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Gator Man Lover (Martian L. Beast)

Gator Man Lover by Martian L. Beast


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Following a lead that takes him deep into the Louisiana bayou, Martian L. Beast discovers little more than rain soaked roads and a blurry photograph. About to write off the trip as a bust, an offhand comment by the woman heís interviewing reveals thereís more to this story than any of the locals would ever let on and more to what happened to Nelly than can easily be explained.

After her husbandís death, Nelly hid herself deep in the swamps of Louisiana. Filling the hole left in her life with fishing and whiskey, she was content in her misery and in the simple existence she pulled from the land. Days blurred one into another, until Nelly notices thereís something odd about the gator that visits her stilt house each night, something odd in the way those dark eyes watch her every move.

An unusual encounter leaves Nelly convinced sheís losing her mind, as thereís no evidence for whatís happening to her aside from a pleasure riddled body and renewed hope in life. The nightly encounters continue, each one more passionate than the last, until Nelly finally discovers one of the swampís greatest secrets and uncovers the truth that lays hidden in the gatorís dark eyes.

While Nelly may have uncovered a secret known only to the most reclusive swamp dwellers, Martian is left with little more than questions -and a strong hunch that thereís more to these locals than meets the eye.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 12 / 2017

No. words: 10340

Style: OM - Creatures and Monsters, OM Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Her heart began to race and a light sheen of sweat broke out across her skin. Thighs burning with anticipation, she was barely conscious of how wet she had become from her memories. Her bare feet began to caress one another, her thin legs sliding along each other as her hands moved slowly toward her thighs. Before she could get there, a hand fell gently onto her knee, spreading her legs to reveal her secrets to the evening starsí delight.
The realization that someone else was touching her cut through her thoughts; her eyes snapped open.

It was him.

She sat there frozen, thoughts obliterated by confirmation that it had all actually happened; she hadnít been dreaming after all. Her eyes grew wide as the implications of that moonlit tryst unfolded in her mind.

Her dream lover knelt before her, clad in nothing but shadows, dark eyes watching her intently. His hands passed over her knees, skin cool and smooth to the touch. She watched, transfixed, as his body moved toward her, ever so slowly. The moon was only just beginning to rise; there was little but star shine to illuminate the swamp but she could clearly make out his familiar form. His massive cock stiffened and grew, suspended from his chiseled form like an ancient cypress tree rising from the mist-shrouded swamp.

The wetness of her pussy was challenged only by the bayou itself. As her loverís body filled the space between her thighs, his greatness pressing upon her outer folds, she could feel her body already tensing with pleasure. Her mind was racing, mouth wanting to ask so many questions but all of her words were lost in a cry of hungry anticipation as her lover entered her, pushing his girth forward with a slow single fluid movement. All thought was driven from her mind, leaving an emptiness as vast and consuming as the fullness now found deep within her cunt.

His strong hands held firmly to her hips, pulling her toward him, driving his cock deeper inside of her. He pulled her onto his lap, her dress gathered up around her hips as his hands grasped her by her ass, kneading her flesh as he moved his length back and forth within her. Nelly placed her hands upon his broad chest. Like his hands, the skin of his chest was firm, smooth, completely devoid of hair; her hands slid easily up onto his shoulders. She clung to him, head back, mouth stretched open as she panted and writhed in pleasure.

Author Information

Leaving no stone unturned, and no barstool unwarmed, in his search for answers, Martian L. Beast has now turned his attention to sharing some of the more unusual tales from his adventures. While the names and dates may have been changed, the stories are straight from the mouths of the people whose lives have been forever changed by their erotic encounters with the unknown.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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