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Feminized Sissy Husband’s Cross Dressing Experience (Gisele Lily)

Feminized Sissy Husband’s Cross Dressing Experience by Gisele Lily

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Dressed in a red silk dress, stockings and heels by my wife, my feminized alter-ego Gisele Lily takes her very first trip to an adult movie cinema...
As my wife stays outside, I experience alone the horny delights of the hot young studs inside, there to watch the action on screen and play with a hot, sissy, cross dressing husband sent in by his wife.

And so, I take my first taste of sexy fun in my female guise, enjoying the attentions of one hunky young guy in particular, who is especially turned on by my seductive, silken attire and the sexy, smooth skin at my stockinng tops.

Incredibly hot! 7,300 words of superlative CD, bisesxual action.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 12 / 2017

No. words: 7300

Style: Feminization

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle




As Told To Jennifer Lynne

Copyright 2017 Jennifer Lynne / JLE Publishing

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All characters in these stories are fictional and 18 years old or older


The sensation of the silky material of the skimpy dress as it clung to every inch of my hairless body was simply breath-taking, as was the contrasting coolness of the outside air that caressed the smooth skin of my chest that was daringly exposed by the daring plunge of the dress’s neckline. I loved, too, how the red material of my revealing dress felt tight around my upper thighs, and how the unyielding material forced me to take shorter steps - which I found to be quite helpful considering the vertiginous heels I was wearing.
The shortness of my silken dress showed off my long, shapely legs, which were clad in sheer, black hold-up stockings – the tightness of the dress prohibited a garter belt, of course – which in turn clung to my smooth-shaved legs with a silken coolness. The hem of the dress came to just above the delicate lace pattern of my stocking tops, the intricate design of bows and butterflies on show for all to see – a mouth-watering precursor to the bare expanse of thigh that lay less than an inch or so above.
Gabrielle had purchased my panties especially for the occasion, from her favorite boutique lingerie store; she’d said they were her gift to her brand new girlfriend, Giselle Lily, and she’d helped me step into them whilst I dressed, her busy hands tucking my semi-erect cock into place between my buttocks – no way would the silk dress have hidden that particular bulge! – and securing it in place with a goodly amount of tit-tape to my smooth butt and hairless balls.
I’d never understood before how come my wife would pay so much for a pair of panties, but once I felt the cool, slick tightness of that silky, black underwear on my ass and pressed so deliciously against my aching cock, I totally got it! They felt absolutely amazing! Like a second, sensual skin, the panties lit my nerves on fire and caressed my actual skin like a million tiny fingers, so much so that I could imagine that every solitary nerve ending on my throbbing dick was firing off a pleasure signal to my already overloaded brain.

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The sissy, cross dressing husband of Gabrielle, who loves to be feminized and sent out on hot, sexy adventures as her feminine alter-ego


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