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Miranda's Week Of Submission (Argus)


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What happens when a prim and proper feminist college girl meets a muscular landscaper wearing nothing but cutoffs and sweating in the hot sun of her back yard? Miranda has been taught to always demand respect from men and to never take pride in her beauty or physical assets. Dave has other ideas. He responds to her taunting and rudeness by pulling her across his lap for a spanking. But Miranda's outrage is tinged with a wild, dark inner heat as she experiences the breathless thrill of submission. As Dave introduces her to bondage and makes her call him 'master', the astonishing excitement she feels at his kinky domination and the things they do together would horrify her feminist friends! But as Miranda kneels naked in the dirt, and prostrates herself before her master, she is past caring about anything beyond the intoxicating freedom of dropping her inhibitions and experiencing more pleasure than she has imagined her body was capable of.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 10 / 2017

No. words: 35500

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Erotic Domination - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


She got up to peer out the window but there was no sign of him. What was he doing? Where was he? Was he goofing off? She would love to catch him loafing and not doing his work! She hesitated, and then pulled her t-shirt up the way she had before, tying it off at her side to expose her midriff.
That made her feel stupid, but she pushed on regardless. She opened the back French doors and peered out, her head looking around for him. She eased out onto the porch, then cursed herself for a fool, went back inside, got her glasses, and defiantly put them on.
She went out onto the porch again, then out into the yard, glaring around her. Then she spotted him off to one side, sitting on one of her family's lawn chairs at the patio table, sipping from his drink and looking down at his cell phone.
Of all the nerve!
She marched over to catch him in the act – or in the act of not doing anything at least, and he looked up at her.
“Excuse me, Mister whatever your name is, but aren't you supposed to be working?” she demanded, hands on her hips.
He smiled, which was infuriating because she felt as if he were patronizing her again!
“I'm taking a break, Princess,” he said.
“Don't call me, Princess,” she growled.
“Us working men are entitled by law to breaks, you know,” he said.
She glowered at him. That was almost certainly true.
“Well... well how do I know how long you're... loafing?” she demanded.
“You don't. But then, it's really none of your business,” he said.
“It certainly is! I'm quite sure you're paid by the hour!”
“Yeah, but not by you.”
“By my father then!”
“Nope, not by your daddy. By my boss.”
Her eyes narrowed.
“I'll report you to your boss then!”
“For what? For taking a break from moving stones around on a hot day? I'm afraid he'd laugh at you, princess.”
“And I'm going to tell my father about how lazy you are.”
“Tell your father you need a spanking while you're at it,” he said, then dropped his eyes back to his phone.
“MY father raised me without the need of physical punishment for my childhood transgressions!” she informed him indignantly. “He never felt he needed to beat his children!”
“Probably why you're so mouthy,” he said, not looking up.
“You should...”
She was going to say, 'know your place' but that would sound awfully snobbish.
“Learn how to behave more politely to customers!” she finished instead.
“Yeah, well, you're not a customer. Your daddy is.”
“You are a patronizing bastard!”
“My parents were safely married before I was born,” he said.
She glared at his attitude, then leaned in and slapped at his coke, knocking it over so that it spilled into his lap, then turned to march away.
Then a big hand swept out and slapped her bottom with such force that she leapt off her feet at the sharp stinging blow, crying out in surprise.
She whirled in astonishment, grabbing her throbbing bottom as she stared down – then up at him. He was righting his can and looking her with a frown.
“You almost spilled coke onto my phone,” he said.
“You... you... beast!” she cried.
He sighed.
“I've had about enough of you, little girl.”
He suddenly grabbed her, lifted her effortlessly up and across his shoulder, and then carried her back to the house like... like a caveman!
“You let me down this second!” she shouted.
She tried to kick him, but he simply clamped a big arm across the legs which dangled down his chest and stomach.
“Let me go!”
She slapped at his bare back but that was a pointless exercise.
He carried her back up the stairs and to the back door, then set her roughly down. He yanked the door open and then slapped her bottom just as hard as he had the first time, sending her leaping forward into the house with a cry of pain.
“Now stop bothering me or you'll get that spanking you deserve.”
He closed the door behind her.
She turned in outrage, but he was already on the other side of the closed door and, she saw, walking back to the patio table.
Her bottom hurt!
She rubbed it angrily, fuming not so much that he had slapped her bottom as that he had bested her in an incredibly arrogant and paternalistic male chauvinist way! Instead of discussing it he had resorted to brute force! Trust an ignorant, uneducated man to do that! He had treated her like a child! With no respect at all!
She glared out the window, moving to the side to peer far off to the edge, where she could just catch sight of him sitting again.
She should tell her father and get him fired! He wouldn't be pleased the man had slapped his daughter! Of course, he might ask what she'd been doing and saying at the time. He wouldn't be pleased at her knocking over his coke either. Nor even that she had confronted him about not working.
She was not used to being manhandled like that! It required she do something to get him back somehow. But what? Certainly nothing physical as he was clearly the master there!
Imagine threatening to spank her!? How galling! How incredibly chauvinistic!
And, she thought suspiciously, how sexual too. Men his age did not spank grown women out of mere punishment. However violent their natural impulses were. She was no virgin. She had spent lots of time on the internet. She knew very well why men spanked women! It was to demonstrate their physical superiority before... before... mounting them like bitches in heat!
And she was quite sure that was exactly what he wanted to do, even if he was ignoring her!
Unbidden, the image came to her head of being across his lap while he spanked her. It was an outrageous image, and yet her nipples were hard little pebbles inside her bra and she felt more of that thrumming pressure and heat down low.
That would be... absolutely... outrageous!
The idea tightened her chest, though, and she swallowed repeatedly.
Why was it so darkly thrilling to imagine Conan drawing her across his knee and spanking her? What instinct did it appeal to? She didn't like him and he was soooo not her type! Yet there was no denying the raw, animal appeal of the man.
She wanted to get him back, too. And she knew one way to do that. She hurried through the house to the garage, then out to the side. Yes, there was the hose coiled around its rounded wheel attached to the wall. She smirked and turned it on, then pulled the hose towards the back yard, unwinding as she went.
The patio was right near the gate. She'd show him a thing or two and then run off!
She slowed as she reached the corner, intending to peer carefully around it. And then there he was suddenly, shockingly, right there! She yelped and he looked at her in surprise, and then, almost instinctively, with hardly a thought, she squeezed the handle and water sprayed right at him.
Though not for long.
He yelled startled, and grabbed at her arm, yanking her forward, and the hose dropped out of her hand. Once again she was up across his shoulder as he carried her back to the door, only this time he paused and sat down on the top step of the porch, lifting her off his shoulder and down roughly so that she sprawled across his lap and her glasses fell off!
Miranda gasped, squirming wildly.
“Ow! Don't you –.”
“Oww! Stop it!”
His hand was slapping quite firmly against her bottom as her legs flailed and she twisted in his arm. She half turned, punching at him, but he snorted and gripped her wrist, then forced it up.
“You really need to learn some discipline, little girl,” he said. “No one likes brats.”
And then with that she felt his big fingers slide down into the waist of her yoga pants, and even into the waistband of her panties and yank!
Miranda's eyes went wide as she felt her pants and panties yanked down over her buttocks, and squealed in embarrassment, twisting even harder. But with the embarrassment came a wild, dark rush of something that made it almost impossible to even breath! She was half naked right under his eyes and that thrumming pressure grew incredibly intense!
Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!
His hand was spanking her bare bottom now, the sound and stinging sharper! It hurt! And yet she felt a dark pressure filling her body.
“Ow! Oh! Stop! Bastard!”
“You need to learn respect for your betters, princess.”
“You're not my better! You're not anyone's better!”
“You're an ignorant, uneducated –!”
“Oww! Let me go! Bastard!”
The pressure was like nothing she'd ever felt before! The knowledge he was looking down at her bare buttocks, not to mention touching them, not to mention what he might do yet, was bringing out a shocking dark hunger Miranda had never imagined could possess her!
“I told you not to swear,” he said.
Crack! Crack!
Her bottom was starting to burn! Miranda yelped and twisted but it was utterly futile! He was so big and strong and powerful! She was so completely helpless! He could do anything to her! Anything!
That thought, for some reason, brought no real fear. Instead it brought merely anxiety mixed with a wild sense of anticipation!
“Now are you going to be a good little princess?” he asked.
His hand was resting on her overheated bottom as he spoke, his fingers rubbing her flesh!
“Y-You... you can't... make me do anything!” she gasped.
“Want to bet, princess.”
“Bastard! You're just a –.”
“ – ignorant, crude laborer!”
“Really? I guess you're just so high above me, then, Miss Sarah Lawrence college,” he said.
And he said it while his hand was caressing her buttocks in an even more familiar fashion!
“I'm not going to apologize for being educated!” she exclaimed.
Crack! Crack!
She gasped and yelped
“But you have no self-discipline,” he said.
And as he spoke his hand slid right down between her thighs and rubbed right across her sex!
Miranda squeaked in shock! A dark rush of heat thrilled her body to a shocking degree even as she felt a sense of outrage and indignation at his touching her without permission.

Author Information

Argus is a man with long experience and credits in the publishing world. He has had almost two hundred novels published in the United Kingdom and The United States, by such publishers as Beeline, Star, Nexus, Chimera, Silver Moon, and Olympia. He has also been published in dozens of magazines.


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