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Naughty Wife Desires 2: Shared with the Neighbors (Traci Wilde)

Naughty Wife Desires 2: Shared with the Neighbors by Traci Wilde


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After a single, torrid late-night encounter in a shower with the tall, young stranger named Tony, Jennifer can't focus on anything the following day, other than their next rendezvous. She spends the day with her hubby and kids, playing, watching…and dreaming of Tony, her body trembling at the memory of his caresses, kisses, touches.

Jennifer doesn’t know what's gotten into her – she's 37, with two kids and a 15-year marriage – far too old and with too much going on to engage in silly little dalliances, no matter how hot, awesome and scintillating her young fantasy man might be. Still, she can't get him out of her head, and no matter what she tells herself, Jennifer knows she's going back to meet him again, tonight.

Finally the day ends, her hubby and kids head out and Jennifer slips back to their agreed-upon place, only to find that Tony's invited a few friends along – two other young men and a woman – all with young beautiful bodies and hungry, desperate eyes.

Will she give herself over to them? Will her husband catch her? And what will her decision mean for her marriage? Those answers, and so much more steamy, salacious tale of romance, passion and desire.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 11 / 2017

No. words: 9000

Style: Menage/Group Erotica, Young Adult Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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"What…?" Words failed me. I didn't know what else to say, ask. He had … tricked me? Shared me?
He smiled.
That's exactly what he had done. Tony had used me, given my services away to one of his friends as easily as he might lend a car or give them a beer from the fridge. I should have been livid, infuriated, and for the briefest second I felt a flash of some anger-like emotion.
That quickly faded, instead replaced by a feeling of…arousal? Desire? A type of satisfaction I'd never known? A sense of awe that Tony…could so control me and my emotions?
I stood, stepped toward Tony, wrapped my arms around his waist and looked up into his eyes.
"Okay, I've been your little toy, now it's your turn to be mine."
He smiled, broke my embrace, reached around me and turned off the shower, then handed me my t-shirt.
"Put this on," he said.
I obeyed, then he took my hands and led me away. As we stepped by, the other shower door opened and I recognized the man inside, who still had an impressive bulge under the towel wrapped around his waist, as one of Tony's roommates. He smiled.
I did feel another flash of anger – hotter and deeper – at him.
Tony gave my hand a yank and I stumbled forward, turning my attention to him. He led me around back, to the rear porch of their unit. We went inside, climbed the stairs and walked down the hallway – this unit was a mirror image of ours – and then we walked into the bedroom. There lay the third man in their group and the one woman renting with them, both naked, he splayed across the sofa, her on a large, thickly cushioned leather chair.
The other one, the man from the shower, stepped in behind us. I glanced at Tony, who still had that crooked little smile on his face, then I looked at the man behind us, the other two already in the room, and I realized the shower was only the opening act: Tony planned to share me with everyone. My body quivered and I felt a curious, surprising ache down deep, a hard, urgent throbbing.
I should have been angry, or afraid, or at least anxious, so I don't really know what got in me, but I wanted whatever he planned, wanted to experience what it would be to be taken by these people, all so young, so beautiful. I wrapped my arms around me, my hands grabbing the edge of my shirt, then I lifted my arms upward, slipping the shirt up over my head. I let it drop to the floor, stepped over to Tony, my hands playing up and down his hard, tight, muscular torso before resting on his pants, unsnapping the front, letting them fall to the floor.
Slowly, my hands slipping around him, hands now on his ass, I went to my knees, staring up into his face as I did. I took him into my mouth, just the tip, sucking, tongue pressed upward, all the while keeping my eyes turned upward, my gaze on his face. He continued looking down on me, but I noticed his breathing speeding up, a fine sheen of sweat covering his skin.
He put his hands on my head, lightly twisting his fingers in my hair, pulling my head forward with just the lightest exertion. I opened my mouth wide, taking him in, his fullness slowly stretching me, pushing my mouth open.
I noticed others, all three of them, slipping up behind me, beside me, hands on my shoulders, running up and down my arms. One of the men sat on the floor behind me, his body pressed against me, arms encircling me, hands cupping my breasts, caressing, fingers lightly rolling my nipples.
Tony let go of my head, pulled back, withdrawing from my mouth. The woman – I think I heard them call her Katie – knelt in front of me, staring into my eyes, hands on my thighs, caressing as she leaned forward, pressing her lips to mine. I'd never kissed a woman before, never had a woman touch me as she was doing, never come close to being intimate with a woman.
There was a certain wicked little thrill I felt when she kissed, and my heart seemed to flutter when she pressed her tongue to my lips, slipping between them, into my mouth. She took my hands in hers and pulled them forward, until my fingers touched her breasts. I left them there, still, for several seconds, afraid to move, like a young man touching a woman for the first time, and then I began caressing, moving my fingers around her breasts, circling, spiraling inward, fingers ever-so-lightly pinching her nipples. She gasped into my mouth, and I shivered.
The man behind me moved away, and there were hands on me now, Tony's hands, the other two men, lifting me – the woman, Katie, never broke our kiss, moving with me as they carried me, holding my hands to her breasts. They put me down on the bed, positioned me so I was on all fours, and that’s when she moved away.
One of the men climbed on the bed behind me, slipping between my legs, and without warning he was in me, stabbing deep, filling me from behind, doggy-style. I groaned, arching my back, pressing my ass upward, trying to take him in even deeper.
That's when Tony stepped to the side of the bed, against my face. He grabbed my hair, yanking me forward harshly, slamming against my lips, pushing my mouth open, filling me, opening me wide…wider than even last night as he gripped my hair, pulling me forward until he was all the way into my mouth, actually touching the back of my throat. I gagged, my body convulsing, and the one behind me slammed harder against me, his crotch slapping against my ass, stretching my pussy open wide...

Author Information

Traci Wilde is a member of the After Midnight Press cooperative, penning hot, steaming, erotic shorts stories and novels deep into the night.

Here's what her colleagues at After Midnight Press have to say about her: "The name seems to fit, as our self-described wild-child sometimes draws from her own real-life experiences for her tales."

That's not to say every story she writes happened, but quite a few of them have a basis in real-life events. She's single (and says she will always remain so), lives in North Carolina at present (though she moves around every so often), and counts among her hobbies running, watching the stars at night, and...well, having sex. Often.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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