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Billionaire's Experiment (Daisy Rose)



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When Belle finds herself on the doorstep of her new employer's mansion, she is utterly terrified, yet hopeful of what her new life will bring. If she knew that it would include surrendering to all the men in the mansion, she would've thought twice before stepping through the threshold.

Eccentric billionaire Jason Stone has been working on something extraordinary behind closed doors. And he's just found the best candidate for his experiment.

This story contains a dozen dominating alpha males and one innocent submissive experimenting with lots of toys, humiliation, and pleasure.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Boruma Publishing    Published: 12 / 2017

No. words: 20000

Style: Bondage/BDSM Groupsex, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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"I won't break the contract," I said stubbornly.

"I can tell from here just how innocent you are," he rolled his eyes. "I bet you'll be gone by the third day."

I tried not to let him get to me, but the challenge in his voice broke something inside me. Probably the same thing that made sure I didn't do anything stupid. I walked up to him, standing in between his legs as I stared into his eyes. "Just how innocent do you think I am?" I whispered, leaning down so that our breaths mingled. His inhales were my exhales. We breathed each other in, neither willing to back down. I had the higher ground since he was seated and that did not settle well with him.

I gasped when he grabbed me by my waist and threw me over his lap. I was disoriented and dizzy all of a sudden. My chest pressed against his lap and my face had hit a pillow over the other end of the couch.

Without warning, he flipped my dress over and pulled down my panties.

"What're you doing?!" I gasped, tried to wriggle out of his grasp, but he held me down with just a single hand on the small of my back. He was too strong.

I hissed when he touched the sore spot where Master Jason had whipped me yesterday and I felt him hesitate.

"I see Master Jason had gotten started with you already," he said. There was a grin in his voice that I wasn't sure if I liked. "Perhaps you'll last longer than the others," he said, rubbing his rough hand on my smooth buttocks. I jerked and twitched when his hand touched the sore spots where I was whipped with a belt yesterday night. It was starting to bruise already.

He smacked my burning ass playfully a few times before turning me around and pulling me into his lap. I could feel a hardness beginning to grow between his legs.

"Do you understand that signing the papers mean you will be surrendering not only to Master Jason, but every single one of the man in the residence?"

My eyes widened in a tell-tale 'no' and he grinned.

"I thought not." His fingers found the wet spot between my legs and he pushed away my panties to feel me with his bare fingers. The jolt of pleasure that spiked through my senses was electrifying. My lips parted and I let out a soft moan.

"Will I be allowed to leave the house?" I asked, trying my best not to buck against his fingers to no avail. I wanted him inside me, not just teasing my outer lips, rubbing against my clit.

"Yes, but under strict supervision. Though I don't believe you will be keen on leaving the house once you started the pills."

"What does the pill do?" I wanted to know.

"It lowers inhibitions and significantly increases your sex drive," he grinned. "To the point where you will find yourself offering your body to random strangers on the street."

I felt my core tightened from the thought of stripping down in public with people watching. I decided I didn't mind it as much as I thought I would. "I would never- Ah!" I gasped. He wasn't playing fair. He had slid his finger inside me, touching a sweet spot that drove me wild with need.

His thumb continued to tease my clit playfully, fingers dancing over me until I was gasping and gyrating on his lap.

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