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Pauletta Celebrates New Year (George Boxlicker)

Pauletta Celebrates New Year by George Boxlicker


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Pauletta is a beautiful drag queen in San Franciscoís Castro District. He and some of his friends celebrate the New Year in erotic fashion,and almost everybody has a great time ringing in the new and ringing out the old. The description of their celebration is written graphically and in great detail, so this book is for adults only.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Boruma Publishing    Published: 12 / 2017

No. words: 6270

Style: Menage/Group Erotica, GLBT

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Both the men in the rest room stall were having fun, with Alex stroking the other's very effeminate ass, but they knew it would be infinitely more fun for both of them when he started fucking his friend there. Using the fingers and thumb of one hand, he pried open the edges of Pauletta's tight hole, and his other hand pressed the narrow neck of the bottle of lubricant into the small opening being created. He gave a squeeze, making Pauletta giggle when he felt the cool, oily liquid gush into his ass, and he enjoyed the long digit that spread it around even more. He reached back to spread his cheeks to help with the penetration he was anticipating.

Alex used the rest of the Aqualube on himself, dropped the empty bottle into the waste basket, and pressed the tip of his cock against the oily hole he and Pauletta were holding open. A firm thrust wedged the head through the tight ring of muscles and into the channel beyond. Both men sighed at the fabulous sensations they were already receiving, and Alex pushed forward again, this time squeezing more than an inch of his hard cock into the beautiful pink place that was so eager for it.

The next one drove another inch into the tight hole, and he had enough of his shaft imbedded that he no longer needed to guide it. Alex placed his hands on Pauletta's hips, relishing the smooth feel of the silky fabric of his panties, and plunged his cock in more deeply, eliciting a moan of ecstasy His partnerís body started squirming from the intense pleasure Alex was already giving him, making his ass an even better place to fuck.

The third time Pauletta felt the hard giver of carnal fun wedge into his ass was the best one up until then, because the head and the shaft were starting to caress his prostate gland, what he thought of as his clit. His expressions of delight were repeated, but more loudly, when Alex slowly drew his cock most of the way out, followed by driving it in even more deeply, raking across Pauletta's clit again. The happy young gay let go of his cheeks and placed his hands on the top of the water tank so he could fuck back to meet it when the big cock next plowed into him.

When it did, and he fucked back to meet it, Alex's thick shaft slid almost all the way into Pauletta, sending ripples of joy throbbing out from where it stretched the opening and the attached channel and, best of all, from where its hardness massaged his clit. With the next shove, the rest of the cock eased into his ass, making Pauletta moan even more loudly from the exquisite pleasure he was receiving. Alex left the hard cylinder embedded for almost a minute, letting his partner benefit from the waves of rapture that were rocketing through his body and to revel in the delights he was getting himself.

When he resumed moving, he drew back slowly until the head of his cock was at the ring of muscle surrounding Pauletta's pleasure hole. He paused briefly before burrowing it all the way back inside and, when the bottom felt the long, thick cock surging into his ass, he fucked back to meet it. The next stroke was the same, as was the one that followed and the many after that. As the slow, deep coupling went on, the movements of Pauletta's body evolved from slowly squirming in bliss to writhing, with his head tossing from side to side and back and forth.

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