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Anita in Paradise (Kelly Addams)

Anita in Paradise by Kelly Addams


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Anita in Paradise.

Robert always forgot their wedding anniversary, so Anita felt genuine surprise when he booked a romantic break in a tropical paradise to celebrate... but what Anita didn't understand is that it wasn't just their anniversary he had remembered, he also planned to turn long held fantasy into kinky reality!

Plus bonus story:
Dirty Danni.

Short and very smutty, this is the tale of one night with eighteen year old slutty waitress Danni, the girl who simply can't get enough. Read about how she happily gives herself to a man three times her age, and then discovers that he is probably more kinky than herself. (Featuring graphic sex and humiliation, don't read this story if you are easily offended!)

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 10 / 2017

No. words: 5143

Style: Cuckold Erotica, Steamy and Sexy Stories

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Sugar white sands led down to the clearest water Anita had ever seen, ahead was the endless Indian Ocean, behind an idyllic palm lined pristine beach. She had truly found paradise on earth.
And the other guests are so friendly! Except friendly was the word she used to gloss over what her true impression had been. Upon arrival the group of British tourists had virtually devoured her with their eyes, and they hadn't attempted to hide their inspection, she had felt strangely violated, and at the same time totally aroused, the thought of being trapped on a tiny island with so many predatory men sent a shiver through her body that terminated between her legs and made her gasp quietly.
Now she stood waist deep in wonderfully warm water so clear that she could see the smallest of fish that darted around her toes, and wearing her new bikini, an impulse purchase in Dubai, the type of garment that she knew she would never dare to wear, at least not in public, but now she virtually flaunted herself, the thong pulled tight up the crack of her ass, and the minuscule excuse for a top... completely translucent when wet.
And I like it being wet when the guys are around. Robert had instantly made friends, which in this instant she hadn't minded, it gave her a legitimate excuse to chat with them, and she delighted in teasing with the see-through bikini, to slip into the ocean for a moment only to return to the tiny beach bar set under swaying palms, her hard nipples showing clearly through the thin fabric, even her golden pubes seemed to darken to display a clear and neatly shaped landing strip. Their eyes were drawn, she revelled in the attention... and not once did Robert comment on his wife’s virtual nudity.
Her holiday really was working out to be close to perfect.
“So Colin, what brings you all out here... alone without wives or girlfriends?” Anita studied his sculpted chest from behind dark sunglasses, the hair was thick with just a smattering of grey, he would have looked dignified had it not been for the clear outline of what she could only describe as a monster cock showing through his tight Speedos.
“Pre-season holiday,” he nodded as though his explanation should have made perfect sense without further elaboration. “Every year, a bunch of the guys get together and have a couple of weeks in the sun, just to get our heads in the right place before training starts.”
“Training?” Anita asked, it was obvious that the man trained hard, his body spoke of peak physical condition... but training for what?
“Yeah,” he nodded, “We're all pro rugby players, so the season gets pretty intense, we start by unwinding... and when the season ends... we come back to celebrate or sulk!”
Rugby players! Anita virtually shivered at the thought, hard men with hard muscle... and even harder cocks she giggled inside and felt his eyes wander to the tiny triangle that covered her mound. Oh fuck yes Colin, take a nice long look... it's all yours if you want it!
Anita felt herself blush. You dirty bitch she chastised as she belatedly wrapped herself in a sarong, but still, if he decided to take me... I doubt I would put up much of a fight!
“So what do you do most, sulk... or celebrate?”
Colin stretched and stood, instantly her eyes were drawn to the cock that now lay so close to her face. “Celebrate babe!” he chuckled, “We always celebrate.”
Oh fuck, celebrate all over me Anita groaned softly as he turned away to the bar.
“You okay love?” Robert peeped over the top of his book and smiled.
Anita nodded and glanced down at his baggy shorts and pictured what hid within... the difference between a donkey and a dormouse!
“I think I need a swim to cool off,” she mumbled and shedding the sarong she strode purposefully across the beach and out into the shimmering blue ocean. “I need to do something.” she whispered as she reached the reef, it wasn't that far offshore, but far enough that she could play without being observed. Fuck, she groaned as her fingers shifted the fabric of her thong aside and dived into a hole wetter that the surrounding water, why am I so horny!
It was the place, exactly how her imagination had pictured it, and the company... to be surrounded by so many savage and brutal men, they oozed power and aggression, the greatest aphrodisiacs that she knew of, all of them urbane and painfully polite, yet beneath the surface she knew each one of them had the instincts of a wild beast.
I could be their prey, she whispered as her underwater masturbation intensified, they could take me and I would be powerless to resist... they could grab me... and force me! With a mighty shudder she came and squirted like a fountain as she visualised the muscle and sweat, the straining cocks and the strong hands that held her down and forced her legs apart.
“Oh my God,” she sobbed softly as she came down, “This frustration might kill me!”

Author Information

30 something married nymph with a very dirty mind!
WARNING: You will find nothing vanilla in any of the books that I write, I don't even like vanilla ice-cream!
Taboo, taboo and more taboo, so be warned before sampling the products of my filthy mind.


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