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Lexi's Last Chance (Argus)


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Lexie has had a lot of jobs, and been fired from every one for laziness, theft, insubordination, incompetence, dishonesty and repeated lateness. She's had a lot of boyfriends, too, and been dumped often. None of which is her fault, of course. Or at least, she doesn't think so. People just have ridiculously high expectations! Now, armed with a fake resume she's talked herself into a temp job which turns into something radically different. She's sent to the wealthy owner's penthouse to alphabetize his library. When she's caught goofing off, though – naked in his pool, he gives her a last chance, a chance to learn a job. To be a sex slave. It will require something Lexie has never possessed: discipline. But the owner, Mr. Harris, will supply the discipline she lacks, as well as the training. The job pays nothing but heat, passion and scalding pleasure, but she gets to live in a fabulous penthouse, so Lexie is willing to give it a shot.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 11 / 2017

No. words: 35200

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter One

Lexie woke up slowly, snuggled into bed, luxuriating in the warmth, and in the lack of urgency. There was no rush today. She had been fired yesterday, after all. That didn't concern her a lot. It wasn't the first time, after all, and she'd find something – eventually. And in the meantime there was welfare. She'd never canceled it when she found a job. Why would she? Jobs didn't last long in her experience.
After twenty minutes or so of daydreaming and waking up slowly, she finally sighed and threw back the covers, then swung her legs out of bed.
It wasn't a long swing. Her mattress was on the floor. The sheets were expensive and delightfully soft, but she'd been able to steal those from a job at a bedding store. Stealing a bed was orders of magnitude more difficult. And Lexie didn't DO difficult. Not if she had a choice, anyway.
She was naked, because she liked to sleep naked. She didn't like the unpleasant sensation of clothes bunching up against her body as she moved, especially under the sheets. Besides, she slept alone. There was no one to offend – not that offending people was a particular concern of hers anyway.
She ran her fingers through her thick, soft hair. It spilled luxuriously down across her shoulders, but it could be a pain. She'd often thought of cutting it, but too many men liked long hair. And men were... useful for a lot of things when you had little money.
She slipped her feet into a pair of sweat pants and then slid them up her legs, leaning way back on the mattress and lifting her legs high in the air to raise her butt up so she could tug the pants over it, then let her legs fall back and, yawning, stood up, rubbing her eyes.
It was around tennish, she thought, surprised she'd gotten up that early. If she had a particularly thought-out or stated philosophy it might well be 'Why wake up when you can lay in bed comfy and warm?' or perhaps 'If at first you don't succeed – well fuck it.'.
Persistence was simply not in her. She had dropped out of school at sixteen because it was boring and she had discovered online gaming, which was not. She didn't want to go to bed early so she could get up early and go to boring classes to talk about shit she had no interest in anyway.
She was content to stay home and watch TV, smoke pot and play video games, but her parents ordered her to find a job. She had found lots of jobs. Keeping them was proving to be a problem. Three years later she'd had lots of jobs, and been fired from at least a dozen, for everything from lack of punctuality to theft, from gossiping instead of working to being caught smoking pot on her breaks, from stealing food from customer's plates before delivering them to cursing and throwing things at her co-workers.
Well, fuck them all. They were all stick-up-the-ass types who couldn't take a joke and who thought everyone should act like a robot. Life sucked. The price of pot kept going up, and nobody wanted to give her a nice paying job doing interesting things she liked doing. The only way she was even able to get the pot was stealing it off various male friends she gave blow jobs to.
Lexie was depressed. Nineteen wasn't sixteen. It was close to twenty. And Twenty was OLD! Next thing you knew she'd be an adult! And then what!? After a fight with her parents she'd stormed off to live with her friend April, but got tossed out for not paying her share of the bills.
Was it her fault she kept getting fired!? She didn't think so.
She'd got welfare, sure, but that paid shit. And it was hard to get jobs without much of anything on her resume. She sure couldn't give the names of her past employers. So she had to make ones up. And they often checked.
She yawned and stretched, looking out through the small window onto the street below. She was in an attic apartment of a century old house. It was pretty bare, but pretty cheap, especially with Caitlin, her roommate. Caitlin worked from nine to five every day, so she was already long gone.
She wandered across the floor in bare feet and into the little kitchen area. It had a tiny stove, an even tinier fridge, a few cupboards and a sink. The place was a dump, but it was cheap. Still, she resented it. She looked at those fabulous mansions on TV and wondered why she didn't have one.
She also looked at the bitches she saw on the street in their fancy clothes and felt like punching them out. Snotty sluts. Probably fucked people for money. Especially the blondes. Her friend Haley was a stripper. That was as far as Lexie could imagine any self-respecting girl going. And even that, given most of the guys were fat, old and ugly was just a big “Eewww!” to her.
Oh, she knew she could do it, physically. She had a great body. Her tits could be bigger, but they were pretty good, and really firm. Her ass wasn't huge like those slutty Kardashians but she was slender and without fat on her hips. She would probably have to dye her hair blonde like Haley, since guys really liked that, but she could do it. Her skin was fair enough.
But the thought of grinding herself against some fat middle aged bald guy with glasses was just too gross to contemplate. She wasn't that desperate, thank you very much. Besides, Haley said they ran a pretty tight ship, and often had mob or biker affiliations. She'd never been good at taking orders, and didn't want to fuck with people like that.
She needed a job. She was out of pot, and guys were starting to notice that when she came over their pot supplies seemed to dwindle in an unnatural manner. Plus the rent was due in two weeks and she'd spent her last paycheck on an upgrade for her laptop.
Her laptop – which she'd stolen from another job.
Lexie had no qualms about taking things from rich people or organizations. They'd barely notice and could certainly replace it easily. She, on the other hand, was poor. So she felt justified – not to mention resentful for being poor.
She poured a bowl of Frosted Flakes into a bowl and then dropped heavily into a leather sofa with only a few duct taped cuts to the leather, picked up the remote, and turned on the TV. There wasn't much on but she needed the background noise as she pondered what to do next.
Clearly she needed to get a job, and fast. She had a lot of experience in getting jobs, and they rarely came quickly. Even if she interviewed today it could be a month before she heard from them. And that's with an interview today. She would need a short-term job, just something to tide her over.
She dropped some flakes onto her breasts, and absently reached down to pick them up and pop them into her mouth. The best place to find short-term jobs was the university. They had a bulletin board there for students. That she wasn't a student was, to her, irrelevant. Why should they get priority for jobs over her? Those fuckers had money to go to college. SHE was poor!
She sighed and emptied the milk jug down her throat, then wandered to their little bathroom and stripped off the sweat pants. The bathroom was closet sized, with a tiny shower, a tiny sink, and a toilet in the corner. She made a face at herself in the mirror, brushed her teeth, used some of Caitlin's mouthwash, then stepped into the little shower.
She could move, she thought, as she soaped up. Jimmy Doyle had a nice place. But Jimmy Doyle was kind of a dick. More importantly, he would want a lot more attention to his dick – such as it was, than she'd been willing to offer up so far. It wasn't that she'd never fucked guys to get her way before, but Jimmy Doyle wasn't much of a fuck, and he didn't have that much to offer. And she wasn't that desperate yet.
She used Caitlin's blow dryer and brushed out her hair – which was black now. She'd dyed it black when she was in a bad mood last week, and thought it still suited her. Maybe she could have people call her Raven, or something else that sounded ethnic. She'd tried to get people to call her X for a while, instead of Alexandra, but nobody had bought it. Lexie was the most they would go for. And that didn't sound either ethnic or mysterious.
She sighed and wandered back to her 'bed' and the boxes next to it, fished out a thong and stepped into it, then found a bra and pulled that on. They didn't match, but matching lingerie cost too much given bras lasted longer than panties.
She pulled on a pair of yoga pants. Flashing a nice ass was sometimes useful, and anyway, they were comfortable. She pulled a football jersey on over her head, and then found shoes and headed outside to catch the bus.

Author Information

Argus is a man with long experience and credits in the publishing world. He has had almost two hundred novels published in the United Kingdom and The United States, by such publishers as Beeline, Star, Nexus, Chimera, Silver Moon, and Olympia. He has also been published in dozens of magazines.


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