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Repayment On Demand (Sean O'Kane)

Repayment On Demand by Sean O

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My name is Beth. I love to party, and party hard - and that usually ends up with me having the guys I party with. Anyway, that got me into trouble because I didn't have the money left to pay the rent on my flat. So my landlord sent his “friend” and his "assistant" round to collect the rent – I owe quite a few weeks. That meant I was faced with eviction or a lesson in life and a but more time to find the money I owe. I chose the lesson and that’s why I had my bottom thoroughly paddled. Boy did that hurt! But they didn’t stop there and by the time they had both finished with me, I was a complete mess, thoroughly exhausted and my butt really hurt. And it hurt so bad I vowed to pay what I owed rather than risk that happening again.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 12 / 2017

No. words: 10400

Style: Spanking Erotica, Erotic Domination - M/F, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Repayment on Demand




The noise woke Beth. She came awake slowly and rolled onto her back, her eyes sticky with sleep. Where was she? Oh, yes, at home. Over the past few weeks she had woken in a variety of squalid beds, so it was worth checking.
She blinked again. Yes, this was definitely her own bed but her mouth tasted sour. It was the taste of last night's wine.
The banging on her front door continued but she ignored it.
Oh God!
It began to come back to her.
She had gone out with Brett and his mates. She had been made redundant over a month previously and had been scratching around for money ever since. Brett and his mates were good sorts who didn't mind putting their hands in their pockets for a few drinks.
Well, up until about halfway through last night that was. And then things changed.
Then they had wanted payment.
“Want another drink, luv?” the one called Wayne had asked, leaning across the table they were sitting round at the local.
“Yeah, go on then,” she had said cheerfully, draining her glass.
The full glass had arrived and she had gone to pick it up but he had grabbed her wrist before she could pick it up.
“Now c'mon Beth. We bin buying you drinks for a couple of weeks now. Time for some repayment, yeah?”
“Haven't got any money, you know that!” she had replied. She wanted that glass of wine, wanted that nice warm feeling it gave her, making her forget about being broke, and owing on the rent.
“A pretty girl like you don't have to pay with money, Beth,” Wayne said. She looked at him. There was no mistaking the look in his eye. She looked at the glass of wine. She looked back at him.
“Ok. Where?”
“Just out the back.” He stood up keeping hold of her hand and the lads all cheered as he led her out of the back, past the toilets and into the narrow lane that ran behind the pub. A few yards along on the opposite side there was an alley that ran between the sides of two shops which faced onto the High Street. It was only a few feet wide.
But it was just wide enough for him to push her to her knees almost as soon as they were out of the street lighting's range.
Beth flicked her long, thick hair back as she watched Wayne's hands go to his fly zip. She was no stranger to oral sex, but she had never used it as a kind of currency though - it was a sort of prostitution she realised. But it didn't really bother her. A couple of minutes and she would be back in the warm and with a full glass of wine waiting for her. And anyway she had always been partial to the feel and the taste of a good hard cock.
Wayne slid his out of his trousers, it was still only semi-tumescent and she reached out and took it in both hands, stroking it gently and feeling it harden.
“Good girl,” he sighed. “Oh! Yeah, very good girl!”
She had leant forwards and taken him between her lips as she eased the foreskin back off the wide, shiny helm, her favourite bit of the cock. Now she let him slide into her mouth, keeping her tongue flicking at the slit for as long as she could before he was fully lodged in her, then she began nodding her head backwards and forwards, letting him feel how much he was getting inside her as she quelled her gagging reflex with practised ease. She felt his hands grip in her hair and moved her own hands from grasping the shaft of the cock to holding his hips, bracing herself for what was coming.
Sure enough he began to dictate the pace of the fucking, pulling her onto his cock as he drove into her, forcing himself towards her throat. She switched all her attention to opening for him and relaxing as he speeded up and quite quickly she felt the urethra swell along the underside of the shaft and then her mouth and throat were lunged into mercilessly as his hands clamped viciously on the back of her head. She had no chance of containing the thick splashes of slimy jism that spurted into her and she choked some up her nose as her throat was overwhelmed and she retched helplessly as he withdrew.
“Oh fuck, yeah!” he sighed as he stood back.
Beth fell forward and choked up the mucus and spunk helplessly.
“Nice one!” Wayne said as she tottered back to her feet. “I don't care if they choke their guts up. It still feels just as good to me!”
Still coughing she let herself be led back into the pub then she dived for the ladies.
When she returned to the bar she was cheered by the lads and presented with her prize - the glass of wine.
Then Doug bought her a drink.
She was led out again and again was mouth fucked. Doug's cock was thinner than Wayne's but longer, she was reduced to retching violently again but he also didn't seem to care.
She got another cheer as she re-entered the bar and took her seat.
And when she had finished that drink Pete bought her one.
She felt dizzy and unsteady as she was led out that time but, the world of money and rent seemed a long way away and she was happy with that.
“Get yer pants off,” he told her as they entered the alley. She immediately began to fumble her skirt up.
“No, not here. Out there where I can see you!” He pushed her out into the lit lane. She was drunk enough by then to find the challenge exciting and she giggled while she lifted her skirt and wiggled her bottom as she worked her knickers down her thighs and knees and then stamped her feet to get them clear, then she bent down, picked them up, waved them round her head and threw them away.
“Fuckin' head case you are!” Pete laughed as she joined him in the dark of the alley. He backed her up against the wall and she held her skirt up out of his way as she spread her legs and his fingers found their way into her. They were big, thick, work calloused fingers and he hardly gave her time to moisten so she groaned as she felt her flesh pulled up inside her as he thrust two of them into her and twisted them about. She abandoned her grip on her skirt and grabbed his wrist, dragging it up enough for her to grind her clitoris on it so that she could begin to moisten.
With his other hand he mauled her tits through her thin cotton blouse and bra. His body pressed against her, towered over her and she felt a surge of excitement as she knew she was going to be fucked up against a wall where anyone passing by would be sure to see. This was something she had never done before.
Pete's hand left her breasts and she knew he was freeing his cock.
“C'mon,” she murmured in his ear. “I want it!”
“Fuckin' whore!”
“Yeah! Tell me about it when you're...oh!”
Suddenly his cock was there, pressing hard against her lips, she reached down and eased them a little more open to allow him to slide home. Then he picked up the backs of her thighs and began to fuck her. She was rubbed hard against the bricks behind her but all she could focus on was the lovely feeling of being roughly filled to the very neck of her womb and the way his cock was rubbing up against everything inside her sheath.
“You whore, Beth!” he whispered as he fucked her.
“Yes! Fuck me limey whore!” she groaned back, she had always enjoyed being talked dirty to and doing it in this alley was certainly as dirty as she had ever been.
“You're just a walking shag aren't you.”
“Yes! Yes!”
“Just a cunt and a mouth for fucking!”
“Oh shit, yes!”
She groaned in pure delight just as an elderly couple walked past the mouth of the alley, glanced in at the rutting couple and hurried on.
Beth giggled and urged Pete on to fuck her harder, which he did, grunting with effort until he clasped his hands in her buttocks and roared as he spent.
By the time she had got to the ladies that time she was sporting snail trails of sperm down her thighs and was high on the excitement of being a real live whore.
The lads cheered her again and openly informed the pub she was going commando.
It had been Ben next - another blow job and then finally Jake who had had her unclip her bra so he could nip and suckle at her tits as he fucked her up against the wall.
Staggering from the drink, dazed by two massive orgasms, nearly naked, they had put her in a cab...

Author Information

Sean O'Kane is one of the most prolific erotic authors on the scene. He has developed the phenomenally successful Arena series of novels which have become international best sellers. But has many fine stand-alone titles to his credit.


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