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Hard Time  (Bo Hardin)

Hard Time  by Bo Hardin


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Bare prison sex. Check. Rough first time. Check. Zero romance. Check.
Betrayed by a buddy, privileged Austin arrives at a Maximum Security pen. A crime boss wants him dead. And Austin’s afraid he’ll be broken in and used hard by big, dangerous men. Hell, any man. He doesn’t go that way.

Can he barter his first time for protection? If he doesn’t please a huge top man fast, he'll leave prison soon—in a body bag.

His hot response to the men inside might be the surprise of his life.
Marshall, one of the toughest men on the cell block, emerged from the shadows.
Austin swallowed. The man was bigger than he remembered. His shoulders blocked out part of the room. Damn. If his cock was in proportion, he was screwed.
“You’re on time. That’s good.”
Austin nodded. He met Marshall’s dark eyes and noticed the scar on his cheek, the tattoos creeping up his neck, the fabric straining across his big chest. A snaking vein beat in the man’s throat.

This hard gay erotica short contains detailed scenes of big, hairy, sweaty, top men. Yeah, Austin’s going to get a lesson in manhood.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 12 / 2017

No. words: 5700

Style: GLBT, OM BDSM Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Austin noticed the deep scar on Marshall’s cheek, the tattoos creeping up his neck, the fabric straining across his big chest. A snaking vein beat in his throat. He might be in his forties, or maybe a lot of sun made those deep frown lines and squint lines. What was he in for?

“Thanks for meeting with me.”

Marshall chuckled. “You’re cute.”

“Hey, listen.” He had to get this out, the important part. “I don’t know how things work, so I’ve got to ask. So, um, you’ll protect me?”

“I aim to see if you’re worth my time before we get into anything else.”

Austin bit his lip. This wasn’t how this was supposed to go. What had he expected, a convict was going to do what he wanted because he asked? He was clueless in here.

He knew this part. They might not have much time, so he didn’t hesitate. He stripped.

Austin sucked in air and steeled himself. This time, he wouldn’t wait to be told.

He bent over the table and spread his ass cheeks. He never imagined doing this for anyone, but he had motivation. He wanted to live.

“Wriggle if for me.” Marshall ordered.

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