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The Rogue Sex Therapist (Imelda Stark)

The Rogue Sex Therapist by Imelda Stark

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Evelyn Barnes is a tall, slender, green-eyed redhead who has been accustomed to turning heads with her charisma and good looks. She is also possessed of a powerful bisexual libido and a lifelong fascination with both sex and the minds of those who engage in her favorite pastime. A self-proclaimed ‘alpha bitch’ since elementary school, what better career could she gravitate towards than that of sex therapist? Her wit and charm make her wildly successful in that field, and for a time she is able to keep her secret penchant for erotic domination to her private life in local BDSM clubs, carefully separate from her work. But her tendency towards boredom begins to erode her good intentions regarding this firewall, and she begins to fantasize about certain patients whom she suspects might need just what her domme persona has to offer. An attractive young couple seeks her help for their dead sex life, and one thing leads to another, until our heroine goes rogue and all ethical restrictions fly out the window. All manner of erotic complications emerge. Soon her sexy Kiwi intern, Evelyn’s handsome submissive husband, and a powerful older couple are recruited into the naughty fun and games. All of this works to the consummate pleasure (leavened by more than a bit of pain for some participants) of all concerned.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Pink Flamingo Publications    Published: 11 / 2017

No. words: 55421

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Spanking and Bondage

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter One

Dr. Evelyn Barnes was feeling restless and bored. This was not an unusual state for the willowy green-eyed redhead, who had struggled with these particular emotions since her earliest memory. Even as a precocious toddler, our heroine all too often found herself being bent over an adult’s lap as her skirt was raised and panties lowered and grownup frustrations with her frenetic willfulness were taken out on her poor squirming buttocks. Part of why she had always liked sex so much was that erotic activity of almost any sort was one of the few sure-fire antidotes to her persistent subtle sense that she was missing out on something much more interesting than what was in front of her. The ability of sex to allay her dissatisfaction was a discovery made as she lay sobbing on her stomach after a particularly severe spanking early in elementary school. Certain touches in certain regions between her legs that her prim parents deemed unmentionable resulted in very pleasant sensations that soothed her distress as well as whisking away all boredom. Well, for awhile, at least, until the euphoria wore off.
But Ev learned to manage her uneasy disposition, at least well enough to avoid hated spankings, by the time she was ten years old. This unusual self control also turned out to be quite helpful in her social quest to occupy the coveted ‘Queen Bee’ niche among her peers at school and in the neighborhood. She saw early on among her fellow girls that those at the top of the social pecking order fared much better than those further down that contentious ladder. Her good looks and acute native intelligence combined with a precocious social awareness to learn how to maneuver deftly in these treacherous waters of elementary school politics. The tall slender green-eyed redhead used her subtle wit and brilliant smile and innate charisma to charm teachers and fellow students alike. But beneath this pleasing facade was a steely determination to be the alpha bitch in all possible settings. If anyone was going to be dishing our rather than taking punishment, it was to be our heroine. As she had read somewhere and immediately believed, “If you’re not the lead dog the view never changes”. If anyone was going to have their nose in someone else’s ass, it wasn’t going to be our Evelyn.
So what could have been more natural for such a girl than to wend her way into the field of psychology, in which field there seemed to reside whatever science there was pertaining to human nature. And once in graduate school for her doctorate, sex therapy seemed like the most natural fit of any field and of any possible subspecialty. There, in this somewhat wild and wooly niche that seemed to attract some of the more counter-cultural of her classmates, she reasoned that she could help people with something that she had always found fascinating. Plus, for someone who had been rather obsessed with sex since girlhood, the idea of spending her days immersed in that steamy confusing world seemed like the polar opposite of boring.
Yet here she was, ten years later, bored and restless at the beginning of a full day’s schedule of clients. She was well-respected in the field after a long track record of successfully helping couples find vitality in bed that they had given up hoping for. And her own love life was also rather interesting and complex. Evelyn had discovered by being honest with herself (and eventually her psychotherapist) about her masturbatory fantasy life that she was one of those fairly rare women who gets extreme erotic pleasure from...well, let’s put it bluntly—dominating her partner. And it turned out that it didn’t matter very much at all what gender that person was; our heroine could find it equally galvanizing to have her way with a male or female body. That way usually consisted of a sultry combination of psychological and physical mastery, most enjoyably manifesting in her subjecting her partner to uncomfortable experiences. These tended to focus around that person’s derriere, the body part that seemed to fascinate Evelyn beyond all others.
As a psychologist, our heroine had often wondered about her obsession with bottoms. As soon as she encountered media portrayals of people of any age having their buttocks bared or spanked, she distinctly recalled being riveted and aroused. This happened whether the subjects were children or adults, male or female, willing or reluctant. Though, to be honest, Evelyn had always found it more of a turn on if the person being shamed and chastised was willfully submitting. This was especially true if they had done something naughty to warrant corporal punishment that all involved agreed was deserved. Deserved was best, because then the culprit was in consenting, at least nominally, with what was being done to their poor naked derriere. Eroticization of that extreme ambivalence seemed to be at the core of her sexual topography in many settings.
There were obvious roots of her profound kinkiness in our heroine’s own childhood spankings. These were administered most often when she could not help being demanding and bossy and difficult even when she really tried not to. And her otherwise reasonable parents happened to be on the unaffectionate end of the spectrum towards their children. So being taken over a frustrated adult’s knee to have her skirt raised and panties lowered and buttocks belabored was often the only physical contact she had with them in a day. No wonder she found it fascinating no matter how much she hated it.
But spanking left Evelyn’s early life by the time she was ten and matured enough to control herself in most circumstances. Well, that’s not quite true; it would be more accurate to say that being spanked ended then. But her secret fascination with it continued, fostered by her habit since earliest memory of masturbating herself to sleep every night. These covert self-pleasurings always took place to the accompaniment of erotic fantasies, which consisted at the start of replaying in her head some recent punishment she had received. Since these tended to wear out with time, it became necessary to replace them, especially since her newly won self-control meant she was no longer being spanked herself. Being an alpha female in her social realm, Evelyn could maneuver conversations with friends around to hear of their own misadventures with being punished. This was quite common because they all attended a conservative religious school where spared rods were still regarded to lead to spoiled children. These whispered conversations, which seemed to be sexually charged for everyone involved, provided endless fodder for fertile imaginings of her girlfriends taking their own painful medicine from strict old-fashioned parents like her own.
But the fact that our heroine was an avid reader opened up a vast universe for her clandestine fantasy life. It turned out that many mainstream authors of books she could check out from the library wrote about people being spanked. The library also had DVDs of movies and TV programs from the 50s and 60s in which wives and children were taken over the knees of stern Daddies in order to receive their just desserts. She was intrigued that Lucille Ball and Maureen O’Hara were two of these, and that both had hair as red as our heroine’s. And even before she was a teenager, the internet arrived and opened up an even wider panorama, where there were more images and videos and stories than she would ever have time to consume. By the time she left home to attend Stanford, Evelyn had an endless supply of varied fantasies. She later realized these daily imaginings helped her to unconsciously form an erotic map of herself by virtue of thousands of repetitions of annealing particular imagery to sexual pleasure. If her strict parents had gotten her started on this road, the pathway itself had been engineered by her own imagination led solely by what happened to turn her on and get her off the most enjoyably.
Now at this early phase in her development, Evelyn’s erotic life was not particularly focused on BDSM, except in very subtle ways. She had more sex than most of her peers, and with partners of both genders, starting while away at cheerleading camp in the mountains. As the team vice-captain, she got assigned a double room with the Captain rather than bunking in the dorm with all of the other girls. Captain Alice was far from subtle in approaching her protégé, basically taking off her clothes while holding Evelyn’s gaze as soon as the door was closed and lights out declared. Our heroine responded by doing the same thing, and soon the experienced Senior introduced her planned successor to the wonders of what girls can do for each other in bed.
Sex with handsome athletes was available whenever Evelyn wanted, but her peculiar relationship to erotic power made this more problematic. Most young men attractive and fit enough to catch her eye were also testosterone-crazed teenage boys who had watched too much porn and expected even high value targets like her to submit to their desires. She knew that would dry her up fast, and bided her time until college when a rangy young tennis player happened along who had a different feel to him than anyone she’d dated. He was temperamental and sensitive, and won a first date with her by writing her a sonnet extolling the complex virtues of her ill-controlled mop of curly red hair.
Little did hopeful young Robert know that the fiery metaphor his poem was riding translated mightily to his intended’s sexuality and not just her spirit in general. Their first date when she could take him home (as her roommate was away at a sorority function) he learned what a tiger he had by the tail. Once her dorm room door was closed and locked, his alluring hostess bade him stop and intoned,
“No clothes allowed in this place past this point, young man. I’ll take care of mine first while you watch, and then I get my turn to enjoy the view!”
His assent was fervently forthcoming, and he feasted his eyes as Evelyn crossed her arms over her chest to hook her thumbs in the spaghetti straps of her demurely loose summer dress. A simple shrug of both shoulders while she held his gaze with her burning emerald green eyes and the silk fabric cascaded down her slender form to puddle around her feet on the hardwood floor of the foyer. Robert whistled softly in mute admiration of the body so revealed. He had known she was braless by virtue of the dress she’d chosen, but the perfect beauty of the firm young ample B-cup breasts she revealed took his breath away. They were better to his taste than any porn actress he’d ever watched.
She held her hands under them as if to serve them up to him and said,
“These are for you...but I have something I think you’ll like even better...”
Then the sultry young redheaded Goddess slid her hands suggestively down her chiseled belly and hooked her thumbs this time on the side strings of the black thong that covered her bush. Another shrug or two and this last scrap of clothing joined her dress on the floor surrounding her feet. Evelyn’s closely trimmed dark orange pubic bush matched the luxuriant curly locks cascading down her head, and if Robert had been more experienced he would have recognized the intensity of her arousal in the pinkness of engorgement and glistening of her natural lubrication easily visible through her sparse pubes.
But what he lacked in sophistication the young swain made up for in enthusiasm. He looked for a few seconds at this vision of smiling loveliness in front of him, and dramatically slid on his knees to embrace her firm muscular hips as his mouth found that russet-furred organ that all heterosexual men long for above all else since shortly after they are forcibly excluded from it at birth. A previous girlfriend had introduced the gorgeous young man to the fine art of cunnilingus, and he had taken to it like an otter to a mountain stream. Our heroine moaned at the sheer pleasure his avid mouth was giving her almost immediately, and grabbed his flowing brown locks firmly in her hands as she clutched his head to her sexual core. Evelyn instructed freely,
“That’s right, just like that with your tongue...Oh yes, a little slower now, and make it broader...You might want to try slipping your index finger inside...That’s right, and turn it around so you can try to touch your nose through my pubic bone...Oh yes, God that’s good...now make your finger go clockwise around that little rough patch in the skin inside me, and your tongue go the opposite direction on my clit...OH, YES!...GOD!...YESSSSSS!.......”
No previous partner had ever instructed the very anxious to please young man nearly so specifically at this delicious task. Which is probably why no woman had ever responded so explosively to his efforts, an outcome that Robert found extremely satisfying. Once our heroine had come to her satisfaction, she pulled him up to his feet and into a passionate embrace and kiss. After several minutes of exploring each other’s backsides with avid hands as their tongues danced together in delight, Evelyn pulled away and ordered,
“Let’s get those clothes off of that hot body I’m liking feeling, and we’ll see about this nice big cock that seems rather excited with its current circumstance! I think I owe the responsive fellow his own dose of oral pleasuring, don’t you? After all, fair is fair...”
Robert rather clumsily ripped off his tee shirt as his equally impatient partner undid the draw string of his tennis shorts and rapidly had them and his underpants around his ankles. She left them there, rather liking the thought that he was hobbled like a horse put out to graze, and dropped to her knees far more gracefully than he had. Evelyn looked up at his handsome young face as her hands cupped his balls and scrotum gently but firmly and gave them a soft massage, making him close his eyes and cast his head back in pleasure. His cock was rock hard, perhaps seven inches long and an inch in diameter—on the large size according to what she’d read, but a perfectly good instrument upon which to lose her virginity. Her hymen was long gone from her horseback riding and masturbatory habits, so she figured the bigger the better.
And then the next few minutes were lost in a sea of adolescent lust as Evelyn (who had studied oral sex techniques for both genders on line) gave Robert the best blow job of his young life. She felt his balls draw upwards as he neared his pinnacle, and decided to get a little rough with them, squeezing and massaging deeply (after all, they were the source of most evil in the world, the wicked little testosterone generators). This caused him to buck with surprise but triggered an almost instantaneous spending of their contents. Trooper that she was, our heroine swallowed every drop of the yucky substance, which she judged not at all as tasty as the female genitalia she had kissed at camp. But in for a penny, in for a pound, she thought as she gagged the salty bitter mucoid substance down. She’d once heard a joke that an ‘eleven’ was a ‘ten’ who swallowed, and by God was going to have the highest ranking possible (as usual in everything she did).
Then it was time to lead Robert to her room, now that our heroine had drained off his initial youthful exuberance. She had read up a lot on losing one’s virginity, and decided to manage her young man such that it was a better experience for them both than was generally the case for first time lovers. Soon she stripped her bedding back to the fitted sheet and pushed her bemused swain authoritatively onto his back in the center of her twin bed. Then she reached in the bedside table for a condom, tossed it on the bed beside him, straddled his muscular tennis player’s thighs, and commanded,
“Watch me play with myself so you can learn how I like to be touched while we get you hard again so I can put his little raincoat on before inviting your lovely big soldier inside me, where I suspect he would very much like to be.”
Evelyn proceeded to use her right hand to stimulate her clitoris and her left to play with her nipples and areoles after lasciviously moistening her fingers in her perfect rosebud mouth. Robert was surprised at how rough she was with her breasts, and how vigorously her index finger plunged inside her while her thumb smoothly encircled her clitoris. Less than a minute of this incredibly erotic spectacle was required to achieve the desired result, and soon her deft fingers were smoothing the condom over his resurgent erection, as she explained,
“I’m on the pill for several years since I started my period and had bad cramps, so if we become exclusive we won’t have to use the condom once we’ve both passed our tests at Planned Parenthood. Until then, I know guys can’t feel as much with a raincoat on, but I promise you’ll still have a good time!”
Then this long-limbed lanky forceful woman took his encased organ in hand and posted above him, rubbing his prepuce up and down her labia to gather the profuse evidence of her arousal. Once he was properly slickened, Evelyn guided him home as she groaned surprisingly coarsely at the sheer pleasure of being penetrated for the first time by a man. Once he was inside her to the hilt, she discovered that their pubic bones caught her clitoris right between them, giving her a wonderful sensation when she rocked her hips back and forth. She ordered,
“Use your hands on my tits the way you saw me doing, while I play with your balls...”
This combination had her coming again in a few minutes, this time far more raucously. And the amazing rhythmic contractions of her pelvic floor and vagina around his cock supplemented the amazing things she was doing to his testicles. Soon Robert orgasmed, his throaty cries of pleasure joining Evelyn’s as he dutifully pinched her nipples, intensifying the pressure when she gasped, “Harder!” They both came for the better part of half a minute before she collapsed forward on his muscular abdomen and torso. Their hearts were racing and their skin sweaty and hot as they gently kissed and caressed each other’s perfect naked bodies and both admitted that it was their first time.
But as galvanizing an experience as losing her virginity had been, one thing remained true about our heroine. In the moment of both of her orgasms, what she was thinking about was turning this handsome young man over her lap and spanking his gorgeous athlete’s buttocks while holding his cock between her smooth thighs until he came.

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