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The Oddball Billionaire (Mark Andrews)

The Oddball Billionaire by Mark Andrews

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James Henry Prendergast was a perfect youngster: intelligent, athletic, likable, helpful and caring of others. He succeeded in everything he did and never stepped over others to do so.

But he had a deep flaw: he secretly delighted in pain – others’ pain, that is – and he set out, quite knowingly (at least later on in his life) to amass a huge fortune in order to indulge that fetish to the exclusion of all normal human social intercourse.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 10 / 2017

No. words: 34900

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Male Dom - M/M, Fem Dom - F/F

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Chapter 1

James Henry Prendergast was born precisely at midnight on 1st January 2030 – and as it happened, died exactly a hundred years later at the same time.
During the first quarter of that century, he lived an exemplary life, was a perfect baby, never crying and sleeping through the night. As a toddler, he had an incredible vocabulary at age two. And throughout his childhood never set a foot out of place, kept his room neat and tidy, made his own bed and always wanted to help his parents.
He was sent to The Southport School, the Gold Coast (of Queensland’s) top boys’ school and excelled there, too. He was captain of each of his successive classes, was an excellent scholar and top sportsman starring in cricket and football teams, a champion swimmer, gymnast and tennis star and ended up as school captain.
But he was also a most self-effacing young man, never ever flaunting his own attributes or achievements and always there to help a less gifted schoolmate when he could.
He then attended Griffith University where he attained an honours degree in Business Management.
His father, Robert, was a consultant engineer, and his mother a partner in a prestigious Gold Coast law firm so their joint income was very substantial. Neither of them believed in ostentation, though, and while their house was on a canal and was very comfortable, it was no mansion. Nor did they indulge in expensive clothes or cars, preferring to invest their surplus funds and enjoy watching their portfolio grow.
They were both interested in the stock market and investments generally and over the dinner table, often talked over their portfolio and how it might be improved. This caught James’ attention and he began to take an interest at a very early age.
Robert was at first amused at his son’s rather strange interest even at age seven but as he perceived the boy really understood this stuff, took him more and more into his confidence.
James had always worked for his pocket money. He mowed neighbours’ lawns and cleaned their windows. He ran errands and took on any small jobs they asked of him. And he saved the lot!
At first it was in a savings account but then he asked his father (at age eleven) if he too could have an investment account with their broker. Robert and Evelyn were hesitant at first but then, after putting in safeguards such as instructions that the broker was never, ever to allow him to invest a cent he didn’t have, they decided to give him a go.
And they were both astonished at the results. By now, all children could use computers, tablets, iPhones, etc as easily as they could read and while James never abused the privilege (by spending too much time at it) he began to accumulate a growth that even exceeded that of his parents’ joint portfolio.
Being highly honourable people themselves and trusting James, they never looked into his accounts although of course the dinnertime discussions continued.
By the time he was fifteen, he had amassed a quarter of a million dollars; by eighteen, five million, and by twenty-two, forty-five million. This level of growth is unheard of but he had merely used his uncanny nous, business training and an intelligence that had to be genius-level to nut out the funds, businesses and properties that were going to grow and those that were on the way down and adjusted his portfolio accordingly.
They were a caring, loving family and both Robert and Evelyn were justifiably both proud of, and loved their son deeply.

There was just the one thing, though.
He never seemed to keep a permanent ‘best friend’ as most children do. He had dozens of friends but none held the top position for long. And further, he never went very far with them sexually; not even as an older teenager or young adult. His mother particularly watched the way he conducted himself with his friends and particularly the female ones and wondered.
He wondered himself, of course, for he well knew he was different from all his friends.
Sex was nice. Once he discovered masturbation, he indulged regularly. At first, it was to thoughts of a particular girl’s body and wondering about her sex. But sometimes it was a handsome male friend’s muscles and his cock and balls that drove the climax for he was totally ambidextrous when it came to sex (as in fact were a great number of people, these days).
But the idea of actually copulating with either a girl or boy had him retreat with distaste. Every time he thought of the idea (and of course well-knowing that his friends did it regularly and often went all the way) he shrank back in disgust. The act, far from being exciting was dirty and absolutely repugnant to him. It wasn’t religious or even moral considerations. And it certainly wasn’t that he was not interested in their sexual organs, rather that that part of another person’s body was theirs; private and absolutely inviolable!
And then he thought of using slaves as his personal servants, something his parents hadn’t seen the need for, punishing them harshly with cane or whip for their misdemeanours, and small crimes, for slavery had been reinstated three decades earlier as the only penalty for middle to serious crime and for failed students and it had been with a great deal of fanfare for penal slavery in its new form was draconian in the extreme.
Slaves were stripped naked and then depilated nude from the eyes down. They were never ever permitted any clothing, no matter what the weather. They were put to hard labour for sixteen hours a day, 365 days a year. In short it was a horrible state to be in – intentionally. But the thing is, it worked. Religious terrorists slunk away; crime was decimated; and students at school began to take it all seriously, resulting in a vastly better world all round.
But then he understood. At age nineteen, he finally put it all together and he knew where he was going in his life and how he proposed to live it. He loved his parents for he was inherently a good man, but he now knew he had to leave them – permanently – and pretty well break his ties with them for once they discovered his new plans for his life, they would be appalled.
For a start, he might never marry. This was for ethical reasons. He knew he could never involve another free person in what he was now planning.
Second, he needed vastly more wealth. He was already a millionaire but he needed much, much more to properly indulge his now discovered fantasy.
Third, he began looking (on the Net) for private islands in the Palm Island group on the Barrier Reef. Here, he was going to indulge in the most far-out sexual fantasies.
And all this time, he remained a dutiful, caring, helpful and loving son to Robert and Evelyn while completing his university studies. These, of course, he breezed through as he did all studies. One wonders what he might have made of his life if his personality hadn’t developed in the way it had.
It is often said of geniuses, that they are so finely intelligent, that normal social intercourse is impossible for them. If that was the case with James Prendergast, it certainly didn’t show for he was the epitome of what is often described as one of ‘nature’s gentlemen’. Possibly it was his innate honesty, once he put two and two together, that prevented him from hiding it under a cloak of respectability but howsoever the case, he decided to really work hard at his investments until he reached his goal of five billion.
His parents had no idea of his real worth, simply assuming that he was successful just as they were and they were too honourable ever to ask his total worth.
And so he stayed at home, helping them out, studying the stock (and other markets) and going out with friends at weekends and evenings.
And still he never indulged sexually with either his female or male friends. They tried, oh boy, did they try, for he was fabulously handsome and had probably the most athletic body in school and at university.
He was tall, beautifully built, handsome with golden curly hair and violet-blue eyes and the definition of his muscles, while not overdone, was superb. His skin was soft, velvet-smooth and without a single blemish. His penis (which he usually hid from them unless in the showers with his male sports friends) was long and thick and his testicles were also large and well-formed.
He had been naturally almost hairless, like his father, but hair on the human body was another fetish of his and as soon as he could, had it all permanently removed so that his whole body was now a dream to behold!
This lifestyle continued as he rather rapidly built up his portfolio. In one sense, he was excited as his target point approached but on the other, he was saddened for he knew when the time came, he was going to be honest with them and explain why he was leaving them for good...

He faced them at dinner one night and laid it all out”
“Mum, Dad, I’m afraid I have news for you that I know you’re not going to like.” He paused and smiled at them in that way that so endeared him to them and then went on.
“I want to start by saying that I love you both very dearly and it is because I do so love and respect you that I am going to be leaving you…”
They stared at him in horror. “Leave us? You mean for a holiday?”
“No, I don’t mean that and you know it. I will be leaving you and this house for ever. Let me explain.
“I have worked out that I have a very peculiar personality. I may never be marrying, nor will I ever be able to have what is called a normal family household. The thing that burns in my soul is a need to inflict pain and suffering on others…”
Again, they stared at him in horror. Evelyn spoke first: “But you are such a loving young man, James? Why would you want to hurt others?”
“Because, Mother, that is the driving force behind my whole ethos. I believe that in every other respect, the qualities you have come to expect from me are still there and I have no difficulty in living them out. But it is a façade and one I am not prepared to live any longer.
“I don’t want to hurt you two, either personally or in your social and professional lives here on the Gold Coast of Queensland where you are both eminently respected. But I am determined to work out this bizarre quirk in my character and to do this, over the last dozen or so years, I have built up an estate of over five billion dollars…”
Again, they stared at him but now in awe. “Five billion, you said, son?”
“That’s right, Dad. Here are the figures. With this I am in the process of purchasing an island in the Palm Island group up north and there set up an almost medieval or at least feudal operation with slaves as my only companions and there act out my fantasies, away from oversight, for the island I am buying is remote from the others and is not easy of access to watercraft.
“I have been taking flying lessons and have bought a Bell helicopter as I don’t want uninvited visitors. I am hoping, both of you, that I may be able to work out this dreadful quirk, for yes, I am well aware it is dreadful, but at this point all I can see is a burning need to play it out and see what comes...”
There was silence in the room as his parents tried to digest the idea that their so loving, dutiful and intelligent son had a monster inside him. They were reminded of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 novella that has become a part of our culture.
But then the ever practical Robert nodded. “We are glad you have seen fit to apprise us of this, James and not simply walked away from us.” He took his wife’s hand and stared at her with tears in his eyes.
“We also know that this is something you have to do on your own. For once, we are unable to help you. We know that your so strong sense of what is right and wrong will help guide you through it but we just hope these apparently so strong emotions don’t break loose from your control and that you go beyond the pale with your slaves?”
He pressed his wife’s hand comfortingly while she stared from him to her son and just wept a little. But then she pulled herself together and echoed her husband’s words. “Of course, James. We do understand, sort-of, anyway, and we want you to know that we will always be here for you. When you are able and feel the need, know that we will expect you home, either for a few days or whatever…”

The island he bought was, as already mentioned, a little more remote than the others in the group but he chose it carefully. The destructive cyclones that regularly ravage the north Queensland coast are not to be trifled with.
The island is horseshoe-shaped and has its own mountain ridge that ran its length with a lovely sheltered harbour inside the two arms of the horseshoe. But there is a most hazardous reef across the mouth that is far too dangerous for even smallish yachts. Powered boats up to cabin cruisers may enter if their skipper knows the convoluted passage but huge signs on both arms of the reef warn all visitors off. The mountain provides a degree of shelter from cyclones but they are unpredictable and may change direction without warning. Accordingly, James had an architect design his building with a Category 6 cyclone in mind.
The island he might set up as a plantation or some such, much as he imagined the cotton farms of the southern United States might have been.
He thought he might invite a suitable, single free person to share it with him but that could wait and once he had set in train the design and building of his cyclone-proof (he hoped) structure, he then went looking for slaves to stock it.
He had given these slaves a great deal of thought. Yes, he was going to punish them physically and ruthlessly for all and any offences. But he would be fair. He had studied sadism and its corollary, masochism in great detail and knew almost as much as a psychologist about its intricacies. He would be ultra-careful not to indulge his sadism unless it was legitimately called for.

Slaves may be made by the courts for criminal offences and the term may be anything from ten years to life (with no remissions). They may also be imposed by an Assessing Officer of the Department of Education for students who have not only failed their exams, but are also not likely to succeed as free persons in society. A third category is for a person, male or female, to sell their bodies to a free person in lieu of debt. But once made a slave, all classes were treated as the same.
Criminal slavery speaks for itself.
Schools, however had become places of terror for some students – and for most teachers. The civil-libertarians had so emasculated all forms of discipline in the home, school and society generally, that parents and teachers were powerless to control their children and teaching them anything at all had become near-impossible.
The last category came about because personal debt had also spiralled out of control and simple bankruptcy was a joke. To sell one’s body (if one had a half-decent one to sell, of course) might wipe out a whole debt in one fell swoop.
The right to discipline one’s own and school children was restored, with suitable checks and balances to prevent abuse or an over-zealous approach, but in the immediate term, slavery was seen as the best answer.
And what’s more, it worked! Almost overnight the reforms meant that the whole wide world, (for it was adopted by the UN without a murmur), became a better place to live.
In the initial stages, government institutions known as State Slave Centres were established in capital and regional cities and to them were taken criminal slaves for stripping, denuding and preparation for sale, usually on the following Saturday morning.
But private dealerships soon sprang up to service the new institution and many of these are top class, Scabbard and Drass being the world leader with branches all over the world. They not only deal in slaves, however but have become veritable department stores catering for every aspect of the ownership, treatment and discipline of slaves.
In these, and prowling around the SSCs and other dealerships, he discovered a huge range of quality in what was on offer. The SSCs particularly had a distinct bias on the scrawny, ugly, obese, evil or generally disreputable among its stock, whereas the better dealerships, and especially Scabbard and Drass, which he soon discovered was the clear leader in the field, stocked not only top-class slaves, but its premises, marketing techniques and its urbane and competent staff made the experience a real pleasure – opposed to the SSCs and low-class dealerships where it was almost sleazy. As a result, he then restricted his inspections to S&D alone.
This phase continued right through the construction period for Slave Rock which was estimated to be about eighteen months and as a result, he bought an apartment in the better part of Townsville and flew out to the island in his chopper whenever he wished.
But then, as he considered the island completed and stocked with a dozen or so slaves, he began to see he was creating a millstone around his neck. This project was supposed to be designed to work out his weird cravings to inflict pain on another human being, not to create a monster in which he was tied to the life of a slave overseer 24/7!
And so, he cast his mind about, recalling his school and university friends and acquaintances. And then he remembered Marcia de Winter.
He had been attracted to her the moment he met her. More from her magnificent physique and commanding nature than anything else. Not that she was a body-builder or was in any way overbearing. Far from it. She was a Physical Education student at his university and she was also a gymnast of no mean ability. What is more, against all custom, she delighted in performing on male-only equipment such as the horizontal and parallel bars, the vaulting horse and box and the roman rings and she became as expert in them as the best of her male counterparts. Of course, this built her superb body which he truly delighted in.
He decided to look her up and see what she was doing these days. To his delight, he found her unemployed. She had always called a spade a ‘bloody shovel’ and had been dismissed from her school post for insubordination. He flew down to Brisbane, called her and asked her out for dinner which she accepted with pleasure.
He didn’t apprise her of his plans or his extraordinary wealth, merely intimating he was ‘into’ investments. During the dinner, in which he found a new interest in her – and not only her body, either, although in that regard she was truly the epitome of everything he liked in a female.
But no, as he appreciated their likeness of mind in things generally, he gradually, and very carefully led the conversation around to the subject of slaves and slavery and her eyes went almost misty. Clearly she had dreams of her own about them.
He smiled, but only to himself. Could she be…?

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a prolific BDSM writer who lives on the Gold Coast of Australia. His books have been delighting Olympia Press customers for many years and now he is one of Fiction4All's exclusive authors.


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