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Nightmare In... Collection One (Simon Grail)

Nightmare In... Collection One by Simon Grail

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The first three books in this series, now combined in one scorching volume.

Nightmare in Brass

After a breakup with her boyfriend, Alicia Marshall finds her new bed has a surprising concealed sex toy which induces a shocking orgasmic faint when she uses it. When she recovers she seems to be lost in a pseudo medieval land where she is chained naked in a pillory and free for all to punish and use as they wish. She is toyed with by lusty peasant boys, made to haul a wood cart like a pony, taken to a church of pain by a randy priest where she has to make penance to “save” herself, compelled to make love to the submissive wife of a dominant man, and gang-banged by a platoon of soldiers. All these indignities and suffering must be part of a nightmare, but if so why can’t she wake up? What must she do to save herself from endless misuse and degradation? Perhaps the only way out is through total submission…

Nightmare in Scarlet

Christine Swann did not expect to slip into a living nightmare where she is naked and at the mercy of Harvey Wade: the man she hates most in the world, but that was her fate. To find out where she has hidden a substantial sum of money Wade uses whips, gibbets, hooks, rods, wax and water in an attempt to make her talk. But he has not counted on stirring a creature from Christine’s darkest memories that begins to threaten his plans. What are the nightmare beast’s intentions towards her and how does it keep growing and changing? Of course Christine knows it and Wade are simply part of a bad nightmare. She’ll be quite safe if she can only wake up… but she can’t!

Nightmare in Chrome

Escaping from unwanted media attention by hiding in Benson and Klein’s furniture store, pretty Sandra Travers tries out a Chrome Korrector bed and finds herself transported to a nightmare male dominated world where she is just a numbered naked slave demonstrating BDSM accessories. She is turned into a human vacuum cleaner, a pleasure chair, a living punch bag, a standard lamp, a potted flower girl and a sex aid. She also has to serve the perverted desires of the store’s demo girl handler. Yet despite her suffering, she still finds love and hope. But can love survive when the nightmare ends – if it ever ends? The trouble is Sandra can’t remember her previous life and she is not sure what is real and what is a nightmare any more…

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 10 / 2017

No. words: 48000

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Bondage/BDSM and Horror

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Alicia recovered her senses slowly, luxuriating in the afterglow of her orgasm. That had been one of her best ever… No, the best ever!
In this state it took her some moments to realize that something had changed. She expected to be lying on her soft wonderful new bed. Instead she was standing upright with her legs wide and her arms stretched up above her head. Why? There was no bed under her and yet she was still impaled on something. And for some reason her mouth felt uncomfortably full.
Alicia tried to expel whatever was in her mouth but she could not. It felt like a rubber ball held in place by a strap running around her head. She blinked her gummy eyes and tried to focus on her surroundings. She was no longer in her bedroom.
She was standing on a circular brass grating of scrolls and flourishes a little like a manhole cover but about the size of a large table top and bearing the Korrector pattern. There was a thick brass rod rising out of the middle of this grating with a brass dildo on its tip which was jammed up into her pussy. But this dildo, instead of a smooth base, had a ring of upward curving brass fingers spreading from it like the half open petals of a flower. Sprung fingers, Alicia realized, which flexed and dug into her slot and stroked her inner thighs and teased the mouth of her anus.
She straddled this phallic pole with her ankles pulled wide and cuffed by short chains to a continuous ring set in a circular channel which ran round the rim of the grating. Beyond the grating carved into a worn stone slab floor were a ring of words: This wench does not know her proper place. Teach her by any means you desire… She had to twist about to read the rest of the text as it curved round behind her out of sight. As she did so the ring to which her ankles were chained rotated smoothly in its channel, so she could move with it, shuffling awkwardly, while it kept her feet spread to the maximum. But doing so ground the dildo and its terrible teasing prongs about inside her vagina, as if she was literally screwing and fingering herself. She shuddered and read the rest of the text: …she must only be freed when she has learned submission and humility.
Beyond this ring of words was the circular perimeter of the stone slab floor which was perhaps three and a half metres across. It was covered by a conical tiled roof supported by a lattice of heavy timber beams. From the point at which they met in the centre hung a heavy pulley through which the chain stretching up from her cuffed wrists ran and then down again to a securing cleat. She was stretched and splayed in an inverted “Y” of pale bare flesh by the chains that were pulling her arms up to the roof and dragging her legs out sideways so that the tension between them was holding her impaled.
The roof was carried by four heavy black wooden posts equally spaced about its circumference without any walls, doors or windows between them so that she could look out past them onto a ring of bare earth and trampled leaf litter which ringed the structure. Beyond this was a shaggy wall of greenery.
The impossibility of all this at last fully impinged upon Alicia’s dazed mind and she felt a surge of panic. She spun around, screwing the dildo up into her as she went so that she could see all about her. Four paths ran away at opposite points of the compass from the structure in which she was imprisoned; naked, chained and impaled, into a gloomy wood which entirely surrounded it and which was made up of thickly clustered shrubs and bushes underneath ranks of towering oak trees.
So dazed shocked was Alicia that it was some moments before she realized that she must be dreaming. She felt so foolish. Of course it was a dream! Her growing panic dissolved into grateful relief.
Now it made sense! She had been feeling bad about her row with Sebastian. Her unusual orgasm had been so intense that she had passed out and now she was incorporating the things most on her mind: the bed, its strange phallus and Sebastian’s bondage gifts, into this fantasy. It was disturbing in detail and unusually realistic, but now she knew it was a dream she could wake up.
Wake up now…
Nothing changed.
There were, she now noticed, a selection of chains, straps, canes and lashes hanging from the undersides of the beams that carried the roof. They looked frighteningly purposeful. She jerked her hips back and forward so that the dildo ground painfully inside her and its fingers hooked at her slot. She clenched her fists and drove her fingernails into her palms.
I want to wake up, she thought firmly, wishing she had not imagined herself gagged so she could have said so aloud.
Odd that she had not noticed before but there were four long mirrors screwed to the insides of the big square corner posts that reflected her image back at her… just like her bedroom mirror, of course. Yes she’d got now. She moaned and bit hard on the ball gag in her mouth; or rather the ball gag she imagined was in her mouth, she reminded herself.
Please let me wake up now!
But everything around her remained disconcertingly solid and unchanged. She could even smell slightly damp and mildewed earth and the muskiness of leaves. Even worse she could smell the aroma of her own orgasmic discharge as a trickled down the sides of the dildo, the deeply buried head of which was making her stomach bulge obscenely. She looked down at her chest to see her nipples were standing up like little cherries.
Alicia struggled desperately, twisting and jerking on the chains that bound her, but all that did was to ream the dildo even deeper inside her while grinding its fingers into her slot and across her throbbing clitoris, making her shudder with perverted delight. If she kept on like that she cum again!
Alicia made herself hold still while she tried to work out what was wrong with her. She knew this was a dream so why couldn’t she wake up? Or was it one of those kinds of dreams when even though you knew it was not real you could not wake up. Was this a nightmare…?

Author Information

Simon Grail is an artist and author of many strong BDSM content A1 books, including the best sellers "Sex Slave Holiday","Hell School for Teachers" and "The Young Women of St Evals" and "The Bagatelle Club". Past works include:"The Purgatory Club" trilogy, the "Bondmaid" Saga sextet, the "Lesbian MILF Blackmail Gang", "Sisterhood of Submission", the "Dragon School" and "Castle of Slaves" novels, and several short stories including the ongoing "Breaking in..." and "Nightmare in..." series.


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