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The Vagina Dialogues (Abel)

The Vagina Dialogues by Abel

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Abelís last femdom story Slave to the Sisterhood gained a 5 out of 5 review.

These five tales feature predatory females and sadistic mistresses and the unlucky men who come within their orbit- though not everyone would think they were unlucky.

The first story entitled Lady of the Day is a look into the future when women rule the world- either utopian or dystopian depending on your point of view. Alex is a Menial and must serve women as a domestic slave. Other men fulfil roles as Manuals (all brawn and muscle for the heavy lifting) or Breeders (the sperm donors).

In Born to be a Goddess we meet Reuben, a lazy slob who does nothing round the house. His long-suffering wife Becky teams up with next door neighbour Nina to blackmail him into changing his ways. Reuben is a teacher and the two women enlist the help of his female Principal, Celia, to transform him from Reuben into Ruby.

Size is Everything tells the story of a female artist and fetishist. In Cuckolding is Sex Therapy we meet a wife who cuckolds her rich husband with her lover Colin, a big, black bull.

In The Landladyís new Houseboy Sami, a Syrian refugee, is tricked into becoming a slave to his landlady and the female students in the hostel.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 12 / 2017

No. words: 30700

Style: Fem Dom - F/M

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



Twenty three-year old Alex was strap-hanging on the Underground. The carriage was packed but he wouldnít have been allowed to sit down even if it had been empty. Men were not allowed to sit under any circumstances.
Alex (No. ZT 67890), dressed in grey shorts and green sleeveless singlet like every other Menial, was being careful not to make eye contact with any female. He was also trying not to make physical contact though the crush made that aim almost impossible. Any woman could accuse him of rubbing up against her which would mean arrest and further detention though it was not unknown for women to surreptitiously grab a manís nuts (though all cocks were caged) and rub him for much of the journey, keeping him on the edge. The standard issue cage did not encase the testicles so these women could manipulate the manís balls to the point of orgasm if they chose.
These women derived added pleasure from knowing the fiddling and fondling caused him huge frustration because his dick was kept from full erection by force.
All women who passed government vetting were allowed a key to the padlock on the standard issue cock cage but it was forbidden to unlock a man in public.
Notwithstanding, Alex remembered a woman dragging him into a toilet cubicle on one station, unlocking him, squatting on the lavatory, making him stand over her so she could him fellate him furiously. This was unusual because most womenís demands involved prolonged cunnilingus but apparently this old biddy missed sucking cock.
Perhaps surprisingly, the perpetrators of these incidents were usually middle-aged or even elderly women. The younger generation were unlikely to stoop to such sleazy ways of gaining a few moments of sexual pleasure.
The girls in their twenties had been indoctrinated from birth to despise men. Older women were still getting used to the new order but were keen to exploit it.
Unfortunately for Alex the heat in the carriage was intense and he was starting to sweat; his sleeveless vest meant there was nothing to absorb the perspiration from his underarms. If a lady decided she was offended by a manís body odour she would simply order him to get off the train at the next station, or, if a few women acted together, he would more likely be kicked out literally and end up spread-eagled on the platform.
Alex had the misfortune to be young and pretty, though not effeminate, consequently he was greatly in demand by women who preferred the type; others went for rippling muscles and brute force which they enjoyed controlling, deriving fun from frustrating a man bursting with testosterone.
His pretty features had caused him problems in prison where heíd become bitch to a succession of macho men as well as being made to serve the sadistic demands of the female officers on the wing.
He was on the Northern Line on his way to a house in the Bermondsey area. If he was bundled off the train because of his sweating heíd have to try to cool off, then board another train to reach his destination. This would make him late and he would be punished by his client and again by his supervisor when he returned to the Centre.
Alex worked every day, sometimes serving up to eight registered clients, returning to the Centre around 19.00 hours when the men were fed.
However, these bookings often involved attending on additional women. It was common to arrive at an address to discover he was required to serve at a coffee morning or a drinks party or to entertain a group of friends. Sometimes he would find other Menials had been booked although this was frowned on officially. Naturally, women found ways to abuse the system.
Ostensibly, the purpose of his visits was to work (as the name Menial implied) and usually his assignment involved drudgery and hard graft. The purpose of the scheme was to free women from household tasks so they could take a job or enjoy increased leisure time. The job market for women was now greatly expanded as men were not allowed to take paid employment. Heavy engineering and jobs requiring brute strength were done by another group, the Manuals, though always under female supervision.
The ranks of Manuals were swollen by dumb ex-Menials, their tongues having being cut out because they had failed to give satisfactory cunnilingus- if more than three women had cause to complain over a manís lifetime the punishment was a total glossectomy. This policy acted as a huge incentive to Menials to perform well with their tongues; most exercised them daily. A frenectomy was often performed although it was debatable whether this operation actually increased the length of the tongue. Such was the demand for excellence in cunnilingus it was true to say Menials lived or died by the skill of their tongues.
The Menials worked mainly in the domestic setting doing jobs that used to be done by female cleaners and maids. Many women used the Menials for sex as well housework and they were selected partly for their looks, a criterion considered irrelevant for the Manuals.
The New Liberationist government pandered to women by providing handsome men to keep them happy in their homes. It was no accident that the men appeared nude on the Menials website but it was invariably a back or side view, along with the face; nothing full frontal. This was not on the grounds of decency but for two other reasons: it was thought that the majority of women liked to see a pert arse more than a cock and all dicks tended to look the same when caged- difficult to gauge the length or thickness- and all were circumcised for hygiene reasons.
They were allowed no body hair so male orderlies at the Centre kept them shaved and oiled.
Any sex involving Menials had to be recreational or as part of discipline and control. Any woman wishing to have children was obliged by law to attend a clinic for artificial insemination. The men who provided the semen (the Breeders) were carefully selected for their good looks, their healthy genes, and their intelligence. Alex might have been chosen but a criminal record automatically disqualified a man from becoming a breeder.

Author Information

Abel is an English writer who has built a reputation for hard hitting stories featuring physical and psychological bondage, often with an inter-racial flavour.


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