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Irontown 4 (Adriana Arden)

Irontown 4 by Adriana Arden

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Pretty new Shackleswell wife, Tessa Millwright (formerly Tessa Harrow) is going off on her honeymoon in a chastity belt, in accordance with Irontown’s secret tradition of slave ownership and strict patriarchal authority. She is meant to learn to honour and obey her rich sophisticated new husband Archie, while they stay at Chasten Park: a secluded luxury country hotel supplied with all the facilities and accessories necessary for playing sex slave games.

But something goes disastrously wrong and Tess suddenly finds herself in the power of Jonathon Jack: a common man who she detests. She is tied to bondage beds, marked as a piece of property, used as a ponygirl, exposed in public, trained as a pet, compelled to make love to slave girls, put in bizarre and humiliating masks, powers both a slave girl pedalo and trike, endures a naked game of crazy golf, plays in a painful game of slave girl chess, and has to serve all comers in an ordeal of discipline and obedience.

If all that was not bad enough, newly-married Danny and Samantha Stamp turn up with their lovely black sex pet Beauty: all of whom Tess has demeaned and offended in the past. It would be desperately humiliating for them to find her being treated like a common slave. And how can she keep her shameful downfall from becoming public knowledge back home? Can Tess survive Jack’s cruel discipline, and will Archie ever get her back?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 12 / 2017

No. words: 36544

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Erotic Domination - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Chapter One
Excerpt from: Irontown 4: Brides

On what should be her honeymoon night, Tess Millwright’s new husband Archie lost her in a foolish bet to a common sounding man named Jonathon Jack. Now, according to Irontown law, she is his slave for the next ten days. He takes her up naked and leashed to his suite…

Jack’s suite was almost as luxurious as hers had been, and it was fitted with the same model of bed. Not that these facts impinged deeply on Tess’s mind at that moment as she knelt to the middle of the floor with her knees spread wide where Jack had put her. She was still struggling to come to terms with what had happened. It was impossible! She was meant to be on her honeymoon! But instead of Archie it was Jack sitting in a chair watching her silently. It had to be a nightmare. Any moment now she would wake up…
There was a knock on the door. It was one of the near naked slave baggage girls delivering her belongings. How quick had that been? Had Archie thrown her stuff out?
The girl hardly glanced at Tess. She had no slave insignia and must be a guest, but clearly at that moment she was in disgrace. It was not her place to comment. ‘Do you want me to pack these things away, Sir?’ she asked
‘Please do…’ Jack said.
The girl did so quickly and efficiently. When she was finished, she asked. ‘Will there be anything else, Sir?’ wiggling her bare bottom suggestively.
‘Yes. Get onto the bed on your back and pull your legs right up so that your bum’s hanging over the side and your pussy’s bulging nicely…’
Nimbly the girl obeyed, laying on her back and pulling up her legs so that the pink pout of her sex bulged between her thighs, while the dimple of her anus showed beneath it.
Jack looked down at Tess. ‘Now you’re going to lick her out until she comes over your face,’ he told her.
She gaped at him in dizzy disbelief. Do what to the girl?
He went to the drawer of implements under the bed and selected a cane. Before Tess realized what he was doing, he had taken hold of her hair and slashed it across Tess’s breasts. She screamed in pain. Keeping hold of her, he delivered another couple of blows, so that three sets of red stripes blazed across their upper slopes.
‘Do what I tell you,’ he said simply.
Reeling with pain and blinking away her tears, Tess shuffled frantically across the floor to the side of the bed and rammed her face into slave girl’s sweetly scented pussy. Desperately, the same way she had made Silver pleasure her, she tongued and licked and sucked at succulent orifice. She heard the girl sighing happily.
The terrible cane flicked across her bottom.
‘Harder!’ Jack commanded.
She ground her nose into the slippery hot slot, nibbling at the girl’s hard clitoris and plunging her tongue deep into the sticky depths of her vagina. She had inspected many slave girl vulvas, but she had never actually pleasured one before. But this would be what she would want a girl to do with her, so it must be right. A wild insane passion seemed to come over her and she found herself smothering the pussy in kisses as if her life depended on it. This was madness… this must be the point she would wake up…
The girl gasped, and her hips bucked and she sprayed her juices over Tess’s face. She could taste them her in her mouth. How filthy, and yet what a relief!
Jack pulled Tess off her and let her slump to the floor. ‘All right, thank you, you can go now,’ he told the flushed girl.
When they were alone again, Jack dragged Tess back onto her feet by her hair and said quietly but forcefully. ‘For the next ten days, you belong to me. You may not like it, but that’s how it is. During that time there is really only one rule: you do everything I tell you without hesitation, get it?’
Miserably Tess nodded.
‘Now let’s get you cleaned up…’
There was a slave option button on the elaborate toilet in the bathroom which did everything automatically for the person sitting on it who might not have the use of their hands. Jack sat her down on it and spread her legs wide so he could examine her groin.
He tugged on her pubic curls.
‘This’ll have to go for a start,’ he said. He took some scissors, shaving gel and a razor from the bathroom cabinet and clipped and soaped and scraped her pubic curls away until her mound was perfectly smooth. She felt even more naked and defenceless…
‘Now empty yourself out. I want you nice and clean for later…’
Her cheeks burned. She would have to do it with him staring at her! He took up the cane again menacingly and stroked it across her nipples. She screwed up her eyes and strained and her wastes hissed plopped into the toilet bowl. When she was done, Jack pressed the slave button.
A disinfectant spray washed over her groin. Then a laser scanner tracked the position of her cleft and anus and directed probes up into them. Warm soapy water fizzed through her passageways front and rear and was then flushed away. A careful measure of lubrication was squirted up into her anus. Finally, a blast of warm air dried her groin.
Jack led her back into the bedroom and worked one of the concealed controls on the bedposts.
A concealed motor purred and a rectangular wooden frame size of a large door and supported between unfolding side struts descended from out of the canopy of the bed. It had cuffs and straps fitted to its inner sides. He flipped it upright, so that its base hung just above the sheets, and stood Tess in it. He secured her ankles to its bottom corners and then bound a strap around her waist held between a pair of elastic cords. He freed her arms and stretched them up to the top corners of the frame and re-cuffed her wrists. Now she stood on his bed spread-eagled and helpless.
From the equipment tray on the bed, Jack selected a rubber ring gag and pushed it into her mouth. It pulled her lips back and held her jaws wide, opening them for possible penetration. She knew such devices made a female mouth look so inviting and she tried to bite down on it to close her lips, but the rubber ring simply gave a little and then sprang back into shape.
Taking his time, Jack stripped off his clothes. He was not a particularly big man, but he had a wiry strength about him, with well-toned lean muscles that looked as if they were the product of hard work. His penis was already standing up stiffly. She goggled at it in fascinated horror, feeling sick, knowing he could put it into her in any way he liked and she could not stop him. She would not even have the right to stop him…
Taking up the cane again, Jack clambered onto the big bed and walked round Tess’s helpless body. He stroked the cane across her bottom and up her buttock cleft and then sawed it through her pussy lips and flicked it across her nipples, which were standing up in hard confusion.
She could feel the warmth of his naked body. He smelt freshly washed. That was the only good thing she could say about him. The man who would be her master for the next ten days was clean…
‘You made it clear what you thought of me earlier in the dining room,’ he said frankly. ‘You thought I was slobbish and embarrassing and didn’t belong in a place like this. That right?’ He dug the cane hard up into her cleft, making her wince. ‘I won’t punish you for telling the truth, but I will for lying or not answering my questions…’
Trembling she nodded.
‘Well, I think you’re a spoilt young woman who’s only known the advantages of Irontown life and never tasted rough. Because you’ve had plenty of slaves to play with, you think you’re superior to everybody else. I enjoy playing with slaves as well, but I know deep down that I’m no better than them. You don’t like me because you think I’m common, and imagine you’re better than me because you’ve been brought up in some fancy privileged way by your rich parents.
‘And then you married that rich idiot Archie, and I guess that made you imagine you were even more superior than before. But somehow, common-old me managed to outsmart him, and now here you are. And I have to tell you, Tess, that right now you don’t seem superior to me in any way at all. You’re no better than that a baggage girl I made you lick out. In fact, you’re worse than her, because you haven’t been trained like she has. She is an honest working slave who makes people feel good about using her. You couldn’t do her job because you’re too mean and stuck up and worried what people in your exclusive set will think of you. You don’t know how to trust. You don’t know how to give yourself totally. But you’re going to learn…’
Tess whimpered and shook her head.
‘Oh yes you will. I’ve got ten days to turn you into my willing and devoted slave. For eight generations, Irontown women have been chosen for their compliance and obedience. Your pride won’t let you admit it, but deep down you’ve got a secret submissive nature. And I’m going to dig it out if you!’
She was shaking her head. No, that was all nonsense…
‘But first you’re going to find out what it feels like to be properly used…’
He slid stiff fingers up into her pussy, penetrating her vagina and questing about inside her. Her eyes bulged in horror at this intimate intrusion, and she turned her knees and thighs inward in a futile attempt to protect herself.
‘You’ve been screwed in the last few hours,’ Jack said as he felt, speaking it seemed with the voice experience. ‘I suppose it was Archie. Was that your first with him?’
She whimpered and nodded.
‘What about your bum and your mouth? Has he had those?’
She shook her head.
Jack grinned. ‘Well that’s something to look forward to. But first, I’m going to warm you up a bit to make sure you’ll try your best to please me…’
He exchanged the cane for a spanking paddle with a broad rubber blade cut into a diamond latticework and positioned himself in front of her and raised his arm.
Tess gurgled in horror and shook her head. She found she could speak through the ring gag, although it slurred her words. ‘No… Please… don’t…’
‘Call me “Master” when you speak to me, Tess,’ he warned her.
The word almost stuck in her throat but she forced it out of her stretched lips. ‘Master… please don’t beat me…’
‘Why not? You belong to me and I can do anything I want with you. I’m sure you enjoy beating slave girls. It’s a lot of fun and it makes them more obedient, doesn’t it? I bet you even tell yourself that deep down they enjoy it because they’re natural masochists and it’s in their nature. Well now you’re going to find out if that’s true…’
And he swung the paddle and smacked across her breasts. She screamed through her gag. Three crisp sharp blows on each proud mound set them bouncing, driving their hard nipples deep into their hot fleshy pillows. Then he swung the blade up between her spread thighs to smack into her freshly shaven naked cleft. The stinging pain seared up through it, bringing forth a shameful surge of juices which splattered about the blade and over her inner thighs. He stepped round behind her and attended to her trembling buttocks, swinging the blade upwards into their fullest curves, lifting them with each blow so that they shivered and bounced, as if filled the life of their own, and adding another layer of burning heat to those they had already soaked up that night.
When he was done, Tess hung within her frame sobbing and trembling in fear, feeling the heat of the beating flowing through her body. For the moment she was totally overawed and broken, and she would do anything to please this man she so despised, as long as he did not hurt her again.
He flipped the frame into the horizontal again and lowered it all the way down onto the bed so that it sheets pressed against her burning bottom. Then he clambered into it and mounted her, his hard chest grating against her stinging breasts. Their eyes met: his grey and hard and masterful and hers tear-filled and yielding. He rammed his hard cock up into her hot sticky pussy. And to her shame, she squeezed hard about him in a desperate desire to please.
He was already hard. He would come soon. Just get it over with as soon as possible, she thought.
And he came, spurting his seed deep up inside her. And she felt a sudden convulsion as an orgasm coursed through her as her sensitised body responded by instinct. For a moment she was infused by a sense of perfect bliss, but it was swiftly quenched by a wash of acute shame.
Jack lay on her for a long time enjoying her exactly as he desired without any consideration for her feelings. Then he pulled his cock out of her and straddled her chest and lifted their head and pushed it between her ring-stretched lips.
Desperately she licked him with her tongue as he used her throat like a second vagina and she tried not to choke. She could taste her own juices and his sperm. It was filthy…
And so he came for a second time. And she had to swallow his sperm down.
He rested again with his cock still in her mouth. She saw he was smiling. She hated the pleasure she had given him even though she felt desperate relief that he was satisfied with the performance.
Then he got up and flipped the frame over so that she lay face down and sore bottom-up. She had one last orifice to offer him
He mounted her from behind, prying apart her simmering buttocks so that the head of his revitalized cock forward force its way into her anal sphincter, stretching it wide so that the length of his shaft slide up into her greased rectum. He was big and she was tight and unused there and for a terrifying moment she thought he would burst her. And then she gave way and her third virginity was taken.
She gasped and groaned and sobbed as he pumped away on top of her, riding her as she would ride slave girl she had plugged with a double dildo.
But now she was a slave girl. That was the terrible truth! For the next ten days she was his slave girl!

Author Information

Author of The Obedient Alice, Alice in Chains and Abandoned Alice; Captives of Cheyner Close; the Girlflesh Institute, The Girlflesh Castle and The Girlflesh Captives, all previously published by Nexus.

Now published by Silver Moon: Irontown 1, 2 and 3, Iron Kingdom,The Glass Harem and the Pits of Despair are available as ebooks and in print.


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