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Making a Pony-girl Part Two (Tor Melati)

Making a Pony-girl Part Two by Tor Melati

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    • Average 5.0 from 2 ratings

This is the second part of a continuing Pony-girl story. The four fittest girls, including Ingrid, are separated and begin their transformation into Pony-girls, while the other 8, including Anna, begin a very different type of training. All twelve girls in the Latvian group, have been totally misled. They paid €8000 to secure a job in the UK and instead find themselves imprisoned in a special facility for transforming girls into submissives of one nature, or another.

Meanwhile, the Pony club in the UK gets a Pony-boy, but needs more Pony-girls to sate the carnal desires of an ever increasing membership.

Preparations are well underway to expand their operation. A rich benefactor is bankrolling both centres and plans to introduce many more Pony-girls from Latvia. First, though, the fillies and their support team must compete in a special challenge event, which will be streamed live on the dark web.

This is part two of a series. Because of its explicit content, this novel is only suitable for mature adults over the age of 18.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 10 / 2017

No. words: 33916

Style: Sex Slavery / Training, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Chapter One

Ingrid, walking on wobbly legs, staggered out of the changing rooms beside the handsome team manager, Edvin Krols. She could still feel the sensation in her vagina he created, when he drove his huge cock into her and stretched her teenage muscles to their limit. It felt as though he was still in her!
Her nerves were still jangling and his jiz was oozing from her orifice; and starting its journey down the inside of her thighs. Unfortunately, her arms were secured behind her back in a forearm binder, so she was unable to hide the evidence of her deflowering.
The teenager was naked, bar the long arm cuff and a pair of heavy running shoes that were secured in place, above the ankle, with an immovable metal band. Ingrid’s spirit was at a low ebb as Edvin led her along a corridor, within the modern part of the adjustment centre, to a mystery destination.
She was at the mercy of the young medical man who had already taken advantage of her defenceless body, not once, but twice. He and his parents had homed in on her from the moment she arrived and used her to strike fear into the other girls on the course.
Later in the day, Ingrid enjoyed winning the longer of two running races and the kudos she received afterwards. Everything that was bad about the centre was a fading memory for a brief euphoric moment. In particular, she was thrilled to achieve a top four place, in the overall competition, which included two races and a series of fitness tests. She couldn’t supress her competitive spirit even though she knew, winning would have dark consequences.
Edvin separated the top four from the other 8 girls and took them back to the modern part of the centre for a hot shower and a meal. Knowing that they were avoiding an extra training session in the worsening conditions and leaving the sports field for the day, seemed like a suitable reward under the circumstances.
However, Ingrid and the other three ‘winners’, soon discovered that Edvin had more in store for them than the promised hot shower! After being told to undress and shower in front of him, he waited for them to finish and then put them through a bizarre medical.
Once their boots were anchored to a row of metal plates, he secured their forearms into a single long cuff behind their backs. Completely disabled, he made them bend and then attached their collars to a short static wire anchored in the floor.
Still dripping from the shower, they stood in line with their asses in the air and their legs parted. He then went from girl to girl, bringing each bending teen to orgasm, using his fingers and thumb in their twin orifices. After each one had suffered the outrageous ‘examination’, a trainer appeared and led the girls away to an unknown destination.
Edvin left her to last and then explained that he was going to personally train her in the future. Ingrid knew that the handsome young man had designs on her body, for he had promised her a ‘reward’ if she won the longer race. So, she was partially responsible for her plight, because she had duly won the race, knowing a reward meant another bout of sex and not a bowl of strawberries!
And sex was what she got, in the form of his impressive cock pounding her virgin pussy, while she remained tethered and bowed. He and his parents had been grooming her and the other girls since they arrived, earlier that morning. Making them wear tight revealing knickers from the outset and getting them used to displaying their bodies was a large part of the plan.
She suspected that Edvin had deliberately put a special cream on her pussy, during her medical exam, to make it itch. All they needed to do was catch her with her fingers in her pussy and they had an excuse to punish her in the cruellest way possible. She was caught in the act, in the recreation room, while she was sitting writing a letter.
Emma Krols, Edvin’s sister, reported her and she was made an example of, in front of the rest of the girls. The punishment involved being pinned to a table and having her knickers removed, before Oto Krols delivered 6 strokes of a special cane, down the valley of her ass.
The appalling part was that the cane had been manufactured with a flexible end, so it wrapped around the bulging lips of her cunt. Edvin was on hand, once the room had cleared, to soothe her bruised labia. The second part of the punishment was to have an eyelet fitted in the top of her clitoral ridge. While he was preparing her, he speared her virgin anus and helped her to orgasm, by finger frigging her pussy.
Being so young and confused, she didn’t know what to make of what was happening to her. She had paid €8000 to get on the course, thinking they would find her a job in the UK. But instead, the East to West Placement Company (EWPC), was treating her like a prisoner and taking away all the rights she would normally enjoy.
They stopped at a door marked “Adjustment suite 4’. Edvin punched a code in and opened the door for her. “In you go Ingrid. This is where you’ll be staying until we find a placement for you.”
Ingrid was numb and wide-eyed as she entered. ‘Oh, what sort of room is this?’ The size of the space and the decorations startled her.
The room was decked out with tiles, just like the corridors and changing room, but they were multicoloured and arranged in various angular designs. The room lacked a window, but there was a large monitor on the wall at one end.
In the centre stood a futuristic dais that was clearly designed for a person to lie face down on, with their legs dangling over the back edge. There were Velcro straps hanging on either side and extensions off to the sides at the back, with identical restraints.
“Do… do you expect me to lie down on that, sir?”
He turned to her and lifted her chin. “Yes, Ingrid. It’s your bed, do you want to try it out?”
“I can’t sleep on that. It looks uncomfortable. Please release my arms and let me have a normal bed.”
He turned around and went over to a short, padded bench and sat down. “Ingrid, come over here and kneel before me.”
He opened his knees and waited, but she didn’t move. She couldn’t hide her naked body and she was defenceless against his demands, but her natural instinct was to try and stop what was happening to her.
“I want to leave, sir. What you’re doing to me is not right. The contract said that you’d find me a job in the UK. I want to go to England…”
“Ingrid, do as I say and come here, or I’ll fetch a tawse and spank your pussy with it!”
He turned his aggressive side on as easily as flicking a switch. If she resisted, the powerful young man would simply manhandle her and thrash her twice as hard for disobeying him. She couldn’t fight him and she didn’t want to be beaten again, so she took the four paces and carefully dropped to her knees.
“That’s better, Ingrid.” He waited for her to get comfortable. “Listen carefully to what I have to say.” He lifted his right hand and gently gripped her left nipple.
“Oh, no, please… what are you doing?”
He pulled it upward. “I want you to sit upright and thrust your breasts out… I’m going to teach you how to be proud of your superb body.”
“Please, sir. Why are you keeping me tied up like this?”
His other hand started fondling her right breast, so he had a good grip of both of her tits. “Your breasts are very firm, Ingrid. Do you like me doing this?”
She couldn’t deny that his hands were producing a thrilling sensation. He fondled her flesh gently, but his insistent fingers kept returning to her nipples. “Um… it… it feels nice, sir…”
She began to lose focus as he continued his ministrations. “Ingrid, you will probably be going to the UK at the end of the month, once I’ve fully trained you. That will only happen if you learn how to respond to commands instantly, no matter what I ask you to do. Tell me what it felt like when I shafted you in the changing room.”
The question shocked the youngster. “I… I don’t know… It, it was my first time…”
“Ingrid, there’s an example…” He pinched her nipples. “…I asked you to tell me what it felt like and you didn’t answer my question. Tell me what it felt like to have my cock inside you.”
She thought hard to come up with a decent description. “Um… It was big, sir… Like a huge sausage, or courgette, or cucumber… Yes, sir it was as hard and fat as a courgette and as long as a cucumber.”
“Because your quim is very tight, I can understand why you think that. I want to you to have a close look at the cock that stretched your so much.”
“I don’t think…” He dropped his hands to his lap and Ingrid looked down. She was a captive audience and all she could do was kneel and watch. He undid his zip and eased his huge cock out. “Oh, it’s so big…”
His thick, 20 centimetre cock, was topped with a large purple helmet. She had never seen one in real life and it was hard to credit that her quim had devoured it whole.
“Ingrid, have you ever wrapped your lips around, or sucked cock before?”
“No, sir, I haven’t…”
“Never mind, this is your opportunity to practice fellatio. It is the best way for a girl to appreciate the size and consistency of a man’s cock. As soon as you have completed your first lesson, I will answer your questions about your training.”
She desperately wanted some answers, but the thought of sucking her trainer’s massive cock was disturbing her deeply. “Fellatio,” she repeated slowly. “What do you want me to do?”
“Just dip your head and start licking it, before taking it into your mouth like a lollipop.”
It was a daunting task, not helped by having her hands secured behind her back and her bedraggled hair falling all around her head. However, as she dipped her head, Edvin ran his fingers through it and gripped the sides of her head, keeping it out of the way. She would have liked to grip his rocket-like dick at its base, but had to start licking it while it quivered, as though it was made of rubber.
However, the moment she started licking the domed tip, she discovered it was remarkably solid and well-behaved. She should have known from experience that it was rigid and as hard as a rock.
“That’s good, Ingrid…” His hands held her head lightly and didn’t try to stop her from changing the angle several times, so she could lick all around the dome shaped crown.
Eventually, she felt his hand urging her to concentrate on one thing. “Your lips, Ingrid, use your lips. Imagine your mouth is your vagina and you want to tease me… Very good, you’ve got the hang of that.”
With his help, she found herself bobbing up and down, while using her lips and tongue to rub and caress the top couple of inches of his cock.
“Very good Ingrid. Go deeper… Take it slowly.”
“Ugggggg!” She spluttered and coughed, when the tip reached her soft palette.
He eased up for a moment and then urged her head down. The sensation was alarming to begin with. She felt her oesophagus stretching as she swallowed more and more of his cock. Then, he began the most calamitous act she could imagine.
Gripping her hair and head tightly, he treated her head like he would a coconut, smashing it on a hard surface, to break it open. He fucked her throat with such vigour, she almost lost consciousness. When he did lift her head and ejaculate in her mouth, the room was spinning like a Catherine wheel.
“Oh my god!” she exclaimed. “I thought I was going to die.”
She wanted to wipe her mouth with her hand, but had to try and clean his salty jiz from her lips with her tongue.
“Ingrid, don’t be so melodramatic. Every girl should learn the finer points of performing fellatio and experience her throat being stretched.” After tucking his cock away, he reached forward and wiped a finger across her chin. “You missed some,” he said offering his finger to her.
She took it into her mouth and sucked it clean. The salty taste was a new experience for her and not an unpleasant one, but the act of blowing him, most definitely was shocking! He rose to his feet and stepped around her.
“Ingrid, sit on the seat for a few moments, while I prepare your harness.”
“Harness? What do I need a harness for?”
He opened a cupboard and pulled out a folded leather garment. “We call it a harness, but it’s really a corset. It will give your body the right shape.” He laid it on the dais and positioned it carefully, then gave it a pat. “Come over here, Ingrid. Once I’ve fitted this, I’ll examine your labia and new stud.”
The extreme series of events during the day was having an overwhelming effect on her. She was hungry and tired and desperate to go to bed. However, Edvin Krols was determined to subjugate her, despite her questions and protests. She was in an isolated property, miles from anywhere and had no one to turn to for help.
She was at the young man’s mercy and hoped that the disastrous day would soon be over.

Author Information

I'm a happy go lucky sort of person and I love reading and watching episodic stories that keep me sitting on the edge of my seat. My favourite stories are Lost', 'Breaking Bad and 'Dexter' on TV, so I am somewhat influenced by the idea of keeping my reader wondering what will be happening next.


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