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Club 738 - Buying Innocence  (Vittoria Lima)

Club 738 - Buying Innocence
 by Vittoria Lima

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Chantelle comes from pedigree stock, a product of the Black Potency Ball. Her big black potent father and beautiful blonde mother have created an exotic and sought after addition to the Club 738 stock.

Dressed in her white, gauzy baby doll nightgown she waits for the client to arrive. He’s an older man, a long-time member of Club 738. He chose her a while ago and has been waiting impatiently for her to come of age.

He has plans for her…Plans to take her innocence… The rest depends on her…

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 8 / 2017

No. words: 8910

Style: Dark Secrets BDSM/Bondage

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


A few hours earlier, the client had stepped off the plane and into the waiting limo feeling glad to be alive, glad he was back at Club 738 finally. It had taken a lot of time and searching to find a place like this. A place where a gentleman like himself could live out his fantasies.

As the car sped through the streets, he watched Chantelle on the screen and imagined taking her in just about every way possible, even between her breasts. It had been nearly a month since he selected her from the Club’s catalogue.

A whole month where thoughts of training his virgin baby doll was on his mind, day and night. He even fucked other women while he thought about her. He thought about fucking her between her tits quite a lot, varying the ending between coming in her mouth and shooting it all over her nipples and those big tits and then massaging it into her skin with his hands.

He also fantasized about fucking her virgin pussy and then, just as he was about to ejaculating, withdrawing his cock, and spraying her face and tits with his hot, sticky cum as he jerked himself off, making sure that every drop got out and onto her. Then he imagined smearing it all over her lips and breasts with the head of his cock and her hands.

His fantasies were interrupted by his cell ringing.


“It’s me. How was your flight?”

“Hey Boss! Yeah, I arrived with no problems. Is she ready for me?”

“She sure is.

“Doc gave her the injection and she’s clean and of course untouched.”

“So the contraceptives are only temporary?

“Well you did tell me you wanted to train her yourself.”

“Good. I’m not planning on breeding her for a while. I hope you haven’t done too much with her. You know I like a fight in my bitches,” he said laughing. “Especially the first time.”

“For fucks sake! How long have I been doing this!”

“Great. I need this. I’ve got an important meeting tomorrow and my cock needs a virgin sacrifice. See you soon.”

Author Information

A writer of Dark Erotic fiction, including themes of BDSM, female submission and sexual servitude.


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