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Randi's Fate (Paul Blades)


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The exchange between Jimmy and the Black Watch went without a hitch. Randi is on the road to perdition. Is there any hope of escape? Or is hope a thing made up by a guy who doesn't really know how the world works?

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 10 / 2017

No. words: 120000

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Randi shook and quailed in her little box. What had just happened? Was she going to be shipped out again to someplace else? Was this her destination? Who were those men? She pulled and struggled at her bonds. She had, for the most part, been glad that she would be released from her little prison and was grossly dismayed that the lid had been put back on again. And the fact that an air hose had been connected didn’t bode well for her getting out soon. She closed her sightless eyes and prayed.
It was about 45 dismal minutes later that she heard the lid being unlocked again. It was lifted off and she had to blink and squint her eyes in order to see anything. What she saw surprised her. It was a woman’s face. A young woman. She had short, curly, reddish brown hair and was pretty. She tapped the side of her face and said, “Hello, Crystal. Are you all right in there?”
Another woman was behind her. She edged her way in. She had long blond hair, was young as well and had an attractive face. She was smiling, it seemed, ear to ear. “Hello, Crystal,” she said merrily. “My name is Bridgett and this is Susan. We’re going to be taking care of you a little while until we can get you shipped out to your new owner.”
She paused for a moment to let that sink in. She tapped Randi’s face a couple of times. “Are you with us, Crystal?” she asked. Randi was crying but she tried to nod her head a little bit.
That seemed to satisfy Bridgett. She spoke to her again, slow and stern, and just a little bit loud. “I need to tell you a few things, Crystal,” she said, “so pay attention. As long as you are a good girl, nobody here is going to hurt you. We have just two rules. I’m sure you are familiar with them. The first is that you remain absolutely silent at all times. Any attempt at speech will be severely punished. The second rule is that you be absolutely, 100% obedient. Any attempt at struggle or resistance, or disobedience will result in very harsh, very painful discipline. Now, without speaking, tell me whether you understand.”
Randi was on the verge of hysteria. These women, these beautiful, young women were going to be her jailers. She would have to obey them to the letter. She wouldn’t be able to talk at all, to ask what was going to happen to her, to ask where she was, to beg and plead to be let go. The blond haired woman, Bridgett, had spoken with a little southern twang. Maybe Oklahoma or Texas. Nevada? But the other one had had a northern accent, definitely big city, not New York but maybe Chicago. Cleveland? Milwaukee? How long was she going to be here? What were they going to do to her?
“Answer me, Crystal, or are we being a bad girl already?” Bridgett asked menacingly. Panicked, Randi did her best to shake her head, blink her eyes, look the harsh but pretty woman in the eyes pleadingly. Bridgett smiled and tapped her cheek again.
“Good girl,” she said. The two women were dressed in short sleeved black t-shirts, with BW in white block letters over the hearts, black jeans and black boots. They were both very shapely, maybe 27 or 28 years old, or maybe a little older. On their belts were little electronic gizmos, not phones, which were expressly forbidden on company property. The blond woman had a clipboard with a couple of pieces of paper on it. It had a little pen on a string. She looked at the device on her waist and put it back. She wrote something on the clipboard and hung it on a hook by the door.
Then she turned back to Randi. “Okay,” she said matter of factly, “let’s get you out of this contraption.” Susan, the brown haired one, came up to her side and she felt her releasing her right wrist from the lock that had held it in. She leaned over and spoke into Randi’s ear.
“We’re going to do this really slow, Crystal,” she said softly. “So you don’t strain a muscle. Don’t move your arm unless I guide it.”
Randi felt her wrist released. Immediately, the strain on her shoulders was lessened. Susan moved her hand downwards to her side and then slowly brought it out and towards her head. She felt a sharp pain in her muscle and cried out. “Easy does it, Crystal, easy does it,” Susan said gently. Slowly, she brought the arm up to Randi’s front. Bridgett was standing by. She had retrieved something from a cabinet under the island. Randi watched as something was wrapped around her wrist. It clicked closed. It was a leather bracelet with a ring in the bottom. Susan took her arm all the way up to the top of the island. There was a chain running from a ring in the center a few feet away from Randi’s head. She clicked it onto the bracelet and released her arm.
Bridgett performed the same procedure with her left arm. Randi groaned with pain as it was stretched. When it was fastened to the chain in front of her, Susan patted her on the head and said, “Good girl. Now we’ll do the feet.”
The legs were just as difficult. Randi groaned and cried several times as her legs were stretched out, one by one. When they were fully extended the women attached bracelets to them and then fastened them to chains in the corners.
After Susan had removed the harness around her head, the women teamed up, one on each side, to slide the apparatus she had been confined in out from under her down by her feet. When done, they placed it on the floor.
The women commenced to massage Randi’s arms and legs to make sure that her circulation had all started up again. Their hands were firm but gentle. Randi was happy at the comfort it gave her, but uncomfortable that the women felt so free with her body. It was heaven to be able to move her head again and she let it lay down on the padded surface of the island and closed her eyes. The big monstrosity was still in her mouth. One of the women, she thought it might have been Susan clipped something around her neck. She didn’t resist it.
After rubbing her down for a few minutes, one of them, she wasn’t sure who, gave her rear a not so gentle slap and said, “Okay, time to get you all cleaned up.”
They released her feet first, but placed an 18’ long chain between them. Bridgett ordered her to roll over, which she was able to do because of the way her wrists were chained off. When she was on her back, they released her hands. The bracelet on her right wrist had an 8” long chain dangling from it. They ran the chain through a ring in the front of her collar and then attached it to the band around her left wrist.
The women helped her to sit up and then swung her feet over the side of the island. Holding on to her upper arms, they eased her off of it. Randi felt like she was going to collapse, but the women held her firm until she was able to maintain her balance. When she had steadied, they shuffled her over to the shower head. “We’re going to give you a nice shower and clean you up,” the blond woman said. “You’ll feel a lot better when we’re done.”
They released her wrists from her collar and held them over her head. They connected them to the chain that hung there. Susan crouched down and released her feet, ordered Randi to spread her legs and then attached her ankle bracelets to chains in the floor while Bridgett turned on the shower. The shower head was on a long hose and when Bridgett felt the water had warmed up enough brought it over to Randi and held it over her head.
Bridgett had been right. The warm water felt like heaven. Randi closed her eyes and leaned her head back so that it ran all over her face. It felt so good running down her body. She released a long, deep sigh. The women let her stand there for a few moments, letting her enjoy it. There was no intent to be mean or cruel at the waystation. Business was business and the females were always to be strictly confined even when it was only a short transfer like from the island to the shower. And discipline, for obvious reasons, had to be maintained at all times. Although Bridgett and Susan, not their real names of course, were inured to the fate of their charges, naturally they were very well paid, and even though they took salacious enjoyment from the subjugation of pretty, young, naked women, they were not sadists and had some sympathy for the poor girls’ predicaments. They were only human, after all.
Bridgett took the shower head and used it to wet a large, soft sponge in Susan’s hands. Susan squirted some liquid soap into it. Without ado, she used the sponge to soap up Randi’s whole body. Randi just kept her eyes closed and let them do whatever they wanted. She was tired and spent and had no power to resist even if resistance had been possible. It did not pass her by that the women had kept her continuously chained and confined since releasing her from the box. After all, she was worth over $150,000 and they had to be careful with her.
She took no notice when Susan washed her crevasse and her breasts. Ma had done the same thing and she was getting used to it. Even when she ran the sponge along her crack in the back and pressed it against her little star back there, it didn’t faze her.
Bridgett rinsed her off and then wetted her hair again, hair that Ma had cut short. Susan applied the shampoo, massaging her scalp very nicely. Bridgett rinsed her hair and Susan applied a conditioner. After letting it sit for a minute or so, Bridgett washed it out. Bridgett stepped up to her while Susan was drying her hair and her body with a large, fluffy bath towel. She tapped Randi on the face to get her attention.
“I’m going to pull this gag out now, Crystal,” she said. “Remember, no talking.”
Randi looked at her sadly. “My name’s not Crystal,” she protested to herself.
Bridgette took hold of the tag attached to the big ball in her mouth and started pulling on it. Randi obediently expended her mouth as far as it would go. It took some effort, but Bridgett was finally able to get it over her teeth and out.
She placed it on a little shelf by the shower head. She took a bottle of moisturizing soap, wetted a washcloth and poured some soap into it. She went up to Randi, ordered her to close her eyes and washed off all of her makeup. She rinsed the cloth and then wiped off all the soap.
There was a tube of toothpaste on the shelf and a fresh toothbrush in a cellophane wrapper. Bridgett took it out of the wrapper, placed some toothpaste on it and stepped back up to her. “Open up, Crystal,” she said almost sweetly.
Getting bathed was one thing, but having your teeth brushed by another person was something else. It felt so invasive. But other than issue a little whine, she did nothing to resist it.
When she was done brushing her teeth, Bridgett took a bottle of mouthwash off of the shelf and poured some into a paper cup. She brought it to Randi and, after telling her to tilt her head back, poured some into her mouth. She instructed her to swish it around in her mouth for a bit and then spit it out. When Randi had spewed the mouthful onto the tiled floor beneath her feet, Bridgett poured her some more and the procedure was repeated.
While Bridgett put the mouthwash bottle back, Susan commenced brushing her hair. It wasn’t difficult with it so short and it only took a moment or two. Bridgett came back to her holding a 12 oz. bottle of some light orange colored liquid. It looked like Gatorade or something. All of a sudden, Randi remembered how thirsty she had been in the box and how thirsty she was now. And hungry. Very hungry.
Bridgett turned the top off of the bottle, removed the paper safety shield and brought the bottle to Randi’s mouth. “Drink it all up, Crystal,” she said, and placed it at her lips. She gradually tipped it up and up and up as the bottle emptied. Randi drank it down thankfully. It felt so good going down her throat and into her belly. Bridgett shook the bottle while Randi tilted her head back so she could get every drop. When she was done, she tapped Randi on the cheek again and said, “Good girl.”
Susan had something in her hands. It was a small jumble of leather straps with something attached to it. Randi didn’t like the look of it. Susan shook it out. The straps were connected to a wide leather circle. Randi cringed as she realized what it was. It was a ring gag. She had seen them on the Internet. Men used them to stick their cocks into women’s mouths. Was that what was going to happen to her? Was somebody going to fuck her mouth? She didn’t want that in her, no way! She clamped her jaw shut and looked at Susan pleadingly. Susan just shook her head and frowned.
She placed the gag down on the island and opened a cabinet underneath it. She pulled out a 2’ long wand. Randi had seen something like that before too. Ma and Jimmy had one. It was a zapper.
“Oh my god!” she thought unhappily. The nice, pretty young woman was going to punish her! She wanted to scream out that she would cooperate, that she would open her mouth and accept the gag, but she knew she couldn’t speak. She began to shake and whine. She shook her head back and forth. Susan checked the wand to make sure it was fully charged. She adjusted something on it. She stepped up to Randi.
“Remember when Bridgett told you that we want 100% obedience, Crystal?” she asked. “Did you think she was joking?” Randi shook her head wildly.
“You’re going to cut the shit right now,” Susan said firmly. “I’m putting it on low for now, but for a second offense it will be much worse.”


Paul Blades is my favourite writer.. I read them all, all are Excellent!!!.. .and I hope there is more to come 5 out of 5 (Edsubject)

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