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The Story Of Annabelle (Peter Birch)

The Story Of Annabelle by Peter Birch

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Annabelle and Fenella who are thrown together by their fathers' business dealings decide to meddle in things they shouldn't in Fenella's father's shed. They are taken back in time to the second world war where Annabelle's impetuousness lands them in big trouble with some American airmen who know what they want from two pretty local girls! And they get it too, plus a few things they weren't expecting.

One of the most respected and prolific erotic authors around has turned his talents in an unexpected direction and the result is scorching!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 11 / 2017

No. words: 65400

Style: Erotic Domination - F/F, Spanking Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter One

As Seth worked the scythe beads of sweat had begun to form on his skin, to move slowly down over the bare muscles of his back and chest and soak in to the trousers of faded green canvas that clung to his lower body. Fenella watched from the corner of her eye, pretending to study the subjective clock while in reality studying his physique and enjoying the little shudders of anxiety she felt each time he moved into a position that displayed the conspicuous bulge in the crotch of the old green trousers. Seth Mullins, she felt, was a man in the primeval sense of the word: powerful, deliberate, capable, but above all virile, a creature of the earth who would barely need to look at a woman to leave her pregnant.
In practise she knew he would need to climb on top of her, or possibly make her kneel on all fours, insert his over-sized penis into the tiny hole between her thighs and thrust himself into her until he reached orgasm, a thought that sent another shudder of delicious fear through her body. Fortunately, or unfortunately, he didn’t seem aware of her presence, but continued to work in his tireless, methodical fashion, sweeping the scythe in broad arcs to lay the June grass flat and never once lifting his eyes to where she stood at the garden fence.
When she finally turned her gaze back to the subjective clock she discovered that it hadn’t moved at all, for all that Seth had managed to mow a swathe some fifty metres in length. A glance at her watch confirmed the reading and she gave a thoughtful nod before reaching up to adjust the dials. Her task done, she glanced around in search of another reason to remain in the garden and within sight of Seth and his alarming physique, only for her artlessly casual expression to change to consternation as she saw the familiar figure of Annabelle Winterbourne coming towards her across the garden.
There was no mistaking Annabelle. Tall, slim at the waist but with all the right curves, an abundance of rich gold hair and improbably firm, bronzed flesh, she gave the impression that she’d just stepped from the pages of one of the more exclusive fashion magazines, or possibly from a catwalk show dedicated to the display of deliberately shocking designer styles. More of her body was bare than not, including her perfectly sculpted midriff and seemingly endless legs, while her tight top and tiny skirt appeared intended to provoke outrage rather than to conceal her curves. Elegant but impractical shoes, shades and a large sun hat completed her ensemble, while the smile she wore as she approached held far more condescension than warmth.
‘Hello, Annabelle,’ Fenella sighed. ‘What are you doing here?’
‘He’s very fine, isn’t he?’ Annabelle replied, looking at Seth with critical and unashamed appraisal. ‘Like one of Daddy’s prize bulls. I suppose you were thinking about what he could do with you?’
‘No,’ Fenella lied.
‘Oh yes, you were,’ Annabelle went on. ‘You were thinking of how he’d carry you off across his shoulder, to a quiet corner of the meadow, where he’d lay you down in the hay and rip off your clothes in a frenzy of passion, panties and all. Then he’d fuck you.’
Fenella’s face was burning with blushes and Annabelle laughed, then carried on.
‘You would love that, wouldn’t you? What a shame it can never happen. After all, he couldn’t possibly be interested in a scruffy little moppet like you.’
‘What did you call me?’ Fenella demanded.
‘A scruffy little moppet,’ Annabelle replied, ‘or, if you prefer the term, a ragamuffin, or a scallywag, but definitely scruffy, and definitely little.’
‘I’m as tall as you are, or I would be if you didn’t have those ridiculous heels on!’
‘My heels are Paco y Estaban and cost rather more than you live on for a month, while when I say you’re little I’m not referring to your height, but to your being. Everything about you is little; the way you dress, the way you act, not to mention your tits. You ought to get a boob job.’
‘I’m quite happy the way I am, thank you.’
‘Are you?’ Annabelle scoffed. ‘I wouldn’t be. Look at you, in your tatty old overalls, with oil all over you and hair like an explosion in a haystack, a bright red haystack, and as for those ridiculous goggles!’
‘I was stripping down an engine.’
‘Somehow I’m not surprised. Face it, Fenella, you’re a geek, and a mad geek at that, nearly as mad as your father.’
‘My father’s a genius,’ Fenella answered.
‘Your father’s a loony, a retard, a loser,’ Annabelle insisted. ‘Daddy only let’s him stay here because they were at school together, and believe me, if I had my way you’d be out on your ear tomorrow.’
‘You wouldn’t have anybody to torment,’ Fenella pointed out. ‘Don’t touch that!’
‘What is it?’ Annabelle demanded, ignoring the instruction as she began to fiddle with the subjective clock.
‘It’s...,’ Fenella began and broke off. ‘You wouldn’t understand, but please could you leave it alone?’
Annabelle ignored her but quickly lost interest in the clock. Seth had reached the end of a row and put down his scythe in order to take a swallow from a flagon he’d placed in the shade of a hedge to keep cool. Both girls watched as he drank, with his head tilted back and the corded muscles of his neck moving as he swallowed, and when a trickle of liquid escaped his mouth to run down over his chest Fenella found herself stifling a sigh.
‘That I have to have,’ Annabelle said, ‘right now.’
‘What about your father?’ Fenella asked.
‘I wasn’t planning to tell him,’ Annabelle answered, now waving to Seth, ‘and besides, I can handle Daddy.’
‘I’m sure you can,’ Fenella remonstrated, ‘but if he finds out, he’ll give Seth the sack.’
‘Who’s going to tell him?’ Annabelle countered. ‘You won’t will you, with your precious conscience, and there’s nobody else about. Anyway, it won’t be the first time.’
Fenella didn’t answer. Seth was coming towards them, loping across the fresh mown hay with an easy, animal grace, his mouth set in a wide, lose grin. As he drew close he pulled at the lick of dark, sweat slick hair that hung over his forehead, a supposedly respectful gesture that still managed to come across as familiar, even insolent, while his eyes were taking in Annabelle’s figure with a relish he did nothing to hide. Fenella’s stomach had started to flutter, while she was sure that the bulge in his trousers had grown larger, although she was forcing herself not to look.
‘Miss Winterbourne,’ Seth addressed them, ‘Miss James.’
‘There’s something I need you to do for me, Seth,’ Annabelle said, her voice pure honey.
‘I’m sure I can do for you very well, Miss Winterbourne,’ Seth answered, his gaze moving to the scarlet clad glory of her chest.
‘Yes, I think you get the idea,’ Annabelle went on. ‘Come over.’
Seth vaulted the fence, his grin broader and more suggestive still as he stepped close. Fenella caught the scent of his skin and found herself going weak, and Annabelle seemed completely confident, reaching out to trace a slow line down the middle of his chest, between the broad, flat muscles to where his belt held his trousers tight around his waist. Seth accepted the attention as his due, allowing Annabelle to explore, but when he reached out to take hold of her she stepped back, wagging her finger in his face as she spoke.
‘Uh, uh, no touching, not yet. This is Massimo Fiori and I don’t want your grubby mits all over it. Come into the shed, and meanwhile, if you want to grope something, grope Fenella.’
‘Annabelle!’ Fenella protested, stepping hastily back. ‘And not in the shed. My father’s...’
‘Up in London,’ Annabelle finished for her, ‘and won’t be back for hours. Come along, Seth.’
She’d taken his hand, both of them ignoring Fenella completely as they tripped across the rough grass that bordered the lawn to where the long, corrugated iron shed stood among ancient apple trees. Fenella followed, still remonstrating but to no effect whatsoever. Reaching the shed, Seth had quickly pulled open the side door, ushering Annabelle inside with a pat to her bottom.
‘No touching, I said,’ Annabelle told him, ‘not until I’ve got my clothes off. Keep a look out, Fenella, and no peeking.’
‘You can’t do... things in the shed, Annabelle!’ Fenella insisted as she followed them inside. ‘It’s my father’s workshop.’
‘I’m not going to touch his crazy stuff,’ Annabelle answered as she pulled up her top. ‘That’s a cool trike, I’ll give him that. Here, hold my clothes, and do not let them touch anything dirty, including your overalls.’
‘It’s not a trike, and you can’t just...,’ Fenella began, but trailed off as Annabelle’s breasts came bare.
They were large but extraordinary firm, pushing out from her chest in two heavy balls of perfect girl flesh, each tipped by a hard, dark nipple, a sigh that provoked envy, embarrassment and an uncomfortable desire to touch in Fenella, who stood blushing as Annabelle passed her the top. Seth had no such reservations, reaching out with a low growl to take one big breast in either hand, pawing at Annabelle’s flesh and rubbing his thumbs over her nipples.
‘Patience, you big oaf,’ Annabelle chided, ‘at least let me get my skirt and knickers off. Take these, Fenella.’
Seth ignored her, still pawing at her breasts as she struggled out of her shoes, skirt and panties, passing each to Fenella. Her bottom and belly were no less glorious than her breasts and Seth had immediately closed with her, his hands now cupping one boob and one plump bottom cheek as he pressed his mouth to hers. Annabelle responded, her fingers now at his belt, which she’d quickly tugged open.
Fenella stood rooted to the spot, her face and chest hot with blushes, her own nipples painfully hard, unable to tear her eyes away as Annabelle pulled open the buttons of Seth’s fly. His trousers to fall to his knees and he had nothing underneath, exposing a thick, dark skinned cock already half stiff with blood. Annabelle took him in hand, tugging at his shaft as they kissed, only to suddenly pull back.
‘Scram, moppet,’ she ordered Fenella. ‘I thought I told you to keep watch? Now Seth, I’m going to do something very nice for you, but that’s all, this time. Do you understand?’
‘What’s to understand?’ he asked, trying to close with her once more.
‘Uh, uh,’ she answered, ‘if you want to play you do as you’re told, and I’m not safe, so that means you get a suck. Will you get out of here, Fenella! What are you, some kind of pervert?’
She’d sat down as she spoke, lowering her bottom rather doubtfully onto an ancient, paint streaked chair, which left her face level with Seth’s huge, dark cock. Fenella withdrew, closing the door behind her to stand with her back to the wall of the shed, trembling and gulping in air as she struggled with her feelings. Just the sight of Seth’s cock had been enough to fill her with a desperate longing to present herself to him for penetration, in any position he chose, while the thought of taking him in her mouth was both horrifying and painfully desirable. Yet Annabelle had asked for that same awful act of her own accord, and was presumably now enjoying herself as she sucked on Seth’s erect penis.
It was impossible not to watch. With her blushes hotter than ever, she moved to the nearest window, peering in through the pane with her head full of guilty, helpless arousal as she saw what was going on. Annabelle sat as before, stark naked but for her big red hat, which she’d tilted back on her head so that she could get at Seth’s cock. Her face was plainly visible, her eyes closed in bliss, her painted lips wide around the thick, gnarled shaft of his truly monstrous erection, so big that Fenella was certain it could never, ever fit inside her. Just to look at it was terrifying, and all the more so as Annabelle drew back to reveal the full, straining length, glistening wet and shiny with pressure.
He was grinning as he watched her suck, with his hands resting on outthrust hips, confident and virile and utterly male, but for all his open delight in what was happening, Annabelle seemed to be the one getting most of the pleasure. Not only did her expression suggest absolute bliss, but she was playing with her breasts as she sucked, with one heavy globe in each hand as her fingers moved over her nipples. Fenella grimaced, fighting the urge to touch herself in the same way and urgently wishing she was somewhere else for all that she was unable to pull away from the window.
Only the thought of somebody catching her allowed her to finally turn her back to the wall once more, but she was quite alone, with the garden drowsing in the warm June sunlight and no sound but the drone of insects and the wet noises of Annabelle sucking on Seth’s cock. Before long she had turned to look once more, as guilty as before, to discover a scene ruder still. Annabelle was still playing with her breasts, but one handed and using the other to tug at the base of Seth’s cock and tease his balls, while her sucking had grown urgent and fast. Seth in turn was plainly in ecstasy, his head thrown back and his mouth wide.
Fenella began to sob, no longer able to hold back as she put a hand to her chest to feel the outline of one small, high breast through her overalls. Her nipple felt exquisitely sensitive even through three layers of material, tempting her to get herself bare and touch, just the way Annabelle was, and preferably with Seth’s huge cock buried deep in her mouth at the same time. She was sure he’d let her, if only she found the courage to ask, but before her thoughts could go any further he gave a deep grunt and snatched his cock, jerking frantically at his shaft as he came to orgasm in Annabelle’s mouth. Her eyes popped wide as she struggled to swallow, the expression on her face changed to surprise, shock and for one brief instant to disgust, an emotion Fenella shared but not without a touch of amusement and even cruelty.
Again she drew back from the window, more confused and more aroused than ever, at once relieved and regretful that Seth was spent. Yet the temptation to touch herself was still strong, and not just to stroke her breasts, but to slip a hand inside her clothes, down her panties and between her thighs. Only her sense of embarrassment stopped her doing it, but she knew that it would happen, once she was alone and secure in her bed, naked with her thighs spread wide as she took herself to guilty ecstasy.
‘Now you,’ Annabelle said from within the shed. ‘Lick me.’
‘Lick you?’ Seth answered doubtfully. ‘What for?’
‘So I can come, stupid!’ Annabelle answered.
‘That’s not the way of it,’ Seth answered her. ‘If you wanted that, you should’ve let me put it in you.’
‘Just do it, will you!’ Annabelle demanded. ‘I sucked your cock, now lick. Why do you always have to be so obstinate?’
‘I’ve told you before. It’s not right, not for a man.’
‘Oh come on, Seth, don’t be a pig about it, I need to come... please?’
Her voice had changed from haughty and demanding to pleading in a moment, and as Fenella risked another peep in at the window she found Seth doing up his belt, plainly no longer interested in sex. Annabelle’s hat had fallen off and she was now stark naked, with her thighs set wide on the chair, all too obviously in need, but Seth was unimpressed.
‘It’s not right,’ he told her, ‘not that, not for any kind of a man. What do you think they’d say down in the village?’
‘I don’t know and I don’t care,’ Annabelle answered. ‘Just do it, please? I won’t tell anybody.’
‘These things get out,’ Seth answered, ‘so, thanking you very much, Miss Annabelle, but I’d best be getting back to my mowing.’
‘Pig!’ Annabelle stormed, but Seth had already left, tugging his forelock to Fenella as he passed.
‘Miss James,’ he said, gave her a sly wink and left, whistling tunelessly as he vaulted the fence and started back to where he’d left his scythe.
Fenella found herself smiling, but managed to put on a straight face as she entered the shed once more.
‘Men!’ Annabelle snapped. ‘The bastard wouldn’t even give me a little lick. Oh well, you’ll just have to do.’
‘Me!’ Fenella exclaimed, her smug feelings evaporating on the instant. ‘I...’
‘Don’t play little miss innocent with me, Fenella,’ Annabelle interrupted. ‘You’ve been with girls before, Lucy Callington and Charlotte Nugent, so just get licking.’
Fenella’s hands had gone to her face in a vain attempt to hide her burning, crimson blushes, but she had no answer to Annabelle’s accusation, and for all her shock and shame there was no denying the urge to get down on her knees and bury her face between Annabelle’s thighs. Only her already badly dented pride allowed her to offer a retort.
‘What if I don’t happen to find you attractive?’ she demanded, sticking her nose into the air.
‘Everybody finds me attractive,’ Annabelle answered.
‘I...,’ Fenella began and broke off, pouting badly as she looked at Annabelle from the corner of one eye.
‘Just do it,’ Annabelle demanded. ‘I know you lick, Fenella, and I know you want to lick me, so you needn’t look so sulky. There’s no good fighting it, because you know you’re going to end up on your knees anyway.’
‘But, Annabelle, I...’
‘Come on, moppet, down you go.’
‘But, Annabelle...’
‘Come on, moppet.’
‘Come on!’
‘Oh, alright, but only if you promise not to tell?’
‘I promise,’ Annabelle said, now leaning back in the chair with her thighs well spread, ‘now get licking.’
Fenella put Annabelle’s clothes and shoes to one side and sank down, thoroughly ashamed of herself but unable to deny the appeal of Annabelle’s beautiful, golden body, or her haughty manner. Kneeling at her feet not only felt exciting, but appropriate in a way she didn’t even want to admit to herself, let alone to Annabelle, and which was all the more galling for the other girl’s insufferable air of superiority. Still she hesitated, her eyes glued to the soft bulge of Annabelle’s sex, pink and smooth but for a neatly trimmed triangle of dark gold hair.
‘Come on, Fenella,’ Annabelle urged, crooking a finger, ‘you know you want to.’
Fenella found herself nodding, but before she could pluck up the courage to overcome her feelings Annabelle had leant forward. A squeak of shock escaped Fenella’s lips as she was taken firmly by the hair and pulled forward, to have her face rubbed between Annabelle’s thighs, and before she really knew what she was doing she had stuck her tongue out and begun to lick. Annabelle responded with a happy sigh, as much relief as pleasure, and let her legs come open a little further, but kept a tight grip in Fenella’s hair.
‘That’s right, just there,’ she said softly and gave a low, satisfied purr before she went on. ‘You’re are good, Fenella, surprisingly good for a grubby little geek.’
She broke off with a long sigh as Fenella began to lick faster, full of resentment for what she was being made to do, and for the way Annabelle spoke to her, but determined to do her best through sheer pride. It was also nice, and made her want to touch herself, but she held back, knowing that Annabelle would want to watch, and was sure to laugh and make rude comments at her expense. She knew it would happen later anyway, and hoped she could keep her thoughts on Seth rather than Annabelle while she lay in the warm darkness of her room with her fingers busy between her open thighs.

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