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Punish Me: a taboo stepfather stepdaughter discipline romance (L.A. Cox)

Punish Me: a taboo stepfather stepdaughter discipline romance by L.A. Cox


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Alpha male Tom is the head of the household and Toni is starting to realize it. Finally. But then she makes a mistake. A big one, that could put her Dominant's life in danger. He needs to make sure his bratty submissive will never cross him again and she's going to be begging for mercy before he's through.

A steamy, taboo and hot hot hot story about a submissive learning her place and learning to obey her man or else. The second in the Toni and Tom One Steamy Summer series.

A standalone story with no cliffhangers. Happy ending and alpha male guaranteed!

WARNING: This a taboo and explicit story FOR ADULTS ONLY. It contains graphic scenes of hard and rough sex, dominance and violence.

All characters in the series are over 18.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 11 / 2017

No. words: 5950

Style: Spanking and Bondage, Bondage/BDSM and Romance

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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He slaps me again, not as hard this time, brushing his hand over my ass before drawing back and spanking my cheeks, again and again. Slow, long, lazy strokes, rhythmically over and over. It's like a wave, like when I come, the sensation washing over me. I lie flat and still and try not to wriggle.

There's a sudden hard slap again. I whimper. Then his voice is above me, curt and clipped.

'Now you're warmed up,' he says, 'there's punishment to be had.'

I can't help myself and I jerk up, my shoulders straining against the bonds. But I'm fastened tight to the bed and I can't move more than a couple of inches.

'Lie down!' he snaps. 'Now!'

I wriggle back into place. There's instant relief from my shoulders, but any relief is fleeting. My palms are clammy and my heart is thudding.

Punishment? Why? What have I done?

I don't know. I really don't know.

More to the point, what's he going to do to me?

He's close to me again, kneeling on the floor by the bed, leaning in. I can see him from the corner of my eye.

'Look at me,' he says.

I turn my head. His eyes are narrowed, boring into mine. Whatever it is I've done he thinks I've done, he means business.

I'm in big trouble here. And I know it's going to hurt...

Author Information

L.A. Cox is an erotica author and full-time professional writer from London, with three acclaimed novels published under her vanilla name. As L.A. Cox, she writes hot, taboo, page-turning stories about alpha males, Doms, subs in training, rough sex, spanking and Dominant /submissive or D/s relationships. She's a filthy-minded sub who has her own hot - and very imaginative - Dom: many of her steamy scenes are based on real life!

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Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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