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The Red Line (Ginny Watson)

The Red Line by Ginny Watson


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Wealthy brat Clarice is on an expensive holiday aboard the exclusive Voyager train running north from Cape Town up to Cairo. She is a sexy little thing who is used to getting anything that she wants, and as the train travels across South Africa she decides she wants a little naughty interracial action with one of the African waiters, but she gets a shock when room service arrives! The Red Line is the first in a series of four short erotic stories that follow Clarice's kinky adventures as she seduces, and is seduced, all the way to Cairo.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 11 / 2017

No. words: 3053

Style: Interracial Erotica, GLBT

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


There will be plenty of opportunities she assured herself as she lay on the comfortable bed in her stateroom, maybe I should order a snack. She had only finished eating a few minutes earlier, but it wasn't the food that concerned her, it was the waiter delivering, maybe she could engage him in conversation, I can get chatting with him, and if I pretend that I just finished showering I can wear just a small towel… tease him, see if I can make his big fat cock stiff!
Coffee and cake she decided as she scanned the menu. That shouldn't take long to deliver. Quickly she stripped and wrapped her long hair in a towel securing it like a turban. The red towel that she wrapped around her breasts was so short that when she moved the bottom edge rode up high enough to expose a glimpse of shaven lips. Absolutely perfect she giggled as she studied herself in the mirror, I just hope this next guy isn't gay too!
Settling back onto the bed she waited for the gentle tap on the door, the staff were all so polite and refined, which was also a frustration. I think they are probably frightened of losing their jobs! It was a concept that she had only just begun to grasp, how some people had to work every hour that God sent just to survive, and to get fired would spell hardship, even possible starvation. Africa was a place of extremes, and extreme poverty was a reality she was slowly beginning to grasp. So they are probably scared to take advantage in case I complain and report them, I can offer myself subtly, but perhaps they need more positive encouragement than that. It made sense, the staff wouldn't risk their jobs over a hint, they needed to be sure that they had read the signs right… Clarice had to be blunt… she had to offer it on a plate!
So I need to be obvious!
She lifted a knee and watched the towel move, from the doorway her waiter would now get a clear and obvious view of her wet slit, and a thrill raced through her body as a small knock sounded on the door.
“Come in!” she called clearly and lifted her knee a little higher.
The polished mahogany door swung slowly open and Clarice groaned softly inside, she was on display, her glistening pink was obvious to see, she couldn't make her intentions any clearer… she was ready.
“Room service!” a gentle voice called, and as Clarice gasped a pretty waitress dressed in smart navy blue stepped through the door carrying a tray. “Oh, I'm sorry,” she stuttered, “I should come back later!”
The girls eyes focussed on Clarice's exposure, her attention lingering before she began to slowly back away.
“No need to come back later,” Clarice felt her heart racing, the black girls eyes were still locked on her pussy, “Come in please.”
“Yes Ma'am!” the girl replied softly and stepped forward before closing the door. “Shall I put the tray on the table?”
Clarice smiled and swung her knee fractionally to the side, an action that she knew would be spreading her pussy slightly.
“Not on the table, I'll take it here… on the bed!”
The waitress nodded and looked again, Clarice shifted her knee further and saw the black girl swallow hard.
“Just put it on the end of the bed!” she crooned.
Hesitantly the waitress edged forward toward the bed, her eyes still set.
She's gorgeous Clarice told herself, the girl wasn't very dark skinned, closer to chocolate than coal black. I guess she's about the same age as me, maybe twenty but certainly no more. And what a fantastic figure, such a slim waist above wonderfully full hips, and I bet she's got a big round ass. Oh yeah, a big round ass to match those big round tits!
“Are you on the train all the way to Cairo?” Clarice asked attempting to start a conversation.
The black girl glanced up from her pussy for a moment then shook her head.
“No Ma'am, I get off when we reach Lusaka!”
“Such a pity!” Clarice chuckled, and filled with desire and abandon she slipped a hand down the length of the towel, and as the waitress watched with her full lips parted slightly, Clarice slipped a finger into her dripping snatch. “I wish you were going all the way, I think we could probably become good friends.”

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