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With Strings Attached (Susan Violet)

With Strings Attached by Susan Violet


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Walking to the mirror Alice was shocked by the image she presented. Expecting to see an image of her squeezed into a uniform that looked comically too small she was shocked at the image before her of a woman wearing an extremely sexy school uniform. All of her issues with her body were gone. The vest clung like a corset and compressed giving her an hourglass figure. However the vest was a little looser in the bust and made her look like I had boobs for the first time. The skirt was short and she would have to watch her steps carefully and if she bent over any one behind me would see a bright white moon. But thanks to the vest and flair of the skirt she now had an ass. And legs, which were punctuated by the stockings giving an extremely sexy look to them. In this costume she not only had the face of a model but had the body of one as well.

"Now that is more fantasy," stated Susan as she walked around Alice.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 11 / 2017

No. words: 122460

Style: Erotic Domination - F/F, GLBT

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Alice closed her eyes and shuddered when she saw the flash and heard the snap of the camera. She is taking more pictures thought Alice. She wanted to tell Nicole to stop, to hide her head in shame, but she could do neither. The ropes kept her from moving; in effect they made her a puppet, held in place by her strings keeping her out in the open and in front of the cameras eye. Alice also remembered the events from earlier that day. If Nicole wanted to take pictures of her she would let Nicole take pictures of her. However to Alice this was worse than being photographed naked. Here she was completely under the control of another, her mistress. These photos are not merely sexy or erotic these were going to be pornographic.

Nicole took her time snapping pictures from different angles. This was the first time a partner was willing to let her do such a complicated bondage configuration and she did not want to pass it up. She also loved the erotic appeal of these photographs and was very pleased she how not only had a willing participant but someone who seem accepting of her photographing them in some very exposed and potentially embarrassing ways.

Putting down the camera Nicole knelt by Alice's side she slowly started to caress both Alice's chin and pussy. "You have been very good and patent puppet and disserve a reward," purred Nicole.

"Thank you mistress," replied Alice relived that the photo shoot was finally over, her second of the day.

"Don't mention it puppet," said Nicole now coxing out her clitoris. "It cannot be work and no play no matter how much fun work is, right puppet," Nicole punctuating her statement with a gentle pinch of the Alice's clitoris.

Alice let out a quick gasp and she tried to pull away from Nicole's hand. However the ropes where tied perfectly and the tension throughout her body kept her from doing anything but tense up. A slight squirm was all the evidence of Alice's instinctive reaction to try and close her legs, move her hands to protect herself or move her body out of the way.

"Ahhhh, yes mistress your right mistress," grunted Alice. Given a choice she would not want to be in this situation but for some reason the attention was not turning her off. In fact she could feel her pussy throbbing. Her mind went back on autopilot as she felt her body warming up once again, her pussy once again becoming wet.

"That's it my puppet, relax and enjoy the ride," said Nicole as she inserted her finger to once again examine the hymen that had become hers.

Oh my God though Alice as she felt the finger go in and out in and out teasing her clit and rubbing along her slit. Alice had never felt anything like this before. Yes she masturbated many times before but now that she felt the touch of another, one much more experienced than herself, she realized the full potential of what her body had to offer.

"This is the first time anyone has touched that pussy right puppet," question Nicole in a soothing voice.

"Yes mistress," grunted Alice.

"The first time you have ever orgasmed by the efforts of another."

Yes mistress," screamed Alice.

Nicole was becoming aroused by the power, the physical act of controlling her puppet and leading her body to new sexual heights. She could not help but let out a shiver, her body wet with need. This was making her so fucking horny; it took all her willpower to keep from rushing Alice's first experience. No she had to keep control. Make Alice's first experience mind blowing and on her terms.


Good concept and story-telling. Yes, you need an editor, as well as a first reader to correct obvious errors and come to a better finale. 3 out of 5 (dmlpearl)

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