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Dark Desires 7 - 12 (Daisy Rose)

Dark Desires 7 - 12 by Daisy Rose


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Subdue. Surrender. Submit.

Six inexperienced young women fall to the charms six powerful alpha men in too-public-places. In these complete short stories, innocent women are brought to their knees by alpha men, billionaire bosses, and men in control.

Dark Desires 7: Dominated In Public
Dark Desires 8: Punished By Men
Dark Desires 9: Billionaire Submission
Dark Desires 10: Caught Exhibitionist
Dark Desires 11: Punished In Public
Dark Desires 12: Nun In Heat

Product type: EBook    Published by: Boruma Publishing    Published: 10 / 2017

No. words: 60370

Style: Bondage/BDSM Anthologies, Bondage/BDSM Groupsex

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Excerpt From "Punished By Men":

"Take off your underwear. I prefer to spank you bare bottom."


"You heard me."

She did. She just couldn't believe what her ears were hearing. His hands were large. Strong. She didn't want him to stop touching her. He pulled her to her feet abruptly, then bent her over so that her chest was pressed against the desk.

"Keep still," he said. He flipped her skirt up, revealing her underwear. Her ass pushed outwards, facing the glass window and she was certain that all her colleagues were staring at her round ass. Her cheeks burned red from embarrassment as she imagined her male colleagues standing beyond the glass, staring at her pink lace underwear. She should've chosen something more mature.

It wouldn't have mattered anyways. Her muscles clenched when she felt his fingers on round ass. He followed the curve of the buttocks upwards until he was holding onto her hips. His fingers curved into the hem of her underwear to pull down. She gasped at her sudden nakedness. Her pussy throbbed with desire and it was all she could do to stop herself from arching more towards him.

She had never been spanked before but when he picked up his folder, she knew exactly what he was going to do before he did it.

Knowing what was about to happen still didn't prepare her for the sharp sting of pain when the folder slammed up against her ass. All the breath left her lungs in an instant. Her face flushed hot in shock and shame.

She pushed herself away from the desk, thinking it was over, but his hand on the small of her back pushed her back down firmly. She gasped as her face kissed the expensive mahogany desk. There were coffee stains on the desk, letting her know that the surface was anything but sanitary.

Nothing happened for a long time. She blinked numbly, her eyes seeing nothing but the flat surface of the desk. She wanted to see him and figure out what he was thinking but she knew that even if she could see his face, she would still draw a blank.

He stepped away and she let out a sigh of relief, only to gasp loudly when the folder of papers slammed against her buttocks again, pushing her against the table.

The next strike had her crying out not just from shock but actual pain of being struck at the same spot over and over. She arched her back and licked her lips, willing away the tears in her eyes.

He spanked her again and she promised that she wouldn't spend frivolously anymore for the rest of her life. She tried to stop him with her mind when his hand drew back but to no avail.

That punishing folder slammed against her ass and she gasped. She was certain that it was some kind of karma, to be punished with the same folder filled with expenses that she shouldn't have made in the first place. It probably was.

He yanked her head back by her hair, pulling her off balance, and his eyes glared into hers. "Are you sorry for what you've done?" he asked. His tone implied that he didn't think she was sorry. Not even close. She nodded, her eyes filling with unshed tears.

"I'm so sorry," she whimpered.

"You're not sorry," he said, confirming her thoughts. "But you will be once I'm done with you," he said.

Her blood ran cold. She was inclined to agree just from the way he was looking at her. Everything about him made her feel small and insignificant; made her feel weak.

He pulled his necktie loose and tied it around her eyes, blindfolding her...

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