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Orc Hunting (Cornelius Wax)

Orc Hunting by Cornelius Wax

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A standalone story, happening around twenty years after The Great War with the Dark Elves.
Zilyana, a beautiful two-meter tall half-orc soldier, and Milo, a one and a half meter scholar, are tasked with investigating the disappearance of women in a small town of Hensworth.

Usually, the Academy does not bother with such incidents, but this time, the main suspects are orcs, and if the Academy has interest in anything it is exterminating those monsters from the Fair Town province and the surrounding areas.

For Zilyana this is a chance to test her skills and for Milo an opportunity to learn about the creatures he read about for most of his academic life.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 11 / 2017

No. words: 15280

Style: Bondage/BDSM Fantasy, Bondage/BDSM Groupsex

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


People were always eager to spar with me at the training grounds, and today was no different. Especially since someone posted a note on the notice board saying I would sleep with anyone who beats me in a one on one fight. I had no idea who did that, but the bastard faked my signature flawlessly.
I looked around and thought about my options. At one end, two groups of students trained with their masters. At the range, Fair Town guards practiced shooting their repeating crossbows, and in the middle, three separate duels were underway.
One pair caught my attention immediately. Gasa and Rolen flailed their weapons at each other like they weren't brothers.
I sat on the bench next to them and placed my cleavers on the ground. As I watched the two beautiful, dark-skinned siblings fight each other, my mind once again started pondering about the funny-looking scholar, Milo.
I could not believe he turned me down. We could not be more different if we tried, but I still thought he liked me. I haven't met a man who didn't. There was no way he did not understand my advances. I almost jumped on him, at the end. If he turns out gay, I'll fucking kill myself. I cannot spend time with a man who does not want me. Maybe, I'll give myself to the bandits, or I'll give him to the bandits. One way or another I'll have my way with him.
It seemed the two half-naked, young men in front of me fought a real battle. Sparks flew, as metal hit metal. Sweat ran down their dark, muscled bodies as they grunted, trying to beat one another to the ground.
Both of them were as tall as I but much bulkier with skin as dark as the Dark Elves. Sometimes, like now, they seemed as fierce as the Dark Ones as well.
To shit with Milo, I said to myself. If he does not want me, these two certainly will. I picked up my weapons and stood next to the fighting ring.
"Two on one," I said and moved forward. "I think that's fair. What do you think?"
They lowered their weapons without saying anything and walked to the opposite side of the arena. They were ready. I entered and realized I had to move my head from left to right to see what the other one was doing. "Bastards," I said to myself and smiled.
Gasa wielded a two-handed sword, and Rolen used a long sword and a small shield. I assumed a defensive position and waited. If they want to beat me, they'll have to come to me, I decided.
"Who gets to fuck you when we beat you?" Gasa asked. The beautiful bastard was so sure of himself he made me want to kill him.
"It would not be fair to let just one of you have fun," I said smirking. "If, you beat me, both of you can have a go at me."
"I am not sure you know what you are getting into," Rolen said from my right side.
These boys weren't stupid. They knew I was better than them and they knew their only chance of beating me is if they attacked together.
It was hard focusing on the fight while looking at their gleaming muscled torsos. Every time our weapons clashed, their muscles tensed and my eyes filled with lust. I even thought about letting them win.
It was difficult defending against one of them and attacking the other one, but I managed somehow. I defended against every advance thrust at me, and I was determined to do so for as long as possible.
Having practiced before I interrupted them, I thought they would be tired and worn out, even before we started our fight. I was certain at least one would make a mistake by now. Unfortunately, the prospect of sex invigorated them.
Rolen seemed the smarter of the two. His eyes never left mine, while his brother had trouble keeping his gaze away from my firm ass and bobbing tits. He charged me with his shield the moment I looked away, and I barely managed to deflect his charge.
The sharp edge of the shield caught me underneath my chest and tore a wide gap in my tight leather shirt, just below my right breast, causing half of my big tit to hang loosely outside my outfit.
Something both did not fail to notice, but only Gasa looked. He looked a bit too long though, and I decided that this was my chance.
I lifted my arms over my head, making the hole in my shirt bigger and causing the rest of my breast to fall out.
As Gasa stared at my large, dark nipple enveloped by equally impressive and dark areola, my arms dropped. He just managed to lift his sword to deflect my blow, but the power of my swing made him stagger.
I stepped on his toes and slammed into his firm chest with my shoulder. He dropped down, his weapon skidding along the ground. I turned around as fast as I could, tapped him on the head and waited for Rolen's attack.
Rolen refused to look away from my eyes. I hope he has this kind of concentration in bed too, I thought to myself. I stepped out of his reach and started moving in a circle. He kept turning around, following me with his eyes. Every time he tried to move forward and break my movement, I slammed my ax against his small shield keeping him in place and on the back leg.
After a couple of minutes, I noticed first glimpses of frustration on his face. He did not expect this fight to last for this long. He was on the verge of losing. I was playing with him, and he knew it. All I had to do now was wait for him to lose his cool and make a mistake.
Lost in my arrogance, I almost failed to react to his fast attack. I barely caught his sword between my axes and pulled it out of his grip. He looked at his weapon and then to my naked breast. A glimmer of disappointment flashed across his face. He knew he just lost a chance to see me squirm underneath him. I holstered my axes and covered my tit. I noticed the crowd gathered around the sparring area was larger than I would have liked.
"I hope you two fuck better than you fight," I said smiling.
"What?" Gasa asked, confused. "You mean..."
"Yes," I replied. "That's what I mean. It's your lucky day today. I am so horny I could fuck a chair, and you two look better than a chair."
"We sure do," Rolen said, grinning like an idiot.
"Follow me, and don't forget your weapons."

Author Information

Cornelius recently tried writing as a form of relaxation and realized he quite liked it. He writes about various sexual fantasies, and hopes you will enjoy your glimpse into his perverted imagination, and maybe return to visit again.


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