her mouth and pulled elastic cord over her head and about the back of her neck, holding it in place like a horse’s bit. These sessions could get noisy and she had to have something to muffle her sobs of pleasure so she did not disturb the neighbours. Also, it was darkly exciting to bite on the rubber bit in her mouth with all her passion, imagining she was a gagged prisoner.
Tess held up a vibrator in each hand and switched them on. They purred away excitingly. There was no need for artificial lubrication. She was already dripping in anticipation, the juices trickling out of her pussy cleft into the mouth of her anus and then onto the mat under her hot bottom.
She slid the slimmer vibrator up into her tight anal pucker and then plunged its fatter twin into the hot depths of her vagina, parting her pinched labia and adding to the exciting throbbing pain of the clothespegs clamped to them. The vibrations seemed to meet inside her and she plunged and twisted the shafts deep into her hot depths. She gasped and bit on her gag bar. She sometimes surprised itself how vigorously she thrust the vibrators into her. But she must enjoy it, because they squelched with her juices.
Leaving the vibrators on, Tess pulled down the remaining two elastic bungee ropes between her bound breasts and hooked them into the base rings of the vibrators, so that the tension drew them back up towards the head of the bed and kept the purring phallic devices pressing up inside her.
She reached up above her head and slid her hands through the remaining loops of bungee cord hooked about the bedposts and drew the sleeves down tight, imprisoning her wrists. Of course, she could slide her hands out of them anytime she chose, but the sensation of being helplessly bound was enough for her imagination to work on.
Happily spread-eagled, Tess wriggled and bucked her hips, adding to the tension on her elastic bound body, giving herself up to the thrill of her secret world of home-made bondage. The vibrators were dragged harder up inside her, while her bulging breasts, turning slightly purple as they were pinched tight, bobbed and wobbled as they were yanked about, with the clothespegs pinched to her hard, throbbing nipples bobbing and wagging in sympathy.
As she jerked and writhed about with growing passion, the bed frame creaked slightly as if in accompaniment, while her loins filled with hot, perverse, churning liquid delight. By now, Tess was beyond any sense of guilt or shame. It simply felt so good, so right. Just her and her faithful bed together for one last time, she thought, as her loins exploded in a glorious, mind – shattering orgasm. Dominic would have to work hard to match this…

Author Information

Simon Grail is an artist and author of many strong BDSM content A1 books, including the best sellers "Sex Slave Holiday","Hell School for Teachers" and "The Young Women of St Evals" and "The Bagatelle Club". Past works include:"The Purgatory Club" trilogy, the "Bondmaid" Saga sextet, the "Lesbian MILF Blackmail Gang", "Sisterhood of Submission", the "Dragon School" and "Castle of Slaves" novels, and several short stories including the ongoing "Breaking in..." and "Nightmare in..." series.


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